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24y virgin few months ago did little exercise n my periods delayed 2 wk,this mnth did jst 20min walk daily fo 4 days again i m late was due on 15feb??

My husb&I r tryng to get pregnt&my cycles r around 41 days (betwn40&43 dys).Now I'm wondrng if this means somethng wrong with me?Am i less fertile?

am having medace tablet for 4 days.yet am not havng my periods.not regnant,bcoz got periods continuosly upto last month.had antibiotics 4 wisdm tooth?

i have under goneiui on 20 jun i & my hubby are NT havin any problem except for vaginismus due to which dint conceive,but, i now on proges,still pms?

"hlp, had last period on19feb&i had humping wit bf wit1layer cloth.No sprm cnct i seen, i did prg tst today its 27mar, m i prgnt?

11 weeks nd 1 day. I'm due July 1st 2016... Can u please tell me how many months am I.

16 weeks preg, my bp did not chnge at all? It remAined the same?

19 day of IUI possitive result tday im having stomac pain it eill affect my pragnancy?

19 yrs, pill for 6 mnths due to pcos & askd to loose weight aftr coming dwn from 71.4 to 64.4 kg i stopd takn pills i m getng perids frm 21-42 days?

1will high BP cause my periods 2 b irregular. Was spotn on 1 wk then GT period with clots. I wnt 2 dr bt gve me nthn 4 bleedn. Gve me BP med n appt?

2 check irregular, painful periods n hormonal imbalance vl 1 hv 2 hv bloodtest done or jus ultrasound?

2 periods within a week n the sme thng hapened last yr in nov. i wnt to the E.R n thy told me i had inflamation of the fallopian tubes what could it ?

2 years ago i had polycystic Ovary.i took medicine and eco shows that im ok.then everymonth my period is 2days earlier.this month it's 5days early why?

20 weeks pregnant., doc says i conceivd 20 weeks ago coz it dsnt correspond to my LMP wch was 4/13/4.. Was light and came early. Wen dd i conceive?

22 yr old female, usually hav 40-45 days period cycle.Bt last time my periods came aftr 55 days and this time its too early i.E just aftr 14 days.Why?

24y virgin few months ago did little exercise n my periods delayed 2 wk,this mnth did jst 20min walk daily fo 4 days again i m late was due on 15feb??

24y virgin,had my periods 10dys late last mnth,now again not having periods on due date,felt sum period pain 2 days b4,bt no signs today,wt 2 do?dtail

27yrs, 78kg164cm(24wks preg).Bfor pregnant my wt is 70kg.Som times i fel abdominal cramps.Scan normal.Any pblm to pregnant bcoz of my wght?I mean fatty abdomen

2periods after my mc dec11th. What can Ido 2regulate? I really want a bby. Could weight and lack of energy cause this? Obgyn said everythin is normal

3 months aftr twin miss at 20 wks. then had 2 d&c for plcnta then estrc and prgstrn then stopped and had 3 day prd. usually I have 6?

3months delayed, with history of irreg period, with pcos and unprotected sex. Wat will i do? Thnk u.. gobless

4 the last 9m i've been havin 2 wk long mc seen gyn an all apparently normal nw i hav v light spotting on day of period for 9 days what cld it b?

4 weeks ago i'd my periods and a big pink tissue came out on the 3rd day. My periods stil havn't stopd, in betwin i had only 2, 5 days breaks. Wt 2 d0?

4th iui, today is cd15, still no surge. Us says i hav 4 follicles n lining is gud.My re asked me 2 come again after 2days for us n bloodwork.Any luck?

6dpo wnt 2 bthrm n on tssue ws vry lght pnk dschrg.Almst cdnt c it ltr wnt again n saw ewcm w/ a lil red strip in it only day tht hapnd. Implantation?

6weeks late. 7th day heavy bleeding with cramps that lasted 3 days which is not normal coz mine go for atleast 5 days. Was it p.M.S? Cud i be pregnt?

