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a swollen lypm node under chin feel very tired a bit dizzy i have open acne wounds on my face i had this once before when i was a teen impetigo?

I'm experiencing swollen glands, scratchy throat, migraine and weight gain?

"i have had swollen tonsils for years and my WBC is normal? Have had antibiotics twice before that. Why won't they go back down?"

103 degree fever, insane headache, aches, tiredness, lower back pain, sore throat, swollen painful lymph nodes. Feel like I'm dying :'( What is it?

11year old, swollen lymphnode behind ears, neck, armpit, left kidney pain, bruising, loss of appetite, nightsweats, headaches and dizziness and tired.

16 yrs old - extreme fatigue/weakness, leg pain, bloody noses, swollen lymph nodes. Still no answers?!

16 yrs old - nosebleeds, night sweats (occasionally), tired all the time, swollen lymph nodes, leg pain, fever (occasionally), shortness of breath?

17 YO healthy daughter had meningitis vac yesterday. Today, she has pain above collarbone when pushed on, same side. Swollen node because of vaccine?

2 months dry cough, swollen and painful part on the neck and armpit but its gone now,, then after taking some antibiotic, i have discovered to have thrush in my tongue and starting to have diarrhea.. im getting paranoid over this.. what could this be?

2 weeks AFTER tonsil infection. Still on/off sore throat burn. GP said wait another week. Second advice? Pain goes from back to top depending on day.

2 weeks ago I was given a Zpack to treat bronchitis, now I have had a sore throat for three days along with big bumps on the back of my tongue,normal?

2nd @ER i a few months.DX mrsa sores on stomach.thistime entire body hurts(joints muscles head throat bad taste in my mouth)Dr didn't draw blood ?

3 days ago, i was diagnosed with acute tonsillitis. Doctor prescribed me cefpodoxime and aceclofenac, but it got worse like right tonsil came in conta?

3 swollen glands on back if head really tender slight temp don't feel ill or any other symptoms they just appeared any thoughts .?

3 swollen lymph nodes in armpit due to stomach virus possible? Also could the stomach flu leave you nauseas and feeling full a week after?

3 weeks ago i was treated for swollen tonsil and gland on left side with rocephin (ceftriaxone) and amoxicillin it helped for a week now it's back negative strep?

3 years ago I had drug-induced lupus but I still feel very unwell: severe pain,fatigue, cold sensitivity, swollen glands & more regularly. What to do?

3 yrsago i got some lumps under my neck,it small,nopain.I meet doc and he say It just bcs of my damage teeth, he gave me antibiotic, i didnt finish eat the med. until now lumps didn't gone. Is it Cancer? Swollen lymph node ? Is it normal ? :'(

34 f- achy muscles, tender skin, tender throat for 5 months. Doesn't seem big enough deal to go in. But would like to feel better. Suggestions?

37 weeks pregnant with headache and swollen feet. What should I do?

3cm nodule in my shin for over 3 years. sometimes I feel a bit of pain and tenderness, but these symptoms began to appear only in these last months?

3dys ago red rash both shoulder joints hot to touch shiny & tight fever nausea lightheadedness fatigue sore throat tightness in chest short of breathe?

3weeks ago my tonsils became swollen &painful i got a steriod &penicillin shot and felt my tonsils are starting to bother again/& swollen?

4 infected teeth pulled on tues. Today i still have very sore and swollen lymph nodes on the same side of my neck. On augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) still. Should i worry?

4 month symptoms. Tired, weak, muscle aches, headaches, nausea, weird smell lingering inside nose, weird bump on neck that aren't bug bites or pimples?

4 weeks ago had swollen thyroid glands inflammed tonsils&mouth few nite sweats , insomnia depression much better but can't sleep and pain by armpit?

46 yr old man threw up 3 days ago. He's feeling better, but since then, one side of face, gland, tongue swollen. Concerned it's a TIA. Advil (ibuprofen) helps.

47 yo FM.had strep 2 this month.2 rounds of antibiotics 3 ROSAFILN shots. Finish Med Throat still red if I talk to much it hurs pain in neck under jaw?

48hrs ago started severe throat pain with swollen lymph nodes on the left side only. Was shivering a lot. brought up mucus tinged with spec of blood ?

6 weeks agao i had bacterial sinusitis and left swollen tonsil i was given penicillin and the swelling went away however the lump behind the tonsil flap still remains-normal in colour. Causes?

6 year old diagnosed with strep tuesday. On 3xday liquid antibiotic. Has had 8 doses., throat, head, ear still hurts. It's friday am now. Normal?

