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Is it normal or okay to get a vaginal cyst when my period is a couple of days away. I've been experiencing this 3-4 times now and all those times that?

for 4 months -very light period but some days before - excessively bloated, i am 47 brests swollen 2d before period do i risk to have ovarian cancer ?

I have little pain on my left nipple my monthly periods date approaching and we are planning to get baby. The pain s symptoms of pregnancy or not?

It's been 9 months that I had abortion, . After that my cycle was 30 -45 days. Now it's 41st day still no periods but severe sore breasts. Not pregne?

(On period now) have burning sensation next to breast, down the ribs, under breast and in back. It comes and goes. Could it be related to cycle?

***help me!*** my breasts feel engorged and im having back pain. I have nexplanon but i've had unprotected sex and thereafter these symptoms started?

++ Clear CM, painful cramps, legs are sore, tender breasts, 5dpo. TTC. Possible Preg? Will a heating pad affect possible implantation?

1 day before period,right breast feels heavy with bit of pain under armpit. Can 1 full breast be a pregnancy sign or does it have to be heavy in both?

1 ovary & 1 tube removed other tube was cut. Period is late but spotting for 1 day. Sore breast,bad itching,headaches,swollen feet. Pregnant?

1 week until period comes. Blue veins on breasts extememly moody always tired had ultrasound right ovary enlarged but normal during Ov. Littlecramping?

10 days before my period and my breast aren't sensative and they normally are should I be worried?

19 days late for cycle spotted on a Sep 7,8,9 still no sign of menstrual urinating to often breast sore just dont feel like myself what should i do?

1st day of last period was 10/27/14 &breastbeen hurting since nov 9. my period was due 11/23, it came for only 4 hours now its gone semi tender breast?

1year ago I had a little girl she will be 2 january 30th and I only breast feed her for only 3 1/2 months! i'm discharging out the breast, I had a period for this month I think because it only lasted 3 day and I spotted 2 also it was 4 days early do that

2 days into my ovulation cycle my nipples because untouchable sensitive, 10 days on they are still so sore! Not due on till 6 Days time. What is this?

2 months on Mirena (levonorgestrel). Period due in 3 days, negative hpt, noticed vein on areola, reason for concern?

2 mths ago I had breast tenderness for a wk b4 my period came..Im now feelin it again & has been for 9 days.I rarely get my period anyway.growth pain?

2 weeks before i'm due on my period my nipples get really sore, to the point i can't sleep, would the contraceptive pill help this?

2½ days of light bleeding and my breast are sore while bleeding. Could i be pregnant? I don't usually have breast pain during my period.

31 married woman, period late and due was on 10/7 and today my nipples are sore mostly right side more intensed. Had spotting 2/7-5/7. Help, Thanks?

32 yo, last period 15/3 which lasted for 3 days. However, my breasts have been sore ever since, which is unusual, could i be pregnant?

32yrs discharge from breasts all time.swollen 5 days after period.sore until next period.5 days period then breast go back 2 pain/sore.Aching joints 2?

34 days late for my period, negative pregnant test. Mild pulling in pelvic area, tender/tingly breasts, sore nipples, nothing like usual pre period. Help?

35yo ttc, had implant. Bleeding 14 days after last cycle. Am now 6 days late for period. Tests negative. Numb hands, tingly breasts, clogged milk duct?

36 day cycle, sore nipples, bloated feeling in pelvic area, soft stools, new onset of allergies... Could i be pregnant?

38 days late period, 4neg. tests, ?Menopause?, 8 d clean from 6 mo.crack, breast milk ,frequent feeling to pee,tired,VERYlight spotting for 4 days?

3weeks using fertility pill and i missed my period 3days ago and my breast is swelling my feet joint are sore when i walk?

41 yrs old lining of womb removed two years ago i'm now spotting feeling as if i'm taking a period (pains) left breast has brown milk ? On self exam

42.5 years old. Regular menses;24-25 day average. 6 days late. Lwr back / abdomen cramps. breast tenderness. tests both negative. Is it premenopause?

5 weeks 5 days pregnant w no symptoms at all ! had tender breasts but gone now. Am i likely to miscarry?

