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Why is it recommended to use a humidifier while treating a sore throat?

24 weeks pregnant. Burning in chest when coughing and sore throat. NO other symptoms. See a Dr or take a OTC med and let it take its course.

30 weeks pregnant. I have a sore throat. Can i takr anything for it?

5yrold has a sore throat. Is there anything else besides medicine she can take to soothe her throat?

After taking 60mg carbimazole, i develop frequent sore throats, should I be worried?

Are Cepacol Sore Throat Lozenges safe during pregnancy?

Are steriod shots or packs overkill when treating cold symptoms such as sore throat or sinusitis? If so why do so many providers use them as such?

Are there any good OTC medicines or tips for a cold/sore throat before it progresses to bronchitis?

Are there preventive measures i can take for a sore throat? Is there something i can do to prevent getting a sore throat so often? .

Been having recurring tonsilitis? i didnt go to the doctor yet. i tried gargling with a salt in water and taking some sore throat lozenges . still not

Body pain and really bad sore troat I have already taken theraflu and agin for troat...

Can allergies or a sore throat interfere with flying?

Can any doc tell me what's the best numbing medication for a severely sore throat?

Can bacteria get resistance to antiseptic lozenges for sore throat? For how long these lozenges can be used safely?

Can Excedrin extra strength help with sore throat?

Can hypersensitive serum cause sore throat after taking vaccine (ARV)?

Can i gargle with something to help my throat after getting my tonsils taken out?

Can i take celestamine for sore throat?

Can i take cepacol for cough & sore throat while pregnant?

Can i take cough drops during pregnancy? I'm 30 weeks and I have a sore throat.

Can i take kroger's flu & sore throat with seroquel (quetiapine)?

Can i take my 5 avelox HCl 400 mg tablets? I am bringing up yellow phlegm. I have a sore throat, gargled salt water and took tylenol (acetaminophen) still feel sick?

Can i take prednisone 20 mg for blister on uvula?

Can i take strepsils lozenges with my citalopram, as I have a sore throat? The box of strepsils says they have dichlorobenzyl alcohol, amylmetacresol.

Can i take sucrets while on methotrexate? Can i take dayquil while on methotrexate? Google gave me mixed answers. I have a cold with a sore throat.

Can i take sucrets with dyclonine hydrochloride & menthol for a cough & sore throat while pregnant?

Can levothyroxine be causing a persistant sore throat if I'm allergic to the ingredients in it?

Can mouth sores come from taking adipex?

Can sore throat be a side effect of Curam 1000 antibiotic? I drank one as prescribed about 3 hours ago. Had an eardrum operation . I developed a sore

Can sores on your face result from taking lots of painkillers?

Can you explain if it's possible to wash my mouth with diphen hydramin syrup to reduce my sore throat?

Can you overdose on throat lozenges?

Can you take Claritin (loratadine) d to get rid of strep throat?

Can you take theraflu while nursing? Or what can I take? I have a sore throat and ear ache.

Can you take tylenol (acetaminophen) cold sore throat and Advil cold and sinus together?

Can you tell me how long does it takes a sore throat to heal without medications?

Canker sore on the throat and got prescribed magic mouthwash - is this something serious?

Cold chills, body ache, and sore throat... What over-the-counter medicine can II take if im breastfeeding?

Cold symptom sore throat any easy way to reduce symptom other than taking medicine?

Currently 35weeks pregnant. Have itchy throat and mild throat pain sometimes. Is it safe to use Cepacol extra strength lozenges?

Day 8 of a virus, started with nausea, then sore throat, now full on cold/cough, been taking Tylenol (acetaminophen) 2x a day, ok to continue until I feel better?

Dear dr, can I take brufen400 mg tablet for severe throat infection? Please advice me. Thanks

Difficulty breathing, dry cough, fever and now a sore throat. What is this? And what medicine should I take or any home remedies that would help?

Do any prescription medicines cause sore throats?

Do hydrocodone pills help with a swollen throat?

Do you think I should take expectorant with a sore throat?

Doc. I had a painful cough and sore throat i took madic for cough and antiputic what should I do more it's been for about one month.Thanks in advance.

Does amoxicillin/clarithromycin/omeprazole cause mouth and tongue sores? If so, how do I relieve the soreness?

Dry itchy throat, what should I take for that?

Dry throat and mouth and no saliva to swallow and cough only at night and take zestril (lisinopril). I take ranitidine at hs. What is wrong?

