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fatigued, headaches, ttc not due till next week but yesterday had brown CM then started normal bleeding which has now stopped. Possibly pregnant?

I had my period on Feb 23.. And I started it again on march 12. I had sex on march 5. What can be the problem? Am like spotting , having diarrhea

I have had trouble with hair over the past couple of years , now my periods are everywhere i have been on my period for a month?

-Had unprotected sex aday b4 my period my period hasnt come yet. -Having headaches and stomach pains -Whats happening to me? When will i get my period

“I have this feeling of my period for the last three days and nothing. I should have started my period on yesterday. Please advise”?

10 days ago started light flow; today started a heavy flow, like my normal period, No B.C., trying to get pregnant, on prenatals what's up?

11 days past my IUI and started bleeding (medium) like a period today. Never had this short of a cycle before. Is there anything I should worry about?

13days late on my period start spotting yesterday then last night bleeding more than what my usual period along with worse cramps ever. Concerned?

18, haven't start period. Started in 6th grade lasted a day been hit and miss ever since. Spots occassionally. ?

19 on BC take everyday haven't missed, I had a heavy period this month been nauseas and stomach pain ever since I got off of my period any ideas?

2 days of spotting and period comes the 2. Started exercising, but I've exercised before and never happened?

21 f on birth control, period started late, period lighter than normal, pain in my belly that's not normal, been tired a lot more lately. what wrong?

25 year old virgin experiencing spotting for about a month. Period came a week early. No pain, no medication, and not on the pill. Thank you.

37 days since start of last period; no sign of this one. Last period very painful, heavy and ended in a strange way. Negative test also.

39weeks3days and I've had period cramps since last night but they come and go, is this labor starting?

9 days ago I lost my virginity, since then I've had very bad cramps as if my period was about to start (doesn't for another 2 weeks) Is that normal?

A 48year old women gets her period whenever she travels. Her period ended last week but now that she is travelling it started again yesterday. Why?

After getting my period a week after regular monthly period because I took plan B. Which is normal, Ive had my period now for 11 days. It went brownish/thick/light yesterday and now it's back to a heavy flow like I was just starting over. I don't know wha

After having my son my periods start back but it come very heavy along with spotting when it has stopped. I also experiencepain while having sex?

Am having a pronlem for the past 2month i've been having a spotting like 10-15days before my period and it kind a smell funny what can I do about it?

Around the time i started experiencing heavier than my normal bleeding i started getting horrible acne. Could it be a hormone imbalance w/no ovulation?

Awful allergies that started during pregnancy but never ended after. Please help?

Been having bad cramps but no period sore boobs, a lot of sugary foods. Period is due between thursday and next tuesday. Last period was July

Been on logynoned pill 9months n period normally starts the same time on each pack. It was a day late very light n very painful cramps is this normal?

Been two months and since my last period, i have had constant headaches for the past 2 months and I'm defiantly am not pregnant. What could this be?

Bellys ben crampin since i GT off my last period now it's time for my period agin an i'm4days late i had bad crampin4 2days but now it mostly stop?

Birth control removel out of arm on jan 28 .Since then my period has light pink last 3 days & had a period 2 different periods back to back is this ?

Bleeding started a day before period. Was more in the morning after getting up from bed and lasted 12 days. Why?

Bleeding wayy more than usual hurting worse too on my period. What can I do?

Bleeding wayy more than usual hurting worse too on my period. What could be wrong?

BM bleeding.missed period.(Last period in jan.lasted around3days) no pain. Age 21 reason?treatment? Who should I see because I only have a family doc,

Boobs started hurting right after last period, lasted for 3 solid weeks, then started next period but only lasted 2 days?

But what I am saying is that it is to early for me to getting cramps cuz my period is no where near due?

Can ibuprofen stop my period? I took 1000 mg of Ibuprofen when I feel cramps the cramps stopped but my period hasn't came.

Can recently started smoking/stress cause me to get my period early even on bc?I have 9 days left of pills but today i started spotting and light flow

Can stress cause stomach pain, on and , no period, my period startedto come, I had the beginning stuff but never bled.?

