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I had amorrhea for 5 years from being anorexic when I was 13-18 yrs. I fully recovered after that and am 25. Can I still get pregnant?

-when i doe a sex with a girl i take one .Means after one minute my sperma comes out .Plz send me naam of a medicine that I use .And i get recovery ?

10 month old's been really sick. Her temperature's been at 102 since this friday and her breathing is faster than usual and so is her heart rate. I've been wanting to take her to the emergency but I am still hoping it'll just get better. Could this sickne

10-12 after menopause I am bleeding, not a lot but any scares me. Why am i bleeding now ? Very stressful day and took a walk fof over an hour after 2-3 years. Also did a lot of yard work for the first time this year.

15 days after rhinoplasty i was involved in heavy exercise, will this by any chance affect long term results? (wont be exercising for another 3 months

15 year old son takes a long time for bowel movements; 15-30 minutes. Is this normal? School has a problem with it (usually can wait 'til he's home.)

17 took 1 shot of test enan. Did this aromatize enough to stunt bone growth or penis . Took for football stopped after 1st shot yes or no?

18 years old female 85 kg 5.2ft ..Irregular menses like sometime it wont come properly about just two table spoon a week in a month please help me.

18 years old female 85 kg 5.2ft ..Irregular menses like sometime it wont come properly about just two table spoon a week please help me....

1st pregnancy was perfect was over due in fact. Now i need to have cerclages every time. Can't i just try bed rest instead? Bad experience last time

2 and a half year old boy is having some lose sticky motion every day after 6pm for past 1 and a half month. He has no other symptoms.

23 weeks preg.I usually take dinner at 9pm daily, and breakfst at 9.30 am. Is ther any problem to my baby bcoz of this long gap between meals?

25 y m ...What is the quickest and easiest and safest relief from heartburn ... Sometimes it happens during late hour studies in exam days ?

36 wks 3 days.My AF level us 11.43 CM and is adequate. If AF breaks, how long of waiting is safe before moving to hospital? Doc says rush immdtly thou

36wks preg full term soon.Anything I can do to help things along?Also I am recovering frm a cold-worried of labour & newborn while still recovering?:(

37 Male, having children already. But now stays fine during foreplay no matter how long, but as soon as enter the genital I get released within 10 Sec?

70yo active male, still working. On levothyroxin, normal levels. Upbeat normally. Now I am not typically depressed just not motivated like I used to b?

A couple of times as of late, my stool comes out with a bit of a 'tail' just at the end. So it's normal size, but thinner at the very end. Problem?

Abortion 2-3,since 2 days I get many blood drops then stops for 15 hrs or more then drops again, is this the period? no intense pains just normal

Abroad and think I am having a miscarriage 11wks - quite sick but only moderate bleeding. I have a 16 hour flight (today) to get home. OK to fly home?

After having the surgery where they burn the lining off private can u one day in the long run get pregnant?

After sex my body temp goes up considerably. Even after heart rate has returned to normal. If wife gives me masturbation I get hot. Normal enough?

After sex, sometimes i get a very mild odor. It doesn't last long (no longer than 2 days) what is it? Should i worry?

Am i bipolar? I get violent breakdowns that usually cause me to self harm and then will be perfectly fine the next day

Any long term studies on lasik? Had it done and i'm freaking out a bit because not sure what will happen in 20 years! how do you feel about it?

Are u meant to refrigerate methadone , if needing to keep for period of time ?

B12 results 127, shots now being administered, how long til feel better? What do these results mean, how low is this? Do they go up or down rapidly?

Baby just came, and the people working with him are speaking in low tones. Whats wrong? Waiting for doctor to tell us something.

Baby was crying excessively while nurse was trying to get blood. It took 10 minutes to get a vein. Can this stress alone cause a WBC of 25, 000?

Before my period i tend to put on quite a bit off weight i can sometimes put on about half a stone. Is this natural?

Being 183 lbs. (83 kg) and 6 foot (183 cm), how much distilled water a day could I consume before "possible" negative effects start to kick in?

Believe I overdosed on mmda, how long does this process take for me to reach normal levels? Went to doc, said I should be fine in couple days.

Bf is 37 I'm concern he can not last long having an erection he finishes really fast he was never an active man when younger and 1 a day if lucKY help?

