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2nd Dr. Confirmed Diffuse Actinic Keratosis. Dr. Recommended PDT. What are results of photodynamic therapy. For AK. Am nervous.

1 melanoma 0.7mm + 1 nevoid melanoma 1 4mm + 2 insitu removed last 7 years and will be having two more moles removed soon, what is my prognosis?

68 years old male with past history of scc buccal mucosa, now with severly dysplastic keratinizing squamous cells. Any other treatment than wide excisn?

A few months ago i got my basal cell carcinoma removed and it has been stinging. Is this something to be concerned about?

About 5 ingrown hairs on the bump, could it be basal cell carcinoma?

Am i at a higher risk for melanoma due to basal cell skin cancer?

Any change in lifestyle needed when basal cell carcinoma diagnosed?

Anyone know much about dermatofibroma?

Are basal cell carcinoma due to sun damage?

Are blue nevus cancer causing?

Are initial signs kaposi sarcoma ks patches, painless?

Are neoplasm of uncertain behavior of skin always cancer?

Are there new treatments for basal cell nevus syndrome?

Basal cell cancer removed, but not all of it. How long can I wait for further treatment?

Basal cell carcinoma biopsy possible if ingrown hairs?

Basal cell carcinoma micronodular removed from my nose 2nd 1 same side of nose what's the chance theirs more ?

Biopsy on 3 toenails with longitudinal streaks. No evidence of melanocytes (melanoma) or fungus. Consistent with scar tissue. Patho and Dr stumped???

Biopsy shows spitz nevus cells under another type of benign mole. Melenoma can't be ruled out yet. Can melanoma grow under a benign mole?

Bumps on eyelid can lead to basal cell carcinoma? Is it serious?

Can basal carcinoma arise from existing mole that a person had for many years?

Can a basal cell carcinoma skin cancer, if left untreated eventually invade and become life threatening? It is on shoulder now for 8 years!

Can a derm recognize basal cell carcinoma prett easily?I've had a small bump on forehead for years.i've had over 10 full body scans while it was there

Can a mole in behind your eye be cancer or turn into cancer?

Can a neck mole get darker from sun exposure? It hasn't demonstrated any other other signs/symptoms of melanoma. I'm a 20 Y/O man. Biopsy in July.

Can a pimple turn into a form of cancer?

Can a recurrent Nevus be misdiagnosed as melanoma or dysplastic if the pathologist is not aware of previous biopsy or laser ablation?

Can a scratched malignant melanoma/amelanotic nodular melanoma heal to look like normal skin?

Can actinic keratosis be scraped clearly off by fingers?

Can basal cell cancer be the same color as skin?

Can basal cell pop up overnight?

Can bening moles grow or darken some over time? How likely is that changes like these signal dysplasia or melanoma?

Can cervical cancer cause moles to appear all over the body?

Can i protect my dysplastic nevi with band aids? Would that even help?

Can I tattoo directly on an ILVEN - a Inflammatory linear verrucous epidermal naevus? I will definitely get tattooed, just question of where.

Can I trust skin cancer apps, like skinvision to find out if a mole is benign or malignant?

Can it be nodular melanoma if it is not elevated?

Can kaposi sarcoma change colors?

Can malignant melanoma be found inside the body?

Can melanoma show up overnite?

Can melatonin and coconut oil remove basal cell carcinoma?

Can papilloma squamous epithelium surface keratosis of the bladder be treated if it is growing other then removal?

Can pre skin precancer lesions be of regular shape?

Can precancerous Cell turn normal with out treatment?

Can precancerous skin lesions be asymptomatic?

Can precancerous skin lesions reappear after being scraped off?

Can seborehhic keratosis lesions be two different colors?

Can skin tags be cancerous? I have a skin tag on my eyelid, i was doing some research on the internet, and i read that sometimes skin tags are really the beginning stages of skin cancer. Is it standard procedure to do a biopsy when one is removed? .

Can slorastic lesions ever be pre cancer.

Can you get broad nose with basal cell nevus syndrome? What are the other symptoms?

Can you tell me about having a bad reaction to the removal of their basal cell carcenoma?

Can you tell me how fast does basal cell carcinoma spread if the doctors report came back "deep"?

Can you tell me things I should know if i might have calangio carcinoma?

Can you tell the difference between nodular melanoma and a blood blister?

Cana follicular thyroid lesion turn malignant?

Chances of getting basal cell carcinoma if sunbather 50 yr ago?