Due to go in the army but I've had a sore throat coming on two weeks tried antibiotics, salt gargles and anti acid tablets should I try anthisteme?

For past 2 days suffering from throat pain.Doing gargle with hot water and salt.Also taking antibiotics (azithromycin tablets).

Good idea to use clindamycin cap for sore throat?

Had an ear throat infection took antibiotics three weeks ago and still bad cough with sore throat. What could i take?

Had scop down didn't find any think take lansoprazole 30mg aday and still getting burning in chest and very sore stinging throat what can I do ?

Have a sore throat. Going to doc tomorrow to test for strep. Tea/salt water don't help. What's an OTC medication that numbs throat temporarily?

Hello, wanna know what can i take, i have a cold, runny nose, sore throat and phlegm. Have g6dp, so i cant take antiinflamatories (aines).

Hello,I'm wondering will NyQuil help with reducing the swelling of your strep throat?

Hello! My roomie is having a sore throat and fever. We bought some lozenges but she swallowed one instead of sucking on it. What can we do?

Help please? What is the best numbing medication for a severely sore throat?

Hi there :) I was wondering how long after having 1 normal beer, can I take two tylonal for my sore throat?

Hi, i am 5 weeks pregnant can I take fishermans friends for a sore throat?

Hi, I am taking Azithromycin can I take Mucinex (guaifenesin) fast-Max cold, flu, sore throat? I have a bad sore throat. Thank you!

Hi, my throat feels Iike its swollen/something inside it and I've been taking flusin and lozengers but it hasn't helped much. What should I do?

How can I cure a sore throat without taking medicine?

How can u break a fever?.When will i expect to get better i'm taking antibiotics which is on my profile.I have headaches, runny nose and sore throat

How do I take care of mdma burns on my throat?

How long could it take for GERD to cause a sore throat?

How long do you think is a sore throat supposed to last?

How long does it take for an ear infection go away after a sore throat for an adult?

How long does it take for a sore throat and cankersores to go away?

How long does it take for a sore throat to heal without antibiotics?

How long does it take for strep throat to cause really bad harm?

How long does it take to get rid of the rash associated with strep throat?

How long does it typically take to get over a viral infection that causes a sore throat?

How long is it safe for me to take ibuprofen? On/off since Sunday for sore throat and Tylenol (acetaminophen) for over a week before that. Negative throat culture, allergic rhinitis.

How long is it supposed to it take for strep throat to go away with medicine?

How long it will take to reduce fever and sore throat in 1 yr old.He is on azithromycin. By the advice of doctor?

How long should a sote throat last?

How many cepacol maximum numbing throat lozenges must you take?

How many cepacol numbing throat lozenges must you take before overdosing?

How many days can I safely take acetaminophen (in NyQuil) for my sore throat (my doc recommended it)? Not strep. It's the only way I can sleep.

How many throat lozenges should I take in a day for cough?

How many throat lozenges should I take?

How much achinacea/goldenseal is safe for a sore throat?

How much time does it take for streap throat to kill you?

How much time does it takes a sore throat to heal without medications?

How should one take care of a sore throat?

I am 16 week pregnant, i have canker sore in my throat, is it safe orajel for my baby?

I am 25 weeks pregnant, i have had a really itchy throat for a couple of months now i do have hayfever is there anything i can do to treat it?

I am 32 weeks pregnant and I have sore throat what medication safe i can take without prescription ?

I am 4 weeks pregnant and because of the high pollen my throat is very sore. What can I take to soothe my throat?

I am 5-6 weeks pregmant and I have sore throat what kind of antibootic should I take?

I am convinced this severe two week sore throat isn't viral, but Doctor won't prescribe antibiotics. What do I do? I am already taking so much ibuprofen a day just so I can swallow.

I am on azithromycin for strep throat and I have taken 4 of the 5 pills. Each are at 500mg. I cant swallow my spit with so much pain?

I am on vacation and have prescription amoxicillin with me. I have a scratchy throat, slight cough caused by the tickle. Can I take it? I'm in sun

I am taking Tamiflu (oseltamivir) and steroids for influenza type B. Can I take something to help with the symptoms: head and chest congestion, sore throat, cough?

I am taking terbinafine and developed sore throat without fever .. I stopped the medicine but what should I do for my painful throat ?

I am trying to ttc and I am 8dpo & 5 days to period, the question is can I take paracetamol or pandol as I am having cough,sore throat,headace.

I currently have strep throat but no antibiotics. I'm taking some alkaseltzer. Would these tylenole pm's do the trick or what home remedies do you suggest?