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3 Days w/fever 100-102, sore throat. D4 fvr gone, sore throat w/swollen lymphs in neck. D5 sore throat, lymphs smaller. No congestion. Flu or strep?

3rd day of transient bad sore throat. Doc did throat culture, but said it's not likely strep. I have runny nose. No acid reflux , no allergies. ??

9 year old sore throat what to do ?

After a cold,throat inflammation lasted more than a week……?

Any advice? I have had a sore throat for 6 days now?

Any advice? What surgery is it where they use scissors down your throat to remove throat or a sore, strep throat?

Are sore throats contagious, when your around somebody with one?

Are you more likely to get canker sores with mono or strep?

At night I have a sore throat only and no cough. During the day I have a moist cough but no sore throat. Could this still be a bacterial infection?

been sick for a week, coughing, congestion, sneezing and sore throat, and today i discovered i might have a cold sore...does that always mean herpes?

Both my kids, 11 and 8 have gotten a 102-103 fever for 3 days and sore cold symptoms. It's been 5 days. Still have a mild sore throat. ?

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Can a virus cause a sore throat that is now on it's 4th day but with no other cold symptoms like congestion or cough? Or is this probably bacterial?

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Can analgesic throat lozenges cause tongue sores?

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Can antibiotics cause sore throat?

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Can the flu or common cold cause the tongue to be sore near the throat as well as not being able to taste anything temporally?

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Can you tell me more about sore throats. Help?

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Cancer on tonsil. How long do I have a sore throat afterwards. Radiotherapy 13 months ago and still have very sore throat.

Child having minor throat soar?

Chlamydia can cause sore throat symptoms?

Cholorohexidine gargle for throat infection is it good for throat pain?

Chronic sore throat what could be the cause?

Cold sores in the throat , what dose it mean and is it common age is 48

Contagious types of sore throat?

Could a fever between 101-103 for like two days cause canker sores?

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Could a sore throat turn into strep throat?

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Day one i had cold like symptoms and a sore throat. Day 2 and 3 are just the worse sore throat ever and a mild cough. Could it be strep?

Did drugs and now I have a very, very sore throat. What should I do?

Did my cold cause 4 days late period? Had cough and sore throat

Difference between strep and sore throat? Gave blood monday and now have a sore or strep throat what's the cause?

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