6 yr old headache, nausea, stomachache, last chest X-ray had swollen lymph node now has 1 in neck, didn't want to go to Disney? Not hungry Any idea

6/7 months ago discovered swollen lymph nodes.Have the following symptoms: constant tinnitus, headaches, no energy, easily getting ill. What is wrong?

6yold w/ soft small nodes neck, us=reactive.After sinus infec in oct new one showed up.Now w/strep throat, other 2 appeared.All 1.2cm or less. Normal?

78 year old female, strep infection in left eye, feeling nausea very tired and sweating, what could be causing this?

8 mths ago I had a swollen left tonsil and was given antibiotics. The swelling went away but my tonsil didn't return to normal size. Why is this?

8 year old son w/stomach pains that come and go.been tired and wanting to nap. Not eating as much, swollen glands under jaw. Concerned leukemia.

8 yo w/ a sore throat yesterday, 2day tonsils look swollen but not red, ear pain, mild fever 37.7C, no cold symp. Warrants evaluation or is it early?

8day,tightness/swelling feel in throat/neck,breathing difficulty worsening.No relief.Swollen lymph/neck.No viral sympt.Why my oxygen norm?Poss causes?

9yr old boy right leg limph gland up but no signs of infected sores on lower part of his body? Restless night; complained that leg was sore. Temp high

A doc on the ER said my test for mono and strep were negative, but now the swelling has shifted to the right side of my throat, very painful?

A cold sore turned into a very swollen distorted lower facial area and swollen neck glands. What could this be attributed to?

Abcess?On med for tonsillitis for 5 days. Leaking yellow pus nonstop.Still feel ill, headache, sore pic on file. Should i push out pus/safe to swallow?

About 3 or 4 days ago i woke upwith severe sore throat mainly one side. Went to doctested neg for strep. May have swollen lympnode. Might it b cancer?

About 3 yrs ago had a sexual act with boyfriend a week later im sleeping a lot, body ache, lymph nod on neck by feel not seen, headache, what can this be?

Aften a course of antibiotics I still have red dots on back of my throat. They doesn't hurt and I feel fine otherwise. Should I be worried?

After recovering fm gingivostomatotis 2 mths ago myb23 mths old daughter's gums off and on still seem bit swollen & bleed . Is it releated or what?

After sex w another man, i got a sore w red bumps back of throat, swollen tonsils. Not sick until month later; nausious. Other symtoms stil there.Std?

After swollen glands is gone how long for an inflamed and red throat to go away without antibiotics?

After swollen glands is gone with antibiotics. How long for an inflamed red throat to go away.

After the first 24hrs on pen it cleared up right away, the day after the 10 day regimen the sore throat is back in full force. Any ideas?

Along with joint pain (it comes and goes), I have fatigue and frequent swollen lymph 39. Just curious.. Should i be worried?

Also note my 18 yr old with swollen glands did antibiotics 6mtjs ago for the first swollen gland. He hasnt been sick and they are not painfu?

Am i contagious after starting a new medicine? This past monday i was diagnosed with strep throat so the doctor put me on keflex. Today i was feeling awful. My throat was killing me as well as my swollen lymph node so i called the doctor and he said it's

An 8 month old had a fever of 103 a few days ago. The doctor said it was an ear infection and gave him antibiotic shots. Now he has a rash on his belly and swollen occipital gland. What should be done?

Andrew has 104-105fever for 5days now,awful huge ulcer looking sores all over tonsils, strep was neg dr doesnt knw what could be wish I cld load a pic?

Are there any side effects to the steroids doctors give u for swollen tonsils? They gave me a bit and sent me home Had them before just wondering.

Armpit pain and swollen, a week before this my massage therapist and i had frottage. Is this a symptom of hiv?

Around Sept. 2014 I had a very sore throat that went away without treatment, now i have a white patch behind tonsil that hasn't left since. Cancer?

Back of right side of my neck has a sore lump. Told had mono in Jan.front neck glands not sore now but extreme fatigue still there. Lump due to mono?

Back of the neck pains, are they related to pus on tonsils? My daughter is 7, taking anti biotic for 3 days and still not well

Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) turned one swollen lymph node into numerous ones. Blood labs came back normal. Going to get biopsy tomorrow. Any suggestions?

Been aching for months but that has gone, I have been tested for glandular fever once and was negative, now I have slightly swollen glands and wind?

Been feeling kinda flimy in my through some mild pain in my ears and very dry nose but have had a swollen lymp node under my jaw (2wks) kinda worried?

