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I am wondering why recently I get strange feelings after the bath I become lethargic my muscles feel tight and Iget tingling sensations in myhead ?

what might be causing lightheaded sensation primarily when sitting down. seems to go away when mooching or being active?

. My left arm feels strange. It feels tired kind of. As though i have lifted weights for an extended time. Not painful. But concerning strong aching?

19 m, twitching/spansms in right thigh started 5 days ago, now it is a heavy discomfort feeling. What could be the causes? Extremely stressed

2 different times woke up in middle of night w/ no feeling and unable to move R foot. Ceoncerned ?

24 weeks pregnant, feeling like im going to passout, K level 3.2, nausea, left arm hurts and feels as if it wants to go numb. Should I be concerned?

30f had for few days this weird inner itchy feeling and tingling in collarbone and into side of jaw. I'm scared it's breast cancer please help?

4-5dayblack eye.Went to the ER on 4day. Im feeling my eye irritated ( not sure how to describe) not pain but weird uncomfortable nerve feeling.normal?

4-5dayblack eye.Went to the ER on 4day. Im feeling my eye irritated ( not sure how to describe) not pain but weird uncomfortable nerve feeling.normal?

5 day black eye.Went to the ER on 3day. Im feeling my eye irritated ( not sure how to describe) not pain but weird uncomfortable nerve feeling.normal?

9 m old shaking head side to side, stops for a bit and does it again & again. Also, randomly shivers (like a chill) for a sec or 2. Call doc?

A female 41 years old feels random beating in her lips. It is happening more often lately. Any answers behind this?

A pulsing, pinching feeling going threw my body every other day. What could this be ?

About to go to sleep , laying in a certain position . Then felt a spot on back of neck tingle , then randomly got anxious . Ideas?

Any reason why my right knee would constantly feel wet/cold all the time?

Around that time of the month I get a heavy pressure feeling and when I have sex the same feeling happens except worse, its happening on my left side.

At times, I have difficulties grabbing, squeezing, No pain, but still really odd, It seems to come and go. Have you heard of this and why?

Ate quick , felt ache in upper right breast, lower right part of neck & funny feeling in gut .right hand numb .Hard to inhale/exhale anxious. idea?

Bad nerves what are signs will i feel like somethings crawling on me, tingling, pinching, icthing?

Been feeling dizziness little pokes in my head some also like burning pokes the pain is not bad but I don't know if something is wrong with my body ?

Been feeling twitches, tingling, pinpricks, random places.Also feel hot and pulsating temples, no pain.Is all this anxiety?Im hypochondriac.Mri is normal

Been having this bubbling like feeling in my body. Hard to explain. It's mainly near my right armpit buts it happens everywhere. What's happening?

Before Afib starts I feel a buzzing sensation in centre of my stomach and adrenal feeling ?

Bf started feeling this "pressure" comes & goes on his lower left side of head for 3days in a row now, says he feels "pumping" feeling too, any ideas?

Bottom of my left food I have a tingling sensation like i goes to sleep. Could this be a problem?

Burning intense feeling in head all over has lasted over an hour now? Im very worried. Any thoughts?

Burning sensation on head scalp mix with liquid feeling when i'm stressing really bad with bad anxiety. What to do?

Burning/cold sensation in stomach, constant moaning on left side, and pulse is seen clearly. Any ideas?

Can a colon spasm feel like a stinging feeling ? I keep getting these on left

Can anxiety cause involuntary movements? Like laying on back, than rocking side to side for a few seconds?feel like inside are trembling? Or no way.

Can anxiety cause someone to feel pain(real or not)in the chests ,neck , back , arms , wrists (veins) paranoia etc feel like a mess and dr say I'm ok.

Can anxiety, hypochondria, stress causes minor under arm pain but underarm not swollen nor doesn't hurts feels wierd and it comes and goes?

Can I still feel my anxiety symptoms like back pain, numbness, tingling, itching, and sharp pain when I'm not anxious at that moment?

Cocaine for a year now, i started getting pains in my viens all over my body like them pulsating ? But only when I use it, what could that be ? I have quit now but still feel the pains sometimes ?

Constantly in doc office and still no relief. Tingling "ticking" sensations have gotten constant in belly and back. Would they help more at ER room?

