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persistent cough, feels like something stuck in back of throat bringing up specks of brown stuff and severe pain on my left breast towards underarm ?

1.Head tightness in the side or back 2.Lump in throat feeling sometime 3.One nostril clogged alternative no heartburn could it be gastro problem !

1.Nose clogged 2.Back of head or side tightness 3.Lump in throat sometimes could this be my esphougas or my stomach im like this for almost 3 months !

1.Tightness in the side or back of head 2.Lump in throat feeling not always 3.Nostril clogged alternative could it be a gastro problem !

18 yrs old. Lymph nodes in neck have been same size for over yr. But I am now experiencing slight chest pains, coughing w/ some difficulty swallowing?

18, pain on one side of throat, difficulty swallowing on that side, it also feels like dull , but no breathing difficulties?

19 years old. smoking for 7 mnths. 3-4 cigarettes daily. Got nausea, swallowing difficulty, slight chest pain, fullness. Left side sensations. Cancer?

2 days ago i had a sneeze. Immediately after i began to feel a sharp pain around my adams apple. No lumps, swelling found. Still pain when swallowin?

2 wks ago, hoarseness from shouting..voice return after 3 days.Then,persistent itching/pain on right side of throat, radiate into ear?Worse when talk?

21 burning in stomach burping sour tast in mouth left arm an elbow pain top back pain pressure in chest chest xray normal good 8 months STI hav sympto?

27 years old, light smokers 1 pack a week! Had discomfort of my throat feeling tightness please help! Thanks?

9 weeks pregnant, sore throat, headache, and pain in my upper abdomen...does it sound like anything serious?

After coughing up phlegm. I have pain in the bottom portion of my throat. I also have pain in my jaw and chin unrelated. Do I need urgent attention?

After drinking alcohol, the next day I feel a lump in my throat down to chest area with constant burping. This started happening as of recent, help?

After eating throat pain and tightness and also stomach pain. What can I do?

After taking gabapentin i've had and increase pressure and pain in lower abdomen and lump on neck and a strange feeling in throat, what is this?

Am having upper Endoscopy a week from today. Am very nervous. For trouble swallowing/throat tightness/food coming back up. What can I expect?

Any time I move my throat muscles such as talking, drinking or swallowing it gives me a stabbing pain and it has been doing this for a long time. I ju?

Are nose bled, chest pain, palpitation, swollen neck related?

Bad taste in mouth kind of metallic tasting(more towards throat), nausea, headaches, fatigue, accompanied by lower back and side pains occasionally for 2 weeks should I be concerned? What could this possible be from?

Been experiencing experiencing belching, bubbling, and gurgling noises in left lung. I have constant barking cough and feel mucous inside. Help?

Been feeling like there is something stuck in the right side of my throat. Have been having, a lot of sinus drainage and I have gerd. What could it be?

Been having upper back pain that spreads to chest pain, also my throat feels like it's tightening what can this be?

Burning , hard heavy swallowing, pain in chest between the breast. What could be the cause?

Burning in upper abd./chest, not painful, more to left. Urine feels thick, clear no burning. No fever. Throat stabbing pain - occasional. Acid reflux?

Burning sensation and tightening in throat ad upper chest. Feels like something is stuck. What is this?

Can swallowing gum cause you to have chest/side pains? What can treat that?

Can a cut/bruise at back of tongue cause swollen neck and pain swallowing/yawning? Like muscle spasm or affect swallowing glands?

Can a heart issue cause like tightening of the throat with neck, jaw pain and tongue feeling almost like when eating something sour and salivating?

Can a muscle cramp in your jaw or neck feel like a sharp pain in these areas when swallowing? Not inside the throat or mouth.

Can acid and gas cause severe headache and spasm over the face and is this related to have pain in pharynx and can't swallow saliva.

Can an inflammed esophagus cause pains in front of the throat and neck and fatigue? Burning feeling as well. I had an episode of bad reflux

Can globus cause slight pain ?

Can slight jaw pain, pressure in ears and nape pain be a symptoms of acid reflux? I also have bitter taste in mouth and sometime pain in swallowing.

Can thoracic os or something related cause upper ab pain and some swallowing difficulties?