Can 1 mg melationing taken by pregnacy of 8 th month? Since she is having hard time to fall a sleep? asking at least one time?is it drug or natural?

Can a fixed drug eruption on penis head stay more than 7 months? Mine is gradually becoming better. All meds stopped.Does sexual activity prolong it?

Can a woman conceive while on antibiotics? I'm 28 and trying to conceive. I eat healthy and exercise 3x a week. Couple of days before my ovulation i suddenly started shivering with high fever for 6 hours. When i went to see a doctor, they couldn't find an

Can being completely inactive for 2-3 months (zero activity no walks nothing) cause you to become tired and weak when you attempt to re start!?

Can having a cold/being ill. Delay labour? I heard your body waits to get better first? Is this true?? Thankyou.

Can heavy, long endured stress cause the body to start shutting down?

Can leaving you laptop on your stomach for a long period of time cause you to miscarry?

Can my mother who is 93 and is on Valium for the last 38 years come off this medicine and why would a DR want her to come off it?

Can you die for a couple seconds and then come back to life if you have a pace maker?

Can you pass the romberg test if you sway just a little bit ? How long are you suppose to keep your eyes closed? What is considered failing

Can you tell me is a -3.1 mm st heart depression lasting longer than 1 minute bad or good?

Cervix of 2.1 cm, 24 weeks pregnant. No dilation. Ok to continue working as nurse in a heavy floor and 12 hours shifts.What precautions to take? Thank

Change my provera (medroxyprogesterone) from 2.5 mg to 20 mg, nothing about removal of uterus. I don't want to have anymore kids so why not take out & be done with the whole

Could semen in bathwater remain viable following a period of 48 hours approx (-4 hours) to cause pregnancy to a female. Water drained,osmotic effec?

Could the stress itself and bad conditions for long period of time be the cause of diabetes? plz answer thanks

Dear d.c. my girl friend got bad influenza and it last for almost 1month. yet she still doesn't recovery.every year she must get it normally lasting2m?

Did i stunt my growth to its full potential? i got my period at around 13. at the age of 14-17 i would sleep at 3am in the mornings somedays. during exam periods i would sleep early. i would also not eat lunch and would buy sweets instead after school. ho

Do babies like being tickled? Obviously not for a long period of time... But in general?

Do i release more than 1 egg? Pain on both sides inbetween few days=2 eggs? My mom does, that's why i'm asking. & what does it mean if true?

Docs, i'm 4 weeks preg, can I safely have intercourse, and is it safe to move around for house duties like cleaning and standing for long periods?

Does frequent driving long distances by a pregnant woman cause unusual stress on the unborn child?

Does heavy marijuana use over a long time lead to sterility in men? Or do sperm go back to normal when it's stopped?

Does heavy marijuana use over a long time lead to sterility in men? Or do sperm go back to normal when it's stopped?

Does the fact that it took my date 1 hour plus in bed to ejaculate show he was not turned on enough by me?

Does trial of labor work very often>seems dumb to go thru all that then get cut anyway.?

Does x-Ray on chest and neck and heart test(forgot what it's called) effect you ovlulation or chances in conceiving was in car reck?

Dr i thought i had a problem with my sex life to stay harder longer so i took different pills to help it did one time only now my penis is broke it only stay hard for 5min me or my wife get pleasure is there a fix can I detox or what will help

Dr. I m teen ager i m getting too much sex problems upto then i not make to sperm out side i can't remain constant after that i fell to much tiredness?

Drink heavily sober 36hr having laparotomy in 4 days for ovarian tumor are my so far minor withdrawal symptoms going to interfere what do I do?

Due to leave for 3 day international trip for our 1st anniversary nxt week. Menstruation also due then. How to temporarily stop menstruation?

Each labor for me has come faster and faster. My last one was 28 minutes. I'd like to get pregnant again, but i'm scared. Should I be nervous?

Ear-balance once disturbed, hw long it can take to become normal & hw to make it normal? I still suffer with balance issues esp while periods.

Early on in Parkinson's can the tremble come and go in one finger? Or when you get it is it consistet non sstop even early on in the process?

Ever since her last childbirth whenever my mom (60yo) is ill, her temperature, instead of rising, plummets. Can anything be done to help this problem?

