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Acquired a quad hemotoma 3 weeks ago and not seeing much improvement. What should my course of treatment be going forward? 60 yrs. Old.

Advise for meralgia paresthetica can be lasting to how many days with out any medical treatment?

After biopsy my mom was diagnosed as skin ulcer in right leg just above ankle want to know the treatment options and minimum healing time?

Age 50, virgin, desiring marriage, i want to have hydrocele treatment to help relieve discomfort. What are my best options?

Alternative treatments for possible chronic bone infection in a below knee amputation?

Am affected with Slipped disc\L5-s1\. am on Treatment with Medicines .can I mastrubate in this situation ?Will it affect my Treatment ?

Any treatment for white collar hypertension?

Are orthotics recommended for any foot instability or only if symptomatic? Should they be used regardless to help prevent problems later on?

Are the treatment for rabies as painful as I hear?

Are there alternative remedies or treatment for benign prostatic hypertrophy?

Are there any alternate good alternative treatments for periodic limb movement?

Are there any home made anti cellulite treatment?

Are there any new treatment options for triphalangeal thumbs?

Are there any over-the-counter treatments for laryngomalacia?

Are there any over-the-counter treatments for nail diseases that are effective?

Are there any treatments that would reduce vertigo?

Are there effective natural treatments for hand swelling?

Are there safe medical and non-medical treatment options for muscle pain during pregnancy?

Are there treatments available to get back synivial fluid in 70 year old. What options are available for mobilty.

Are you more conservative in recommendations since you don't know us?

Besides surgery is there any effective medicine to treat warts on lip?

Bladder extrophy is ruining my life. What are inexpensive treatment options?

Blooding to my teeth and pairiya tell me treatment.

Can an ankle cystic bone lesion cause burning and warmth? What type of treatment is available. Physical therapy provided no relief.

Can cortisol injections cure/treat m.E./c.F.S?

Can there be anything i that can be done to alleviate throat problems due to radiation therapy?

Can ultrasound therapy for TMJ treatment damage teeth if done at too high of a frequency?

Can you guide please how to deal with hand eczema try different treatments and consult doctors but did not get permanent result?

Can you recommend good at-home treatments for sciatica?

Can you tell me of any good supplements or topcal treatments for pain in my fingers?

Cellulite treatment; what are the best treatments out there to get done?

Could an un-diagnosed gluten allergy be causing my infertility problems? I have had several treatments, and I am somewhat running out of options.

Could using visudyne for treatment causes diabetic-like symtoms?

Couses of having headaches after thyroidectomy i did surgery last 3 months ago, best treatment pls.

CRPS- mild on spectrum (but painful!)- told 6-12 mths to get on top of it. Treatment options? Is it ever cured?

Dealing with chronic ulcer on left sole, has hindered me greatly past 4 years. Had unsuccessful skin graft. Are there any other surgical options?

Do cellulite treatments on the legs require more frequent sessions than on the arms?

Do I have to see a specialist to get a laser treatment of leg veins ordered?

Do the treatment options change depending on how clogged my arteries are?

Do you do laser for treatment of psoriasis on limbs and back?

Does an external hemorrhoid require medical treatment ?? And is it gonna keep coming back without a treatment ??

Does the most chronic to severe constipation require a surgery or any sort of medical assistance or can it be treated by following any other methods?

Dr said i had a polyp that was the next step before cancer. What treatment options are usually used im 61 years old.

Expert opinions? Which is the best treatment for curing 1&2 degree piles?

Had circumcision April 2015, Have lymphedema on both sides, causing me severe emotional distress, im seeing dermatologist, what treatment is availabl?

Have gout and still a bit of swelling. How quick can I start uloric as preventative treatment ?

Have there been any significant advances in the treatment of foot pad atrophy?

Having grade 1 vericocele but pain is here ..what i do ...urologist said no treatment needed in grade 1 ..but how to get rid of this pain?

Hello Doc, I recently participated in a clinical trial 4 drug 2 treat R. Arthritis & am having pain in my hands & feet. What should I do 4 treatment?

Hello Doctor..,I would like to know how can we cure spinal stenosis.Is treatment there only to stop the compression or is it available of bringing the?

Hello Dr. I have a papilloma on my uvula.. There is only minor discomfort when i cough. If i am unable to visit a Dr. what is the best cure/treatment?

Hello i was diagnosed with severe gum disease.Will my teeth most likely fall out? Even if i get laser treatment done and scalping? If so how long?

Help doctors! what're the treatments available for arteriosclerosis besides surgery?

Help doctors! what're the treatments for arteriosclerosis?

