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I've been choking easily ,difficulty swallowing,constant headaches , feeling like if there is something stuck in throat.

18 yr old girl. Tightness and lump in throat. Puffy face, difficulty swallowing. Slight cough. Hospital said I should go to an ENT and get scoped?

2 year old still drooling. He is not teething. He wheezes a lot. He coughs all day and all night. Could it be caused by large tonsils?

8 days span sore throat, difficult swallowing, some shortness of breath, hoarseness, phlegm upon wakening. Bumps on throat. Symptom of HIV?

A lot of burping, fatigue, sore throat & ear (comes and goes) & sometimes choking and coughing when eating. Could this be thyroid or throat related?

After extubation a month later extremely sore throat, pain swallowing, hoarseness with sore vocal cords. Right tonsil hurts when I swallow. Advice plz?

Are symptoms of ears crackling when swallowing caused by anxiety?

Back of throat toncils..pain and difficulty swallowing. Ent hasn't figured it out yet?

Been having odd symptoms. Heavy tongue trouble swallowing with choking and now a constant ringing in left ear. Very loud. What is wrong ?

Been having throat pains, have to clear my throat way too often and i'm having trouble swallowing. What do you think i have?

Bloody postnasal drip, left ear pain only when swallowing and yawning. I'm 20,cancer? Sore throat on and off for 3 weeks too.

Can aerophagia/gas cause a lump in the throat sensation?

Can allergies cause neck pain when swallowing?

Can an esopgageal ring cause symptoms in the throat even when not eating? neck discomfort no sign of anything in throat had a laryngoscopy.

Can anxiety cause a person to get neck and throat tightness?

Can anxiety cause throat swelling?

Can anxiety lead to excessive mucus in the throat and/or throat clearing?

Can asthma cause feeling of narrowing or swelling in throat? Thanks

Can chronic sinusitis cause throat swelling sensation and difficulty swallowing if the patient has had it for about 3 years? If so, how can it treated

Can chronic sinusitis cause throat swelling sensation, diffficulty swallowing and cause shortness of breathe if the patient has had it over 3 years?

Can cold weather cause or contribute to a lump in the throat sensation?

Can enlarged thyroid cause throat clearing and excess sputum feeling?

Can excessive belching cause throat damage? Can't gargle, difficulty swallowing at times, choking, neck pain on both sides, acid reflux problems.

Can LPR cause difficulty swallowing/eating and stuffed nose/throat/sinuses?

Can minor GERD cause swelling of throat + difficulty swallowing? sore throat for 8 month. Any home treatments? Large gas and occasional bloating.

Can not breathing out cause throat to swell?

Can sinus drainage from allergies cause sore throat and difficulty swallowing?

Can sinusitis cause difficult swallowing?

Can sinusitis cause throat clearing burning sensation of throat and dizziness when bending over?

Can sinutitis cause sore throat and swallow difficulty?

Can some one recover from swallowing problem, because his musscle in his throat shut down. ?

Can swallowing cum cause throat irritation?

Can tongue tension cause a tight throat?

Can tonsil stones cause a dirt-type taste in the back of your throat more so when swallowing for 1+ years constantly? (just about every day)

Can you get a 'lump in the throat' sensation from clearing your throat too often?

Can you give yourself a sore throat from swallowing excessively for no reason?

Can you have tonsil issues that cause hoarseness, breathy-ness, tight full feeling throat for months with no fever/sickness?

Chronic sore throat, difficulty swallowing, swollen lymph nodes in neck, metallic taste in mouth, burning tongue?

Clicking and rubbing sensation in my throat when swallowing?

Clicking in throat/neck when swallowing. Not painful but annoying. What can be the cause?

Clicking sound in throat when drinking water. This sound also comes when swallowing mucus formed in throat.Please suggest something?

Constant clearing of the throat? Allergies or a habit?

Constant clearing of the throat? Nerves or illness?

Constant dry throat, a lot of flem, sore lymph nodes, trouble swallowing/clearing throat. no pain. ?

Constant swallowing of the throat Mucus in the throat Tightness in the throat No heart burn, no difficulty eating Burping after meals ?

Constantly clearing my throat, feel like lump & spasms to throat, fluid in ears, difficulty breathing. Dr thinks allergies\rads. I think silent reflux.

Cough during the day and swelling of the tongue at night. What is wrong with me?

Could a burning sensation in throat. Slight discomfort and mildly horse voice with blood taste in mouth be a vocal hemorage?

Could you have an esophageal tear with no throat pain or difficulty swallowing or breathing?

Difficulty swallowing, swollen glands/tonsils, sore throat changed to just painful swallowing (back roof of mouth) and uncomfortable feeling talking?

Do GERD symptoms include feeling something stuck on your throat?

Do i have strep throat? Difficulty swallowing dry mouth and throat, feels like something is there. Been experiencing a bit of heart burn as well. No other symptoms.

Does a lump in throat anxiety cause wheezing?

Does oropharyngeal dysphagia cause constant coughing?

Does oropharyngeal dysphagia cause tightness or a feeling of a lump in the throat?