Constantly moving my tongue against my bottom teeth (causing pain and canker), have to do it. Feel strange irritable and restless. Neurological?

Crown of head feels fuzzy. Feel slight vibration when talking. Mild nausea. 28, healthy. What could this be? 4th time I've felt this way in 2-3 weeks.

Dizziness that feels like body is moving and spinning and shaking and vibrating occurs every day Head pain feels like a cramp worse on left Feel ill?

Do I have a brain tumor. I often will get a weird sensation or numbness in my head not specifically one side. After it I will feel weird. I don't know?

Doc my center back muscle feels num could not sleep keeps moving around even if i stand sore or any sign of hurting just feeling unpleasant ty. ?

Doc says neuropathy causing prickly feeling in legs, she doesn't seem concerned, it doesn't hurt just bothersome. Is this dangerous?

Does not blinking hardly at all mean I am weird?

Due in 2 days and I've been feeling a weird tingling pain down below and pressure in my rectal area. I feel it when i'm standing, should I be concerned?

During contractions with my first child i experianced tightness from throat to pelvis. Im 18 weeks now and randomly feel this sinsation is it normal?

Even the weird head sensations ? these symptoms makes me think its something more serious. ugh!

Every so often I keep getting a weird electric shock/rush sensation through my chest which sometimes goes in to my hands. It isn't painful.

Every time i sneeze i get a weird feeling in my upper abs, kind of like they are contracting, is this normal?

Every week or so, numb//tingling all over, sharp pain in heart and back..Can't think clearly...Feels like lack of oxygen. It lasts for 8+hrs. Why?

Everytime I lay on my left side to go to sleep I feel like my heart starts hurting burning pressure like feeling I feel it in my back where my heart ?

Everytime I'm at rest, especially after moving about for awhile. I experience full bodied spasms, some pain, heart spasms, Odd sensation of cold/sting?

Everytime someone helps me or does something nice I get this tingling tickle pleasurable sensation from my neck and whole back, explanation causes??

Exact before ejaculation-I feel chills sent to right side of my brain.This is happening everytime now (since 3 week). No pain. Blood rushing to brain?

Experience a burning sensation on my left arm it last 10 seconds and goes away it been happening for a week in a half now. Not taking medications.

Experiencing a burning sensation with my headache mostly around forehead. Feel fine otherwise except noticeably fatigued. Any ideas?

Experiencing intense headaches that feel like a sudden zap to my brain. Extreme pain and last for a few seconds. So painful it makes my face numb. ?

Extremely anxious for 7 months. I have strange skin sensations in arms and legs and also on right side of head. I find myself tensing a lot. Worried?

Feeling a weird or weak feeling in left leg. Started feeling it april last year, and it seems to come and go. Chances it's als? Male age 20. Anxiety.

Feeling like im going to passout, nausea, K level 3.2, left arm in pain and almost going numb, do i need to be concerned?

Feeling mild pain in right side head which increases if there are jerks like we feel in car (speed breakers and all)?

Feeling of ants crawling in my head on the left side ? Comes and goes , no other symptoms . Thanks

Feeling of electricity going to my head also sensation going to my mouth recentlyi do have a bulging disc in my back and have lots of problems sleepin?

Feeling of more blood rushing to the left arm..Possible cause?

Feeling of tightness in pelvic area during period, on and off kind of thing but when it strike it feel like suffocating. normal?

Feels like a muscle spasm on the back lower left part of my head. Its been happening on/off for the past 2 days. Feels like I am getting shocked. ?

Feels like either someone is slightly squeezing & releasing my heart or there is a slight electric buzz shooting thru it and my neck is very sore?

Felt slight pulsating feeling in forehead , felt like waves & it Didn't hurt. trying to sleep , dealing with sinus issues.ideas?

Felt stomach turning ache, feeling faint, fingers locked and heat coming from center of body. What is it? Bp was ok

Fluttering in my ear past few days, and have also noticed I've been hiccuping alot. Found something called vagus nerve connecting the two, what is it?

For a few weeks not\w I have been getting this warm rushinh sensation, feels like a warm rush of blood flowing to my left foot. Happens randomly, help?

