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My stomach feels bloated and its hard for me too poop or fart what can I do too get better or for how long I'm gonna be like this ?

have 4 lumps look like balls round my inner anus. anytime I poo it comes out, after pooing I push it in back, but the pain is always unfair.. don't n?

I am continually having this problem where I feel like I need to poop like a pressure on my butt hole. But I poop every morn and then have the feelig?

17, FM. Backed up (poop), feeling like I have to peep but is takes a little and comes out little (pee). Been stressed. What is it should I be worried?

38weeks4days and the past 2 days I've had stomach issues, now im good but when i get a bh I have tons of pressure like i need to pee and poo but cant?

38weks5days had a big thing of what looked like snot pass today now I have to pee every 3 minutes its like right after i just pee i'm back in going again?

5week old son only goes to toilet twice a week but constantly straining mucus around bum hole screams 4 hours wen he does go and then it explodes out?

A little redness in loose stool 2 days in a row but still feel constipated and uncomfortable?

Abdominal area seems to hurt if i touch it and starting to get a little hard..What could be wrong? Im constantly using the bathroom

About 20 mins after I go poo I have to suddenly go again. Very small amounts come out with a lot of gas and sometimes it has mucus.

After a BM i always get the feeling like i need to shoot back the loo only nothing happens again its just the feeling and can last hours or days ??

After eating i always get that "have to poop" feeling a little bit. But don't always have to go. Usually but not always. Why is this?

After i go to the toilet (stool) i get a really bad itchy feeling at the anus i dont know how to stop it pl help?

After pooping, when i started to wipe myself, i notice liquid on the tissue can u tell me what that was everytime i eat i got to go to the bathroom, im aways havein adominal pains

After sitting when i get up it feels like my anus is going to fall out. Is this normal?

Also, lately it has felt (very painfully) like i need to poop, but when i try, it only hurts and i can't. I get relief eventually, but hurts most time?

Always constipated and feel like i always have to go poop?

Am going toliet 2 mins no pain just feels like going to wee meself?

Am i constipated? I go once every day (normal for me) but sometimes they're smallsize except for on. I don't strain always. Been like this for a month

Anal suddenly itch after had done poop, what the action that can make it back into normal?

Been hurting about two weeks when i try to poop. Feels like it's straining to come out. Saw a spot of red blood in stool today. What to do?

Been pooping very liquidy poop every time I go to the bathroom the past few days... stomach hurts a ton. Keep waiting for it to stop but it hasn't...

Bleeding when pooping a lot can this be bad i go about 3 to 5 time a day but bleeds and hurts . Has been 3 weeks and i had fisher over 10 yrs ago?

Can bird poop hurt you if it get on your ear?

Can IBS causes you to pass hot wind farts; almost making it feel like your gonna get loose stools?

Can not pooping make your kidneys hurt?

Can you tell me how to stop diahorrea my bum feels like its a fire hose?

Cant poop or pee but feel like i badly need to do both. Also got stomach cramps. ?

Constant feeling like I have to poop but nothing comes out?

Constantly having to go to the bathroom. And when i do go and wipe i see blood like pinkish red sometimes like coca cola and then comes the pain and feeling like I am holding Blatter back when I am not its somewhat painful. I went to the doctor thinking i

Constipated and passing a lot of gas,whenever I force myself to go it's coming out a little hard wit something like mucus on it.could it be the colon

Dear doc, for some time now when i feel like urinating i can hardly hold back for long before it starts flowing out. What is my problem?

Doc,I'm so worried bcoz I have to pee every 5 to 10 minutes and it's just a little bit sometimes it can't hold on anymore it just come out and hurt...

During running my stomach swells up and i cant run cuz of inability to breath normally and cant poop without Metamucil for years. What could this be?

During sex embarrassing air comes out sounding like farts never used to happen but it does everytime now. Can i get rid of this problem?Y does it happ

Every time I eat I swell up as if I'm 10 months preg my yummy hurts to point double over then I poop a solid poop this happens after 2nd bite ?

Every time i go to the restroom to stool it hurts really bad why is that? Feels like someone is standing on my stomach non stop

Every time I have a bm it feels like my insides (from my stomach down) are gonna come with it. I never had problems till I was constipated months ago.?

Everytime i eat salad this smelly jelly-like substance comes from my bum. I get like gas. Should i get it checked or is it normal? Quick diagnosis?

Everytime i poop my feet gets numb and i feel that my anus doesn't follow my mind everytime i get poop. ?

Everytime i try to poop my kidneys hurt reallly bad and i dont have a fever my urine doesnt stink and my lower back hurts too.

Feel gassy 24/7, trouble going to the bathroom, sometimes it's two days in between the times i can go. What's wrong? And its somewhat painful. Help?

Feel like my chest is heavy when I breathe or something my left side is hanging there. Constipation and itching after i use the bathroom. Blood toilet?

Feeling of something big in rectum that can come out abit,even with straining,keep having urge to poop.Still able to pass gas.How to ease the problem?

First I felt constipated everyday for around 2 month now I have this pain making me feel I have diarea but when I go its little tiny bullets and a bro?

For 24 I've had issues with my stomach. I get sudden urges that I really need to use the bathroom, but then all that comes out is pink mucus ?

For 4 days when i poop the last push bright red blood comes out and it doesn't hurt really feels like a little slit on the right side?

For about a month my poo has been in heaps of small little pebbles,I'm not constipated as I go everyday, I do get some bad pains in my tummy at times?

For the last few days I have been unable to pass gas, i feel it right there ready to come out of my anus i push to try and it just goes "back in"?