Can throbbing feeling in throat be related to gerd?

Causes for tightness/slight pain in upper back that might make breathing sometimes difficult? Recentley diagnosed with asthma & allergies.

Cervical disc herniation can cause stinging sensation in the throat and shortness of breath? It can get rid of this symptom? What are the solutions?

Chest burning and tightness. Back burning hurts when i breathe major sinus headache no fever but i feel hot from my face inside. Pain givin me anxiety?

Chest pain radiating to lower back (kidney area) when breathing . Bloody/black mucous , no sore throat , no runny nose, minor headache and fatigue.

Choked on a chip, scrtched my esophagis, now throat and chest is sore, should I worry and how to releave pain?

Choked on a crisp last week since then I have stinging pain in throat swallowing difficulty pain in shoulder doctor gave me difflam not working ?

Choked on saliva then coughed very hard. Immediately caused my right arm to have a dull pain. ?

Congestion, chest & back pain, like a cold, but w/ tightening pain in my neck that goes to my jaw. I have chf, but this feels more like a uri. Is it?

Constant throat tightness, swallowing issues, & feeling airways are blocked for years. Getting worse. Will my Upper GI figure out what's wrong?Scared.

Convulsions with pain rising up to the throat. I find it hard to swallow my own saliva. I am also numb the lower region of the face. What is this?

Could a chest pain with neck/nape pain with sour taste in the mouth but without fever be symptoms of pneumonia or TB?

Diagnosed with costochondritis! is it normal for the chest to be really sore from time to time along with a burning sensation?

Discomfort/pressure (not pain) while swallowin saliva only (foods/liquids ok). It is leftsided in my neck. It is not constant. Im so worried.sinister?

Do I have a tumor in my throat/esophagus? I've had a feeling of a lump in my throat with pain/discomfort upon swallowing for a few weeks. The lump feels like it's stuck in the bottom of my throat and the pain radiates through the middle of my chest and i

Does acid reflux cause neck and shoulder tension? Feels like food is stuck, wants to come up and swollen neck. No sore throat.

Does sallowing saliva difficulty cause by nerve malfunction?I have right back head pain along with neck with swallowing problem.Also belching problem.

Dry throat , uneasiness on left side of chest, can't sleep at all?

Due to allergy, i constantly sneezing and swallowing, now I have some dull pain on my lower left side of my throat when sneezing. Is this normal?

Every time i swallow any food or liquid i get a sharp pain in the left side of my chest, what is wrong it is only a mild pain?

Excess saliva + soft tissue aches in top back of mouth + sore throat & heartburn-like symptoms. Occasional constipation. Worse in morning. Any ideas?

Experiencing some pain on left side when swallowing dry or drinking. Eating, no pain. It feels like it's under my jaw, almost in my neck. Thoughts?

Experiencing swollen lymph nodes, throat soreness/feeling of something stuck, tightness in chest. Allergy meds and antacids have not helped. ?

Fatigue, chronic hives, sharp upper abdominal pain-spreads to back, throat pain-adam's apple area, weightgain, &caffeine causes racing heart. What is this?

Feeling chest pain after dry swallowing an aleve (naproxen). What should I do?

Feeling of internal trembling. Chest pain when moving in my left breast/chest area. Swollen gland in throat. Heartburn occasionally. Rapid hr. Causes?

Feeling of something stuck in my throat. Been like this for about a month and now getting a sharp pain in neck told doc but she will not check it out?

Feeling pain in throat like some ulcer in my throat which gives burning sensation and pain on right side. I have habbit of eating tabacco also.

Feeling under the weather have been having pain in the diaphragm area sharp and with tightness also coughing up neon green stuff?

Feelings of sore throat and sometimes painful swallowing on one side of the throat along with mild pain in same side ear are related to which illiness?

Feels as if something stuck in lower part of throat. I swallow, but sensation still there. No pain, seems to get worse throughout day. What could it b?

Feels like my throat is narrowing..No pain or burning.. What is it doc?

Feels like something is stuck in throat, shoulder and chest feels mildly heavy, upper back ache. No more coughing. What can this be?

