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18 y/o male with hypothyroidism. Diagnosed @ 15. Is this common? Should i just take the Synthroid (thyroxine) are ask doc to further investigate as too why?

2 months ago my TSH is 1. 7. Now my TSH is 24. I am hypothyroid patient taking levothyroxine 100 for the last five months. Why it is so?

4-21-14 Thyroidectomy r/t thyroiditis, goiter. On Synthroid (thyroxine) 137 mcg- hypo s/s returning have felt great for months. Would adding Cytomel help?

After 20 years on synthroid, (thyroxine) can I switch to a natural thyroid supplement?

After having my thyroid removed, and now taking synthroid (thyroxine).......How does graves disease cont to effect me?

After radioiodine ablation in 2008, and now on Synthroid (thyroxine) for hypothyroidism, is it correct to assume that my thyroid is completely non-functioning?

Alcohol and hypothyroidism and being on levothyroxine equals?

Am I hypothyroid if I have all the symptoms and should I take thyroxine?

Any info on thyrolar (thyroxine and liothyronine)?

Anyone been on cytomel (liothyronine) for hypothyroid for a length of time and ok?

Anyone taken armour, thyrolar (thyroxine and liothyronine)?

Anyone used thyrolar (thyroxine and liothyronine)?

Are dessicated thyroid pills more beneficial than levothyroxine pills for hypothyroidism?

Are there other options besides taking Synthroid (thyroxine) that can help my hypothyroidism?

Armour or Synthroid (thyroxine) which is better?

Armour thyroid, is this a Rx? Is it pig thyroid? Are the chances good my Fnp would let me switch me from levothyroxine?

Armour vs thyrolar (thyroxine and liothyronine) for thyriod medicine?

Armour vs thyrolar (thyroxine and liothyronine) which is better thyriod medicine?

Benefits/risks of Synthroid (thyroxine) if borderline and elderly?

Can 112mcg to 125 mcg Synthroid (thyroxine) make a difference?

Can 5 mcg of cytomel (liothyronine) cause insomnia?

Can 50mcg of Synthroid (thyroxine) make thyroid nodules grow?

Can a high dose of Synthroid (thyroxine) do harm to the body?

Can an increase in Synthroid (thyroxine) cause indigestion?

Can any doc tell me what's the difference between thyroxine, thyrocalcitonin and triiodothyronine?

Can chromium help hypothyroid?

Can cytomel 5mcg cause subacutr thyroiditis? Sx: enlarged painful left side thyroid and fever. Extreme tired. Hashi. Thyroid on Synthroid (thyroxine) & cytomel.

Can hypothyroid symptoms be fast heart rate and insomnia? Will adding cytomel to Synthroid (thyroxine) help?

Can I lose my eyebrows by taking Synthroid (thyroxine) for hypothroidism?

Can i replace the thyronorm tablet instead of eltroxin for thyroid?

Can i take thyronorm for thyroid?

Can I try taking armour thryoid with hashimotos?

Can I use carbimazole for thyroid?

Can it be possible for Synthroid (thyroxine) to cause liver enlargement ?

Can l-tyrosine help with armour thyroid?

Can levothyroxine be taken in place of methimazole for Graves disease?

Can metformin interfere with the absorbtion of thyroxine and cytomel (liothyronine)?

Can overmedicating on levothyroxine give you headaches ?

Can stopping Armour Thyroid for six weeks induce myxedema?

Can switching thyroid brands levoxyl, (thyroxine) Synthroid armour and to Synthroid cause hair loss?

Can Synthroid (thyroxine) actually cause weight gain if not given the correct dose ?

Can Synthroid (thyroxine) cause acid issues in the stomach?

Can Synthroid (thyroxine) cause cardiac disturbances?

Can Synthroid (thyroxine) cause night sweats?

Can Synthroid (thyroxine) cause ringing in your ears?

Can Synthroid (thyroxine) used to suppress the growth of a non-tox mng (euthyroid) continue to cause hyperthyroidism four months after discontinuing the pills?

Can taking iodine help your hypothyroidism?

Can taking too much Synthroid (thyroxine) (hyperthyroid) cause depression?

Can taking too much Synthroid (thyroxine) plus cytomel, therefore having a very low TSH level, cause seizures?

