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How long does a tonsil and adenoidectomy take?

15 year old undergoing a tonsillectomy and removal of adenoids soon, what to expect? Am extremely worried about scabs and exessive bleeding! Help!

15, having a tonsillectomy and adenoidsectomy, what should i expect? Especially worried about scabs and bleeding!!!!

18 year old male getting tonsil and adenoidectomy. Is this worse than a child getting it done?

Advice? I am having tonsils out, what to expect?

After having a tonsillectomy is it possible to keep your tonsils?

After my tonsillectomy how long until the scabs come off?

Another patient asked if a peritonsillar abscess is possible after tonsillectomy, & dr replied, yes it is. I just had my tonsils removed b/c of abscess. Would recurrence after tonsillectomy be rare?

Are there any supermaket remedird or tonsillitis?

Can fibrotic tonsil harm us? How long can we delay tonsillectomy cuz of it? Plz reply both ques

Can i get my tonsils removed because they restrict my range when i sing, and they make me snore really loud. Can i request to get them out?

Can i go swimming it's been 6 days since my tonsillectomy?

Can I have a septoplasty and tonsillectomy done together? I've been putting off getting a septoplasty, but i've been having more trouble breathing lately, so i guess it's time. Also, my doctor now says I have enlarged tonsils and should get them taken out

Can I swallow birth control after tonsil removal surgery?

Can it be possible for you to keep your tonsils after surgery?

Can they drug test you before you get your tonsils removed?

Can tonsillitis go away on its own without any further intervention?

Can you die from tonsillitis and how fast does it take tonsils to sweet to the point when they would block your airway?

Can you get an endoscopy after you have had your tonsils and adenoids removed? If not how long do I have to wait?

Can you go your whole life without taking your tonsils or appendix out?

Can you tell me how could i convince my parents to allow me to get my tonsils removed?

Can you tell me how I could convince my parents to allow me to get my tonsils removed?

Could raisin or peanut get stuck in epiglottic valecula for long and cause tonsilitis. Can i leave it alone or should I see a dr.?

Could you tell me if tonsils are able to be taken out how come we have them?

Daughter has strep and her tonsils are so large she is difficult to understand when she talks. How long until they shrink up a bit?

Dear doctors I was wondering what cause someone to take out their tonsils?

Do all ENT's do laser tonssil resurfacing? I want to go this route for my chronic halitosis instead of full tonsillectomy

For what length of time do tonsils take to clear?

Gettin tonsil removed painful? How long u be sore for & can eat again. Any complications?

Getting my tonsils taken out. What are the possible bad rare complications in surgery?

Going to the dentist after getting my tonsils removed. What can I expect?

Having a tonsillectomy in 12 days & haven't been able to sleep more than a few hours over the last 3 weeks. Will this complicate my surgery?

Hello docs. I was wondering can wine cause bleeding after tonsillectomy?

Hello, I'm debating if a tonsillectomy would be a good option for me. I've been suffering with a bout of tonsil stones for about a year now.

Hi, doctorprescribedme penicillinvk250mg satmorning for tonsilittis, but my tonsils still swollen, i can hardly drink.How long it should taketogetbetter?

How am I going to feel after getting my adenoid surgery tomorrow?

How bad should tonsillitis be before surgery?

How can I feel after getting my adenoid surgery tomorrow?

How does it help to take tonsils out?

How does it take for bad breath to subside after coblation tonsillectomy? Anything i can do during this period in addition to Betadine gargles? Thanks

How long after a tonsillectomy is it before you can speak normally again?

How long after a tonsillectomy will I be able to talk?

How long after tonsilectomy would your throat start to feel normal again?

How long before i can eat semi-solid foods after a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy?

How long can you not talk for after tonsillectomy? It hurts so bad to and I had it 2 days ago.

How Long do i eat frozen things if i get my tonsils removed?

How long does 'tonsil stones' stones and if i rinse my mouth with water how long will it be till it's gone?

How long is the recovery after getting tonsils and adenoids out?

How long should I wait to eat solids again after getting adenoids removed?

How long should it take for the white coating to come off after tonsillectomy?

How long until speaking normal after tonsillectomy?

How long will it take for the horrible taste in your mouth to be gone after tonsil surgery?

How long will it take to eat semi-solid foods after a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy?

How many times do you need to get tonsillitis before you are offered a tonsilectimy?

