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32yr female,on 50mcg thyronorm,married since 6 months,unable to conceive, my USG,TSH & periods r OK,husband is healthy,can i take Clofert,if so how?

last period was on 7.19.14. Am prego & dont know how many weeks iam & do not understand the process of how to count the weeks. Could someone explain?

1st preg normal, 2nd preg hbp and lost the baby, what are chances in 3rd? No bp now?had a stressfull torchuring 2nd pregnancy which led to hbp and los

22yrs old female. Married for1year&wondering when's the perfect time have a baby without worrying about which days I'm "ovulating"or needing schedule?

30yrs female infertile for 3yr.Amh14.9pmol/l.Everything else ok.1 previous 8wks miscariage.One iuicycle cancelled due to premature ovulation.Best tx ?

31/2yrs ago husband got testicular cancer, removed the whole left testicul, no further treatment, had a son short after, been trying to get pregnant for the pas 3yrs with out success can this be the reason why we can't have another child?

42wf.have 18yrsold.tried to get pregn for 10yrs ,was told <5% chance. Well,i am 6wks pregn! my husband is54! autism,chromos abnormalities.Worried !1?

5 mos married now and my husband is the only guy i ever been, why is it I'm not getting pregnant?, he's blood is B- while I'm A+ :(

9 yrs of marriage. Two early miscarriages. No living kid. Recently failed IVF. What can be done ? Husband is 37 . I am 33

A friend of mine had to abort his child after 3 months of pregnecy due to which she cannot conceive in future due to damaged uterus. Please help asap.

Affected by tuberculosis before and had medicines fot tht and cured. Will that cause birth defects in baby conceiving aftr 10 years?Dont have TB now

After 1 year and 9 month of marriage my wife not gated pregnent. We are much worried about this matter. Please help us .

After 1 year of marriage my wife not gated pregnent. We are much worried about this matter. Please help us .

After 1year of my married I have no baby howcan i get pregnent?

After having a baby my wife bleeds after we have sex wat could be the problem?

Age-29 yrs Right side hydrocele from 2-3 years-egg size.I'm getting married within 1 year.should I operate before marriage or after my 1st child?

Am a 36year old woman with a son who us now 12yrs. I wanted to get pregnant again but to no avail. I have not seen a gynae yet.?

Am house wife 40yrs married 7yrs passed. Can't consev baby.

Am married and i want to do family planning with calendar not with tablet please help?

As a male, how can I get rid of all the pressure that is on me since my wife is on Clomid (clomiphene) and I need to deliver or no baby?

Both husband & wife is having hypo thyroidism. will that affect sexual life and is there a problem in wife getting conceived and giving birth?

Breastfeeding my daughter who is 10m old.when can I expect my pwriods again?does this mean that my health is poor?

Can a person with an FSH of 59.46 mlu/ml be able to conceive becaue currently she is 25years and she does not go though her menstruation periods?

Can a TB treated patient get married? Is der a need to tell the guy abt the past tb?

Can citalopstram 10mg stop me from impregnating my wife? We already one son before i was on anti-depressants. We have been trying for over 6 months.

Can i terminate my pregnency at 33 weeks I have liver cihorrios

Can man 50 years old done fir him kidney transplantation 7years ago married and get children as normal man?

Can me n my future husband have a baby after he has had a vesectamy for 12.5 years. If after he has a reversal done. Is this possibile?

Can we hve a child even if my husband has prostate?

Can you tell me if there is something that's worked for you ladies?

Could menopause be the culprit of demolishing a 20 year marriage? Menstruation stopped last june, ever since then wanted to be out of marriage.

Dear doctor , my wife suffering from pains (chikengunya)from last one month and she was pregnency (2 months completed) it will effect on baby growth.?

Dear doctor please inform me how many days waiting for our sexual life. Because my wife's uterus is removed in 10th july thx?

Dear madam, I am indian and i had married for the last 8 months age. Which date commit with sex with my wife after period for childrens. Please send?

Dear sir i married before 3 month and my age is 30 n my husbans age is also same 30 year old...I want to pregnant after 1 year...Is it any issue for c?

Dear sir, iam having addision disease from past 10yrs trying for fertility from past 4yrs.Pls suggest me what to do for baby dust.Tried 1 IVF also.