Been given erythromycin antibiotics for infection in my saliva glands, seriously painful swollen cheek. How long until I should feel better?

Been on amoxicillin for tonsillitis but didn't get rid of it.Still have swollen neck gland on left.Biaxin (clarithromycin) gave rash so now on third antibiotics.This ok?

Been on antibiotics for 5days now why haven't my lymphnodes gotten smaller yet?

Been on antibiotics since friday for strep (zpak) im worse today than ever throat very sore swollen ears draining last pill today ?

Been on steroids for my sarcoid for 3 days now. In the afternoon my gums, teeth feel sore and nose stuffy . My head also feels tight. Why could this b?

Been v. tired, for no obvious reason, for about 8 weeks. Achy muscles, swollen glands and a sore throat on and off. Also cold sores. What's happening?

Bit by a tick on back of head a week ago, no rash, sore neck, swollen lymph nodes, flu like symptoms, soreness only getting worse. Should I go to er?

Bruise type mark on chin, is it related to nausea, ear ache and swollen throat i have? The mark just showed up randomly and does not hurt.

Can antibotics help my head cold pinomox?

Can anyone tell me what causes chronic tension headache when a piece of scalp feels sore and tender?

Can health anxiety make you feel like you have swollen glands in your neck when you don't? Or could it just be sore neck muscles?

Can I still eat salt after a thyroid ablation? Wasn't told not to. All my joints are swollen, stiff, and very painful. Is it salt or something else?

Can I take advil (ibuprofen) with walphed and azithromycin? Went to doctor and have swollen lymph nodes with coughing.

Can I use doxycycline for swollen tonsils?

Can mono infect one tonsil? Not getting better on antibiotics tired of bugging pcp. Feel so bad! no sleeping because of chills but no fever. White andred pin pricks on left side of roof.

Can purple and red sores on my feet and scalp be part of meningitis along with my severe headache and stiff neck?

Can salivary glnds may react or be infcted by expsure to psticide? cause I was expse to psticide 3-4dys ago my my face feels numb, neck feels swollen

Can strep type f come back after done taking pennicilin to other side of your throat if you only had it on one side.

Can swollen glands (maybe return of glandular fever) be causing my jaw pain? It's absolute agony and keeps cracking, pain killers aren't touching it

Can throat infection cause mildly enlarged spleen 13cm CT? Took antibiotics, had this right before CT done. No white spots on throat but was VERY red

Can u get MRSA in ur sinuses i'm a active carrier my left face is swollen painful been getting bad headaches lately eye swollen shut just about?

Can you get a infection between your beasts and your heart cause its very swollen and painful I Don't know how else to describe it?

Can you get toxic shock syndrome from the plastic from a tampon being left in your vagina? I have had a fever and chills, then extreme periods of sweating along with a lump behing my ear and one that is getting pretty big on my neck below it. These lumps

Certainly have tonsillitis or strep after two weeks of a cold I now have white spots and SWOLLEN tonsils, what to do till I go todrs tomorrow 4swelling?

Cervical lymph nodes swollen and sore to touch for 3yrs with and without infc. Came first with strep throat at age 19 to which antibiotics eased them. They never really went away and continued to grow. Had an U/S.Tested and told I "had" mono but currently

Chest pain cough that's last couple weeks. Now have blood shot eyes that are irritated cheek lil swollen also nauseas head ache fatigue what is it?

Child had low fever yesterday and woke up itchy all over chest and neck area and has very puffy eyelids also has minor congestion no other symptoms?

Chills to swetting no energy sore under armpits and along outer neck. No sore throat. Very weak and very drowsy.

Chronic joint pain/swelling, numbness, fatigue, migraines, mouth sores, swollen lymph nodes, weight loss, pain when breathing, nausea. Lupus?

Cloudy white unrine, fatigue, weird chills, aching, The past few month weird tenderness near the nodes, has been moving around to differnt nodes?

Cold symptoms--fever, head/bodyaches, chills. Now noticed a small lump on right side of neck only in-between chin and shoulder. Should i be concerned?

Cough and swollen glands after operation and dizzy, op was 4 days ago?

Could I have lymphoma? Bad headaches for few weeks, small lump behind ear (firm but moves slightly), tiredness and breathlessness?

Could i still have an infection in my tonsils if my doctor didn't see it, ran out of antibiotics and felt pain in my throat but he didn't see it?

Could UTI cause meatus become swollen? Mine is swollen since i got UTI last month ...Until now...

Dark patches on both sides of face (on the temples) are dry, smooth, flat and seldom itch (have no fever, chills, or enlarged lymp nodes) what is it?