5 weeks pregnant. breasts very sore this past week, but now not as bad. Is it normal for some pregnancy symptoms like breast soreness to change or lessen? No spotting and hCG at 4 weeks was 272.

8days past ovulation with NO usual breast pain. What could this be. May be pregnancy or hormones?

A little bit of breast tenderness 2 weeks before period. On birth control for longer than 3 months. Normal last period. Normal?

A week before my period comes I get painful, sore & tender breasts. I know it's a common PMS symptom. Can I treat or prevent it?

After ovulation my breast will become sore the pain stops just when i go for my mens im ttc what cld that be?

After sex 12 days later breast heavy body paining is that sign of pregnacy?

Am 13weeks 2days pregnant. Is it normal for the symptoms and the breast tenderness to become less and better now?

Am having heaviness in my breast, meanwhile am not pregnant and have not had my menses for about 6 months now, .Please what's wrong with me?

Am I pregnant? have been having cravings my breast have gotten heavier and darker it's to early for a test and lower abdomen and been acting funny

Am I pregnant? I am due for my period today, I'm am not showing any of my usual pms signs, (crying, breasts soreness, cramps). My nipples are very tender, even wearing a bra hurts. My cervix is closed. I am on a 28 day cycle, Ovulated June 15th.

Am i pregnant? I have irregular periods tender breasts carpal tunnel back pain

Apart from pregancy and to much caffeine etc what also can cause heavy lumpy tender breasts?

Are cold and fever before monthly period common?

Are side cramps normal when 3 months pregnant and when do plus size women begin to show?

At 30, I am noticing my breasts getting larger and rather heavy with discharge from one nipple only. Not near my menstruation cycle or pregnant.

Been having heartburn here and there with some nausea that comes and goes boobs itch but not sore no period return yet from m/c could be new baby?

Been having sore breast for two weeks and extreme irritability. Last month my mentrual flow was not that normal. It's only spotting instead of heavy. ?

Been on continuous pill for four packs in a row.. Now bumps on nipples breast pain and cramps? Should i be worried? Or could be hormones?

Bloating, breast very tender, always hungry starting after my period? Not normal for me but can it be considered normal? If no, possible cause?

Breast are swollen with pain when touched. Period usually heavy. It's light this month. On it right now. Pregnant?

Breast are usually sore before my period about a week before, period is due tomorrow and breast are not sore... Reasons?

Breast been hurting for five days after ovulation what does this mean help me?

Breast firm/heavy/full prior to period and period was one week late last month but normal also gas and nausea. Very regular usually what could this be?

Breast increased 1cup size, veins appearing, very sore, menstral cycle due in 2 days, had this for a week now. What could it be? Test neg 1 day ago.

Breast pn/tenderness started b4 my period, lessened after period but still persisting w/ pn in L breast which is on/off;worse when sitting- causes?

Breast tenderness (more than regular) for 11 dpo,veins showing,large nipples,little cramping ,period at 13dpo with lower than normal flow, pregnant ?

Breast tenderness 2 and a half weeks before period is due. Should i be concerned?

Breast usually real sore but this month no soreness did i ovulate?

Breast wore sore before my period. Then I bleed for 2 days an I normally bleed 4-5 days. An my breast are still sore 2 weeks evening off feel full or ?

Breasts are v.painful and swollen so much in 2 days stretch marks have appeared. Not pregnant but am due period, never happened before with periods?

Breasts have been sore for almost two weeks, should I be concerned? expecting period this week, but never had pain for this long before.

Breasts sensitive and painful, finished period 6 days ago... Usually have 21-25 day cycle so now on day 11, can it be that ovulation is approaching?

Can blue veins become visible on breasts before period? I am on mirena (levonorgestrel) and period due in 2 days. Took several hpts all negative

Can certain medicines cause you to have sore breasts and spotting before your bleeding?

Can dusphaston cause period to change? I always bleed at 33-35days but now only 27 days after use that medicine! Also uncomfortable with breast nipple

Can i be pregnant and have my period ithink it is i also have milk.In my breast and feel flutters in my stomach its no a heavy period?

