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After three month of my delivery I had sex last night and I didn't use any thing for birth control how Many chance of my pregnant I have?

7 days after sex hungry all the time, on birth control,pregnant?

After an unprotected sex I am not sure whether sperms enterd the vagina. How can I check it, or prevent from pregnancy? Are birth control pills hrmful?

After my wife got birth control IUD can we have unpertected sex?

After not taking birth control for 2 weeks and had unprotected sex my bf ejaculated inside can I continue to take the pills to prevent pregnancy?

After taking birth control pill for two days, will having sex without condom can get a girl pregnant?

Am 21yrs being I have being having sex with my boyfriend without condom or any form of birth control and I have nevr being pregnant. What could be the?

Am i at risk for pregnancy when having unprotected sex while on step antibiotics and birth control? It was only the first day after being on them.

Am I save if I have unprotected sex during the first row of my birth control?

Any ideas if I can have unprotected sex the week off from birth control?

Any pills to control pre mature ejaculation?

Been on birth control for months & take it correctly. My boyfriend & i had outercourse and pre-seminal fluid may have entered me. could i be pregnant?

Been on birth control for years but not at same time, if I have unprotected sex but no ejaculation, will i most likely be protected? Combined pill.

Been on emoquette combined birth control for 2 months. Had sex condom broke, we replaced it and this happened two more times. Could i be pregnant.

Been on the pill for nearly two weeks and been having sex with condom but only once didn't use condom still on the pill could I get pregnant?

Being on the Depo-Provera shot birth control and not using a condom with my partner what are the chances of getting pregnant?

Birth control caused my phobia if having unprotected sex. What do I do?

Birth control dates having sex?

Birth control pills if I am pregnant i had sexual relations without protection two days ago and i think i was in my fertil days, my boyfriend did not eyaculate but there was penetration...I need to know if i can start today taking pills for birth control.

Can a girl get pregnant while on birth control and using a condom?

Can a women become pregnant from pre cum if she is on the birth control?

Can I be on birth control if I am HPV positive?

Can i be pregnant i had sex and the condom had broke. Can i be pregnant. I take birth control

Can I get my girlfriend pregnant with my condom rupturing with only pre-ejaculation while she is ovulating, and while she is on birth controls pills?

Can i get pregnant if I have sex without a condom and i'm on birth control?

Can I get pregnant while having unprotected sex during my "fertile window", even though I'm taking the birth control pill @ the same time every day?

Can I have lower sex drive because of birth pills?

Can i prevent pregnant by having morning after pills one day after sex?

Can my boyfriend cum inside me while im on birth control? (nuva ring)

Can pre ejaculation get you pregnant if no birth control?

Can switching pills after your period protect tou less against pregnancy if you have sex without a condom?

Can you get pregnant by having unprotected sex in the shower but on birth control pill. I was on nexplanon for a year switched to depo for 3 months ?

Can you get pregnant from semen being around your vagina? While on birth control

Can you give me facts and statistics of the possibility of me being pregnant if we know the condom didn't break and he pulled out? No birth control.

Can you rely only on birth control pills when having sex to prevent pregnancy? with the same partner and never missing a pill.

Can you still get pregnant by having unprotected sex even if you are on birth control?

Can you take birth control after pre cum?

Can you tell me exactly when is it safe to have unprotected sex on birth control?

Can you tell me how i could control ejaculation time?

Can you tell me how i could control ejaculation?

Can you tell me is it safe to have sex without a condom while on birth control pills?

Chances of me becoming pregnant. What are the chances of me becoming pregnant if i had sex with someone and there was no ejaculation. I've also been on the lo loestrin birth control for a year now but i just switched a week ago to the loestrin 1/20 fe

Chances of pregnancy while on birth control? I had unprotected sex but he did not ejacualte during or before.

Chances of pregnancy with no condom, no ejaculation and on birth control and never missed a pill?

Could I be pregnant after protected sex (birth control and condom) and had a perfectly normal withdraw bleed that was on time?

Could I be pregnant again if I had unprotected sex the day before I gave birth to my baby?

Could I be pregnant if i had my period for 1 day, I'm not on birth control, and my boyfriend never cums without a condom on?

Could i be pregnant if my boyfriend didn't ejaculate inside of me, and i'm on amethia birth control?

Could I be pregnant? Had unprotected sex last week. No ejaculation but concerned about precum. I am on birth control (dianette) but on the same night

Could i be pregnant? The doctor didn't put the IUD in right andi had unprotected sex. The doctor put me on an oral birth control that just i 10 days ago. I am having pregnancy symptems, but don't know if it is the birth control. I am not sure when my

Could i get pregnant if i had unprotected sex a day after my first birth control shot?

Could i get pregnant with birth control and a condom?

Could you tell me what happens if i take birth control 3 weeks after having unprotected sex?

