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I am in the last week 40of pregnancy and today my pressure is high and beginning of urine albumin can i get birth naturally ?is there any risk ?

my wife pregnant at 15 weeks complained of hyperemesis gravidarum now she decrease in weight what the appropriate treatment for her?

14 week surgical termination! When will the spitting pregnancy sympton stop.. (Aka pytalism or siaorrea) ?

14 weeks pregnant, need chest X-ray for visa to give birth. Would the risk be lower if i delay until 20 weeks gestation or the same if I have now?

16 weeks pregnant gallbladder disease symptoms. Negative abdominal ultrasound. Thinking still gallbladder. Risks in waiting after birth to treat/test?

16wks pregnant w/4th child. No history of Gestational Diabetes. Are there any symptoms that will help me recognize it? How can it be prevented?

1tube hydrosalpinx & 5 months pregnant,my concern is if it is caused by std the hydro & didn't have treatment before does it affect the baby at birth?

2 early miscarriages. Heartbeat seen in one, turner's diagnosed on fetus, thyroid usually high. Pregnant again. List of tests I shld do now. Dr unhelp?

21 weeks pregnant, tested negative for Down syndrome, and found a calcuim deposit in baby's heart. What could it mean ? Help please.

25/26 weeks pregnant. Overweight when I became pregnant, now considered obese. Autoimmune thyroid disease controlled. Borderline blood pressure. Should I be seeing a maternal fetal specialist or a regular obgyn?

26.9 ng/mL vitamin D 7 months postpartum. Unsure if levels were low during pregnancy. Risk of rickets and tooth issues for my baby? No teeth yet, 8 mo

28yrs female with high BP and sle and high level of uric acid , first pregnancy aborted due to heart block in fetus.Successful pregnancy possible?

3 early MCs no live birth. 32yrs. All tests normal autoimmune, antiphosopolipid, hormonal, karyotyping. Turner's in 1 fetus. Should we try again & how?

30 yr old pregnant woman had to abort baby, extreme bloodloss and kidney failure. Put on dialysis, no improvement. Very concerned. Please advice.

31 have pcos ttc very scared of fertility treatments I think will have complications in pregnancyI have anxiety problem I don't feel good with anxiety?

31yrs old.2miscarraiges.1st missed 2nd anembryonic.spontaneous medical history and no family history of immune disorders.want ur guid?

36 wks preg being tested for lupus. I have delivered 2 children zero issues so is it unlikely for me to have lupus? read women w lupus have problems

36w pregnant and petrified of a stillbirth. Am i being unreasonable? Aside from controlled gestational diabetes pregnancy has been healthy

39 weeks pregnant. Will ill be induced if im past 40 weeks?

39, 25 weeks pregnant, overweight when I became pregnant, now considered obese. Autoimmune hypothyroid, borderline blood pressure. Needed to add will need 4th c/s this time. Should I request to be seen by maternal fetal specialist or continue with OB?

3rd trimester pregnancy now getting silent migraines at least once a week. Eye dr, ob and family dr say hormone related. Is this right ?

5 weeks pregnant. Endometriosis treated.Also taking medicines for hypothyroidism. Could masturbation harm early pregnancy? Just stimulation.

8 week pregnancy how can I help my wife com her nerves..

A case of immune hemolytic anemia - chances of becoming pregnant? care during pregnancy

A doctor said my pregnancy maybe lost or in grave danger what does this mean ?

Addison disease & pregnancy--can I ttc?

After 3 consecutive miscarriages with no known cause what are the chances of having a successful pregnancy. I have 3 children and competent os.

Age:37. Recurrent miscarriage history. Early mmc. Currently 11w6d. Fetal heart rate has been 180 since 9 weeks. Does this definitely indicate a proble?

Am I in any sort of danger because of mvp in pregnancy?

Amnio due to CMV infection at wk16 is negative. Probability of transmitting after amnio and if yes, r symptoms serious? Need to repeat amnio at wk 21?

And is there any contraindications in any future pregnancy if a flow murmur?

Any truth to this: if you get pregnant a few weeks after a miscarriage then baby will be more prone to problems and mom will suffer more preg issues?

Are autoimmune blood tests & antiphosopolipid usually recommended for later pregnancy loss & not for 2 early mc (6 weeks & 8 weeks)? Should I get em

Are internal scans safe in early pregnancy? Some women reported a miscarriage days after scan insisting there is harm but not yet proven. I'm worried

Are my chances of conceiving with treated Hashimoto's exactly the same as someone without this disease?

Are pregnant women over 35 always treated as high risk or can they see a regular nurse-midwife or OB if in good health and no abnormalities w/baby?

Are some people more prone to getting intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy?

Are there any precautions a carrier of hemophilia should take if she becomes pregnant?

Are there karyotyping like genetic level tests to confirm if a couple is compatible & will certainly have healthy children if they plan for pregnency?

Are there some genetic reasons I get gestational hypertension during my pregnancies?

As far as cyst is concerned will it cause complications in havinga child? More over I was recently pregnant.And was diagnosed with a tubical pregnancy

As we are planning to start our family, so what are the pre pregnancy tests need to be done to avoid complications at a latter stage.

B12 deficient and pregnant. Is there a potential for problems?

