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have had a severe sore throat with yellow whits sores on my uveula for 5 days. ive been on keflex for 4 days and my throat is no better. ?

The Back Of my tongue is white and my throat is kind of scratchy ?

10 days ago i had red sore tonsils and it cleared up after 2 days. 3 days ago i got sore tonsils again but my left tonsil is swollen with spots and isnt clearing up. Why is is recurring?

13 yr old daughter has cough, sore throat n low fever. Throat is a little red. What could it be?

18 yr old pus on tonsils, fever, can't swallow vomiting now has blisters on tongue .... Body aches what should I do for her?

2 days since my sore throat and fatigue started, opaque white spots on my tonsils, but no fever or viral symptoms, what could it be?

3 yr old, bright red throat, some red spots. If not strep and not hfm, what are some other things it could be ? 

32 yr old femalefinished antibiotics for strep throat now have tiny red bumps on the back of my throat do not feel sickwhat could it be?

47yo, smoking 7 years. Red patches on roof of mouth. Tender. Have a cold/lost my voice. No fever, throat scratchy, not sore.No swollen glands,help?

7 yr f has 1 white spot on left tonsil no fever or sore throat why and what to do?

7f rash on chest 101fever white patches on swollen tonsils slight sore throat . Light cough.. Could it be strep throat and or what r the symptoms?

Almost a week ago my tongue was covered in white stuff and bumps. got most of it off but now throat has bumps as well. my throat is not sore.

Are throat pain and red spots on the roof of mouth symptom of hiv?

Area where tonsil used to be white. Sore throat no fever. Tonsils removed years ago. Bed rest or doctor?

Back of throat is white, runny nose no sore throat. Im on antibiotics but the white has been on my throat long before that to an is on my tongue also.

Back of throat where nose and throat meet. Cobblestones and back of tongue is white. Been this for 7 months. Antibiotics,monolukast, prilosect no help?

Back of throats red congestion in nose uvula looks like it's almost touching my tounge tonsils are swollen what could this be ?

Bad sore throat for months, white bumps in throat. What could be wrong?

Bad sore throat. 101 fever. Flu-like sx. Throat not red, has gray/white film. Bloody taste in throat. No tonsils. Could it be strep?

Based on my previous question about possibly having strep throat.. I have a sore throat red swollen with white bumps them in back of throat. Mono?

Been having dysphagia 2wks noticed swollen tonsils with white spots ... No sore throat at all ... Just difficulty swallowing ... What could this be??

Bit of a sore throat when swallowing,itchy ears,Itchy eyes..Strep throat or allergies? No fever,Just feeling a little sick. Do I need antibiotics?

Can a sinus infection cause red spots on tonsil? I have 2 red spots on left tonsil, no sore throat or swelling, just feels like a sinus infection.

Can a throat infection cause an itchy rash? And for throat to feel swollen when you eat?

Can a yeast infection cause a sore throat with white spots ?

Can an infected tooth infect the tongue. And throat. Red bumps that bled when picked it. Something stuck in throat. Sore throat. Lump in tongue. Im 16?

Can constant sinus drainage cause tonsillitis with white patches on tonsils and slight burning sensation in throat?

Can i have infectious mononucleosis if my only symptom is sore throat(pharyngitis), i have white spots in my throat however they are not pus.

Can red wine cause soar throat?

Can sore throat cause tongue to look yellowish-green?

Can strep throat cause your throat to bleed or have streaks of blood down you throat and in the back of the back?

Can strep throat cause your tongue to hurt and yellow?

Can strep throat go away in 3 days with antibiotics and what are the symptoms....Can I have it without the white patches but red tonsils?

Can thrush leave white spots on back of your throat like strep throat?

Can u have strep throat with no white just red swollen and so painful u can't swallow and green mucous ?

Can white patches on your throat be caused by drainage?

Can you give me advice with itching near throat . I am having hypothyroid?

Can you have strep throat but with no symptoms? I do have swollen tonsils, white spots, and a sore throat, but no fever, aches, etc. I feel fine..

Can you have tonsillitis with no tonsils. Throat not sore, back of throat roof of mouth and tonsils have yellow look to them. Red streaks on tonsils.

Child has 1 blister on her throat and was exposed to strep. Could strep cause a blister and slightly red throat?

Child has sore throat and blister on back of throat and tounge looks like a strawberry and has red rash on stomach and butt and spreading what wrong?

Child has sore throat, blister/bump on back of throat and red rash all over her stomach and butt what could be wrong? Any advise?

Cold or worse? Sore throat + stuffy nose but there're no red/white dots or pus, no fever. My uvula is swollen / touching tongue and my throat is red.

Constant need to clear my throat, I have small yellow / white spots on the back of my throat and suffering from sore throats. ?

Could it be mono? I have no flu like symptoms. Just sore throat every now & then and a white spot, and red spots. Sometimes it hurts to swallow

Could my eye redness be related to a sore throat?

Daughter has sore throat with white spots and ear temp of 100.2 she is 18?

Do I have strep or pharyngitis? I have checked for redness and white spots on my throat, but it seems like a subtle redness. How obvious is strep?

Do I have strep throat if I have red welps on the back of my throat?