8 weeks n 4 days pregnant nd i just experience a miscarriage 3 months ago nd the other day i was spotin very light I have sub choronic bleedin what dis?

9/27-10/3 last period none oct. Had sex 10/4,10/15,10/22. Tinder breast, pregnant syms. Nov bleeding 10/2-10/5.Headaches n feeln lyk thrown up what dis?

Actually i missed my periods date which was on 1st and i had tkn medine ethinorm e but stil it didn't came?

After hvng sex my periods came properly and normal on time upto 2mnths but frm last mnth period just came for one day kindly sugest the solution ?

After my period hv had continuous spottin for 20 days now.Spottin stoppd for 2 days in bet n startd again.On metformin(500x3)for pcod.Wht cld b reaso?

After take an ipill I am in periods before 5 days bt bleeding come norml on first day only nd after no bleedng then what problem is there?

After taking ec side effects is tht we get are periods late. Bt hw much late? I took ec on 5th nd was xpctng on 23rd. Bt still i haven't got thm yt.

Aftr finishing my Duphaston fil lyk vomiting i wakeup midle of the nyt fil awful last sex was oct26 nov had my normal period and dec unusual period?

Am 25yr old.Ttc frm 2 yrs.All test r normal.On thyronorm 62.5.Now TSH is 1.6.My periods r regular for 4 days.This month periods only for 2 days.Helpme?

Am 27yrs old n married. Not getting menses since nearly 3months. Urine n blood tests -ve, not preg. Eating n exercising healthly. What can be wrong?

Am on pregnacare plus nd folic acid. Am on my 15th day after periods nd sporting nd Samtime light bleeding. Wht does this mean?

Am planning gettn pregnant in march or april, prolactin is 23 and hav a uterine mass of 3.7x2.7cm..Worried cos i don't know if i cud get pregn as pland?

Am ttc, did an abortn feb 2012 nd didn't c my period for 3mth & scaned to hav a cyst. Now i havnt seen it for 3mth. Is it normal? Wat can I take?

April20 was my last period my mens period is about 34 days long today is may25 nd NT yet got my periods on 20 i hd small amount of brown dis am i preg?

Are my chances increased after three miscarriages? My ex husband n i had two . Doc did test on me n all came back normal. Curr. Preg n scared to death

Average cycle is 27days, period for 4days. My last was 22to25Apr. I had intercourse evryday frm 1-5May. Since 7th i hav constant tummy cramps, no sleep, headaches, neck n shoulder pains. Cud i be Preg?

Been ttc for 9m dr has had me on progesterone to regulate my cycle. Done 3rnds after last rnd my p strtd again2 wwks later. Whawhat's going on?

Bf cheatd askn same ? Bcuz drs. Gav dif ans. Sex nov6, 2013 due date aug18. Period nov14 or 15 may NT b normal say its his. Is dis possible? Pray nt

Brwn spottin den blood wit cervical fluild protected sex nw brown spotting again no pain jus a lil pain in my breast every now and den can dis b infec?

Can i b prgnant aftr my laparoscopic procedure in my ovary i shld have menstration last feb 8 but till now i don't have my period.

Can i do the pregnency test now...its been 7 days i hv taken unwanted 72.....n no bleeding occured....can i know whether m pregnant or not...rply asap?

Can i know ..m i pregnant or not by using .pregnant ..i hv taken unwanted 72 before 5 days n no bleeding occured....

Can my dock test my ovulation becuase I have irruglar mentration n ovulationa in im currently tryin to have a baby but think I have tyroids?

Consived 6 weeks ago, had 5 neg tests but havin stomach bloating n pians, peeim a lot what can it be part from pregnant stoped pill n had a bleed?

Cycles are now shorter frm 30 days to 24 days aftr chem/preg lasted only 4 days, can I still ovulate? Why the sudden change?

