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2 yr old boy diagnosed with acute leukaemia, what are the chances for getting cured and general treatment duration and guidance.

24 yo male with classic pericarditis. Recurred despite treatment with colchicine, steroids, etc. What are the options for additional therapy.....?

30 and counting in antibiotic therapy with sepsis still no progress with the treatment. What can the doctor do?

30 days in counting in antibiotic therapy treating with severe sepsis and still no response or progress. What can the doctor do?

About ms. I've heard that that patients using pill treatment didn't have good results and got worse in compare with injection treatment. Your opinion.

After 1 month of successful treatment of typhoid i still have weakness? ( haevyhead)

After being diagnosed with endometriosis, i have received 2 different treatments: diphereline for 6 months and belara or marvelon. which one is better?

After lumpectomy, what other treatments and medications are normally recommended? What should I do?

After my successful TB treatment my X-ray is still negativ and doctor told me it will be like this forever and ESR is normal now. Is it correct?

Aids patient with pneumonia undergoing antibiotic treatment continues to get worse. What should be done next?

Amebiasis treatment: does the order if treatment matter? Dr cahill specifically ordered me to take paromomycin first. Followed by tinidazole.

Any physicians with experience in treatment of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis? Given it is incurable, can symptoms be mitigated via particular treatments?

Any suggestion for the best course of treatment for hunchback?

Any suggestions to counter fatique from chemo treatments?

Any treatment for ED can release it forever?

Anyone know what is a recommended treatment for compulsive over-eating?

Are chemotherapy antiviral treatments and hormone regimens hazards to healthcare workers?

Are HCG injections effective for long term treatment of secondary hypogonadism ?

Are the typical courses of treatment for alopecia are at safe for children? Specifically, a nine year old girl?

Are there any better and newer treatments for inflammation of the brain?

Are there official recommendations for treating amniotic infection?

Are there treatment guidelines for menopause?

Are there ways to improve GERD symptoms enough that drug treatment is no longer needed?

Besides supportive care, are there any effective medications that can help fight encephalitis?

Can a person have anaphylaxis and survive without medical treatment (presuming medical treatment isn't available)?

Can antibiotic be given prior to treatment in case of acte pulpitis?

Can any doc tell me what's inpatient treatment like?

Can biliary ascariasis be treated by oral medication or is minor operations necessary? Thanks

Can estradiol be used for treatment of oligomenorrhea?If yes, what is the dosage and duration of treatment.If no, then what is the alternative.

Can haart be used prophylactically as opposed to curative or treatment in case the person is in the window period?

Can HGH therapy work for treatment of secondary amenorrhea?

Can I be treated with intravenous infusion therapy for PID, when I have a heart problem? Is injection therapy more recommended?

Can I go swimming during the course of my radiation treatments?

Can I take a shower during radiation treatments?

Can LAFB cause tachycardia? Is medication the first and/or best treatment option?

Can one become immune to one kind of HRT treatment?

Can people with MS have to take injections as a part of treatment?

Can peracarditis be cure? What treatment should I follow? Can i exercise with the diagnoses? Are there any restrictions I should follow? I need advice

Can someone with periodontal disease who follows a strict treatment regimen have cosmetic dentistry treatment?

Can Stress cardiomyopathy be treated/cured without medical treatment/medication? I.e I eradicating the stress?

Can you have i.V.I.G. Treatments if you have cardiomyopathy ? I have several serious health conditions & this treatment was recomennded

Can you please discuss the cure or treatment for food poisoning?

Can you please tell me about detailed steps of an orthodontic treatment?

Can you tell me about receiving ect treatment before?

Can you tell me if all woman have treatment after mastectomy's what type of treatment is needed?

Can you tell me in the every day life of a rheumatologist, how would one treat patients, use technology for treatment etc?

Can you tell me the diagnostic tests and treatment methods for epidural abscess?

Can you tell me what to expect with someone who has under gone reiki treatment and if so what is the eperience?

Can you tell me when could one start seeing chemotherapy treatment work?

Can you treat a patient in the window phase of chlamydia?

