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had my Fallopian tubes burned and cut 2 weeks ago from today and I'm seeing some blood when using the bathroom minor pain I've had no sex ?

14 d, post partum after emergency c section. Some minor bleeding. But today felt a gush of blood went to bathroom, gushed a bit more. Is this normal?

2 july i had large myomectomy(laparoscopy).Today 13july i had masturbation.Did i damaged my uterus?Im realy worried.Now i don't have pain or bleeding

21yr old woman nose bleed with thick bloodclots for 1 hour yesterday.Now legs & feet are sowlin big. Should she cancel colonostopy&endostopy, tuesday?

23 yrs. Had minor knee pain d timer test was 620. normal is 499. Next day ultrasound at hospital no clot. D timer was normal. Still worried why 620?

26.5 weeks with emergent cerclage.technician didnot know i have stitches in and did vaginal US not to know she hurted something there?

28 mths ago. I was told that my cervix is closing. If using a tampon it's hurts. Period really heavy any suggestions. What can be done about the pain?

3 months post pelvic prolapse surgery. Went to pelvic pt yesterday. Staining today. Menopausal for 2 years. Is staining reason for concern?

3 wks post hysteroscopy/d&c/polypectomy Yesterday & today urine began leaking out all day, just abit at a time but it just leaks out! Like never empty?

3 wks postop sigmoid colon removal pain free till yesterday. First menstruation since surgery today and hard cramping at preop pain area. ?

36yo mwf. Lower pelvic pain, worse after sex. Very heavy periods, large clots. Go thru overnight pads in 1/2 hour for a full day. Tubes tied. No insur?

3rd mirena iud installed 2.16.17 after this procedure I've had a brownish discharge and cramping only when standing&bending.small hole poppedin uterus?

4 days post-robotic surg. For endo- l/ovary removed-cyst on r/ovary removed-endo cut out. L side has started to hurt badly just today. Should i worry?

47 yrs underwent abdominal incision total hysterectomy 2 weeks ago. Noticed spotting on 9th day & little bleeding since then.Is it normal?

5 days ago, i lost my virginity to another virgin. Now both insertion and removal of tampons is causing severe, abnormal pain. Should i be concerned?

5 weeks post op of a vagnal hyster. ripped stitches however am still bleeding go through 3 pads a day and drops of blood when urinating. Problem or n?

6wks pp after c-section and scared to have intercourse I have a low pain tolerance and I'm also scared my incision will open. ?

9 days post miscarriage. Painful Montgomery's tuburcles x3 days. Will this go away on it's own? No discharge.

A couple months ago, my pilonidal cyst scar got inflamed & started bleeding but healed in a week. This cycle keeps repeating every few weeks now.?

A friend HS polyp in her virgina. She wants to remove it in feb.But it started bleeding heavily. Does she has to remove it immediately or tk medicine?

Abortion two days ago. I was 7 weeks and the procedure went well. I feel fine, just some cramping and slight bleeding. Is masturbation unhealthy?

About 4 mnths post leep -Spotting after sex and walking (3 hrs shopping). Bloodwork and pelvic ultrasound ok & cervix healed. Scared why I'm spotting?

After 6 weeks of myomectomy operation i saw my period ut it has refuse to stop today is the 10 days is this normal?

After medical abortion, hCG levels went down and other signs are now gone. But now 7 weeks after the procedure, lower bellly is firm and no period yet?

After miscarriage D & C surgery was done.But verginal bleeding is occour more than month.what shoud I do?

Am having d&c,novasure&tubes tied friday. have constant sneezing is this going to affect it. Do not want to cancel have been bleeding for 4 weeks?

At 4 weeks 5 days my 1st hCG was 313, 2 days later 250, my cervix was closed had slight bleeding from ectropion. Am I going to misscarry?! No pain

Been on loestrin 20 for 8months.I keep having break through bleeding in between my period. The nurse has done a cervical examination which was fine.

Bleeding after laparoscopy i had a laparoscopy on the 16th and i know your not suppose to do a lot of lifting for about 6 weeks after the procedure. But yesterday without thinking i picked up my daughter who weighs over 30 lbs and my stomach really hurt w

Bleeding after sex. Had a pap done, I have nothing. Has happened several times lasting several days. Last time has lasted over 3wks. What could it be?

Bleeding whole 3 days after the 1st sex 7 weeks after c-section and 1 week after some placental remnants were removed. Is it normal? What causes it?

Can a four year old hamic look irregular other than from her being penatrated and if she has been penatrated would she be bleeding or hurting?

Can taking visanne be bad for me if i don't have endometriosis? Went to gyno for continuous bleeding for a year & most recently pain. No biopsy done.