Chances that my chalazion is sebaceous gland carcinoma? first time I ever had it- dr didn't send for biopsy, im 28

Chocolate cyst turn to cancer at the age of 38?

Could a basal cell carcinoma grow on top of an existing freckle?

Could a basal cell carcinoma have a dark hair growing out of it?

Could a Basal cell carcinoma stay unchanged in size or appearance for 6 years?

Could basal cell carcinoma at an early age (28 y/o f) be a indicator of worse cancer to come? I use all the precautions and don't tan.

Could focal differentiated VIN2 cause the entire vulva to be itchy and inflamed looking?

Dear doctor, my father is suffering from keratin pearls squamous cell carcinoma of intestine. I'm in pakistan and looking for help for his treatment.?

Dermatologist said I have basal cell carcinoma on my face due to living in Florida. Can this same MD do a second opinion with a different pathologist?

Dermatologist told me dysplastic moles do not turn cancerous and only high dysplasia ones should be removed in case pathologist undiagnosed? Is true?

Diagnosed with keratosis without dysplasia for white patch under tongue. Cancerous?

Diagnosed with melanoma in situ 1 year ago. Tumor and margins were removed. What are my chances of reoccurance or developing a second primary? Scared

Diagnosed with melanoma in situ a year ago. What are my chances of reoccurance? Can it come back and spread without forming a visable lesion? Paranoi

Diagnosis: stage 1 or t1 squamous cell carcinoma, just below glans on penis underside. What is percentage chance it has spread to lymph or elsewhere?

Difference between eczema cells and paget cells on nipple biopsy?

Differnce between hydaditiform mole and choriocarcinoma?Can these occir in virgin ladies

Diffwrence between hydaditiform mole and choriocarcinoma?

Do all cases of actinic keratosis turn into scc?

Do moles with mild atypia raise concerns about melanoma?

Do white spots on skin mean its cancer. I have eczema and a past history of cancer. I had a brain tumor in 1984. And I have very dry skin.

Do you do procedures to remove basal cell from the face?

Does a completely removed potential precursor to malignant melanoma atypical nevus return in same place? Does it return as a malignant melanoma?

Does an atypical mole usually turn into melanoma?

Does anyone have any info in regards to melanoma spreading?

Does anyone know why it is a good idea to inject a bump with a steroid that turns out to be merkel cell carcinoma?

Does badal cell carcinoma itch?

Does kaposi sarcoma blanch when you push down on it, there has been a lesion on my arm that is in the cubital fossa, when i extend - it turns white ?

Does kaposi sarcoma develop over time or do marks appear all at once?

Does leukoplakia turn cancerous?

Does melanoma typically present with a mark or lesion of some sort? Can it be present with an itch and no visible abnormality? Other skin cancers?

Does nodular melanoma ever increase in diameter?

Does one blistering suburn = melanoma?

Fast growing bump on face, smooth and pink. Could this be basal cell carcinoma?

Follow up. Will my mole turn out to be cancerous for any kind of cancer ? Keep in mind i was told I have cancerous cells. Still just a derm visit?

For what length of time can you have a basal cell skin cancer on your face without knowing it?

Got my basal cell carcinoma removed months ago and it has been stinging. Is that normal?

Had a skin biopsy of nose that said actinic keratosis with dilated pore of winer. How likely is this to be wrong and be a Squamous Cell Carcinoma?

Had a sore that would not heal for 2 months. Had a biopsy, diagnosis -actinic keratosis with follicular extension- what will they do now? Serious?

Had melanoma. Fully removed. Also basal cell removed. Now spot found on gum. Not amalgam tattoo. Could it realistically be melanoma? doubtful?

Have lesions all over my abdomen where I sunned a lot after first exposing midriff in 60s. What else could it be if not actinic keratosis?

Hello Doctors Is there any diagnosis or medicine for neurofibromiotosis . I have many moles on my body?

Hi, I'm 18 years old and i have vitiligo. I have the focal type and it's been been stable for 8 months. Can i go under melanocyte transplantation?

Hi, My skin biopsy shows "hyperkeratosis and acanthosis of the epidermis and in dermis perivascular lymphocytic infitrate" will Ciclosporin help me?

HIV positive, biopsied lesion/bump on face shows Verruca Vulgaris. Is is possible the warts might turn to skin cancer?

How can I be sure that my basal cell carcinoma on my forehead has been cured completely after surgery?