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I have a sore throat and blocked nose throat can be hard to swallow. also feeling under the weather and run down the past week. what do i say to work?

feels like a sore throat but not sure. Very dry throat and stuffy nose, doesn't feel like normal sore throat. What could it be? Bc of clonaz and paxi

I feel something flushy in my throat I can see it in mirror and its paining when I swallow anything, is it any throat infection? what to do with it?

Really bad Headaches, throat hurts when swallowing , lumps on tongue, sore throat, feel like I'm going to pass out or vomit! ?

12 days i had sex. Been coughing for a week. Throat is not soar. Just feels like the cold stuff dripping on my throat. I am afraid if have hiv?

14yr daughter has 4 canker sores in her mouth ( one being at the very back of her throat!) took halls and now when swallow feels like sandpaper why?

16,social smoker for 1 year,stopped for a while,had 1 yesterday, throats sore,feel a tightness in throat,ear and nose pain, could I have throat cancer?

29 weeks pregnant and have really bad dry mouth at night then during the day my throat feels dry and irritated similar to when you have a little hair or something in the back of your throat throat is not sore any suggestions?

30 y/o son woke up 5 days ago with a very slight sore throat and a terrible tickle in throat, did not see doc, should he be on antibiotics or allergy?

5 days ago i had fever and a really sore throat i didn't see a doctor, today my throat doesn't hurt but its super dry. What should I do to help it?

7 days ago i had a scratchy throat and i've been taking sudaphed and it stills feels like I am swallowing needles but I have no white bumps on my throat?

About a week ago i had body aches and a sore throat with cough, it has progressively gotten worse and today the roof of my mouth is swollen?

After a nap my ears were hurting. Only one is now hurting especially when I swallow no sore throat or fever?

Am struggling to swollow, my throat is extremely sore and i can barely see my throat as my epiglottis is swollen, and there is a hard bump in it?

Am very emetophobic. I have a sore, dry, swollen throat. no other symptoms but panicking can a sore throat make you vomit. Petrified!

Been coughing with a sore throat for about a week. Now my left nostril is swollen and sore on the outside. ?

Been having a sore throat past few days. First 2 days was with fever and chills. But now it's extremely painful to swallow and visibly red and swollen?

Been having sore throat for almost 3 months.voice goes in and out sometimes hard to swallow. Went to the doctor told me its laryrigitis what is it..

Been sick for 2 months. Fatigued, trouble breathing, sore throat and neck with red viens in throat, feels like lump in throat beneath adams apple?

Can a build up of mucus in the throat cause a lump in the throat sensation?

Can acid reflux cause constant sore throat and thick mucus above uvula? Throat is swollen too. Dont feel sick. Or is this low thyroid?

Can clearing my throat ( a lot) make the inside of my throat bleed ?

Can doctors tell me what does strep throat feel like at first?

Can I get a sore throat from yelling?

Can i still get endoscopic & septoplasty if I have a very sore throat?3 days ago my throat started to hurt.Hurts when i swallow.Surgery is on tuesday.

Can swallowing cum give you a sore throat?

Can you still get your wisdom teeth out if you have a small sore throat/cough?

Could acid reflux cause frequent sore throats ( about once a week) that feel like sore throats from a cold? I never feel ill & they go away in 1 day.

Could I get a terrible sore throat and hoarse voice from a dental abscess?

Could making out with my tobacco chewing boyfriend be the cause of my sore throat and stomach ache?

Daughters throat hurts. Painful to swallow and head hurts. Dentist said her throat looked red. Could it be strep?

Do I have strep throat? Chest burning sensation and sore throat feels like swallowing a golf ball stuffy nose 99.3 fever know one sick around me

Do you need antibiotics if your throat hurts?

Does throat cancer feel like a regular sore throat?

Every once in awhile around the uvula & throat, it begins to feel swollen and I have to swallow mucus why?Could it be nerves?

Every time i swallow my spit it feels like something is scratching it, is this a symptom of strep throat?

Every time i swallow water or any other liguid my throat feels stingy. i recently had a viral infection in my throat. could it be coming back?

Extreme nasal congestion, sore throat , bad metallic taste in mouth now my right tonsil is slightly red, painful to swallow and slight fevers! Help?

Extremely sore throat nose congested nothing I'm doing is helping. What can I do? Can't swallow

Feels like acid is sitting in the back of throat for 3 days. Sour taste in mouth, throat is sore & lump in throat when I swallow. Antacids didnt work ?

Feels like I have a ball in my throat and tightness swallowing that's painful but not in a soar throat type of way. No symptoms of a cough or cold?

Fever of 99.8*F - 102.4*F, sore, red throat with bumps on the back of the throat, hard to swallow & Breathe, very dizzy. Could this be strep or worse?

Flu for 1 week, sore throat for 2 weeks. All is gone now but I have a dry mouth and feels like phlegm is stuck in my throat. Could this be cancer?

Flu left 2 weeks ago, sore throat when swallowing for 2 weeks. Slight cough and lots of phlegm stuck in throat. Could this be cancer? Very worried

For 3 weeks i've a sore throat when swallowing (feels like tonsillitis) I have painful bumps on my throat? My kids n partner have it. Wot is it?

For a couple days my throat has been hurting when i swallow and feels a not swollen. I have not had the flu or allergies. What could it be?

For a few days have had mild sore throat with a tickle sensation, blocked and runny nose, but then woke up 3am with bad sore throat, worse with swallo?

For about 5 days I've had a persistent sore throat where it only hurts if I swallow anything, I am not sick because everything else is fine any ideas?