Dear doc, d first cycle of my mensus after a d n c surgery has not ended, n it is more than 15days. Is this normal?

Deposhot on&off (2yrs). Now 2mnths in. Had perod 1st mnth as othr times i took it. Now, brightred blood& lil cramps (never got b4) 4 a wk miscarriage?

Diagnosed with endo in 07 n was put on continuous bc an haven't had a problem til about 6 weeks ago. Started havin crampin n now spottin and tissue loss?

Diba not knw im preg for 3 weks n tht 3 weks Ben taking meloxicam 15 mg daily, does it mean something wrong on my baby now? Or its not yet late ?

Diff opinion not breakthrough not on oc, birthcontrol.Nvr hve been wut else wud cause me to wake up with brown discharge n CM soaked panties?

Dnc past jan. Last mnth 2 wk pd very lite same thing this mnth 28 days btwn. Pds r usually 6-7 days lng n kinda hvy n 28-32 day cycle wats going on?

Dnc this past jan. Last month started period on time, very lite pd. N lsting 2 wks. This mnth same thing no pain. Normal periods 28-32 days n 6-7 lng?

Dnt kno when I ovulate but I had sex 10/22-10/26 I was due yesterday for my period but only gettin lots of cm. What could this be??? Im takin cassava.

Do ppl cramp before implantation or dats not possible?

Do u know of any1 that has gottn pregnant with dysfuntional uterine bleeding(dub)? Myperiod would last for mnths , but this time was only 1wk! trying!

Doc i hd ma lst periods on oct 18th. I nw feel pain in my breast nipples. Why s it so?

Doc will intake of Duphaston lead to painful nipples? I hve started medicine from this mnth. I already hve irregular periods...

Doctor recommded me 1.25 and 2.5mg sicriptin.last mnth my prds startd frm 1may i had sex on 23mayonwards this mnth periods delyed by 15days?m i prgnt?

Doctor would not give me my birth control because she said I could be pregnant! The last time I had a normal period was Feb14 2wks ltr I strd bld brwn B?

Dr chevies i hav done OPK test came+ive on12th day of perd made lov12 13 15, if i don't conceiv ds month letrozole hlps?How t0 loose muscus aftr clomid (clomiphene)?

Durng my ovl days me n my husbnd had unpro sex.Im regular w my prds n hav a 35-38 day cycl.Im a lil more than a week late n i bled a few drops.Cd i b?

Fem 28, spotting(lasts for 1 day)btw regular periods for last 2months.Papsmear done 6 months bak ws normal excpt fungal infectn.Havin protcted sex only

Follicu scan on cd13 wit d 16mm follicl bt no ovulation symt til cd 15.May hav pcos.Wat chance of ovulatio nd pregnanc.Last hd promethium indu period.

For the past 3 months I am observing ovulation sptting , nw jst bfr 5 day of my periods brownsh dischrge is observd wit back pain, am i prgnt?

Frm pst 3mnts my periods r irregular, 1st on 20th, 2nd on 22nd & dis mnth 15th & bleding hapns on 1st day 2nd day spotting. Trying for baby aftr miscarg?

Gd day.Im 5days delayd 4 nw.Im testd dis morng hpt it comes out -.What should I do? Could i be pregnant?.Dont felt any sign aside frequent urination

Got phy wid gf.Usd condom.Last month she got periods on 21 bt dint had til now.V bcame phy on 16 this month and its 24.Can she conceve how to chek?Med

Got pregnant through IUI but hd an early miscarriage on 7 th july.still having little bleeding.whn shud we plan for next iui?shud we give some gap?

Gt d&c dne on 12 mrch aftr 3rd miscrg.Gt polyps operated too but stll bleedng.M worried?Is there any othr complication?

Had a 6 weeks miscariage on 28may.after dat had one normal menstrual cycle.Is it safe to plan a baby again. what precautions shld b taken dis time?