Cervical pregnancy, treatment? Hcg numbers going down when is intervention necessary?

CIN1 positive of HPV16. Doctor recommended laser treatment for removal. Is this the right decision?Isn't it mild and will disappear without treatment?

Concerns of having lvh & what is treatment?

Confirmed case of RSV on 20 months old daycare classroom. Should I start her on preventive budesonide treatments just in case?

Could you give a detailed description of the healing process after the premethrin scabies treatment?

Do i really have to perform a surgery for my sinusitis when there is no drug treatment that will make an effect?

Do you always have to treat blood in semen? What are the treatments?

Do you know of recommendations from specific medical experts on dysmenorrhea treatment?

Do you think amblyopia treatment would yield any results if it started at age 11 years?

Do you think amblyopia treatment would yield any results if it starts at the age of 18 years?

Doctor diagnosis me that I have typhoid. And I have to admit. What precaution should need to take in this case?

Doctor, i m patient of hyperthyroidsm.What treatment should I get for this?

Does a HBV patient need life long treatment of interferon?

Does anti androgen therapy really works ? (for treatment of acne) how long sbould I be on therapy ?

Does anyone know any information on treatment for osteopenia?

Does dr have an alternative treatment of crohns. We have a 10 year old boy who has just been diagnosed. ?

Does hepatitis A typically resolve on its own without treatment?

Does HPV require medication?

Does itp go into remission, because i would never know. He tells me just keep talking your treatments?

Does mild pill induced esophagitis require treatment, or will it heal safely on its own?

Does neuroboreliosis get better after abx treatment? 2 months with 9 antibiotics/day and still no results. Had it for 10 years, diagnosed 2 months ago

Does OCD return once treated with medication and therapy, or does it returns or requires repeated treatment, is it curable or a recurrent problem ?

Does shock treatment continues to be used for cases not responding to medicines even today ?

Dx & treatments 4 angular cheilitis during long term abx treatment. R there tests 2 tell if it's caused by fungus, bacteria or both? Best treatments?

For someone who is hypothyroid, how do you get treatment to alleviate the symptoms and not just prescribe the standard dose?

For the recurrence of endocarditis, any possible treatment other than heart surgery or taking anti-biotics for life time? Success examples?

For the recurrence of endocarditis, any possible treatment other than heart surgery or taking anti-biotics for life time? Success examples?

For what length of time can the treatment (cure) for aspergillosis take?

Gaout..What is the treatment?

Have pcos. Extensive cardiac history. Told I have no options. Is there at all for treatment given my case? How would you treat a case like mine?

Hello sir i am having a nodular prurigo sevearly effected,taken all type of treatments but no use,what can i do ,please save me from this.

Hello, my 6 yr boy's been diagnosed with ADAH-PI, treatment is with metilphenidate which's supposed being a drug, is the treatment safe for him?

Help doctors! what're the treatments for fecial impactation?

Hi doctors I want to know about hypataytes c thats full treatment available?

Hi every one can someone tell me is there a treatment for short cervix?

High deductible. Limited coverage of outpatient care. Would really help to know what tests, evaluations are required to diagnose chronic myelogenous leukemia and follow it after treatment.?

How can I help my self.. With some after effects of bacterial meningitis? Isn't there any way to get these effects minimized to some extent? Therapy?

How common is telogen effluvium after An Influenza A infection ? Any short term treatments I can offer until it resolves?

How do I know if I should be receiving treatment for anorexia?

How do I know when will the treatment for thrush start to alleviate symptoms?

How do you monitor the medical treatment efficacy?

How effective is oral rehydration therapy for treating dysentery?

How is oligodendroglioma monitored? How will I know if treatment is working?

How is treatment of long qt syndrome different from treatment of arrhythmias?

How likely is recovery from psoriasis without treatment?

How long can post viral gastroparesis last for and what are the best treatments

How long do you need treatment for hypertriglyceridemia?

How long does it take to recover from radiation side effects. It's been three weeks since my last treatment 10 treatments in total. Non Hodgkin's Ly?

How long does targeted immunotherapy treatment typically last?

How long does vicodin addiction treatment last for in-patient treatment?