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My THYROID ANTIBODY Peroxidase TPO Ab is 5 [0-34 IU/mL] and my THYROID ANTIBODY thyroglobulin Tg Ab is 161 [0-40 IU/mL]. What this mean?

My TPO Abs are 17. Normal range of lab tests is <35. My TSH came down from 4.67 to 2.61 in 18 days after taking Synthroid (thyroxine). Do I have hashimoto's?

(Graves symp) food/lifestyle/supplement recommendations that would be beneficial for graves and/or Hashimotos? TPO elevated, but TSI and TRA-B not ran

0.024 TSH, Normal T3 (liothyronine) and T4, postive antibodies, depressed iodine uptake test. Please interpret results? Confused and not getting answers..

23 yrs old f; thyroid peroxidase 13 (norm); thyroglobulin, antibody 3.0 (high); TSH 10.850 (high); nomal T3 (liothyronine) & t4. Hashimotos? Possible thyroid cancer

3 weeks out of partial thyroid removal. Pre-surg TSH 1.27 miu/l: ft4 .9 ng/dl: after surgery TSH 3.150 miu/l: ft4 .96. Do i need medication?

4 months ago TSH was 4.54 (range: 0.45-4.50). Repeated and it is now 5.01. What are the chances I have hashimoto's?

5 yrs ago i had a TSH of .015 and a tsi of "96" which was "normal range." don't normal people have 0 tsi in the blood? Am i liable to get graves?

6 montes after thyroidectomy and rai, thyroglobuline <0.1 ng/ml and antithyroglobuline antibodies are 47.8 iu/ml. No TSH elevation. Is this good, bad?

6 months postpartum low TSH and thyroid antibodies found.Tsh went back to normal 2 months later. Hashimotos? Or just postpartum thyroiditis?

60y.o./TSH=10.5/FT4=11.7.Dr. Leila Hashemi on here says they don't add up (lab error) & FT4 is too high. But on my report, the FT4 range is 12-22 pmol?

After hemithyroidectomy, lab results ft4 5.17 pmol/l (ref value 12-22 pmol/l) TSH 32.04 miu/l (ref value 0.2-4.2 miu/l) cobas e411. Pls interpret.

After radio iodine ablation for graves' disease, is a very high thyroid per oxidase ab and thyroglobulin ab result a cause for concern? Been one year

Anti thryroglobulin anti level 14.9 ?anti microsomal ab level 77?

Anti tpo antibodies 1300. What does this mean?

Antitgo antibodies are"too low to be detected", antitpo 40, TSH 0.99, ft3 2.64, ft4 1.41.Is that antitpo alone a problem?And tgo too low to be detected?!

Blood calcium borderline out of range, borderline tsh&hyper&hypothyroid symptoms, could i still have hashimitos even with false ANA & thyroid tests?

Blood test show thyroglobulin antibodies is high (low positive). but TSH, Free T4, and tpo is normal. should i be concerned ?

Calcium 2.38mmol/l, TSH 13.5mu/l, pth 4.6 pmol/l. I have hashimotos and 2 thyroid nodules less than 1cm. What does this mean?

Can a high thyroid perox AB TPO level give a thyroglobulin reading a false result?

Can a TSH of 167 be harmful?

Can an absess of a molar cause an elevated tsh?

Can an elevated thyroid antibody mean you have an std?

Can hashimotos cause an ANA titer of &gt;1:1280 homogenous or is there something more going on. On meds for hypothyroidism currently.

Can i have high TPO >400 but not have hashimotos? I have all the symptoms of it but my tsh is normal as of right now + goiter, Tpo 1300 last week

Can i still have hyperthyroidism if free t3/t4 or normal and TSH is normal?

Can you have hypothyroidism if you have nodules but your TSH is normal? Haven't had any other testing such as FT4 etc

Can you have low TSH with Hashimoto's (antibodies are present)?

Can you have normal TSH levels & test positive for antibodies? Could thyriod antibodies be why weight & hair loss?

Cancer patient new dr checked thyroxin binding globulin not thyroglobulin what is the difference?

Concern!can i still have bariatric surgery with an overactive thyroid? All labs normal except the tg antibody <0.9 iu/ml.

Could coming off Armour cause spike in TSH and graves sympt?/could Armour have masked or made graves symptoms worse? dx hashi TSI and Trab not checkd

Deciphering a thyroid hormone test result: is an antithyroglobulin antibody titer of 1:50 too high, or is it alright?

Do I need thyroid hormone if I have low free t3, (liothyronine) normal TSH and high tpo antibodies?