For couple weeks i been having trouble swallowing what could it be I have horrible sore throat my tounsils are red ?

For the past 3-4 days my throat has been hurting. Every time i swallow, yawn, talk, etc... It hurts really bad. What could it be? Strep?

For the past couple of days, my throat has been sore at night and when I wake up. Today the back of my tongue is sore whenever I swallow. ?

For the past few days, my throat has been sore. When I swallow it hurts and feels as if something is stuck in it. Is there anything to treat this?

GF has been very sick w/ cough, sore red throat w/ sores, & fever. Now the pain is going into her chest & she can't breathe or swallow. What is wrong?

Had a sore throat fir overb6 weeks now?

Had a sore throat for a week now abit sore to swallow worse somedays than others what is this?

Had cold for week. Now back where nose meets throat very sore hurts to swallow. Feel mucus stuck there and coughs out bloody. Do i need antibiotic?

Had op for my sinuses 3 weeks ago since then I've had a constant sore throat hurts to swallow, could the breathing tube scratched my throat?

Had swollow glands inflamed throat and red. I now have rotten taste more so if i belch.fullness in my throat. What is it.

Hard to breathe just at dr no swollen glands had a cough for about 4 months no cold symptoms hard to swallow. Ideas?

Hard to breathe, tight, sore throat, lump in throat, excessive saliva. I've had it for 8 days plesae help!?

Have a bad sore throat- painful to swallow & seems like its started where my nose & throat meet? Some muscle soreness. No other symptoms. Any ideas?

Have a sore throat (3 days) and no real other symptoms. Hurts more when I swallow than another else, hardly notice when I am not swallowing. ?

Have Had a sore throat for 2 wks now every time I swallow food or liquid I get chest pains for a few seconds ?

Have had a sore throat for last three days. Still hurts so much. How to relieve it?

Have had chronic post nasal drip for 3 weeks. Have noticed a small hard lump on the back of tongue near throat and throat is sore when I swallow. Any?

Have had sore throat for 2wk, lost my voice for a couple of days, still to this day, I have a very painful forcing cough with the sore throat & blood.

Have had sore throat for 4 days.. some phlem and backdrip.. hard to swallow.. throat not very red but I can see tip of ephiglottis at certain angle.

Have mono, got it may 29th or so. Sore throat is gone but now it feels like I have stuff stuck in my throat. No pain just irritating. Is this normal?

Having problems with my throat. Swelling feels like my throat is being swueezed going on for months now. Epiglottis?

He has colic ... would that type of crying cause the sore throat? I dont know if it is really a sore throat or he just sound horse?

Hello doctor, i have a sharp feeling in my throat, it hurts alot to swallow, I have a sore throat also. Do i need an xray?

Hello I have green lumps coming up my throat, and I also have the feeling of a lump in my throat when I swallow?

Hello, i'm a singer and have had for the few days problems singing. My throat hurts. Feels like something is stuck on tonsils or throat. What is it?

Hello, I've had a swollen feeling in my throat down below my adams apple but actually in my throat, I have to clear my throat way more than normal, i?

Hi ,what medicen is good for sor throat?

Hi for the Last few days I've had a sore throat and a horrible taste at the back of my throat, just wondering what it could be, thanks?

Hi I have a sore throat and my voice just went from normal to deep so what do you think is wrong?

Hi I woke up this morning with a sore throat and pain in my ears when I swallow. Could this be strep throat?

Hi my throat hurts and its not a cold because i don't have a runny nose so what could it be and it feels like it is near the back of the throat ?

Hi, I have Pharyngoconjunctivial & my throat is very swollen & hurts really bad :-( what could I do about this ?

Hi! I have had pretty severe pain near my trachea everytime I swallow or cough or breath heavily. I don't see a red throat or swollen throat because?

Hi. There are red bumps on my throat which wasnt there before and i constantly feel pain in my throat and earache. 3 week ago i had canker sores that ?

How can I ease a sore throat with something that won't irritate reflux?

How can I treat crackling and gurgling sound in chest with sore throat?

How can you get a sore throat without screaming?

How come i only have sore throat one side of throat?

How come when i get a sore throat, at night to hurts the most to swallow?

How do I get rid of my sore throat, cough, pain when swallowing food, and ear ache?

How do you know you have an infection in your throat? When you are feeling scratching in your throat, can't swallow nothing, dry,headache, and dizzy.

How does it feel when you have swollen glands in your throat ? Does it feel like you can't really swallow and almost like you have a sore throat ?

How to tell why I am all of a sudden having a soar throat ?

I am almost 2 mo. Pregnant and have a sore throat and it is hard to swallow and is painful when i yawn.I do not want to take medication.What can I do?

I am experiencing sore throat and white stuff on my tonsils and hurts when swallowing ?

I am having a sniffly nose and sore throat feels like it's my my epiglottis. How long could epiglottis be inflames before serious?

I am i thought my tonsils shrank away, but i looked at my throat because it hurt (but not because my throat is raw) and i could see them. Is that bad?

I am sick, but only my thoat hurts. Is it strep?I don't have money for a doctor,

I can feel something in my throat when I swallow. Had a bad sore throat that went away. Feeling in throat is still there, and now with congestion. 22?

I coughed- just once to clear my throat and now my throat hurts when I swallow or eat something dry like toast...what could this be?

I don't have a "lump in throat" feeling, but a physical lump in my throat, followed by throat ulcers and a cold sore by my mouth. Is there a relation?

I don't know what's happening to me I have like inside fever then sore throat and earache what should I do?