Do I have strep throat? My throat has been sore for two days and i tried using cough drops and my throat gets itchy and dry. My eyes are glossy to.

Do sore throats get red brownish mucus?

Does mono give you a sore throat with maybe a white spot on the back of the throat ?

Does popsicles help in itchy throat??

Does strep always cause a sore throat? 2 kids in my house have strep throat, I think I see some swelling and whitish patches but no pain in my throat.

Does strep throat look like a canker sore?

Doesn't strep throat clear up on it's own? My grandson had strep and my throat is now slightly sore with a small white patch. Do I have to see my dr?

Dry cough and red bumps on tounge. Is this an allergy?

Dry mouth white tongue swollen tonsils no swollen glands & no fever tho. Extremely tired.. Allergies?Or could it be strep?

Dry sore throat with two red patches in back of throat with two white dots?

Dx coxsackie, 12 days now of sore throat. Throat is red and purple. Is this normal?

Every morning I have dry crusty gunk in the back of my throat, why? 

Excess mucus in throat, sometimes dark brown, mainly yellow and clear. throat is not sore, neck is at times, no enlarged lymph nodes?

Fever with sore throat and followed with my left eye is watery and red. Please help?

For 3 days I have had a sore throat with white patches. at first it was only on one of my tonsils. Now its on both. And red and raises bumps.No fever?

For a while now the sides of my throat have been very red and the doctor told me it was a viral infection. It has been a while and it is still red. ?

For the last few days I have had sore throat, I have found red bumps around my tonsils. What could this be caused by?

Got a sore throat and cough now I have little bumps on my tongue and its sore?

Had a headache and threw up one day. After that all I've had is a sore throat. It looks red and a little swollen. No insurance. Is this strep?

Had sore throat & runny nose then very few red rashes on face that are not painful. What could it be?

Had sore throat on right side for 6 days w/o cold symptoms. Rapid strep & culture were negative. I have a large white spot on right tonsil and my throat is very red and irritated. What else can I do?

Had strep twice this summer now I have a sore right tonsil dot of white and a sore ear. I can swallow pain is more in my ear.. Ideas? No fever.

Had swollen eyes & migraine, doc told me i had sinusitis. Now I have white spots on my throat & it's swollen. Could be tonsillitis. What should I do?

Had swollen glands. Now throat red and inflamed. Tonsils swollen. If I clear my throat I can bring up little clear liquid with red my throat feels raw?

Had white spots on my throat for three weeks now. No sore throat, no fever and no swelling I feel normal?

Hard cough, thick mucus very sore throat red patches in back of throat?

Have a cold for a few days with moderate sore throat. No fever. Uvula swollen in the morning esp. Cold clearing up but sore throat remains. When looking at uvula it has white spot on it. Maybe strep?

Have a sore throat but it doesn't look red have a couple of mouth ulcers could there be one down my throat?

Have a sore throat more than two weeks its hard to swallow and breath, I have red and white patches at the back of my mouth, what could this be?

Have a sore throat more than two weeks, its hard to swallow and breathe, have red and white patches at the back of my mouth, but have no tonsils?

Have had a fever over 100 for 5 days and now my throat is starting to hurt.. Now I have white spots on my tonsils and blister things back of throat ?

Have sore throat for 2 weeks..Looks like small rash on tonsils and some infection..What could this be?

Have what looks like a blister with a white center where one tonsil used to be. Sore throat and nephew had strep about a week ago, could I have strep?

Have yellowish, reddish bumps on back of throat. Not sore, nor does it hurt. But have had it for maybe a year. Not strep/sore throat. STD? Disease?

Having itchy throat?

Having white stuff on my tonsils, gums swollen, painful throat and rash, help!?

Headache, sore throat when swallow, fatigue and white coating mostly at back of tongue?

Hello,I have sore raised red areas on roof of mouth, sore throat, a Cough more so morning & night, green phlegm. but no fever or anything else?

Hello! I recently have had drainage running down my throat the past week and now have three white sores appear in the back of my throat. Any idea of what it could be?

Help! there's white substance on back of tongue and i'm having sore throat symptoms?

Help! what can be the cause of a sore throat, ear ache, white coating on tongue with blisters, bumps?

Hey, I never really smoked before but yesterday I had a few and now I have some white spots on my throat. strep throat? Mononucleosis? Infection?

Hi about a year ago i had three sore throats in six weeks a mix of bacterial and viral, ever since I have had small red dots on the back of my tongue?

Hi! I have a red, sore spot on the tip of my nose - how do I know if it's an infection? I don't have a fever.

Hi! My throat has tiny yellowish dots in the back. It's veiny, red and irritated. I've been feeling the need to cough often. Strep or post nasal drip?

How can I tell if I have strep throat or a viral infection? My throat is sore and have blisters on it and looks like it has busted blood vessels

How can I tell if I have strep throat? It hurst to swallow and i see white bumps on the back of my throat. I also have a runny nose but it's clear.

How does a sore throat cause skin rashes?

How long should I wait before seeing a doctor with tonsillitis? No fever or symptoms other than sore throat and red spots on tonsils.

How to tell if sore throat bacterial or viral ? Shine flashlight in throat to find white spots? Viral if none ?

How to treat a white spot in the back of throat due to strep throat?