Could you tell me what happens if you have sex without a condom a day before birth control is supposed to work?

Cramping 2 days after first sexual encounter, but my period is due 9 more days. Used condom and birth control pills. Why? Is it normal?

Do I have a big chance of getting pregnant if my boyfriend uses a condom with spermicide on it when we have sex? I'm not on birth control.

Does birth control pills become less effective if you have sex without a condom during one of the fertility days ? Even if you're a perfect pill user

Does taking birth control pills prevent pregnancy even if the guy cums inside you?

Ejaculated inside of overweight (not obese) girl with pcos that was not on birth control. Few times. Doesn't have normal cycle. chance of pregnancy?%%

First time starting birth control, had protected sex with a condom the 4th day of starting it. could i still get pregnant? how effective is it?

Gf is on the pill, there was condom leakage, she just has headache. Had sex 7 day of cycle, this is day 19 can she be pregnant? Uses pill consistently

Girlfriend is 10 days late with period after sexual intercourse with condoms, birth control and pulling out. What is going on? Stress? Hormones?

Girlfriend is on continuous birth control and her period is a little late after 3 month regimen. I wear a condom and pull out. Chances of pregnancy?

Had baby 3 weeks ago and have unprotected sex few times this week what are the chances i'm pregnant? I'm suppose to get birth control shot in 2 days..

Had sex 3 times, the first was with a condom and the other 2 times he pulled out. Have been on birth control for over 2 months worry about pregnancy?

Had sex July 14, used condom, he did not ejaculate, started birth control July 13. What the chances I'm pregnant?

Had sex on 7th day of cycle. I have a regular 28 day cycle. We used Condoms, birth control pills, and he pulled out. Could I be pregnant?

Had sex the day before ovulation, used condom, plan b, previously on birth control for a year been off 3 months, and smokes. Chances of being pregnent?

Had sex without condom, but am on birth control and he pulled out. Am I still at risk for pregnancy?

Had unprotected sex 5 days into new birth control pack. Been on birth control for 2 years. Chance of being pregnant?

Had unprotected sex I'm on birth control he didn't finish... What are my odds of pregnancy?

Had unprotected sex not on birth control. Is there any way that i could not be pregnant?

Had unprotected sex pulling out method while had a morning after pill a day bfore .. Are any chances of getting pregnant ? Does the pill still work

Have been on birth control for 4 days, condom broke during sex, little bit of premature cum, should I take the morning after pill?

Having protected sex,using spermicide condoms,period is 1 day late,not on birth control but using condoms,my chances of pregnancy,16 years old.

He cumed on my vagina near the hole. But I am on birth control but I don't take it the same time every day could I be pregnant?

Hi I am on birth control and I have been for awhile my bf and i recently had sex 2 this week both unprotected he didn't ejaculate in me. Am i okay.

Hi I had unprotected sex twice,but put my birth control (Nuvaring) in 2 days there any chance I could be pregnant?my last menstrual cycle was October 3-9..

Hi i'm on the birth control patch however I had unprotected sex friday am I pregnant ?

Hi there, What are the odds of getting pregnant if you have sex 2 days and 1 day before ovulation? I am not on birth control pills.

Hi, I had sex about 3 weeks ago and he used a condom and pulled out and I'm on birth control but I don't take birth control at the same time everyday. I haven't gotten my period yet is there a high chance I'm pregnant?

How can I control my eyaculation?

How effective are birth control pills when taken properly, and using a condom during sexual intercourse. What is the chance of becoming pregnant?

How effective is birth control if used correctly and can you have unprotected sex and not get pregant?

How likely is a girl to get pregnant off pre cum while on cryselle birth control?

How long after my period can I have safe sex with a low chance of pregnancy if i'm on birth control as well?

How long before i can have unprotected sex on birth control?

How long do you have to wait before having unprotected sex on birth control?

How long should you be on birth control before having unprotected sex?

How long will you have to wait before having unprotected sex on birth control?

How much time do you have to wait before having unprotected sex on birth control?

How possible is it that i'm pregnant if i had sex on my ovulation day without condoms or birth control?

How safe is it for my boyfriend to cum inside while i'm faithfully on birth control?

How to get control on earlyejuction during sex?

I always take my birth control pills at 9 something of the night, i had sex with my boyfriend with no condom he didnt cum there a prego chance?

I am 24 years old and while having sex with my girlfriend i can't control myself. What can I do to last longer?

I am currently on the birth control apri. And last night my boyfriend and i were having sex. Unfortunately the condom broke. However he realized it an?

I am on birth control (i take it pretty regularly) and my partner uses the pull-out method during sex. What are the chances of pregnancy?

I am on birth control (Levora) and had sex on my period without a condom. How safe am I not to get pregnant?

I am on birth control but had sex 11 days ago without a condom. I am worried i may be pregnant please help me?