How old does a child have to be before the surgeons can take the tonsils out?

How quickly can they schedule a tonsillectomy?

How quickly can you have dental work done after a tonsillectomy?

How soon after a tonsillectomy and uppp is it 'safe' before you can start smoking again?

How soon after a tonsillectomy can you fly?

I am day 28 post op for an tonsillectomy. I was wondering if it's normal to have bumpy enlarged areas where the scabs used to be in my tonsil beds?

I am due to have a tonsillectomy soon, what's it like after the operation?

I am getting my tonsils and adenoids out soon! what kinds of food can I not eat?

I am getting tonsillectomy tommorow will they test my tonsils for cancer?

I am suffering from cryptic tonsils.. Food particles get stuck in depressions on tonsils.. What can be done except undergoing tonsillectomy ?

I had a tonsilectomy and adenoidectomy also a uppp surgery 10 days ago. Now i feel like wire scrapping my tongue. Whats going on?

I had a tonsillectomy (cautery) one week ago today, still EXTREMELY sore and unable to eat. How long will my pain last?

I had a tonsillectomy and adenoids removed 2 weeks ago had a blood clot in throat and had to get surgery to remove it is my singing voice gone forever?

I had a tonsillectomy and adnoidectomy it's been about 5 days since the surgery and the bottom of my tongue is very painful, is this normal?

I had a tonsillectomy and adnoidectomy last wednesday, the taste is making me vomit which is causing major problems. What can I do?

I had an appendectomy 15 days ago. Ever since my uvula has been elongated. I constantly feel as if I'm choking. How long will this take to resolve?

I have been recommended to remove my Adenoids & Tonsils. Just because, I make sounds (Occasionally) while breathing. I really don't feel any difficulty, and I am completely fine. Should I still go for it? I am 16 yrs old.

I have had stitches in my throat following a post tonsillectomy bleed. They are now hanging by one thread down my throat. How can I get rid of them?

I have just come out of hospital after having my tonsils removed, so what is the best thing to do to recover?

I have tongue cramping 5 days after a tonsillectomy, how do I fix/stop this?

I have tonsil stones only small ones and they won't come out. I have been on antibiotics for 3 days.can I kiss my boyfriend? How long shuld I wait

I just learned I have to get my tonsils removed because they are huge and I have sleep apnea. I'm scared. Is the procedure bad in adults?

I just took out my adenoids and tonsils out yesterday and was wonderin how long before i can have solid food again?

I just wanted to know is the recovery process for a tonsillectomy that painful?

I might have to get my tonsils taken out. Do i need to take my tongue piercing out beforehand?

I seem to get tonsillitis at least twice a year, should I consider a tonsillectomy?

I smoked weed last week, would that have any effect on my surgery tomorrow of getting my tonsils removed?

I'm 37 and getting my tonsils and adenoids out. What is it like afterwards?

I'm curious as to how long is the recovery after getting your tonsils removed?

I'm getting my tonsils and adenoids out, what types of food can I not eat and why?

I've gotten tonsillitis four times in two months. How much longer until I should consider a tonsilectomy?

I've had tonsil stones for the past few weeks, and tonsillitis at least 3 times a year for awhile now. Should I consider a tonsillectomy?

I've read that many Doctors won't perform tonsillectomies anymore. I have tonsil stones, and often get strep throat. Can I ask for a tonsillectomy?

If i'm having tonsil problems, would removal will make my voice better?

In the last month i have had tonsillitis 3 times. At what point does a doctor starrt considering tonsil removal?

Is a tonsilectomy safe? If so how safe is it? I have mild sleep apnea and huge ttonsils and they want me to have this surgery .....

Is getting ur tonsils removed painful or a serious surgery and how long is it to recover? Thank you so much for your time!

Is it harmful to have big tonsils for long periods of time?

Is it normal to get sick after tonsillectomy / adenoidectomy?

Is it ok to get a tattoo on my upper arm 10 days before a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, and streptoplasty?

Is it possible to keep your tonsils after surgery?

Is it safe to get a tonsillectomy while being adult?

Is the adenoidectomy a risky thing to do?

Is the tonsilectomy a risky thing to do?

Is tonsillectomy necessary for a 6 year old with one episode?

Is tonsils stones dangerous I am getting 2 wisdoms pulled tomorrow and I was wondering if it's stay to do so.