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I'm 8 week pregnant. Saw hearth beat. Today woke up, my breast shrink little and they are not as full and heavy as before. can it be issue?

18 got my period in 4 grade sense than it was heavy and irregular (still is) but now i can go months or weeks without it and when i get it its light?

1m 14 im 1 month late for my period and my cycles are all over the place but lately over the past couple of months I've had a weird smell down there?

2 weeks a go i was light headed now i'm nausea tired having period symptoms but i just finished my period 15 days ago and my breast are tingly?

20 weeks and fetal movement has stopped. Cramping and light headed with bad cough. Should i see a doctor or wait?

25 weeks pregnant sharp cramping for last 3 days. Also have placenta previa and anemia, i've been light headed and dizzy today. Should i be concerned?

25. F. Can't stand without feeling nauseous. On her period. Started while on period. No previous diagnosis or conditions. No dizziness. Cause?

25/f last normal period was sept4 oct3-6 i spotted lightly & was extremely nauseous/vomitted nov17-20 had a light period w/ extremely painful nausea ?

28 weeks pregnant when I walk for short and long periods of time my stomach becomes extremely sore is this normal?

2nd period starting withing 30 days. Feel very weak and exhausted. 1st period lasted 2 days then completely stopped. Heart palps as well with this.

2wks since stopped Depo after 15yrs! I'm SO tired, nausea, emotional. Just feel SICK! Is this normal after all these years being ON Depo?

3 weeks after period feeling nauseated and yuck (thinking it was a tummy bug) but now have red/brown discharge? Age 24 no longer on the pill

33 no menstral cycle 3 months then massive bleeding and clotting for a few hours then stopped all together but I Feel ill nausea sweets and lethargic?

36 yr female woke up with scary near faint spell after peeing,  several BMs. Periods irregular. Need advice.

4 days late on period. Feeling sick all the time,constantly needing the toilet+loads of clear goey discharge.what is it?

4 missed periods, bad dull headaches, extremely fatigued no matter what I do or how much i sleep, dark urine but i drink water, not pregnant, 25 y/o?

40yrs erratic periods last 12month now late 14 days, 3neg HPT ,no symptons, mood swings ,not sleeping much, feel like im guna come on but nothing?

43 yo and pregnant. Light bleeding and cramps. Am i going to miscarry. This has been getimg worse over several days.?

4days of spotting now heavy low back pain bad cramps dizzy spells period not due for 9 more days what's going on?

5 days since my period ended. Some cramps today. I feel like I'm actually bleeding, but I'm not. Fall asleep faster. Despite b.c cycles are abnormal. ?

50 year old woman menopause started. 2 years or so. Usual stuff until two and a half months ago. Been going for two and a half months with a day or two off here and there. Don't feel weak or bad . Tired of the never ending flow.

6days left of month still no period getting headaches, disturbed sleep, chances of pregnancy? Ttc.

AF due tomorrow... Has anxiety and panic attacks lately, spotted a little when wiping yesterday today nothing, can this be due to stress? Worried.

After 16 yrs on DepoProvera I'm about 2 have 2nd cycle. I do have myasthenia gravis. Is it "normal" to get really tired and weak feeling wk b4 period?

After getting of the depo and having ovary pain and light headed mean you can be pregnant?

After having unprotected sex 4 months ago I began noticing that my heart seemed to beat faster than usual. What could be the cause?

Age 51 period light this month but has lasted 11 days so far and i feel sick!

Always feel blotaed all the time. My stomach is like forming a circle shape. Im always tired. I missed my period in July. But now im bleeding and its Augusg and don't know if I'm spotting or if its my period. . Could I be pregnant ? I'm not throwing up o

Am trying to get pregnant my period is one day early an flowing heavy with blood clots an my belly keeps vibrating am also feeling a lot of cramps ?

Anemic in the past. resently i get dizzy alot with leading hot flashes, feeling as if to faint. idky. tying to conceive child sexually active irr mp?

Asking for a friend feeling feverish with headache and generally weak. I'm 3 days late for my period. could I be pregnant?

At the start of my period and towards the end I am so tired and have a bad headache. Why?

Been bleeding for 20+days post partum . Ultrasound done a week ago came back normal . Recently been feeling nauseous and dizzy/lighthead at night?