For the past 2 weeks, everytime my boyfriend eats anything it sends him straight to the bathroom to poop clear liquid, what could it be?

For the past two days my poop has been mushy and watery, when I'm laying down I can feel it move like water inside me. Hope you can help!

For two weeks when i poop I have had a lot of blood come out and my stomach hurts a lot should I be concerned or is it just hemroids?

Go through recurring random periods of painful bowel movements. Feels like sharp cuts and then blood on toilet paper. What could cause this randomly?

Had anal sex for the first time, day later and feels a lil bigger then normal and I seem to not be able to hold poop in? Will it go back to normal?

Hard lump next to bellybutton and I cant poo?

Hard to poop. When poop comes out it comes out fine but when i close my hole it hurts really bad. Internal hemorrhoid? If so what can I do to treat it

Have a hymaroid but it don't hurt just feel like I have to go to the restroom what should I do?

Have just finished a very heavy period couldn't go out 4 a day with big clots. Now when i go to the toilet and poo it feels like a bulge below?

Have raisin bran everynight so i go poo the next morning, but now it's not really working? And i feel bloated all the time. What do i do? Im 19

Have thin stringy poop, hard to get out. Feels like alot but is only a tiny string. Been two days. Bit of abdom. pain. Also have IIH. They related?

Haven't pooped in weeks and I bought mineral oil fleet , will it work and brake my poop down ? I'm scared it hurts my buthole if I push cuz its hard and big

Having mucus come out during normal bowl movements. Was backed up pretty bad. Also getting slight dizzy feeling.

Having trouble going for a bowel movement because it hurts my stool isnt hard but i bleed everytime and it is extremely sore to wipe afterwards?

He hasn't gone to the bathroom in a few days, constipated. Since he can't go, he throws everything up and his stomach hurts. What can he do?

Hello every morning i wake up i feel dizzy and I have bittry mouth. I have low iron 6. I have hard time going to the washroom and my stool is black.?

Hello i often feel the urge to poop even when i fart i go in a little bit of liquid comes out and thats it and my body pushes but nothing after and sometimes i feel discomfort on my left abdomen like the urge to fart or poop?

Hello there my anus has been burning like mad after and sometimes before I go to have a poo and I have to stop what I'm doing and try and do something?

Hello, I have been suffering from constipation for some time. But for the past week a piece of stool keeps getting stuck inside the anus. I try to get it out manually but I can't. It ruins my whole day as I can feel it being stuck. It has happened to be

Hello, I've been having a problem when I try to go to the bathroom when I have to poop I have a pain in my lower belly, it hurts when I try to push, a?

Hey just have stringy snot which I can grab and pull and feel it coming from my throat is that normal for it to be that solid I can't brake it?

Hi doc, im having a hard time to, i feel a pain everytime i poop. is this curable?

Hi doctor, I seems to have a problem, when ever I go for rest room, I bleed very badly. And feel difficult to pass stool.?

Hi I been having hard stool and i feel it coming but it hurts coming out how can I soften it naturally so I can go please reply thanks ?

Hi i'm 18 i smoke and for the past month i've had stomach cramps and my chest hurts sometimes and to mee it looks like I have blood in my poop?

Hi just need sum advice for about a week or 2 my stool is really hard and its cut my bum and it really hurts every time i go 2 the loo ?

Hi since last night ive felt like im going to have explosive diarrhoea but everytime I run to the toilet nothing is happening my tummy is killing me ?

Hi there OK so I feel like I need to poop but when I try all that seems to come out is blood and mucus and a very sore stomach? Thanks

Hi today I got constipation really badly it hurts so much to poo I had to pull it out and my bum hurts so much I was screaming when it was coming out ?

Hi, been havin problems with my anus. It hurts when i go to the toilet. What could it be? Thanks.

Hi. I have a really rumbly stomach right now, and orange smelly diarrhea. I eat a lot of carrots, but this is a new thing. My stomach hurt all over before going to the bathroom which helped a bit. I feel like I still have to go to the bathroom, even thoug

How can I help my 4 year old daughter poop easier? She trys to go numerous times before it will come and they are big

How can you stop gas? It seems like it has not gone away for a week.

How come i get bad gas and poop before my period?

How come I have such a little appetite?

How come i'm having a hard time going number 2? And when I do its either to loose or to hard but either way it hurts.

How come when i burp, it sounds like there coming threw water.

How do u "squeeze" for a rectal exam?? Do u push like tryn to go to the bathroom or kinda like a keagal?

How do u know if u have hemroids? Everytime i poop i always feel my butt and it's these 2 balls there that's hard is that normal

How typical is it to get boners when you poop?

Hurts to poop.. And some red coming out?

Hurts when I pee (utility maybe) but have runny black poop do I need to go to the er?

I have a really itchy anus and now Im starting to bleed a little and I can barely poop which I dont really poop anyway. Can you help me figure out?

I always feel like I have to go to the restroom to poop, but when I do, nothing comes out. What can I do?

I always feel like using the toilet after eating, what could be the cause?

I always get feeling in my bum like i need a BM had this for weeks now but dont always go. Can my piles be causing this feeling ??

I always have to poop and I get these very painful cramps when I have to go. Why?

I am 18 weeks pregnant and my stomach hurts like if I have to poop but when i go nothing really comes out. What could be wrong?

I am 32 weeks pregnant 3 centimeters dilated and I am constipated when I tried to go to the bathroom it feels like my vagina is going to rip?

I am constipated all the time I go maybe 2 times a week and usually hard balls what can I do to get relief?

I am going to the bathroom like 4times a day, Is not liquid eces is like puree like... os that diarrhea, and what to do to control it?