Besides an ultrasound, are there any other relatively accurate ways to predict the gender of my child? I am currently 11wks pregnant

Bronchitis every year for 1-2 weeks. Currently 20 weeks pregnant. Week 5 of bronchitis. OB says normal due to pregnant immune system. Is that true?

But does the pregnancy state incidental icd v22.2 mean u pregnant?

Can (as worrying stated by a physician advising a pregnant acquaintance of mine) pregnancy cause remission of coeliac disease?

Can a person with discopathy carry normal pregnancy?

Can a pregnant woman contract fifth disease if she's already had it recently?

Can a women get pregnant with one kidney ? I was born only with my right kidney so far I've lived 19 healthy years

Can an AAA be diagnosed when pregnant?

Can anyone develop bloodclots in legs during pregnancy even though no history of blood disorders and is healthy?

Can anyone explain this pregnancy process please?

Can anyone get a antiphospholipid test? or do you need a history of blood clots? heard of pregnant women not knowing they had the disorder cause no Hx

Can anyone with experience with autoimmune hepatitis tell me what to expect with prenancy?

Can chronic stress cause preclampsia with a previos normal pregnancy?

Can dermatomyositis patients have a healthy pregnancy?

Can epilepsy be treated while pregnant?

Can having multiple miscarriages contribute to a child having leukemia i had two within 6 months of each other before getting pregnant w/my child?

Can i ask you what is the reason for miscariage Baby,s Heart 9 tu week stopped.last year i had varicocele you think is this Main reason.

Can i get induced at 32 pregnant with triplets?

Can I go to developing countries while pregnant?

Can I have a perfectly healthy baby with untreated hyperthyroidism? I have no symptoms, only blood work shows my condition. Chance of problems high?

Can immune disorder cause a second trimester loss? I had one live birth no problems now 3 missed miscarriages 1 2nd tri loss?

Can levothroid pills during pregnacy lead to child development issues?

Can nicotine affect a pregnancy test. I've had symptoms and a mother already?

Can past hard drug abuse damage the ova in a woman and cause mental retardation or birth defects?

Can pcos cause poor egg quality?I've had 1 full-term pregnancy and 1 missed m/c due to chromosomal abnormalities. Thanks in advance for any insight.

Can premature women having a health pregnancy and birth? I am worried i will have complications like stroke because i was a preemie?Are avms common?

Can prucalopride be taken when pregnant? I have cip & want a baby. I can't imagine enduring a pregnancy with my symptoms and am 38 w fertility issues.

Can sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim (bactrim) affect sperm morphology/mobilty? Risk for any genetic disorders? My wife and i just got pregnant sometime between the 3rd and the 6th of november. Both of us are very healthy and have no family history of anyt

Can you concieve if you have nephrotic syndrome?If a patient is in remission and gets pregnant can it be harmfull for the baby?

Can you have a baby if you already suffer from hypertension even before pregnancy?

Can you still get symptoms of hemochromatosis while breastfeeding at age 44?

Can you tell me successful stories on diabetic pregnancies?

Can your baby have a birth defect due to a hepatitis a & b shot prior to your finding out you were pregnant?

Chances for pregnancy after 3x miscarriage. Normal menstruation. Diagnosed as adrenal insufficiency. Having osteopenia.

Child medicated since birth for hypothyroidism has presented with bowel problems from 12 'months consultant has said unrelated to hypothyroidism is th?

Cmv igm 0.92 igg 378, had a fetus with cystic hygroma before & terminated this preg. is it safe to try to get preg again or do I need treatment first?

Could asthma effect badly pregnancy and delivery! thanks?

Could pregnancy/birth have caused me to develop lupus?

Could pregnant women who suffer from spinocerebellar ataxia get worse after labor and delivery?

Daily vegetation diet plan req for my wife post pregnancy?

Dear doctors i've been diagnosed wt threatened miscarriage wt no further explanation.Pls what does it mean and what are d chances?

Describe the disorder called having one twin die during pregnancy.?

Diagnosed with klebsiella in sperm. How did i contract this? Symptoms for a year. Wife is 5 weeks pregnant. Will this effect the baby? Very worried.

Difference between minor and major pcos in case of getting pregnant ?

Do high thyroid problem during pregnancy get over after delivery of baby?

Do i still have hyperemesis? While pregnant with my daughter i had hypermesis the entire pregnancy, even while delivering her, i was sick. Now she is 8 months old and i still have the same symptoms! though not as severe, they affect my daily life. I still

Do people with thyroid problems have difficult pregnancies with complications?

Does a blighted ovum mean I will have issues again? I am 32 we have been trying for a few months but don't have sex often.

Does childhood asthematic patients have problems in pregnancy and dilivery of baby?

Does having GERD as a child cause women to have pregnancy complications?

Does isotretinoin leads to pregnancy problems in future?

Does taking progesterone supplements prevent a miscarriage that would have happened because of genetic defects?

Does the treatment for epilepsy (depalept 500) affect in any ways getting pregnant and the pregnancy itself?

Does very low papp a lead to poor pregnancy outcomes in chromosomally normal pregnancies? What might a course of monitoring/treatment look like?

Does WPW syndrome need to be concerned during pregnancy and labor?

Dr i had 2 miscarriages before at 5 weeks due to aps-hughes syndrome now on clexane and 11 weeks preg, risk of miscarriages still there?strong HB thre

During first tremister of pregnency coughing is risky?