Been bleeding for a month now, pill didn't stop it, had ultrasound and pap all normal. Now feel sick, tired and nearly fainting. Please help me???

Been constipated nearly a well. Got bowels moving slowly. Now I get random dizziness at times, fatigue, insomnia. Week before period starts. Period?

Been cramping for over a week and getting bad headaches that i can't seem to shift due period in 11 days never had this before?What could this mean

Been feelen horrible nauseous light headed dizzy emotional hateing my boyfriend...Hes a chiro thinks im preg..13 days late but started today..Help?

Been feeling bad for months periods irregular stopped in May. Began feeling movement, test has a very faint line, checked again today now two faint li?

Been nauseous for a week and super tired, first 2 days i couldn't force myself to stay awake. Last period was only 2 days and light! p test was (-)?

Been on period 2 weeks/normally last no more than 3-4days/very, very heavy/bad headaches/very tired-drained/ could this be serious issue/very worried?

Been sick since Sat getting sick lightheaded and headaces have been bleeding heavy dark cloth and not due period food hard to keep down what to do?

Been very uncomfortable sleeping on my stomach lately. Last period was late and very light - was reddish-brown. Fatigue, easily irritated. Pregnant?

Bleeding a day after my period, dizzy & palpitation's what could this be?

Bloated and slight dizziness what could it be? I do eat enough and blood pressure is pretty normal.Only been bloated during period but not on period.

Can being really stressed out, and also a bit sick, delay your period bleeding?

Can being sick all week and feeling stressed out change when your period comes?

Can herpes outbreak increase heart palpitations? Ive noticed since my oncoming symptoms ive had alot more skipped beats than usual

Can hiv or any stds cause one to feel light headed for a long period of time?

Can i tell me how i can feel comfortable at school with heavy period & cramps?

Can standing too long on your feet or walking even though you're tired cause pinkish red discharge early pregnancy?

Can strep throat medication cause late period? I've been having A TON of acne and have been tired lately (not sure if that has anything to do with it

Can stress cause light period? I was very stressed,lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks and cried every night. Gained back but past 2 periods on time very light

Can stress make your period VERY light?? Like barely there? I'm scared b/c I have extremely light period with no know reason. 30 yrs old normal pap

Can you have a period and be pregnant? I got weak and tired suddenly at work and I also came close to losing my food..

Can you loose too much blood durring your period? My periods are anything but normal and quite often when im on my period it lasts for very long periods of time up to months i feel very tired and in quited a bit of pain my concern is too much blood loss i

Cause of fainting whilst on period two months in a row?

Cold tingling feeling in pelvic for past 2 days, cycle not due til around the 1st, what could be the reason?

Could a painful cervix mean pregnancy? I have been feeling exhausted and nauseated for the last few days but not due for my period for 8 days?

Could i be prago and is it to early to tell hello i had sex 11-13-11 and 11-14-11 and on 11-18-11 i was supost to have my period and all of a suden i started feeling sick blowde and wanting to throw up tierd all the time cramping and hartburn for the firs

Could i be preg? Lightheaded, dizzy, always hot(nofever), cramps, constant headaches.8days till my period is due, we have been trying for a baby

Could i be pregnant I have been super bloated and extremely tired even though i got a good nights rest i've had some mild cramping, and clear watery discharge and been peeing a lot more then usual! i also been getting these headaches everyday! when i lay

Could i be pregnant? On the 9th ood this month i had 5 days of light spotting. It wasn't even heavy enough for a panty liner. I've been nauseated for the last 3 days. I've also had headaches and have been a little dizzy. I've also had very slight cram

Could i be pregnet naseyy, weak, headachs, mood spells, tirred spotted lightly for 2 and a half days but then it stoped, smells bother me, no appetight, i took a test it said no but could it been roung?

Could it be healthy to feel dizzy when your period is due?

Could mt weakness, and light headness come from my period being on i take warfin?

Could you tell me what happens if you're sick whilst on your period?

Cramping after a short period tht came a little earlier then u thought is tht normal. Along side with headaches and some dizziness from time to time.

Cycle is irregular why am i feeling hot all the time although have AC on can't cool off am not pregnant and feel bloated and dizzy?