Can i be pregnant? Hello! my last period was in 09 due to pregnancy & breast feeding. I weaned my 22 month old cold turkey around march 10th. On the 21st i had some spotting and pain on my left side. This continued until the 23rd. Then the bleeding became

Can I conceive a week before my period and still have normal bleeding for 4-5 days? I've gained 7 pounds in 2 weeks with nausea and sore breasts.

Can i ovulate a week to 10 days before my period is due? I seem to have tender breasts and an increased sex drive then ?

Can my menstrual period be delayed or late due to a umbilical hernia .Also my stomach is hard.

Can my uterus swell during my period? I seem to pee a lot more during my period and didn't know if it was due to swelling or hormones.

Can sinusitis surgery affect menstrual cycle? 8 days late surgery was 9 days ago. Pretty reg, nauseas, bloated, fuller breasts. No cysts, neg pregnanc

Can the nuvaring cause breast problems? I have been on it and my breasts are very tender and swollen all the time now. Also, i cannot take the pill.

Can you tell me what number of days prior to my period should I feel breast pain?

Cause of breast pain; not pregnant or PMS. Similar to PMS pain but way too early. Not sexually active. Thyroid rx & 70hr work week my only changes?

Could a swollen uterus be a symptom of period starting?

Could breast pain develop in one breast after being on birth control for 4 months? 1-2 weeks before period. Could caffeine cause random breast pain?

Could I be pregnant if both of my tubes are removed? Having all of the symptoms except missed period. Very tender breasts and very irritable.

Could i be pregnant? I haven't had my period for this month but have the sore breasts and facial breakouts that normally accompany my periods. I just recently went off my bc in january because of my other medications having an impact on it. I also became

Could i be pregnant. I had my last depo shot on the 3rd of March. Symptoms is period like pain, tender breasts, abdomen feels heavy but no period yet?

Could paragard give me breast tenderness? I got it a month ago, had a really short period and now have excruciating breast pains. Nothing I do helps.

Could too much estrogen&progesterone in BCP cause pregnancy symptoms: veiny breasts/hips, bloating/distended stomach, more visible montgomery glands?

Cramping as if my period is coming it isn't due until 7 days sore breast .. I had sex on April 15 ,18 & 22.

Current TSH 0.25 on 125 mcg levothyroxine.Have cyclical breast pain b4 periods, nw breasts feel extremely tender &painful though period is 20 days away?

Cycle on 3/2-3/6. Sex 3/12, 13 & 14, sore breast 3/22 now cramping, bloating, urinating often. Bleeding on 3/30 am i pregnant? I am 17 and this is my first time with these symptoms, please help.

Day 36 on my cycle, no period but my breast are a little tender and some back pains and bowel problems, took test it was neg -, what should I do ?Y

Do areolas typically darken with age? Over the past few days they've been sore and darkening&pretty sure not pregnant. 2wks until next period.

Do biotine injections cause breast heaviness and sore, it is not my period time P.S: I masturbated and was aroused in the last 2 days can this be it?

Does a sore and sensitive breast last throughout pregnancy or it subside after 2 trimester? Also how long is normal to have menstrual like cramps?

Does breast sensitivity and middle-pain occure after you ovulate or before?

Does everyone get symptoms when their period comes or it changes because of hormones? Because I usually get tender breasts, now I don't?

Does implantation make ovaries sore?

Does Sore tender breasts a month after coming off the depovera injection meaning im going to get my periods back sooner?

Does the breast feel heavy immediately after ovulation?

Done twice abortion on last year 3Aug and 9Dec.I am experiencing breast swelling, leg hair became longer and more.irregular menstrual periods.

Drank 5 beers. Next morning sore/tender breasts. Happens very time I occasionally drink. No relief until I start my period. Concerning?

During my period of one and a half weeks I have been experiencing painful nippes, what's wrong?

Extremely tender Mont. tubercles with very light period. Mild cramps, no clots. Normally complete opposite with all three. Possibly pregnant?

Feeling yucky nausea fatigue sore breast ovulated 21 june had cycle 7, 8, 9, 10 june was on Clomid (clomiphene) 50 days 3-9 mg 7 mature follicles when can I test?

For the past 6 months or so, I have been experiencing extremely sore breasts. Due to a hysteroctomy 17 years ago, I don't have a menstrual cycle. What could be causing the pain in my breasts?