Help me out i think i m suffering from vertical diplopia? What are some treatment options?

Help please, my doctors can't really help with this problem. What are alternative treatments to reduce cysts?

Help please? I am looking for treatment options for heel pain?

Hi i have problem in upper eyelid which has swollen and no pain. What is the root cause and treatment to cure that. ?

Hi doc, I am suffering from bad hemorrhoids. Some doctors advices me to go through the operation, but I prefer not, what are the alternative non-invasive treatment?

Hi, I have an ankylosing spondylitis. I am a little worried about my body conditions. Do you have some treatment or therapeutic schedule to cure ?

Hi, i have keloids on my chest, i'd like to ask for best treatment. Thanks!

Hi! I've been told that I have a class III malocclusion and I was wondering what the best treatment option for that is! Thank you!

Hives on legs after fielding, what is the best treatment for this?

How can I cure or treat bunions? They are noy painful but look very not attractive. How long is treatment? And does a pain reliever helps?

How do I treat pubic symphysis (shearing) while i'm waiting to get treatment from my do?

How do you evaluate the results of therapy after treatment for endometriosis?

How does cold laser therapy treat chronic pain?

How is tuba aperta diagnosed and what ia its best treatment option? Rured of the clicking sound for every one to hear!

How long does reactive attachment disorder typically last, can you get rid of it with treatment?

How long is an enhanced external counter pulsation treatment usually?

How many sculptra treatments do I need for good results? I've heard that you need monthly treatments with sculptra for several months to get the best results. Is that right? How many total treatments are necessary? .

How much does the treatment for genu valgum cost? And what type of treatment do I have to take?

How often is too often for laser therapy? I am treating my chronic knee bursitis and the clinic asks me to go every 3 days. Is that a good interval?

How to treat balance problems post radiation treatment for acoustic neuroma.

Hy I am a problem of PCSO I do the treatment but no result found?

I am an advanced pianist & my right elbow pops daily & is becoming increasingly painful after practicing. Possible cause? home treatment or seek eval?

I am an HIV patient with non-healing lesions on leg. What are my treatment options?

I am having an injury in my right testis it has temporary pain.there is any home remedies to cure it? Or it can be cure by surgery only?

I am not able to swallow large pills. What are my options if I need treatment for osteoporosis?

I am trying to find where to go for therapy to treat lymphedema of the arm. What should I consider?

I believe I have sciatica. What type of doctor do I go to for treatment?

I bought ruhemorrin which is for treatment of hemorrhoid but unfortunately everithing is in farsi and i don't understand. May be you can advise?

I had a fentons procedure a year ago and the scar is still sore and uncomfortable-is this normal? What treatment is recommended?

I have a bone spur in my heal, medication nor home treatment does not work. Would surgery be the best solution?

I have a broken wrist, where should I go to get treated and what sort of treatment options are out there?

I have a class IV internal hemorrhoid. What are my treatment options? Please provide as much info as possible.

I have a large internal hemroid. What are my treatment options? Please be as specific as you can in your answer.

I have a lipoma on my foot it has becom painful my podiatrist refuses to offer any form of treatment besides a brace, is this the correct treatment?

I have a plantars wart on my foot. I have tried duct tape exclusion therapy, liquid n2 treatments (many treatments bydermatologist), and three laser treatments by a podiatrist; none worked. Can you suggest some other advice/therapies?

I have a ringworm on my neck its old I have treated it many time but it come back again and again. Please tell me a permanent treatment for this ?

I have a sprain in my neck. What is the best remedy? Is a doctor visit necessary?

I have alergie of candidiasis and i did the injection treatment for more them 1 year. I stoped the treatment and its back. What to do now? Helpmepleas

I have articular blockage at my right foot & can't walk more than 200m.Is it necessari a chirurgical intervention or an alternate treatment?

I have been diagnosed with venous stasis. Are there natural treatments available?

I have been told I have a fibroma tumor in my arm. They say it is cosmetic and therefor doesn't require treatment. It is causing pain and use of arm can be difficult. Why won't they listen?

I have CFIDS & FMS; unfortunately, treatments have not provided any relief. Are there OTC options? I also can't find an MD that has expertise in CFIDS

I have cysts on my scrotom do I any option to cure it taking any medicines or do I have to go for operation?

I have ear pain .Doctor told keratosis obtrans. What is it, what to do for treatment?

I have finally been diagnosed with a dislocated tailbone. Been told prob 15 yrs ago it happened. What are treatment options, what does surgery involve?

I have had these lumps under my armpit for nearly 7 months. I was told it may be hidradenitis after consultation. Causes, treatment, prevention ?