Dear sir,why i had difficult to get pregnant?l had married last 4 yr and my husband n i did investigations.all r normal but my uterus is retroverted.

Doc i wanted to know TSH 13.60 will it effect my married life n pregnancy?

Doc is denying to go for my sister eggs as she is 33 n has only 2 and 1 for ICSI. I have POF due to Chemo done 2 yrs back. Psyly i m int in my sis egg?

Doc thinks I have gall bladder prblm but no stones . possible ? Baby 4 mnths ago waiting for further evaluation in a wk. life threatening ?Can I wait

Doctor i sita an indian married women since 10 years i have 5 missed abortions i was diagnosed found bicornuate uterus can i give birth to a child?

Does a hydrocele cause infertility? My husband and I have been trying to concieve since january and no luck. My husband had two hydroceles when he was young. One of them was treated and the other one wasnt. So i was wondering if that could be why we arent

Does the previous suction evacuation (2 years before) will cause problems in getting pregnant again. Iam 26yrs old.

Does type1 diabetes since childhood affect married life of a girl n r there any complications in pregnancy n is it a danger for the offspring?

Dr. I recently had an emergency ceaserean on 26th of March 2015. Son died.How soon will I ovulate? I want to conceive to the earliest though its risky

Gaynologist 40yrs old. Married 7yrs passed.But can't make baby.Pls help me.

Getting married but want to get tested for Thalassemia. My fiance said if we both are minor trait we should not get married? Elaborate please!

Greetings ! I am a 30 year old married woman, just delivered a baby before 7 months. I am having backpain for more than 15 years since I am obes?

Greetings ! I am a 30 year old married woman, just delivered a baby before 7 months. I am having backpain for more than 15 years since I am obes?

Gudmorning. My father is have a mildstrok. What can I do.

Had intercourse with my husband only 3 times in 2 yrs of my married life? Should i take medical advice ? We both are gud looking and have no issues!

Have PCOD since age 12. Presently 34 married with two kids. Dont plan to have more kids. Do i need to continue PCOD medication forever?

Hello doctor, my hubby has pancreatitis and diabetic.We r trying for kids husince 1 year.Reports r good. There is any problem with my hubby in conceive?

Hello doctors my last cycle was at 13.2.2015 every 28 days now I need contraception for 2 months only iam newly married?

Hello how are you i'm 27 and have HPV i've had three l.E.E.P procedures done my question is can I still get pregnant I have no kids and have been ttc?

Hello iam deepika 35 yrs old .i have only one ovary .i had given birth to 2 children at a very young age . now i want to conceive again. Is it possibe?

Hello mam. Am married for 18months now. We r planing fr kids but evrytime we r getting disaapointed.. I had check ups..There are no issues from myside?

Hello too whow its may concern, when a woman had teratoma whats good for that.please help thanks.

Hello, I m 24 year aged female, unmarried and was suffering from PCOD from past 4 years. I have only 1 period per year. Suggest?

Hello, Marriage 12june 2015 Trying since 2 months no medicine used. Want to conceive 1st baby (precautions for baby boy) Periods regular (dt 9/6/2017)?

Hello, I am Sadia. I want to become pregnant. I got marry 4.5 years ago. Please help me. I am so worry. Sometime I have high prolactin level and pco?

Hello, I'm married since 6 months but I'm failed to intercourse because of phobia please help me to resolve this matter me and my husband want baby...

Hello. I found yesterday that I have HPV. I Dont know how I got this. I am married and have two kids. Can I have complications in pregnancy? Thank you

Helloo. I am asking this for my wife. She had an abortion on her 4th month. Now it is almost 60 days. Still blood discharging. What is the problom?

Hi i have mds 5q del i am male and 27 old and marriage can I have and make a baby?

Hi am 39year old got married 15months back, i want to conceive what are steps or medication that needs to be followed.

Hi am 35years have one child, lost my 2nd baby at birth in 2011, from six months after I have tried to get pregnant but in vain. Husband is diabatic?

Hi am 39years old i wounderd if i can be pregnant l married newly?

