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Should a person with hyper thyroidism take typical thyroid medication like Synthroid (thyroxine)?

2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with Graves' disease and was put on propanolol and methimazole. Is it safe to start a kickboxing class?

4 months pregnant with graves' disease, would surgery or radio iodine be a good option? As medication is not improving the illness.

A family member has hyperthyroid. His bloodwork said his thyroid level was 5.6. Does he need medicine? He is 60 years old and otherwise healthy.

After going on hyperthyroid medication how quickly does it usually regulate the thyroid to normal lvls?

After healed & medications are stop, can hyperthyroid recur? What can I do to prevent it? Or to maintain the thyroid hormones at normal/healthy level?

After taking Armour Thyroid for 6 months at 120mg/day for borderline subclinical hypothyroidism, would it likely be safe to stop cold turkey?

Anyone with thyroid disease experience sensitivity to thyroid medications?

Are hypothyroid and hyperthyroid the same thing and are medicines the same?

Are hypothyroid medications effective?

Are medications needed for patients subclinical hyperthyridism???

Are meds, hypothyroidism, some cancers causes for excessively sleeping?

Are there any new treatments (meds) for hyperthyroidism coming out soon? My mom can't tolerate ptu (propylthiouracil) or methimazole...

Are there dangers to not treating a thyroid condition if this is in fact what i might have?

Are there effective alternative therapies for child with low thyroid?

Are there herbal supplements that increase thyroid levels for those of us w hypothyroid and suffering frm symptoms still on synthroid (thyroxine)?2 use carefully!

At 60, with a TSH of 6.8 but no symptoms, is it okay to avoid starting the evil drug Levothyroxine if I'm taking meds for D3,B12 and cholestrol?

Been diagnosed with hypothyroidism scared to take thyroid meds have a fear of medication afraid of getting reaction plz help ?

Been on ptu (propylthiouracil) for 13 days will the breathing issue stop?

Being treated with synthroid for hypothyroidism. Side effects seem to only stem from complications if you become hyper. Is this true?

Blood tests are normal but suffering all hypothyroidism symptoms, what is the lowest safest dosage of thyroxine i can take to examine gland response?

Breathing issues before taking ptu (propylthiouracil). Will the ptu (propylthiouracil) help the problem is it due to hyperthyriod?

Can a higher dosage of thyroid medication help fibromyalgia pain?

Can a person with graves disease take ptu (propylthiouracil) when pregnant?

Can accupunture bring my thyroid levels to normal. If yes, then how. I m hypothyroid.

Can beta blockers be taken to help relieve symptoms of grave's eye disease , with levothyroxine, and after total thyroidectomy?

Can chronic autoimmune urticaria go into remission? Will taking levothyroxine for thyroid help stop the hives without taking antihistamines?

Can diet changes improve my post partum hypothyroidism? Been on altroxin 100 for 15 months.

Can griseofulvin treat liver and thyroid tumours?

Can hypothyroidism cause depression? and how long can it take for your thyroid meds to work ?

Can I breastfeed if I am taking antithyroid medicine for graves?

Can i donate eggs if on thyroid meds?

Can I just use thyroid meds to reduce a thyroid nodule?

Can methimazole make you permanently hypothyroid? Will labs return to normal once methimazole is stopped/reduced or is replacement hormone needed?

Can people talk after thyroid surgery?

Can psych drugs be beneficial for thyroid problems?

Can smoking weed effect a person with an underactive thyroid?

Can throid medicine affect av block?

Can thyroid antbodies (tpoab>1000 & tgab = 80.3) ever be treated? Can dexamethesone be used for antibodies treatment and its possible side effects?

Can thyroid medication for hypothyroid (levoxyl) cause eyes to swell or hurt?

Can thyroid medicines be stopped for sub clinical thyroid?

Can u try 2 conceive while taking methimizole 4 graves hyperthyroid, that is well managed with medication? Or are surgery/waiting the only options?

Can you please tell me about an alternative medicine for thyroid cancer?

Can you tell me for hyperthyroidism what medication is best?

Can you tell me how quickly is hashimoto's disease treated when on the correct ammount of meds?

Can you tell me why after radiation treatment for an over active thyroid the meds still don't work well and can't be regulated?

Can you treat underactive thyroid through diet (vs rx or to delay rx)? My TSH was 5.9 mlU/L. At what point do you consider treatment?

Could I breastfeed if I am taking antithyroid medicine for graves' disease?

Could I live without a thyroid and not have to take any meds?

Could my hypothyroidism be causing anxiety, and if so would taking the right treatment for the thyroid also treat the anxiety?

Could my low thyroid problem be caused by taking cetirizine HCl 10 mg every night?

Could thyroid medication help?

Cushing syndrome due to taking prednisone and propylthiouracil for thyroid?