Cont bleed after menopause for 2 mo going through super+ tampon in 2 hrs. When is bleeding an emergency? Diagnosis thick ut lining. Waiting ok 4 hyst

Could I have ahad a tubal pregnancy miscarriage? I had my tubes tied in 2008 & i was having what i thought was a "normal"period. However within minutes of changing my tampon, i noticed i was leaking. I went into the shower to clean up & suddenly a large b

Could I have ahad a tubal pregnancy miscarriage? I had my tubes tied in 2008 & i was having what i thought was a "normal"period. However within minutes of changing my tampon, i noticed i was leaking. I went into the shower to clean up & suddenly a large b

Cryoablation done 1/28 and still heavy bleeding nonstop. Any ideas what to do nxt? Dr put me on pill, but this hsnt helped at all. 2nd opinion?

Dec 20 had hysteroscopy d&c pap and IUD inserted . Jan6 got infection .. Still bleeding pain etc... Should i be looking at a total hysterectomy?

Diagnosed with 1.9 CM thickened endometrium. I thought I started my period but Im only spotting. Will I need any kind of medical procedure to fix It?

Do I have to remove my piercings for a laparoscopy? I got my nipples done yesterday, would I have to use a retainer? I'm not sure if I can change them

Do obstetricians/ gynecologists use gauze in any way during an novasure procedure? I just passed one after a lot of pain and infection.

Dr performed laser on my cervix to correct CIN 3 knowing I am 5 weeks pregnant 3days later i can't stop puking and have horrible pains-not cramps, tubal?

First gj tube placed on monday it is on and off slightly bleeding since i left the hospital on friday it's sunday night is it normal what should I do?

Going in this week for a bronchoscopy with biopsy. Does this sound risky? Chances of bleeding inside?

Good afternoon, I had an abortion done it will be 5 weeks tomorrow. I bleed very little after the procedure and went through a full cycle of my birth ?

Got the mirena Friday. Today i have had some mild discomfort. i used the bathroom earlier & found a small flexible piece of plastic. Should i worry?

Had cin2 cervical cancer surgery two weeks ago, had no leaking fluids, had my period last week, I've got brownish liquid all the time. Is this normal?

Had a colonoscopy 2 days ago experience itching in the testical and growing area since yesterday can enastasia or the procedure it self can cause this?

Had a cyst drained by keyhole surgery 5 days ago, came on my period 2 days ago, feel light headed a lot is this normal?

Had a hysterectomy end of july everything went fine and healed fined but now that I have sex i bleed a lot and sometimes pass out what can be wrong?

Had a hysterectomy in july healed fine but now when I have sex i bleed and in pain went to dr she said my fallipion tube fell? How do they fix this?

Had a lap hyst. 6 wks ago this Thur.I've done a lot of walking on vacation and just started spotting a little. Is this normal?Also constipated

Had a medical abortion 2 months ago, first period after lasted 5 weeks. Doc has taken swabs and an internal. But what is she looking for? I'm scared!

Had a tlh with both ovaries removed on 2/5. I have had daily vaginal bleeding since. Isthis normal? Very lightheaded and dizzy.

Had abortion on march13 & august18 of this year now I'm having one this month what should I expect am I going to damage my body bleed to much I'm scar?

Had an leep surgery done a week ago and now I am bleeding again and in pain i've been having a lot of discharge fills up a pad should I go to the e.R?

Had cervical cancer in nov 09 they did a radical hysterectomy recently i noticed a faint bloody tinge when i went to the bathroom after having intercourse i haven't had this before should I worry i

Had colonscopy done almost 2 years ago-Normal. Tubal ligation & C-Section in 8/2014. Noticed rectal bleeding with last 2 cycles. What could this be?

Had endometrial biopsy 2 days ago and found it very painful wig no painkillers. Been booked for a novasure while I'm awake. Will this hurt too?

Had hysterectomy bout 4mnths ago. Went to obg yesterday for pap check they found 2lumps on the scar area.What could it b? They removed them.

Had laparoscopic surgery 9 days ago. And i was improving. But today from one stitch, there is fresh blood spotting. Why so?

Had laser to remove CIN1 on Feb 15th and still discharging (not heavily). Dr says it's the wound healing. Is this normal? No bleeding. How to stop it?

Had minor abd surgery today to remove absces whenI got home my abd pad was soaked I changed it10× pressure not working could dr have nicked a vessel?

Had misoprostol abortion after 4 hours awfall pain and small bleed now no pain for 4 days and not passed any tissue. Has this failed?

Had my pap jan 4 was spotting b4 that, had bad pain jan 7th that woke me, bleeding heavier and can see pieces of tissue in toilet, am on bc for endo?

Had my polyp removed 1yr ago n still bleeding heavly?