Daughter on period less than 1 year has been having an extremely really light 1 this month but it's been going for 9 days is it normal?

Day 4 of my menstrual cycle light spotting stomach still swollen with backpain and bad migraine people say i look 6mo pregnant and i'm not? Normal?

Day one of my menstural cycle is today and I took Midol for cramps. Right now I'm light headed with no energy, and keep getting hot. Is this normal?

During my period i always feel so bad, horrible cramps, blood cloths, weakness, even fever. Period lasts about 5 days and heavy. Is this normal?

Early light short period, tired a lot, headaches, cramps, hungry constantly also lost a bit of weight an hot a lot. What could be the problem?

Ended my period 7 days ago and woke up this morning spotting w no energy the past 2 days my emotions have been crazy. What's going on ?!

Ended period last week now experiencing flu/cold like symptoms & some nauseous. Is this normal after ending a period? Or what can this be?

Feel sick everyday the cramps come and go and n period only lasted 3 days when it usually lasts a week the blood was light. Could i be pregnant.

Feel weak and hungry and tired blood sugar normal, only started after stopping Depo-Provera provera (medroxyprogesterone) a month ago, no way of being pregnant?

Feeling of "heavy eyes" min-morning...Causes?

Feeling sick and cramping and not being able to sleep. Today i started bleeding heavily for a min and it stopped. Was it a miscarriage? What was it?

Fever is down to 99 , however i wake up during night having to change shirt bc I am sweating? Weird. Lost 6 pounds already too.

For my past 4 cycles my periods have been prolonged, then a week off then a mini period with stingy like cramps, I am anemic and suffer anxiety attack?

For one week i was nausea and im very fatigue my period came early and didnt stay as long as it usually does! Im bloated!! Why am i like this?

For the last 2 months during my period i've been bleeding a lot more than usual and i also get really light headed and dizzy. Should i be concern?

For the last 4 months I have had only 2 day periods my breast are heavy and I can't sleep on my stomach anymore I have to go to the bathroom a lot too?

For the last week I have been extremely tired, and a bit lightheaded. Last night got very dizzy, and continues today with nausea. Ttc, ov today?

For the past 2 monthly periods( first one lasted for 5 weeks and this sir ga for 3 weeks) i'm very dizzy and lightheaded, what's wrong with me?

For the past 3 months I have been easily fatigued, had anxiety, cramping, no period, lightheadedness daily. I am not pregnant and my blood work is fine.

For the past week I have been spotting when I wake up in the morning but not bleeding at all during any other point in the day. What's going on?

Gave birth 3/20/13 got implanon 4/3/13 stopped bleeding 4 weeks ago &feel nauseous, cranky, fatigued. Rod also hurts. Could i be pregnant again?

Getting light yellow discharge, period is 1 week late. Feeling tired but it may be the jet lag because i was on holiday. I'm worried I'm pregnant. ?

Had a light period that was 2 days late. No appetite for a week and every thing i eat makes me feel sick. Is this normal? Since period was unusual?

Had a small light period now I'm sick eating a lot and gained a pound feeling moody off balance, tired & I just had a baby 11 months ago no birth cont?

Had a very heavy period for ten days straight...It made me very sick..Its ended a few weeks ago but I have daily head aches now...Whats wrong?

Had Keyhole for Endometriosis one month ago, had first period, now after period, have brown discharge and feel tired and dizzy. blood pressure 102/57?

Had my menses (2 days - 3days) a week ago. Now feeling back soreness daily and fatigue easily, could i be pregnant?

Had my merina removed a week and a half ago light spotting for 5 days and now I dizzy, lightheaded nauseous and carmping. Is this normal?

Had my period a week ago had sexual intercourse couple days after now I'm lightly spotting and feeling nausea shortened breath and tired what is it ?

Had period may7-9-as of sat i'm nauseous/vomiting dizzy/lightheaded sensitivity to smell very tired.Could i be pregnant?Is it too soon to take a test?

Had period that was not normal and the past 12 days I have felt tired , fatigued, cramping and today i had a little blood string do that mean im pregnant

Had random nausea in evening for 2 weeks, w headaches. No temp. Seems to happen more when hungry or after e. Recently had period so not prego? Normal?