Do i need to fast for a thyroid panel (thyroglobulin, thyroglobulin antibodies, tpo, etc.)?

Do steroids lower thyroid antibodies?

Does a lab result of thyroid peroxidase ab of 484.0 confirm hashimoto's even though anti thyroglobuline abs are <20.0?

Does a thyroglobulin ab of 42 warrant Synthroid (thyroxine) 50mcg blood test thyroglobulin ab 42iu/ml reference range <20?

Does a thyroid peroxidase ab result of 484.0 confirm hashimoto's? I have been diagnosed as hypothyroid and my Synthroid (thyroxine) was just upped to 75mcg/day.

Does an elevated level of thyroglobulin antibodies and calcitonin mean cancer?

Does my husband need to continue his tapazole (methimazole) 5mg a day even his ft3, ft4 is normal but his TSH is 0.005?

Dx Hashimotos tpo-ab 26. TSH and T4 normal. Given Armour. Now off Armour 2wks. Still hyper Sx. Misdiagnosed? Could I have graves instead?

Dx with multinodular goiter. But T4,free t4,total t3, (liothyronine)tsh, & Tpo ab normal. Tg ab test is high @ 2.3 Iu/ml. range 0-0.9. Would this cause hypo symptoms?

Dx'd hypothyroid (TSH 28,negative antibodies) at 10y/o and on Levothyroxine since. Tested again and still neg antibodies. What could be cause of hypo?

Free T3 (liothyronine) high, thyroid peroxidase ab greater than 1000, thyroglobulin ab elevated but TSH ultrasensitive normal as well as thyroglobulin. ?

FT4 11,6 / TSH 3,420 . what this results means please?

FT4 13.9, TSH 4.64 Normal?

Graves or hashi's? Tsh .02, ft4 2.2 (range.8-1.8), ft3 5.39 (range2.77-5.27), tpoab 293, hightsi ab 171. I 123normal.Inflammed thyroid.Thyroid inferno

Graves with 378 tsi and 514 tgab. Do these two affect the other to some degree?

Had 2 misccarages, TSH normal, tpo 200, do I have hashimotos?

Hashimotos antibodies greater than 1600, almost every symptom of hypothyroidism but TSH is within normal range. Doctor not treating me. Why?

Have goiter + 6 micronodules, not suspicious on 2 US. TSH 2.2 FT3/4 OK. Anti Tpo 1309 Anti TG 117. Goiter fluctuates size. Is it likely to be cancer?

Have hashimotos and nodules. Am gluten free. Dec results and (feb) WBC 3.3 (3.8); cholesterol 240 (227); TSH .39 ( 1.48); tpo-ab 258(219). Help! ?

Having TPO antibody 17 and Thyroglobulin <20 confirms Hashimoto's or not? I had TSH 4.67 which reduced to 2.61 in 18 days after taking Levothyroxine.

Hello my mom took a thyroid test and she got the results: TG 132 Anti TG 14,5 and anti TPO 12,4. Could you help me and tell me if this is normal??

Hello! If my TSH is 4.25, TPOAb is 10 and TgAb is 2, does this point to an autoimmune cause of my hypothyroidism or not? Also have serum cortisol 33

Help u/standing results, pls. TSH, FT4, FT3 all bottom end of normal range. TgAb and TPOAb are neg. Have both hypO/ER syms. What could this mean?

Helpthyroglobulin ab off the charts, what to do?

Hi I have tumor in thyroid and it's Unc.For 5 y it was N but now I've thyroid hypofunction. Fsh deteriorate after TSH become normal. TSH 1.75 fsh12.5!

Hi antithyroglobulin 1361 (range 116) antithyroid peroxidase 678 (range 10) please explain what this means. Thank you ?

HI, i have just had my TSH measured at 6.55. What does this mean?

High thyroglobulin & T3 (liothyronine) Free levels post thyroid lobectomy indicates what?

How are high levels of thyroid peroxidase antibody treated (125)tsh (317)ft4(74) is armour thyroid safe im ttc?

How does hashimotos hypothyroid (high TPo antibodies) and fat malabsorption relate?

How significant would a TSI antibody level of 70 w/ range of 149 be viewed? I already have Hashimotos w/extremely high TPO/TgAb

Hyper thyriod with 0.01 tsh and uptake 3% (low) negative antibodies/ANA Turned to be hypothyriod (tsh 7) then back normal. And now its tah 6! Help?

Hyperthyroid and positive antibodies at 7 months postpartum. By 10 months pp my thyroid was normal. Tsh always normal before pregnancy.hashimotos?

Hyperthyroid pt, tsh<0.01 ft4: 1.34, no symptoms, was on tapazole (methimazole) until 6monts ago? Back on tapazole (methimazole)? Thanks.