Had retention cyst surgery, accidentally bit same place while eating (only once). Swelling since last 3days, reduced a little. Shall i wait? Help!

Had robotic hysterectomy 3 weeks ago now seeing a little bloodi n stool what do I do?

Had sex 7 days after a d&c/hysteroscopy for a polyp. Do I go to my dr for antibiotic? I have not had bleeding, only pink clear mucous since the proced

Had sex jan 3 had some cramping that eveing went to planned parent hood and she told me my cervix was open?

Had small infection on uterus mouth which didn't heal with suppositories doctor advice for cauterization? Will go for IUI in jan what r side effects

Had stereo breast biopsy on oct 28. Nicked artery and i bled a lot. Used thrombin to stop bleeding. Formed hematoma that started oozing yesterday.Ok?

Had surgery Last Wednesday a hysterectomy and ovarie removed and I'm bleeding spoting just won't ED to know how long will it take to heal?

Had total hysterectomy 6 weeks ago. Today have little spotting after my kid slammed down on my tummy. Plus think I might have a uti. Is this normal?

Has anyone experienced hematuria or slight bleeding after catheter removed?

Have 1st visit @Mayo Clinic next week due to removal of ALL intestines & rectum w/ileostomy. Faild Revrsl. Stoma has 3 holes instead of 1... Why?

Have gone through an etopic pregnance operation like three years back before the operation when i have sex d sperm comes out little but now its much?

Having a tonsillectomy on December 11. My doctor told me about the risks of bleeding afterwards & terrified me. I'm 19, should I be concerned?

Having LLETZ done im stage 3 is it normal to have odour if so how long should the odour be presant ?

Healthy 37 f had pap smear yesterday and had light bleeding and 24 hrs later had mild cramps. Should I be worried.never had a problem.before.

Hello . I had colposcopy done last tuesday i had coffee like bleeding for about four to five days . its gone for about five days now I have odor?

Hello I have an iud marina ... I do not remember my last period ... I get this butterfly feeling in my tummy ... what should I do I have also gone from 192 lbs to 205.8 lbs?

Hello, and thanks for taking the time.I had a partial hyhysterectomy including my cervix but today I've noticed bright red bleeding?

Hello, I am 18 years old. I have been having my period for 12 days straight. I had appendectomy 1 month ago. Is this normal? Thanks

Hello, I am 6 wks post op lap hyst (ovaries kept) & masturbated with a toy a little while ago & now my belly button area hurts. I wasn't over zealous or rough, just wanted to know I can still climax. I had a light amount of blood after on my tissue but on

Hello. Biopsy and removal of mole on back this morning. I was fine but now bandaid is bloody. Is it normal to bleed so randomly and late afterwards?

Hi doctor I had a surgical abortion procedure yesterday. I ain't even bleeding or nothing. Is that normal and has the pregnancy definitely ended. I wa?

Hi Doctor, I had a medical abortion over the weekend. Everything went well. I stopped bleeding and my cervix is high soft and tilted is that normal?

Hi had loop treatment 4days go she took 2 pieces off cervix 1cm deep. First time IV had this done. Would it affect me becoming pregnant an my pregnanc?

Hi I did have a hemorrhoidectomy done on oct 24 I still have some munches and fecal leaking every day when will it stopp fecal leak Is onlie in moring?

Hi I have had abdomnoplasty performed 10 years ago and have started to have bleeding from my bellybutton. Should i be concerned?

Hi my husband has just woke up with a wet belly button and when he wiped it it was blood he is 36 stone an is due to have weightloss surgery next week?

Hi there. I have 3children its been almost 7 years since my last. I had my tubes tied 7 years ago . A year later i had oblation done due too heavy bleeding and a year after i had it done again. My current bf has no children and wants one. I was wonderin

Hi, I had a colonoscopy done yesterday and a polyp was removed. I woke up this morning with vaginal bleeding. Is this normal?

Hi, i had a coloscopy performed approx 19 days ago, there was also cells removed.. I am still bleeding and seems to be getting heavier! is this normal?

Hi, I had a lletz procedure last year. It wasn't very straightforward. I ended up in hospital for 2 days. Ever since I have had an extremely painful period but not very heavy period and when the pain is at its worst no bleeding at all. Could I have scar t

Hydrocele surgery done over a week ago. No pain. Started to bleed bright red blood after a week, what to do?

Hydrocelectomy- some stiches came off with dried blood after gauze exchange. Slight bleeding but stopped. Can i shower tomorrow (4 days since op.)?

Hysterectomy last year, ovaries kept. Vaginal scar healed. No granulation. No sex since surgery. Now light bleeding and pain every two weeks. Cause?

Hysteroscopic septoplasty & laparoscopy was done on 12/12/12. Twinging pain & mild bleeding continues. How long will it take to recover?