Does swallowing mens sperm cause sore throat?

Does swallowing toothpaste cause a long lasting throat pain?

Dull ache in middle of throat when swallowing. Tight ache not sore comes and goes sometimes. No trouble swallowing or talking or drooling. What is it?

Every day occasional clicking in the mid-throat region when swallowing (no dysphagia) w/ mild throat tightness is due most likely to what?

Experiencing throat discomfort and 'tightness' when lying down at night. Throat makes gurgly noises sometimes too. Any idea what this could be?

Fatigue.Swelling in throat by my voice box like somethings stuck. Pressure in ear-swallowing. No pain, slight cough. Dentist said virus, but not strep

Feeling of incomplete swallowing. Tightness in throat. Large tonsil crypts & sometimes tonsil stones. What could cause these symptoms?

Feeling of something in throat no difficulty or pain swallowing when eating goes away sometimes, and heartburn what could it be?

Fluid dripping at the back of my throat, throat is orange. Strange taste in mouth. Pressure in forehead, general malaise and difficulty focusing eyes?

For the last several weeks (on&off), i've had an itchy throat w/trouble swallowing; sometimes a sore throat. Only happens at night as i'm in bed.

For the past few days I've had difficulty swallowing, a lump in throat sensation, and ear pain, but no sore throat or fever. What could this be?

Frequent saliva swallowing, pain below adam's apple when swalliwing saliva but not food, dry throat, pocket of air sensation in throat , belching?

GI problem seem cause my sore throat, throat clearing, feeling of lump in throat, difficulty breathing & swallow. Can it cause severe chest pain too?

Had a kenalog (triamcinolone) shot. Experiencing soreness/weakness around neck. No difficulty breathing it swallowing just the soreness. Is this a cause for concern?

Had slight pain near my left tonsil for ~3 weeks now. Bit of a cough, slightly sore throat and hoarse voice. No difficulty swallowing. What can it be?

Have difficulty swallowing due to excess mucus in throat? What could it be?

Have sore throat around adams apple and in back of throat. Two yellow sacs in the back of my throat. No hoarseness or pain swallowing. Smoker age 29?

Having a lot of difficulty swallowing for over a week, noticed elongated uvula, but no pain in throat/fever/etc. What could it be?

Having difficulty swallowing, sore throat and have 2 lumps on my neck. Had them for years. Cancer?

Having discomfort in throat and chest. Feels like something is lodged in throat..Sensation of swallowing something large even when not eating.....?

Having lump in throat or throat tightness sensation (not in the heart) sometimes in p.E. At school. What might be causing it?

Heartburn, chronic cough, a feeling of a "lump in the throat" what could this be ?And what to do with it ?

Hello for about 5 months i've had the sensation of swallowing my own tongue! sometimes it stops me swallowing! i'm 17 and i just wanna know why:(?

Help me please (pain with swallowing) and epiglottitis?

Help! burning throat and ear after choking on pill! is this normal?

Hi i have a pain on the lhs of my throat when swallowing. When not swallowing is ok. Two weeks of antibiotics have not solved issue?

Hi I am 31 year old female, recently diagnosed with hpv, a smoker. No other health problems. I am experiencing a dry cough, some trouble swallowing tightness in upper throat.voice cutting in and out sounds hoarse Been ongoing for about 3 months.

Hi i have had a sore throat for 1 day and this morning i awoke with a sensation of tightness in my lower thoat when breathing in. ?

Hi I have phlegm stuck in my throat, which is causing me difficulty to swallow and airway seems blocked. Difficult to breathe.

Hi there. I've had a swollen tonsil, red throat, and and difficulty swallowing and breathing for the past 6 weeks.

Hot, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, no problem breathing, had headache yesterday slightly today other dr said possible mono, as i'm only 17?

How can enlarged thyroid with throat tightening or throat spasm be treated

How can I address my difficulty swallowing and persistent sore thoat?

How can I tell if I have adenoiditis? I have symptoms of pain when swallowing?

How common is it for 27 f smoker to get throat cancer otherwise healthy feeling of something in throat no horseness or pain or difficulty swallowing?

How do I present a speech if I have painful ulcers around throat?

How much time does angina in throat lasts?

How to soothe residual throat pain from breathing tube after surgery?

I always experience phlegm sticking at my throat..

I always suffer from sore throat and inflammation that cause ear pain and difficulty in swallowing. When i make rps it becomes high as 14.9.

I am experiencing bloody nose, throat swelling, difficulty swallowing, neck pain, pain when swallowing and sore throat. The following also describ...

I am experiencing difficulty swallowing. How do I know if my tonsils are bad my tonsils are touching my tongue and it hurts when I sallow. ?

I am experiencing difficulty swallowing. The following also describe me: Cough and Heartburn (GERD). What should I do?

I am experiencing sore throat, spots on throat and difficulty swallowing. The following also describe me: Pain when swallowing, Swollen tonsils, E...

I am experiencing throat swelling, sore throat, swollen tonsils (quality: white or yellowish spots on tonsils) , difficulty swallowing. And difficulty breathing when sleeping. ?