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What type of hormone is thyroxine? (Peptide, amino, steroid etc)

'what is affected when panhypopituitarism happen?

0.5 mg florinef (fludrocortisone) every other day works so well for my POTS but I'm so afraid I will end up with adrenal suppression & osteoporosis when I'm older. Help?

19 years female.Serum cortisol 145 ng/ml. Acth 25. Skin bronzing and other addison's symptoms. I have pcos too.Joint pain, tiredness.What can it be?

24 y/o, frequent heartburn, pituitary macro prolactinoma, (being treated), fatigue calcium level 10.1 could it be multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1?

49yof. I have a pit tumor and an sns disorder. Am losing my hair. Just learned my dhea level is very low (19: normal range 35.4-256) meaning?

A 31 year old male. Low-t @260 if its due to testes what could treat it? If its hypothalamic/patuitary what could treat it? Test was done in the am

Acth 6pg/ml, adh (vasopressin) <0.5, growth hormone 0.1ng/ml. Daily headaches. Constant bathroom breaks.Random spotting for a day or two.Is it my pitatury gland?

Acth stimulation test w/poor response. I was told to wear a med bracelet and take prednisone. How do I know if it's addison's vs adrenal isufficiency?

Adrenal glands..Do they throb and ache when u stop using sugar?

After acth stimulation test confirms adrenal insufficiency does it always need to be treated and/or followed up and how often?

Are lipids necessary for the function of steriod hormone production?

Are naturopaths legitimate. One gave me adrenal gland extract to help with fatigue saying the extract will support my glands.Don't you just digest it?

Are there any books or types of books I can read about how calcitriol, calcitonin, and parathyroid hormone work together?

Are there any tests that check whether the adrenal medulla is functioning normally?

Are there disorders that are caused by hyper secretion of oxytocin?

As soon as it's made in the anterior pituitary gland, where does it go (what's it's target organ)?

At 41 yes old what can I expect in living with hyperparathyroidism or hypercalcemia?

Blood test shows my immune system is attacking the thyroid hormone, st this point the thyroid is shown to be unharmed. Can this be permanently cured?

Bovine adrenal extract have blood in it, is this normal?

Can Beconase (beclomethasone) reduce adrenal androgens? I have salt wasting congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Thank :-)

Can a pheochromocytoma or paraganglioma produce important psychiatric symptoms or not?

Can a pheochromocytoma produce a dopamine excess syndrome, or symptoms of hormonal imbalance?

Can a positive ANA mean adrenal glands are damaged or addison's disease ?

Can a thyroid imbalance effect the rate of matabolism of alcohol? If a thyroid imbalance may cause you matabolism to increase, would the same thyroid imbalance also produce more ethonal from less alcohol consumption?

Can a thyroid which is not producing enough hormones cause someone to sometimes pass out and sweat profusely?

Can an adrenal adenoma create back pain?

Can catecholamines excess or pheochromocytoma produce bouts of oily skin and acne?

Can cushings disappear temporarily after pregnancy?Iv heard placental type 2 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase can reduce cortisol.

Can cushings syndrome be caused by the use of hCG (pregnyl) ?

Can depression cause cushings like symptoms, including a buffalo hump?

Can elevated dheas, pm cortisol and epinephrine point to an adrenal tumour? Also can an adrenal tumour cause irritability?

Can excessive masturbating eventually burn out your adrenal glands?

Can having a hx of pituitary GH deficiency increase my chances of the pituitary beong insufficient later in life. Signs and syptoms are arising.

Can hi cortisol from daily stress cause a buffalo hump?

Can high pm cortisol point to a problem with adrenal glands?

Can medical marijuana treat adrenal or endo disease?

Can my sweat glands no longer work due to radiation therapy?

Can one have an empty sella but normal pituitary function?, or will empty sella cause some type of dysfunction in body always? i ve lots of fatigue

Can pregnancy cause/relate to inadrenal adenoma?Feel my hormones are out of whack since giving birth 5 yrs. Ago. Thyroid and pituitary all clear.

Can Rx hormone supplements (e.g. for thyroid, adrenal support) be effective for diagnosed Chronic Fatigue (ME)? Are certain tests required in advance?

Can someone test normal for a vitamin, hormone, neurochemical etc, but still require more or less of that thing for normal functioning?

Can steroid hormones be stored in vesicles?

Can you advise for using copper peptides for sebaceous hyperplasia?

Can you explain how parathyroid hormone injections make bones stronger when too much parathyroid hormone made by the body weakens bones?

Can you feel growth hormone being secreted from the pituitary gland? (in the form of a headache or other phenomena)

Can you fix a lazy thyroid with iodine supplements? I have had a problem since puberty. Im overweight, tired all the time, irregular period, slow metabolism, and stunted growth from it affecting my pituitary gland.

Can you get home tests that tell you if you have adrenal insufficiency or problems with the gland?

Can you get syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone without having symptoms?

Can you help? Could removing the adrenal glands cure panic attacks?

Can you tell me about neuroendocrinology q! how come we can't make an inference of what hormones in the blood is in the brain?

Can you tell me about pancreas, it is both an exocrine and an endocrine gland. however, if you were two classify it one of the categories, in which would you place it?

Can you tell me how could I use pituitary gland in a sentence dealing with a infant?

Can you tell me how tall can you be without any health risks or problems like the tumor in the pituitary gland. what effects height?

Can you tell me if you get all the nutrition and hormones intravenously, could you live without the pancreas?

