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17 year old huge swollen tonsils for month. Strep and mono neg antibiotics didn't work. Has small white patches. Now doc thinks allergies? What else?

3y old son has whitespot in his tonsil,no fever& active well he has many tonsils infection last month.Dr said no need 4 antibiotic.worry complication?

5 yr old strep throat 2 weeks ago Was treated w pen. 3 yr old now has peri-anal strep. 5 yr old penis is now itching, red and pussy. Could b strep?

6 lots of antibiotics in 3 months for tonsillitis, still sick. My tonsilis are enlarged, red and have puss leaking from them. What do I do?

7 year old swallen tonsils fever 102.5 for 3 days with 3 red dots on back of a mouth strep test negative, do swallen tonsils need antibiotics?

7f confirmed strep throat. 4 doses of cephalexin still has swollen tonsils.. Normal no fever.. What to do now?

7th day of penicillin for strep. Pain has dulled significantly but still present and tonsils still swollen. Is it normal that white spots are forming?

About 20 years ago I had my tonsils removed, but was just diagnosed with acute tonsillitis. Is that possible?

After yeast infection of throat. Tonsils have stones? I have blood tinged sputum. Is that from the tonsils? How long till they go away?

Are allergy, infection, or thrush, causes of an inflamed throat?

Are puss pockets on your tonsils a symptom of herpes?

Are there alternatives rather than antibiotics to treat tonsillitis? Throat is sore from 3/10 w/ white spots and 98.6 fever now. Was 101+ for 3 days.

Are there other infections responsable for cryptic tonsils(without pus) besides streptococcus ?

Are throat crypts dangerous to your health?

Are tonsilloliths the reason or reaction of tonsillitis?

Are tonsils swollen when you have tonsillitis because they are full of pus?

Back of my throat next to tonsils are red. The other day followed up with my dentist I have upcoming gingivitis? Is oral hygiene causes b.Throat red?

Bacterial Infection, enlarged glans how worried should I be? No sore throat VERY SCARED (no insurance :/)

Being treated for tonsillitis in one tonsil. Is it normal for pus to be draining from the tonsil after 5 days of meds. Should i push pus out?

Can a staff infection cause server tonsillittis ?

Can any urinary infection cause any throat problems daughter has swollen throat believed to be tonsillitis?

Can cellulitis and strep throat be related? Why can't we get rid if the cellulitis

Can chlamydia cause tonsilits or the symptoms of tonsilitis?

Can cobblestones in your throat be caused by a bacteria?

Can crypts in the tonsils be created by reoccurring strep/inflammation? I continuously develop tonsiliths and not sure why bc I take care of hygiene.

Can dental abcess lead to sore throat ? This abcess began 3 weeks ago that didn't go with antibiotics, and now im having a painful sore throat !

Can herpes cause pus pockets in throat?

Can I get reoccurent throat infections from too much singing ?

Can i have bacterial infection and have no symptoms ecept a swollen tonsil and sore throat.

Can i have strep throat with no apparent pus in tonsils?

Can i see some pictures of mumps of what's the difference between tonsillitis and mumps ?

Can lingual tonsil infections be cured?

Can not tonsillectomy should be eradicated despite that cause pain in both the mouth and throat even further from the tonsils?

Can staph aureus cause pus inside tonsils instead of abscess?& can it cause tonsillitis without inflammation of tonsils & fever?Plz ans both separately

Can staph aureus produce pus inside tonsils instead of abscess? And without tonsil inflammation. Please answer i am worried

Can staphylococcus aureus cause yellow exudate to come out from tonsils when press it?

Can swallowing some antibiotics be of help for a hemorhoid ?

Can tonsillitis cause occasional bleeding of tonsils?

Can tonsillitis spread to other areas of throat?

Can you catch tonsillitis from your dentist?

Can you get strep if you've had your tonsils taken out?

Can you get tonsillitis from kissing someone with tonsil cancer?

Can you have a tonsil infection that doesn't fit the symptoms of tonsillitis?

Can you possibly have tonsillitis for 4 / 5 weeks?

Can you reinfect yourself with strep throat while taking the antibiotic medication? Experiencing re-emerging sore throat and white dots on tonsils

Can you still develop peritonsillar abcess if you are already on antibiotics for tonsillitis? How to prevent?

Can you tell me when does pharyngitis become serious?

Chronic tonsillitis for past months. Cure for swelling reduction is prescription. Constant sore throat, enlarged tonsils. Why don't they remove tonsil?

Chronic tonsillitis, what are signs you need your tonsils removed?.

Could I have necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria) by getting head from someone with strep throat?

Could swollen tonsil mean HIV infection?

Crohn's, strep & thrush: can these three be all related?

Daughter's tonsils are huge/lumpy. She's had a near abscess, tonsillitis, and strep. Anything I can do at home to help? I hate so many antiobiotics.

Dear dr, what kind of antibiotics are suggestible for tongue infection at the age of 11 yrs?