I am 19 I have a 1 year old. I was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. My TSH was 0.2. 2 weeks later my TSH is .09 and my tpo is 227.4. Help?

I am 7 mos postpartum. My tpo ab is 15, thyroglob refl profile is 1, TSH is 15.3, with history of hyperthyroid. Do these antibodies detect an autoimmu?

I am having anti thyroid anti microsomal antibody of 977 IU/ml.will this leads to impotency?

I am hypothyroid having Anti thyroid microsomal antibody of 977 IU/ml.What does it can I reduce my antibody?

I am low thyroid with hasimoto.My doctor only check ft4, tsh.I ask here for ft3,iron,selenium but she told me no.Is enough to do nly ft4&tsh?

I am on Synthroid (thyroxine) 0.1mg. Recent blood work showed normal TSH, free T4 but antithyroid peroxidase antibody was 451. Should I be concerned?

I did a thyroid test of my mother. Her t-3 and t-4 values were normal but TSH was high 18.9 uiu/ml. Can this would be the cause of her autoimmune prob?

I did thyroid functn test & the dr said i've hypo.Then i do Anti-TPO test.It was 0.77 IU/ml <5.61 is that meaning i've hashimoto?NB:ft3 ft4 are low.

I had a thyriod test and my thyroid peroxidase reading was 60.6 is there a chance that i could have hashimotos .?

I had a TSH w/ reflex to ft4 with a result of 1.09 mlU/l what does this mean?

I had done thyroid test tsh report is 1.7 and ft4 is 13.9 is it normal ?

I had normal tsh, t3, (liothyronine) t4, but antithyroglobulin antibody level is 263 and thyroid uptake showed homogenous uptake at 56%. What should I do?

I have a TSh 2.21 and Tsh free of 1.09 is that normal?

I have a very high thyroglobulin antibody of 3000iu/ml, how can it be lowered?

I have been on Armour thyroid for 6 years with normal range every year. I had my tsh levels yesterday and they called and said my tsh .293 t3 (liothyronine) 27t4 7.7?

I have hashimoto's (hypothyroid and tested positive for thyroid antibodies ).I take eltroxin but still had two misscariages .How can I prevent it ?

I have hashimoto's thyroiditis w/ tpo antibodies, 3 to 4 nodules.Tsh fluctuates between 7.527 0.014 w/ 30lb.Wt. Gains when high.From 154lb. 218lb 3y?

I have hashimotos and i just got my bloodwork .Thyroglobulin is way high and I have no antibodies. Is this a sign i might have thyroid cancer?

I have hashimotos disease normal TSH and norml t 3 and T4 , but high antibodies , do I need medication?

I have hashimotos TSH 2.2 with tpo greater than 1300. I read when tpo is high, TSH should be around 1, if not then around 2. Is this accurate? Tired

I have hashimotos, on armour thyroid, tsh, ft3, ft4 is normal but antibodies are high. I have lots of symptoms. How can I get my antibodies down?

I have high tpo, high thyroglobulin and in range TSH and T4 hashi s or graves ?

I have hypothyroidism with pos tpo, low-t, adrenal insufficiency. Have gotten worse on Synthroid (thyroxine) and trt. Does negative ANA rule out schmidt syndrome?

I have many thyroid symptoms but my test is in the nor. Range TSH 1.35(nov) 1.45(jan) T4 1.16 T3 (liothyronine) 3.55 thyroid peroxidase (tpo) ab<6 antithyroglobul<20

I have mild hypothyroid with symtoms tsh8.10, on 50mcg thyroxine change hyper TSH .10 t3t4 normal after on 25mcg TSH .05 t3t4 high its normal or not?

I have no thyroid and I did not have my Synthroid (thyroxine) for a week. My levels indicate hypothyroid. Can I really go hypo in 1wk? Tsh 9 FT4 .08

I have normal ft4 (12.3) and low TSH (0.005), do I still have hyperthyroidism?

I have normal TSH and T3 (liothyronine) but I have positiv antibodies?

I have subclinical hypothyroidism TSH9.90 and FT4 and FT3 in the middle normal range should i be treated? i am 63

I have thypo thyriod , i just got the tests My TS3 and TS4 are normal but my TSH is high what does that mean?My TSH is 8.50

I have thyroid goiter with positive thyroid antibodies; eurothyroid. Does this mean have autoimmune d/o?

I have Thyroid Nodule Since Dec 2013, i have had TSH test and my TSH was 7 in Mar 2014, i again had test and my TSH was 5.4 in Oct 2014, what is that?