Can you tell me the major glands, hormones and the effects of those hormones involved in each of the following?

Congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Testosterone was at 4nmol/l (normal up2 1.5) concerned I'm receding hairline. Will it stop once its under control?

Controversy surrounds those patients with a suppressed tsh. Isn't it true that when a hypothyroid patient starts taking exogenous th, a negative feedback system reduces the pituitary gland's output of tsh. This decreases the thyroid gland's output of en

Could adrenal gland make you trip?

Could an overactive thyroid gland stunt growth, cause excessive saliva production or cause depression?

Could idiopathic diabetes insipidus & secondary adrenal insuffiency be related?I was dx'd w/ di that reversed itself. Now having acth stim test.

Could masturbation act on the body like stimulants in that it taxes the adrenal glands?

Could my hypothalamus be giving orders to the adrenals to produce a surge of cortisol in response to my myasthenia gravis?

Could schistosomiasis be related to carcinoid sy? Why carcinoid tumor produce elevated serotonin? How does it impact vitamin B6 as well as b3? Ty

Could thyroid eye disease cure itself once hormone levels are balanced?

Could use your help docs! a friend has a condition called 'addison's disease' which is a fault with his adrenal glands. If i'm a match, would it be possible to donate?

Could you describe the gland and hormone dysfunction that causes type 2 diabetes?

Could you tell me what happens to the adrenal cortex if you take to much steroids?

Could you tell me what happens to the person whose adrenal gland is not functioning properly?

Dangerous reactions between Norvasc (amlodipine) 5 mg, and reacted multimineral, phosphatidylserine, pregnenolone, adren-all?Plz help!i'm on these for adrenal fatigue

Dear doctor's my newborn son has been diagnosed with diabetes insipidus (adh) deficiency. Along with absent posterior pituitary gland.

Diagnosed with primary hypoglonadism @39 yrs am F with also secondary pituitary gland failure. Have I always been infertile without knowing?

Do anabolic pro hormones have any chance of causing hyperparathyroidism?

Do any docs think urea would be a good treatment for syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone?

Do patients with cyclic cushings have symptomatic adrenal insufficiency between episodes? Also, can cyclic cushings be diagnosed by a stimulation test?

Doc said height increase @ 40 is rare, assoc w/excess HGH from tumor or exogenous source. What are those exogenous sources?Something I took, ate, did?

Does cortisone in high doses damage the adrenal cortex?

Does DHEA-s have different levels throughout the day like testosterone or cortisol? How/where is it made in the body? When is it made?

Does glutamine pouder affect my pituitary gland tumore or prolactine level or dopamine medicine?

Does hypopituitarism caused by an adenoma result in chronic hormone deficiency or is it more likely to be an episodic deficiency I have a macroadenoma causing hypopituitarism deficiency in, fsh/lh and acth and i' am currently taking medication for cortiso

Does the pilocarpine pill for sjögren's syndrome help internal organs with moisture?

Does the pituitary gland get damage from chronic marijuana use?

Drs. Is there a medicine for excess production of sebum ?

Endocrinologists: microprolactinoma caused hh with very low t . In light of this, what would've been its likely affect on other reproductive hormones?

Endocrinology -would a glucagon stimulation test show low growth hormone if the cause of the low IGF-1 was due to malabsorption rather than pituitary?

Endocrinology. What specific blood test covers pit & hypothalmus, thymus adrenal glands.No acth allowed, scans wont be read anywhere in uk, need closure?

For patients with partial adrenal insufficiency, does hydrocortisone replacement of 20-30 mg daily cause iatrogenic cushings given that the pituitary and adrenals still function to some degree?

For what purpose does the carcinoid tumor produce excessive amount of serotonin? Thank you.

For what reasons has my pituitary gland stopped working?

Found "reduced adrenal function" as a side effect of advair diskus (salmeterol and fluticasone).Is it same as adrenal fatigue;does it mean acceptance of "adrenal fatigue" concept?

Found out I have low t4, hypothyroid. Is my hypothalamus and pituitary functioning as it should? Will t3/4hormone meds assist in correcting all issues

Getting scope/colon'py for Crohn's s/s 6/10, seen endo for poss addisons. Have all s/s except skin darkening. But a.M. Cortisol, acth, aldosterone all normal? Any chance 2 could be related. Plz help me

Growth hormone 0.1ng/ml, acth 6pg/ml, adh (vasopressin) <0.5. Something wrong with my pitaury gland? Trying to find a reason for recently weird periods

Had a pheo removed 2011. Hypertension again. Does removing one adrenal gland change reliabilty of met urine test?

Had acth stimu injection test 2 check for secondary adrenal insuff.I was still exhausted after injection.Was i supposed to feel energy/side effects?

Has anyone seen a patient with adrenal insufficiency, intermittent ovarian failure, intermittent glucose intolerance, and thyroid values in normal range? Perhaps also with a pituitary tumor?

Have human growth hormone (hgh) or anabolic steroids ever been used to treat the symptoms of inclusion body myositis (ibm)? Why not?

Have hypothyroidism. Also gave buffalo hump , on thyroid meds and birth control. Can pituitary tumor b causing thyroid probs and hump?

Have pituitary adenoma and ai, take 20-30mg hydrocortisone daily. After holding hydrocortisone for testing, acth measures over 60 (high) with cortisol around 10. What type(s) of ai do this?

Having triple the normal cortisol in urine, no tumors found, and i have GAD, what can i do to lower cortisol and feel less anxious ?