Hi doc gud 6 weeks pregnant with type1 diabetes.can i have my baby CS for 7 mnths since i have stillbirth at 33 weeks with my previous pregnancy.ty?

Hi doc!this is my wife."im 36, married, a mother of two, working mom.I felt sudden pain on my nipples for 2months now.I don't know what it is.Thank you"?

Hi Doc. Good day. I have a questing relates to gyno. I am a married man. Just 2 months before I married. But now I am abroad. I wish to take my wife also with me. The questions is we are planing to get kids after 1 or 2 year. Is that any problem will occu

Hi doc. good genesis. here in the philippines. i just want to know doc, why my wife is getting early giving birth? 23 and 26weks.

Hi doctor, my 4 year old daughter has white spots at her genital organ. My father in law (wife's father)has vitiligo. What can I do to get this cured?

Hi good day and blessed day to all doctors here. Just wanna ask, my husband has diabetes insipidus, is it possible dat our children can have to?

Hi i am 27 years married since 8 month my all investgation normal my husband had a decrease in movment in sperms but he is taken drug for 2 month

Hi i am34 years old i want to have a baby but my husband has got a problem with sprem since2006 we only one boy is there away to increase his sprem?

Hi i av been trying to have a bby since my huby was alive and i didnt and now that i am in a relationship im sure this guy wants me to have a baby .im dying to fall preg ive never been pregnant and im now 45 and im visiting my local gynae at the hospital

Hi i m 25 years old bi have been married since 10 oct 2015 now i am planning for baby i have short and long cycles how i can find my most fertile days?

Hi I married since one year and all my investigation are normal and my uterus is antroverted and my husband is normal and still no pregnancy ?

Hi I'm trying to find help . I do not know if it's normal . I'm pregnant, having a boy (2nd boy) and I wanted a girl . Although i always said as long it's healthy I do not care. I googled this and it's called something about gender blues . What do you sug

Hi im currently 49 years old male and my wife is 31 is it to late to plan for a baby boy?

Hi mam...i am having starting of pcod..oestrogen level is less while diagonised..what must be done to over come..i am not married and 26yr old girl?

Hi mam.Im newly married. V planned to postpone my pregnancy. How to prevent naturally.?Can u suggest me some home tips.

Hi my wife has undergone a laparoscopic salpingectomy for developing a baby in f-tube, and it was removed, wnt to gve normal birth, can it b possible?

Hi my wife have always her blud presher low. She is now pregnent. Can you please tell me what i can do that the baby is helthy. And her BP is normal.

Hi, I am india. Married one year back.Now we are planning for a baby.Could you please let us know corrective measures and precautions to be taken?

Hi, i make pregnant 72 bourse after ovoulatin, can you tel me chance my baby girls or boys , thanks?

Hi, im married for 3 years & not pregnant . Met gynac she gave consevel tablet and zinc to my hubby still not conceiving what could be the reason ?

Hi, my husband and i are trying for a baby. I was diagnosed with pcos. My family doctor put me on a diet, & on metformin for 2yrs & still no results.

HI,i wed before 6 years ago i've one girl 5 years old,now i want more children,after ultrasound i knew that,wife eggs not generated isit seriouse issu?

Hi! i wanted to know if there is any way or treatment by which it is possible to have twins for sure? My wife and i wish to have twins.

Hi!i was born with only 1 kidney (left one) and i will be 36 yrs in may. I am nearly 7 wks pregnant after 11 years of marriage.wat r the risks?

Hi. I m leena.31year old married woman.I lost my first child in december.Now i m again pragnat.Too much vomitng.What i do?

Hii my problem is my Penis is askew so just tell me if I sex with my wife it's chance to she remain a pregnancy plzzz tell me I want child plzzz help?

House wife.Sir am m arried 6yrs.40yrs old.Still now can't make baby.Am regularly period. 2yrs ageo am checked from gaynologist she told me am. Fit for?

How can I be tested for testicular cancer discreetly? We are ttc so don't want wife to know.

How can I find out if my mom was prescribed DES (diethylstilbestro) in 1969 while she was pregnant?

How common to have symptoms on 9th day post IUI frm which it will be known tht it become successful?

How do I care for my wife during her menses?

How do you tell if your pregnet at40years old and have clipes on your tubs?