Extremely heavy period and 2 hour long exam. Do you have any tips that would be useful?

Fades out for seconds and then he is completely unaware of what bas happened but gradually remembers the stuff he said or did 10 mins later.

Fed nonfat yogurt to baby for a week without noticing. She's 8.5m. Are there going to be long lasting effects to brain due to no fat?

Female, 81 years old. Began vomiting 5 a.M. This morning(5 episodes). Substance is brown. Insists she is feeling better. What is the best course of action?

For as long as I can remember I've had diareah almost every day n it's my normal bm. How can this affect me in the future?

For barrium swollow test directions say fast after mid night but my test is at 1 pm next day. Isnt it too long? What is recemmended duration?

For the longest time I've been feeling full and not very hungry but the longer I go without eating I almost passed out I read somewhere that it me it could mean I have worms is this true or what else could it be?

For the past 9 months my wife is having anovulation, is this too bad what can be use to correct it and for how long ?

Found out I had a TIA today. Why would this happen to me though? Only 22, no smoking no diabetes and average weight, get migraines but thats it--help!

Free test of 8.4 at 22 yo what would be my best bet 2 restart my system and not have to be on somethig for life is hCG temporary 4lowt due to drug use?

Friend having petscan and told to stay away from children & pregnant women for 24 hrs due to radioactivity. Can i be w/ her & then go home to my kids?

Going in tomorrow for cisternogram to locate slow intermittent csf leak.any info on what will happen,how long it will take,will they defo find leak?

Had 4 chest xrays earlier this year and apron only went up to my hips - can that effect my egg quality/quantity? Trying to get pregnant.

Had a c-sec 6 months ago first child..will I have issues with adhesions? Is there anyway to break them apart?

Had a hysterectomy 12 years ago when 35 , now 47 , when would I expect to be thinking of any symptoms or a change in life. Thank you ?

Had a myomectomy Nov 24th do I necessarily have to wait 6 weeks before ttc again if I'm having no complications & know my body as far as healing well?

Had laproscopic varicocelectomy. Masturbated 36 hours later. Should I stop or can I continue. No ill effects that i observed.

Had my son two wks ago. No rips, tears, etc. And I'm feeling fine. can I start having sex again or do I have to wait the full 6wks?

Had two stents in in 2011. Everything was completely normal until last night I got short of breath. Was able to settle down but any idea what happened?

Happy new year doctors i know i'm late lol. I have been hearing around that if you drink coffee you can get shorter .Is this true? Answer asap

Have sore gum around 38 since about one week after having forgotten drinking for one day. Have some stress at the moment. How can I help healing?

Having gastric sleeve on sep 11 have quite smoking but have slipped several times. Urine or blood how long and can speed up getting rid if nic and met?

Hello I have been off and on the pill a lot for the past 3 to 4 years, unable to decide whether to have another baby. Will this have affected my egg quality?

Hello doctor, i started masturbation from age of 13.As i dont knew harm of doing it excessively,i did it twice a day upto 3-4 i am 21 and still have 3-4 times a week.But my concern is whether it would be going to create any nuisan

Hello doctor. my mom was treated for a inter cranial bleed in july. she has almost reciverd from it but has memory issues. how long will it take for her to recover from t he same?? now a day's she feels sleepy in th

Hello dr, my doctor has suggested that i must use menses tablets upto 9 months, what u say my problem will be solved till or? There is 2 months left.

Hello I can't seem to get pregnant I have been trying for 8 months I have taken plan b several times and lost about 20 pounds n the span of 3-4 months?

Hello im a 35 year old female for as long as i can remember my entire breasts are always tender no matter what time of the month what could this be ?

Hello, I feel I have excessively masterbated since I was 13. I would do it about everyday - 3 times max. But I would also have some breaks. I'm 18 yea?

Hello! how to prolong sex relationship? Some times i go for a logn and some times i come in a very short time. What should I do?Thank you!

Hello. I am getting rhinoplastry next Monday and I saw on my list of things not to eat 10 days before includes garlic... However I completely forgot?

Hey I'm doing the abortion pill, it's been 30 minutes and I really have to pee. Can I without it affecting the process?

Hi I am starting bleeding from 5 years ago, now that's stay happen like that unit now, i am already meet whit dental Dr but stay happen That why Pls ?