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My 10 year old has a sore red throat with pus pockets on his tonsils. What could this be ?

My 13 year old daughter gets swollen glands a lot, is this normal? She doesn't have a sore throat or earache or anything else with it.

My bf says that his throat hurts and his tonsils and gum are swollen, what could be wrong?

My glands in my neck are sore and throat is sore and dry.

My lymph nodes feel sore and swollen but i dont have a sore throat. Could it be strep still?

My neck lymphnodes are swollen for two weeks, it's hard to swallow. But throat isn't sore. What do I do?

My nose is super congested, I had a sore throat for 3 days which is getting better but glands in my throat are still swollen. Tonsils aren't swollen ?

My right tonsil is swollen & I have a tonsil stone . I have a sore throat . My tongue is yellow and I have a lot of mucus. What could it be?

My son woke up this morning with a swollen uvula?

My throat is numb and tonsils and swollen and have a red lump in the throat What could it be?

My throat is swollen and its very hard to swallow but no fever?

My throat is swollen and red but is not sore?

My throat is swollen on one side and I have a fever?

My throat is very sore when i swallow, and my glands are sore when i touch my neck do I have strep?

My tonsils are overly enlarged and swollen. I don't feel a sore throat or any pain. I had strep throat about a month ago.

My tonsils have been swollen and hurting for a week now. What should I do?

My tonsils, my throat and the side of my throat are extremely red but they don't hurt me! What could this be doctors?

My uvula is very swollen and it hurts to swallow and my neck looks swollen but i don't have any tonsils?

One sore red swollen tonsil difficulty swallowing no other symptoms?

One swollen tonsil no pain what is it?

One tonsil hurts while the other is swollen. I have a dry throat as well. Allergies?

Over last 3 months have had swollen glands in throat every 4 week's, no other cold symptoms. What could this be?

Please answer! what kind of virus causes sore throat, difficulty swallowing and swollen painful ear?

Please tell me how to help a swollen throat?

Scratchy throat red with tonsil stones, what's wrong?

Should I go see a doctor? I have a sore throat, swollen glands and I found a pus pocket in my throat this morning. I've had swollen glands for a mont

Should I go to the doctor for a sore throat with swollen bleeding tonsils? I have no other symptoms

Slit in the back of throat with swollen tonsils and soar throat what could it be?

So my tonsils have been swelling and my throat for almost a month now and I have had a low fever and I don't know what to do?

Soar throat tonsils hurt and neck hurts can it be hiv?

Sore lumps on the back of throat?

Sore swollen eyelids & sore throat. What type of bacteria is causing it?

Sore swollen eyelids and a sore throat, what can cause them?

Sore throat and my knecks aching doctor just looked at my tonsils and said just a virus ?

Sore throat and swollen gums?

Sore throat near the collarbone, what could be causing this?

Sore throat with lump on tonsil std?

Sore throat, hurts to swallow, one swollen neck lymph node?

Sore throat, painful when swollowing and puss in the back of throat. Had tonsils out when I was young. What could this be ?

Sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, red spots on roof of mouth and gums, throat. Feel bad. Had a strep test and was negative?

Sore throat, tonsils enlarged, difficulty swallowing ?

Stre throat over a month ago, took full dose, but throat and tonsils still bumpy but not as swollen. Throat looks whitish and swollen lymph in neck?

Strep throat virus got into swollen/blocked salivary gland. What can I do?

Strep throat, just started antibiotic. What can I do for the pain of swollen glands?

Swollen and red uvula that touches my tongue. Some difficulty swallowing. Infection?

Swollen bumpy tonsils but I'm not sick at all. no sore throat, no symptoms of sickness. why are they swollen and bumpy?

Swollen nodes, sore throat with allergies?

Swollen right tonsil very mild sore throat feeling?

Swollen right tonsil, sore throat, nausea?

Swollen sore throat hard to swallow?

Swollen sore throat, migranes, swollen gums and a high fever? What causes this?

Swollen tonsil for 2 years antibotic doesnt work what could it be?

Swollen tonsil on one side for about 9 months. No sore throat/ difficulty swallowing. Enlarged glands in neck. No other symptoms. What could this be?

Swollen uvula, what can I eat?

Symptoms include swollen taste buds and sore throat. What do you suggest?

Tender neck are swollen. But no sore throat. Strep infection without sore throat? Is that possible?

That thing hanging in my throat is swollen and my throat hurts?

Throat and tonsils swollen very painful talking funny stuffy nose swollen glands but I don't see white spots on tonsils tonsillitis? Or strep

Throat is swollen but only hurts in the morning or at night from the drainage. What could be causing it to be so swollen?

Throat swollen and hurts.Could it be tonsils ?

Throwing up and swollen jaw, is it strep?

Tonsil and throat hurt please help? What do I do?

Tonsil stones in my throat or at least I think that's what they are. My throat is really swollen what should I do?

Tonsils are swollen and throat is sore but i don't feel sick?

Very sore throat, swollen glands, tired, cough. Had it for 10 days, what do you think it is?

What are some ways to drink with a swollen palate and sore throat?

What can be done for a swollen throat?

What can cause bad throat and swollen spleen?

What can cause throat swelling on the inside?

What can I do for a painful throat infection?

What can I do for a swollen submandibular gland, sore throat, and nose infection?

What can I do to soothe my swollen tonsils?

What causes bruising on throat?

What causes cartilage in throat to swell?

What causes swollen uvula and redness in back of throat?

What causes throat glands to be swollen after a bad cold?

What could cause painful(difficulty) swallowing, swollen tonsils, red throat, swollen lymph glands and earache?

What do you suggest if I have bumps on back of throat and swollen tonsils?

What does it mean if you had a sore throat for 3 weeks ? Or swollen glands . I don't think I have a cold I don't have a fever . What could be wrong ?

What does it mean when your tounge swells and your throat is too?

What happens if neck swollen and tonsils swollen all red in throat Do I have to get swollen?

What is the lump in my throat caused by?

What is wrong if I have sore throat, swollen glands an joint pain?

What should I do if I am continuously getting canker sores, sore throat, earache and swollen glands?

What should I do if I have had swollen tonsils for almost 3 weeks, and it started with strep. What is wrong?

What should I do if my throat is swelling up?

What to do about throat swelling?

What to do if I am 17 and my tonsils have been swollen for over 4 weeks,my breathing is bad,help?

What to do if I have a fever, sore throat, and really swollen gums, but no bleeding. What could this be?

What to do if I have a lump in my throat?

What to do if I have a sore throat and a swollen tonsil, what is this?

What to do if I have a sore throat and i can see my epiglottis is this serious?

What to do if I have a sore throat that then caused there heart to swell?

What to do if i want to know, is swollen painful tonsils a symptom of throat cancer?

What would cause my body to be sore, my gums and right throat glands to swell and my throat to be sore?

What's the best way to treat a sore throat and swollen glands?

What's wrong with my throat? My tonsils are almost touching each other?

Why are my tonsills always swollen ? But not sore ,

Why do get a sore throat swollen glands headache and fever every other week ?

Why does the uvula swell if you have a cold?