For almost 2 days now, I have had a pulsating/vibration in my right calf. I have never felt anything like this before and it seems to be continuous.

For six months now, i've had a weird, daily consistent, sensation in what seems to be my right ovary. It's like a tingling nerve feeling. I'm 42.?

For some reason everytime I even brisk over my left under boob it's painful. I can't even press down on it without feeling a burning sensation. I'm thinking it may be gas, not sure!

For the last 3 days i been feeling my nose a little bit numb and somethime tingling on the left side..Not all the time..Like 2 0 3 times a day.Stress?

For the past 3 days maybe its been this weird feeling like my vagina is vibrating like small buzz feeling it will buzz pause buzz?

For the past few years I've experienced this flutter/vibrating feeling in left ear.I've had it maybe 3-4 times over tHat time frame. what is it?

For the past month and this usually happens at night where i have been getting these strange chills on the left side of my head for about 10 seconds and then it quicky goes away,this is worrying me alot.Is there any ideas what this might be?

For three days I have had a cell phone like buzzing/vibration in my left left. Its not painful. I am a hypochondriac and its giving me anxiety?

For2 weeks I have been feeling a tingling goose bump feeling on the right side of my head. It lasts for 1 s and goes away. Like a shiver. What is this?

Freeking out I am very tired and having tingling in my legs and I have had problems starting to pee I am scared I have MS dr said she didn't think so?

From 1 week i'm feling something struck behind toungue. There is no pain or discomfort and its feel only wen i'm thinking of it. What is it..?? Plz..

From time to time, out of nowhere, i get a weird sensation in my chest area where it's similar to a gas build up or something. Then a strong heartbeat?

Funny blocked kinda sensation when urinating but no pain or anything at all? Normal? Or thinking about it too much?

Get pulsating ache in temporal area constantly on either side but mostly left.Sometimes feels like a rush of blood went by and any info, Thank You !!!

Had an MMR vaccination in my arm, felt a stinging bubbling sensation... Scared air bubbles went into arm, could this be dangerous ?

Have a painless pressure in my l ear, like squeezing, releasing sensation, over & over. Been happening for 2-3hrs. Any idea what it could be?

Have a vibrating feeling off and on in right breast. Feels like a nerve. Am close to having a period but never had this feeling before. ?

Have had a strange sensation like a hair is tickling the very tip of my nose. It is very faint but I notice it. Lasts 10 min. 1-2 x a day. For 4 days?

Have had chest pains that happen right before menstural cycle for the last 14 years. every time this happens I go to the ER and they tell me everything is fine. It has been getting worse over the years and it now feels like a burning sensation and there a

Have had really bad issues with my heart the past few days, feeling like it is pounding so hard, hurting bad, breathless, tingling in left arm / hand?

Have pain on left side of chest. If i put pressure on it there is relief. Been like this for 24 hours. A little dizzy today & feel strange.

Have this pinching / knot feeling upper left chest for over week and half more w movement shoul worried? It's not a rumor is it? How does that feel ?

Have tingling going down my left arm periodically. No pain, just feels like goose bumps., Lately, have a sweet tooth, eating a bag of licorice a day??

Heaviness in the left arm for 3 days feeling that I am gonna pass out?

Hello doctor!for the whole weekend, i felt like on top of my heart it was pinching.A weird pain that i didn't experience before. Please advice.Thankyou?

Hello Doctors. Lately, I think I felt a nerve move when I tapped my eyebrow in class yesterday. Is it normal to feel a nerve tapping your eyebrow?

Hello there, i've been having this strange pain in my heart. Almost like sticking pins & needles in.Lasts afew seconds.More frequently now.Thnx alot?

Hello, for the past 3 days I've been experiencing a very mild quick buzzing sensation to the left of my left nipple that comes and goes. Very strange?

Hello,I Can feel pulsating on my right temple. I can acualy feel it when i thouching. There is no pain. It ocours in evenins.

Hey I'm 18 years old. I have a funny feeling in my left breast for 2 days now and it sometimes feels heavy in my chest on that side. should I worry?

Hey, I had a panic attack today and now my throat is dry and the left side of my upper chest feels cold and achy like tingly numb to touch, help?