For years I have had rare cases of strange, sudden outbursts of extreme, sharp pain in my throat/lymph nodes when swallowing that last ~10 mins. Help?

Frequent throat problem in last 2 years. Symptoms: burning and itching in throat affects left side lung, breathe heavily when i walk up just 1 floor?

Gerd? I have a feeling of something lodged in the middle of my chest for 3 days. Doesn't go away. No pain just uncomfortable. Hard to swallow at times

Had a good cry after being suppressed for 2mths. Having dry mouth and difficulty breathing after. Chest area hurts. What helps to relieve discomfort?

Had a sudden burning sensation under my tongue and throat that comes and goes .. Can this be caused by anxiety?

Had chest pain for a week now. Not really sore just feels tight and uncomfortable. Not respiratory. Being tested for stomach ulcers.

Had dull ache in inner left breast . Funny feeling now in same area , little ache in back behind boob. Hist. ; anxiety , rhinitis , acid reflux .

Had the flu for 2-3 days, have had occasional flutter feeling in lower throat/upper chest area. Concern?

Had total thyroidectomy 3 weeks ago. Is it normal for there to still be pain and discomfort in the neck and throat at this point?

Have a hiatal hernia, almost every day i'm getting attacks that radiate under my ribcage and up into my throat ears jaw and head. Why is it doing this?

Have a problem with shortness of breath, hot sour mucus in throat, swollen glands underneath my jaw and my back teeth start to throb. What is this?

Have constant mucus at the back of my throat and also have tickling feeling since 2 weeks.There is also pain in the middle of my neck.Is it serious?

Have gastric reflux. have had occasional jaw pain back by my ears. left boob feels odd sometimes. what could be the issue and how to relieve it?

Have GERD, noticed something that feels like obstruction in my throat that gets better when I burp. I also get sore throat and rib pain on both sides.

Have had Globus sensation on-off for a month, and ENT said throat was clear. Also have chin-tip pain on the bone when stretching forward. Only stress?

Have had heartburn all night, now I have a metallic taste in my mouth, as well as back and neck pain? Are this symtoms of a heart attack?

Have had sharp and burning pains in my throat and have been burping a lot for about 1 week now tends to go away at night and breathing is kinda heavy?

Have pain on back thru yo chest feel like something stuck in throat and it hurts my throat and chest when i swallow?

Have slight pain left shoulder area plus an area above left boob feels swollen & lil tight also have gastric reflux. could be due to stress or reflux?

Having bad left shoulder,left elbow and back pains. Acid reflux/heartburn for 2 4 days. Weird feeling in bottom of throat. Really scared! Help please!

Having on and off pain under and between both breasts and also causing a funny feeling in my throat. Do I need to have this checked out?

Headache, hard to swallow, right side of neck feels tight, and some stomach pain. coughs up dark mucus in the morning, What could this be?

Hello I've got a problem with my Esophagus tube ive burnt with alcohol and shoving my fingers down my throat that's left me with pain and burning?

Hello, I have a harsh pain when i swallow in my upper chest, upper back and neck. It feels like muscle pain, could it be a cold? Thanks in advance.

Hi , feeling little ache from coughing (cold) & burping (acid reflux /anxiety) under my chin near jaw / right ear.. Any idea what it is?

Hi coughing & burping at same time & felt twitching sensation on top left side of head , didn't hurt . Idea? Have sinus infection & acid reflux

Hi doctor, i constantly have to clear my throat and i also cough. i also feel some pain in the right side of my chest.

Hi I was wondering if vagus nerve damage could be my problem? I have pain in my throat when talking, stomach pain, and a lot of nasal stuffiness?!

Hi I'm 43 and have heavy chest feeling but chest area hurts when swallowing and coughing had sore throat any advice please it hurts?

Hi, i experience a pressure kind of pain in the chest when i swallow,eat or drink. I don't have any pain if i look down when swallowing.

Hi, i've had this sharp mild pain in my left side Adam's apple, it comes and goes. I have no difficulty swallowing or anything like that. I'm also 17 ?

Hi, I've sucked 5 helium balloons and now I'm coughing and it hurts my throat I also hav a mild headache and a pain in my lower abdominal ?