Had dnc 6 wks ago frm molar preg still bleeding off n on got Depo-Provera shot n now the pregnancy test shows +. what tht means??? M freak out m i prego again

Had hernia repair in march n it's been three months now n still no period dr said cud be premenopausal ?+

Had my mc since i was 9 (6 yrs) n its still irregular. It usually skips a month n go as normal. This time i skipped 2 months nw i hve heavy blood. Y?

Had normal period flow of 3 days n 4&5 day spoting but 7 months backs I had surgery 4 apendectomy n cecum removal aftr dat jxt 2-3day period Is it ok?

Had sex on 20nv, periods start on 14th nov, took ipill within hour, got bledng on6th dy fr 2days almst, nw havng white dischrge frm 6dys wth backache?

Had unprotectedSex April4 then a 3DayLightPeriod April8(notNorm4Me).Now left breast Tingling On&Off(notNorm4Me).nexy period may6? WhatCould ThisMean?

Had uprotctd sex with my bf n i took an ecp shortly aftrwrds.(within 10-20 mins). This hapnd aftr 13 days aftr my mc. Wat r my chances of gtng prgnt?

Hai iam sumi..I have sex on my 13th day of mensus.And have a cycle of 31.And now its day 30 th.And I have headache and backache.Am i pregnant.

Have pcos. Been bleeding for a lil over a month. Went to dr. 19 days ago, did ultrasound:endo thickness 1, 7mm. Startd takn loette same day. Stillbleed?

Having light red vaginal discharg, hd unprotected sex 14 days back. period due date was 2 dys bak, bt did not hav. Hom preg test, ful strip ws pin?

Hd D&C 18/09/2014 fr MMC at 8wks nw my hCG level is 0 hd 1st cycle on 28/10/2014 im continuously bleeding spotting with clots no cramps/pain till date?

Hd my periods on 12june n on 21june i hd unprotectd sex n immediately nxt day i consumd d ipill.After a week periods started again.Cn i stl b pregnant?

Hello doc, m 25 year old nd i used to hv regular period bt m NT having period for 2 month no pcod nd all nw tell me hw to resolve dis period problm?

Hello doctor I'm 20 years old n suffering from ovarian follicles,my all blood tests r normal,n from last ,2 months my periods has stopped,pls suggest ?

Hello Dr I have polycystic overies problem and before getting married only one periods in six months but after getting married I have oftenly bleed Most of the time n its heavy bleeding sumtimes after the intercourse any sumtimes twice in a month I have 3

Hello,for d past two months my period has changed..its now scanty and also it used to be 4 days but now jst two days..dont know wats wrong.

Hello! I hd an ovarian cyst lay's a yr nw ,Lst wk I hd an unprotected sex , and I took d morning after pill( p2) I'm hvin blood stains ,am I sf?

HI ;last mnthi got periods 24th now ihave an holly festivel which starts 26th of this mnth so iwant my periods before 20 is this posiible plz rply me?

Hi doc av had 2 abnornomal light flow nd I hav been havin serious pregnancy symtomps my breast very heavy nd vericus vain. Av don several pt but neg?

Hi doc. I have had irregular periods. I had visited a gynac on 8th march. She suggestd gynaset for 5days twice daily. Startn 1st dose at 8th evning?

Hi docter m pregnant bt my dr told me to hv dating ultrasound as my periods r NT regular..m feeling to throughout all time n tired plz suggest somethn?

Hi doctor, I am 30 years old n female, my last date of menses r 12 feb n now 16 march also over, I am married n a thyroid patient , wht u suggest me to do?

Hi Dr am 22 ,on the 3rd of jan had sex, and had abortn on the 6th,culd an egg be fertilised after the abortn. stil feling pregnan,wik,nausea,no apeti?

Hi Dr. M 1wk late for my dues.Last it was on nov15.Had relationshp on 6day of my cycle. Had bleeding on 12th day for 4days aftr takin ipill with 12hrs?