Dangers of flaxseeds and thyroid medication?

Dear doc. I have been eating thyrozol 5mg/day and propanolol 10mg/day, cause i'v disease coloid goiter, so can I follow to practice karate?Thanks

Diagnosed with hyperthyroidism 3 months ago. What could cause it? Family history of hypothyroidism.I took Ayurvedic medicines which contained guggul 6 months ago, could that be the reason ?

Diagnosed with severe graves 2 years ago and treated with methimazole and atenolol. Doing well now, but is it safe to continue with this drug treatmen?

Do all patients with Hashimoto and normal thyroid function need medication?

Do antihistamines mess with you thyroid?

Do I have to stabilize my hyperthyroid before i ask for surgery? My thyroid cannot be treated with pills.

Do i need to have thyroid medicine with TSH level 17 , can it be corrected without medicines.I am planning a baby ?

Doc said I have an underactive thyroid reading of 20, can a lifestyle change fix this, or do I need medication. Will I need to take med forever?

Doc, my TBIL is high i take medication for my hyperthyroid and like atenolol and ptu (propylthiouracil). But my ALT and AST are normal.. ?

Doc. I am on levothroxin for my thyroid problem but I have a toothache can I clindamycin?

Does anyone on ptu (propylthiouracil) for an overactive thyroid become emotional?

Does anyone know if medication can shrink thyroid nodules?

does coffee affect thyroid medication?

Does going gluten free help with Hashimoto's thyroiditis? Or can you recommend anything that will help? Medication isn't helping with symptoms at all.

Does high tpoabs slowly completely destroy thyroid gland?If so, how long will it take?Do they attack the other body parts once thyroid stop working?

Does hyperthyroidism go away in time with medication?

Does surgery control hyperthyroidism?

Does surgery control hyperthyroidism?

Does taking antihustamines interfere with the function of your thyroid gland?

Does thyroid medication interfere with ginger?

Down syndrome26 yes TSH 3rd generationgeneration 9.84 put on Synthroid (thyroxine) 25 mg is this a Correct treatment?

First TSH levels were 6.8, 1 week later are 3.1. Not on thyroid medication. Have many symptoms of hypothyroid incl. chronic hives. What causes this?

For what reasons wont doctors treat a hypo thyroid until over 10 tsh?

Friend has hypothyroidism 9+ yrs, taking eutirox. Current doc advises to gradually diminish and stop meds to reactivate thyroid. Safe? Effective?

Graves disease - does it make a difference if i take 5 mg of tapazole (methimazole) every other day vs taking 2.5 mg daily?

Graves disease, mixedema and exopthalmos , scheduled for compete thyroidectomy bc not responding to treatment. Will these 2 resolve after surgery?

Hashimotos. Rxd Armour by Primary. Endocrinologist advised I should not be on thyroid med at this time. Feel crazy. Anything I can do to calm symptoms?

Have severe insomnia after starting Armour Thyroid for hypothyroid. Stopped med for 6 weeks to resolve insomnia. No success. Restart meds anyway?

Have uncontrolled hypothyroid. Labs every 6 weeks w/ dosage and med adjusted. Been 13 yes still not regulated. What else can be done? Removal?

Hello sir ... I am suffering from hyperthyroidism from last 2 years .. I am using pills to control thyroid gland......Still there is no result .. ?

Hello, i had thyroid surgery at age 13 im currently 51 i have been on thyroid meds since the surgery and have high blood pressure i take meds for...i.

Help, what thyroid medication is the best?

Hi I have hypothyroidism taking 25 mcg Levothyroxin plus 2cm nodule on my thyroid how can I get rid of this nodule is this cancerous is there any med ?

Hi, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 19 years ago, and was successfully treated with a combo of synthroid and cytomel, with periodic adjustments during the years. A few years ago I lost my health insurance and was getting my thyroid prescription from a

Holistic options for treating hypo thyroid. Im just not interested in taking hormones for the rest of my life.

How can drug induced hyperprolactinemia affect the thyroid?

How can I deal with being hypothyroid and dieting and have hyperthyroid symptoms? Dr. Is treating me by decrease one dosehow long to get meds leveled

How can I improve my slow thyroid without meds ?

How can I manage thyroid diseasr without medication?

How can I treat a high thyroid ? I'm our of my meds. And how can I treat the acne caused by hormones.

How can I treat hyperthyroidism naturally, without drugs?

How can someone go from having hypothyroidism to hyperthyroidism within 1 year? Can medications do that?

How do I approach my dr to explain the other aspects of a TSH for getting my hypothyroidism under control?

How do I know exactly what do the meds for hypothyroidism do?

How do I know if it is throid going untreated for a year and a hlalf or sleep medicine, trazodone. How much regula throid medicine will cause weight l?

How do I know if my thyroid medication is working?