Could being sick end my mensus? I became sick about two days after i started my mensus and it ended, not a normal mensus either.

Could i be pregnant. Normally I have very normal periods. Last month it stopped and started numerous times. This month is regular a little heavy though, but me and my boyfriend had a accident last night on the third or fourth day of my period could i get

Cramping and bloating 1 1/2 weeks before period.This is only the second time this has happend in a row.What does this mean? I should start period tmrw

Cramping started yesterday and still happening today, period is due 4-2-13..So this could be implantation cramping ?

Did i concive on my period if it randomly stopped? Because it was a short period is that good or bad...

Ever since I started my period it was irregular, only gets it couple of times yearly,could stress be a cause?is it normal due to always being like it?

Exactly 2 weeks after my last mental cycle ended, I began cramping. It is much worse than my normal cramps. Two days later I started bleeding again.

Feeling like I overate sometimes, also my period is a week late. No sex in the past month, since b4 last period. Last period was a week late.whatsup?

Few months ago started getting cramps after sex from 1 wk before period due.Last night intense cramps began during sex, stopped&was faint, clammy,naus?

Finished my period last monday. This monday will be 2 wks. I have been cramping all week. I feel like im going to start my period. Last period was nor?

For the past 1.5 years I've had extremely heavy periods. (Not normal for me) and now the last 3 months I've had a period for one day (also not normal)?

For the past 2 months I have had 3 periods in one month and very heavy flow. I just got off my period a week ago and i am back on it. Whats going on?

For the past 2 nights I have had light bleeding during sex. We've been having sex for over 4 years and this has never happened. Then today I have bled more and have extremely painful cramps I'm about 5 days before my period is due to start. What could be

For the past 3 days I have woken up very dizzy. Any idea what could cause this? I was supposed to start my cycle yesterday could that be why?

For the past 3 months I've been having irregular periods, extreme cramps and light bleeding. Also I've been trying to conceive for the past year. This?

For the past 4 months, my period has only been lasting about two days. Is this normal?

For the past 6 months my period has started three days earlier and earlier, I'm also bleeding more and more and my cramps are getting worse. Why?

For the past two month now when ever I have my period it only a drop and it last for a day please what will I do?

Found out I'm pregnant bout 4 weeks. Used 6 tests. I'm still getting period though. Started yesterday and has not stopped. Not light spotting, regular?

Gave birth 3 moths ago an cycle returned 2-3 weeks ago been spotting on an off since after cycle an havin cramps an bloated feeling normal? Headache 2

Get my period every 3months haven't gotten it for almost 4months recently started having pinkish brown discharge some cramps bad heartburn nausea help?

Get strong period pain 7 days before period due, had this the past few months, recently had smear. Not preg, what is it? :)

Got my period a week early on the 15th. Normal first two days then got extremely heavy the past two. With cramps. Is this normal? Had to change a lot

Got my period earlier this mth for 2 days or so very light. Now I have it again and it's normal i had cramps though the whole time. Not pregnant eithe?

Got off BC after 11 years and my 1st period included terrible cramps and a fever on day 1. Could this be endometriosis? Will I have this every month?

Got period 4 days ago, lasted 2 days w/no cramps which is typical for me. Had sex yest., woke up last night with intense cramping. What's going on?

Had a 13day period last month this month had a 4 day&1wk later started again going on 10 days normal amount of period is 4 days

Had a miscarriage in July havnt conceived since period always normal last one lasted couple days now I am experiencing light bleeding and pain on left?

Had a period for 3 months then no period for 7 months all of a sudden started bleeding when i started exercising. Could this be my period coming back?

Had an orgasm.After the 3rd onet i started cramping then bleeding.. Thought it was my period but it is not scheduled until friday.. What happen?

Had heavy period for one day then got a fever and my period stopped. What' does this mean?

Had medical abortion may 29, normal period on July 25th, some spotting in between. Feel like I might be about to have another period (Aug. 14), weird?