Can the one month injection of lupron affect my Synthroid (thyroxine) effectiveness? Currently taking .137 Synthroid (thyroxine) daily due to total thyroidectomy 4 years ago.

Can the wrong doseage of thyroxine for hypothyroidism lead to hyperthyroidism?

Can thyrotoxicosis be caused by taking too much or too high of a dose of synthroid (thyroxine)?

Can too much thyroxine cause diarhhoea?

Can you have a cytomel (liothyronine) thyroid medication overdose?

Can you have reactions to the dyes in synthroid (thyroxine)?

Can you mix arimidex (anastrozole) and armour thyroid?

Can you tell me if Armour Thyroid is better than levothyroxin?

Coul hypothyroidism go away after many years of taking synthroid (thyroxine)?

Could thyroid disease be the cause of depression if I have not taken Synthroid (thyroxine) for 2 yrs?

Could too much Synthroid (thyroxine) cause heart block?

Dear sir, I have hypothyroidism I take 100mcg of T4. Still I spent 4 months, but I have depression. Can I cytomel (liothyronine)?

Diagnosed w/ hypothyroid 1 mo ago and on Synthroid (thyroxine) 25mcg but still have fatigue, what should I do?

Did Synthroid (thyroxine) cause down syndrome baby?

Do thyroid levels change as a person ages? Does everyone eventually need synthroid (thyroxine)?

Doctor recommended Armour Thyroid for borderline TSH saying it's better than synthroid, (thyroxine) why?

Does anyone have any info on thyrolar (thyroxine and liothyronine) uses?

Does Armour Thyroid increase appetite?

Does B12 adversely affect synthroid (thyroxine)?

Does cytomel (liothyronine) cause heat intolerance?

Does increasing my Synthroid (thyroxine) increase my metaboism?

Does l-tyrosine help with hypothyroidism?

Does splenda affect synthroid (thyroxine)?

Does Synthroid (thyroxine) contain iodine?

Does Synthroid (thyroxine) dosage need to be adjusted in patients with kidney failure?

Does Synthroid (thyroxine) interact with iodine?

Does Synthroid (thyroxine) make you hungry?

Does Synthroid (thyroxine) treat menopause?

Does taking cytomel or Synthroid (thyroxine) to help lose weight?

Does the medication Synthroid (thyroxine) cause sensitivity to the sun?

Even tho my hypothyroidism is contolled by Synthroid (thyroxine) can it still cause low ferritin?

Had graves disease but am now doing well on 10 mg of tapazole (methimazole). Took iodine pill and now thyroid now burns. Help?

Hashimotos TSH 7.7 how much naturthroid should I be taking?

Have graves disease. Dr reduced dose of tapezole(5 mg) from once every other day to twice/week because my thyroid hormones are normal. Good idea?

Have hypothyroidism controlled by synthroid (thyroxine) pills. how often should tsh levels be checked in pregnancy?last time i checked it 3 months ago

Have scientists found treatments for hypothyroid other than synthroid (thyroxine)?

Hi! Can have my thyroid medicine thyroxine at night ??

Hi.I've TSH 27.95 is it hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism?Thanx

How can one suggest the dose of thyronorm for hypothyroid disease?

How can you tell if you don't need Synthroid (thyroxine) anymore and the thyroid starts working again for hypothyrodism?

How do you figure out the correct dose of armor thyroid?

How do you know if Armour Thyroid is working?

How do you know if your body needs synthroid (thyroxine)?

How does a doctor decide what dose of Synthroid (thyroxine) to give a patient?

How does a person switch from Synthroid (thyroxine) to nature-throid? Just switch or is there a gradual process?

How does Synthroid (thyroxine) affect sodium levels?

How dose hypothyroidism cause hyperprolactinemia ?

How long before ptu (propylthiouracil) is effective against hyperthyroidism?

Hypothyroidism on levothyroxin and have a short temper. Is this normal?

Hypothyroidism shut down 59 years on Synthroid (thyroxine) 150. Born with hypothyroid and feel it is not functioning at all?

Hypothyroidism, levoxyl, (thyroxine) dysfunctional uterine bleeding, transfusion, what to do?