Difference between chronic tonsillitis and tonsil cancer?

Do ulcers on your uvula mean strep?

Do you antibiotics for pus pockets on tonsils?

Do you get puss pockets with mono?

Doc says tonsillitis, rehinitis. Std/hiv/strep/mono neg. antibotics/steriods/post nasal/allergy meds not help. Going on 3 months. Remove tonsils? Help

Doctor confirmed I have a viral infection which isn't glandular fever but my tonsils are swollen and are covered in white pus??

Does gonorrhea look just like tonsillitis or any other throat sickness? What are the differences between gonorrhea and tonsillitis?

Does having crevices in tonsils make you probe to throat infection ?

Does sinus infection cause puss pockets on throat?

Does strep pyogenes cause ant. Or post cerv. Lymphadenopathy?

Does unilateral chronictonsilitis go away w/ antibiotic & the tonsil becomes normal size or will it always be inflamed-the 1 big tonsil i have.. 3 days into amoxil (amoxicillin) is about 10%smaller but that's it, ca?

Enlarged assymetrical tonsils, ruled out GERD, any infections *antimicrobial & antifungal ttt courses*, lingual thyroid. What could it be?

Everyday wake up bad breath. Tonsil had liquid drainage and puss balls that come out of it. No sore throat or anything. This a infection? Abscess?

Everything is draining into my throat (not my nose). If untreated, could this cause strep?

Feeling of lump in throat, one tonsil is enlarged. Taken a course of antibiotics and hasn't improved. Could it be cancer?

From 2 months Swellen 2 jaw lymph nodes.yellow material in tonsils.throat culture staph i also have lymphadentis? No abcess.taking clindamyc

Got viral infection headache fever throat pain but 1 tonsil is larger thanwith white patches strep neg but was told by some1 1 tonsil larger is cancer?

Green pus on tonsils. On going problem due to tonsillitis and epstein barr virus. Should I get my tonsils removed? Need opinions please!!

Had 100-102 fever for a day. 2 days later developed pain in throat with some minor swelling of tonsils. No other symptoms. Strep or tonsillitis?

Had a nasal culture.Golden staph positive.I have puss on my tonsils.Can staph cause puss too or just strep ?

Had a sore throat for three weeks. Treated with antibiotics. Severely sore. Right tonsil is larger. Negative for strep.

Had a throat infection. 4 months later still hav large tonsils no pain. swabbed it myself as dr dismissed me! found group a strep. Is Treatment needed?

Had bacterial tonsillitis which is clearing up with antibiotics, I have developed some small canker sores on tip of tongue is this unusual. ?

Had pharyngitis 2 months fever no tonsil inflammation.yellowish exudate comes when i press my tonsil more pharyngitis whn took tablet?

Had symptoms of strep. Wasn't strep. Strong antibiotics were used. All symptoms but inflamed right tonsil gone. Tonsil still big. What does that mean?

Had tonsillitis & felt sick for 3 days, pus still coming out of tonsils after two weeks but no other symptoms. Why?

Had viral infection gone now 1 tonsil still swolen with pus in crevice the other a yellowbump with pus.cancer?infection gone 1 week now

Have had an abscess on my tonsil for 3 weeks, antibiotics haven't worked and have had a sore throat every day. What should I do?

Have peritonsillar abscess (past tonsillitis & tonsilloliths) Should I manage symptoms or go in? Pain lower but abscess growing (2-3mm now). No fever

Hello! I have Tonsillitis with white spots on my tonsils. It's pus. I am on antibiotic and 5 days later i haven't a temperature but still have pus.

Help docs! How to tell if I'm getting tonsillitis?

Help. What is this infection on my left tonsil only. It runs down my throat?

Hi! my partner have confirmed tonsillitis, been taking antibiotics the last couple of days, now his tongue is swollen and trouble speaking. What to do?

Hi. Is it normal that the white spots in my throat becoming more even though i'm on antibiotic for 2 days from strep throat? Thank you

How are tonsil stones diagnosed and treated? Went to an after hour clinic and dr didn't see any (tucked up in my tonsil.) Only tested for strep.

How can I help 3yr recover from tonsil infection and cough?

How can I remove pus from the back of my throat?Is it infectious?

How can someone identify the difference between caseum and pus in the throat?

How can you tell the difference between peritonsillar abcess and tonsillitis?

How contagious is kissing with inflamed tonsils?

How do a heal a puss pocket in my throat ? There are a few and i can't swallow well.

How do I get rid of pus pockets on my tonsils? I've had pus pockets on my tonsils for 8 months now and nothing I do seems to help. I tried gargling salt water, mouth wash, nasal sprays and antibiotics, is there anything else?

How do you get a rash with tonsillitis?

How do you get septicemia from tonsillitis?

How does my daughter get tonsillitis with pus in her throat when she had then out?

How long can you leave strep throat untreated before its could turn serious. I've had white spots in throat for four days now. No fever no pain?