Had my period for a few hours yesterday then it stopped over night and just started again? Could i be pregnant? I have a bad UTI and cramping.

Had normal periods for 3 years now 24 days apart. This one came at 31 dys and with horrible cramps what r the possible reasons for this??

Had period then 9 days later started light bleeding and eventually severe cramping what can be the cause? Am 23 been on bc for couple yrs

Had sex 2 weeks ago , I'm on nuvaring and had to take it out for 4 days . I'm lightly spotting but my cycle kinda really just coming late .mild crAmps?

Had sex about a month ago, 4 days later got my period, was off period completely for 2 days and then i got slight bleeding and mild cramps, normal?

Had sex right before my period started i have short periods like 3 days long i ended my period about ten days ago and now im having bad cramps & little discharge my period are almost always unreaglur also normal could I be pregnant?

Have been experiencing dark watery bleeding with no pain occasionally in between periods. Started after second period since i had sex, no sex since 5m?

Have horrible cramps, now that i got the implanon removed. But before never had any. Why? I didn't have a period for the whole time on bc though.

Having period like cramps, ongoing headache, and now brownish discharge. Got mirena (levonorgestrel) taken out on july 24. Could I be pregnant? No period since january

Hello i've been on pain killers since june and my period has been a week late each time since december. What can I do naturally to bring my period?

Hello, i am 22 and not recently on birth control. i just had my period last week. within 6 days my period started back up and it is really heavy and alot of blood clots. i also have really bad cramps, why could this be happening?

Hey, i've been spotting since the 15th, period early by 10 days, also still spotting what's going on, never happened before im worried need help?

Hey, so I had my period last weekend but I just started again. And I'm experiencing mild cramping. Should I be concerned?

Hi I been having a little bad period pains before my period starts I am 20 now is my period getting worse.?

Hi i have been spotting for the past month now is that normal? let me add i have the IUD but ive had it since april.

Hi I started my period this morning and I'm having serve cramps and bad vomiting which I've never had iin the past with my periods why is this happeni?

Hi I'm liya I started spotting earlier today I never spotted before and my cycle isn't due until October 28.what's going on with me?

Hi my daugter is nearly 5 months and ive had 2periods I'm now experiencing bad pains and no period should i be concerned I'm about 2 weeks late, ?

Hi there, I am currently 6 days late with regards to my period- at the end of today it will be day 7. I had spotting right after s*x 8 days before period was due and only lasted about half an hour. I am experiencing nausea and vomiting, sore breasts, we

Hi, I just skipped my period this month which is very unlikely and the first time it's ever happened in my life. started developing an intense Odor.

Hi, I am having a prolonged period. It is going on for about two weeks. At first it was very little and then I got my cramps. What is going on?

Hi, I got on Depo over a month ago, got my period like regular, but never stopped. Bleeding isnt heavy like a period but mostly constant. 30 days+?

Hi, I had a 10 day light period and now3 days after it ended I have started getting bloody discharge and period pains like Im getting my period again? DEF NOT PREGNANT

Hi, I started my period exactly a week after it ended. The day before I started, I had sex. My flow currently is a lot heavier than normal. Did having sex make it come back?

Hi, im 17 years old and yesterday i started cramping but i had no period my doctor said i have hormone imbalence but i dont know whats wrong .

Hi, it has been 5 days since i ovulate, but till now im having slight cramps? what could this be?

Hi, so my period lasted 24 hours and I've had bad cramps since then (its been 4 days). It usually lasts about 6 days or so normally. I don't have sex.

Hi! Need your help as soon as possible! Im only 21 and Ive had 2 periods in less than one month and Im starting to bleed again. This has never happene?

Hi.This time my period had 2 days delay and without any pain it started. Now after 10 days im still period.what is the reason?

Hm I have been spotting lately , these past two days I've had flaky brown spotting and bad cramps, period not due til another week, what can it be?:(

How long can periods go for ive had my for three weeks now?

I started my period about a week and a half early and have been on it for 16 days now. The bleeding will come and go but it is heavy , what do I do?