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After a week of congestion and allergies my throat is now swollen and hard to swallow. Is it strep or something else?

After tonsils removed, do you still get sore throats?

Are oranges the culprit of my swollen tonsils and sore throat?

Bad throat and swollen spleen, what do you recommend?

Both armpit glands are swollen w/ a scratchy throat and runny nose. Can it just be a virus? My armpit glands have never been sore and swollen.

Can an STD in your throat cause one side to be sore, one tonsil mildly swollen, with redness on the crown of your throat, and itchy?

Can i tell me how i can soothe a swollen throat and tonsil?

Can post nasal drip cause sore throat with swollen lymph nodes? What can I do to get the swollen down?

Can sore throat, ears and gland be from goiter?

Can strep throat cause swollen gums?

Can tonsillitis cause your tongue to swell? And can you have tonsillitis without fever? Throat hurts and swollen lymph node behind ear

Can you have strep throat if your tonsils are not red and/or swollen?

Could a sore throat make my thyroid enlarged?

Could enlarged uvulas with white sores on them have anything to do with mono?

Could my tragus piercing be the cause of my sore throat and swollen gland?

Discomfort in throat (not really sore,) looks like tonsil stones in deep tonsillar crypt, red throat, swollen tonsils, swollen/painful lymph nodes?

Do I need to see a doctor for sore throat and puss on tonsils ?

Do my sore throat and headache have something to do with large tonsils?

Do you think I am getting mono if I have a bad sore throat and big tonsils?

Does laryngitis include having swollen tonsils?

Does strep throat make your gums swell?

For 3 days I've had a very sore throat, swollen glands, a low fever and a bad cough. My throat/tonsils aren't red or inflamed though, please help!

Had an viral infection 3 weeks ago fever chills first night night sweats sore throat swollen tonsils all gone except 1 swollen tonsil could it be hiv?

Had flu and throat infection january, one swollen tonsil since, swollen gland same side sometimes, ulcer on tonsil for last 2 days is this cancer?

Had sore throat and yellow material in tonsils.took antibiotics but still have swelled jaw lymphnodes from 2 months & postnasal drip & throat fatique?

Had throat infection and ear infection took antibiotics for 10 days. My glands in throat are very swollen and sore still?

Have had sore throat at swallow or touch of throat when applying mentholatum no fever and slight swollen glands for 10 days/nights please advise?

Help I have a sore throat, swollen glands, ulcers all over my gums throat and tongue please help?

Hi I've had a sore throat for over a week now my glands were really swollen but they have gone down but my throat is very sore keeps swopping from lef?

Hi my daughter that is 12 Ithink she has a sore throat but I've noticed some swelling around her throat could it be swallon lymph nodes?

HI, is it normal for my tonsils to still be red but not swollen and have a gross taste from my throat after having strep throat?

How can I get rid of a sore throat and swollen tonsils and glands?

How can I reduce throat swelling from strep?

How can I treat a lump in my throat?

How common is throat cancer in 27 yr old female? Sore throat glands are swollen and lump feelig in throat with pain for 3 weeks! hard to swallow too

How is it possible that your throat hurts when you have no tonsils?

How to treat swollen tongue after having a strep throat?

How will i know if my throat is swollen (hashimotos)?

I always have sore throat but i had a thyroid in my throat they had drain it but my throat always swelling up sometimes it be hard for me to breath?

I am experiencing sore throat, throat swelling and swollen tonsils. Was wondering what this could possible be, can provide pictures.

I am finding it difficult to swollow and it really is painful but i don't have a sore throat. What could it be?

I had my tonsils and adnoids out 8 days ago, and am still unable to open my jaw more than an inch. My throat is swollen so that I can't swallow. help!

I had pus on my tonsils my throat was so sore it hurt to swallow what is wrong?

I had strep throat and that's gone but now my gums are very sore and have inflammation and it is very painful. What should I do?

I had strepbut a week later after finishing my antibiotics my throat still hurts to swallow and still have swollen glands. could it be something else?

I had strepthroat. My thyroid is swollen. Do you think my thyroid is swollen because of my strepthroat?

I had the flu and and i bruised my tonsil. How do I heal a bruised tonsil?

I have a hoarse voice with swollen glands in my throat. My throat is not sore. I have white lines on my tonsils. What is it?

I have a painful sore throat that feels raw and swollen what could it mean besides mono and strep?

I have a sore itchy throat it really bothers me at night could it be tonsillitis?

I have a sore swollen bumps on tongue and throat, what to do?

I have a sore throat and it hurts to swallow. I don't have my tonsils. What could it be mono , strep and what can I do for pain?

I have a sore throat and its very painful to swallow. My glands are very swollen and I have a headache. Should I go in for a throat culture?

I have a sore throat but no other symptoms. I only have very swollen tonsils. This is day 6 and it hasn't let up at all. Ideas?

I have a sore throat near my collar bone, what would you suggest?

I have a sore throat. This occurred yesterday. Had a fever the day before (Tuesday). Lymph nodes are swollen. Can barely swallow. Tonsil hurt.

I have a swollen throat, what should I do?

I have a swollen tonsil and no fever. What could it be?

I have a swollen tonsil. Would prednisone help the swelling go down so I can swallow?

I have a very sore throat. It's making me constantly swallow and is painful. I had my tonsils removed. Could I have Strep Throat? No fever.

I have had a sore throat for about 3 weeks now. My throat has two swollen bumps on each side. It may be an oral std.... but I'm not sure...

I have neck glands, sores/swelling on gums, headache, sore throat what could this be?

I have one tonsil that is a lot larger than the other. Sore throat for 1 wk, mucus at back of throat, sore on side of big tonsil?

I have parotitis and my throat hurts. What to do?

I have pus on both tonsils, sore throat, weak, fatigue, both ears hurt, I'm nauseous, no appetite. No fever or swollen tonsils. Mono?

I have redness at my throat which is normal for a sore throat but my lymph nodes in my throat are swelling(?) or its like ulcer.

I have sore throath and it is also swollen. What is this and what should I do?

I have sore/swollen throat and slight fever, what to do?

I have swollen and sore throat down the throat where the spray can't reach it? What else should I do?

I have swollen glands in my neck, a sore throat, ears ache and my tonsils areinflamed and covered in white patches. Is this strep throat?

I have swollen lymph nodes, soars on my lips and in the mouth, swollen gums, green mucus and a fever for 5 days now. Doctor said it's not strep, help?

I have swollen tonsils than two months and severe pain in my throat and my mouth and the antibiotic does not work with me?

I have swollen tonsils that are bleeding and hurt is it strep?

I have two canker sores in my mouth very painful and i feel a swollen lymphs node what can this be ?

I think i have tonsillitis because my neck is sore my tonsils are red and it hurts to swallow a bit and i have the chills and i have a sore head ?

I think i may have tonsil stones, but my throat is sore as well. Is that a common symptom?

I went to the doctor my glands are swollen im on antibiotics. My tonsils have lumps on them like in the tonsils. What is it.

I'm concerned because I have swollen lymph-node and sore throat?

I'm concerned because I have swollen throat please help?

I'm concerned because I have swollen throat, hookah?

I'm concerned because I have swollen tonsil but not a sore throat?

I'm on atibiotics for strep throat but now my gums are swollen and are very uncomfortable.

I've had strep throat and tonsillitis at least once every month. It hurts to swollow, should I have tonsils removed?

I've had swollen tonsils for about 10 days but no pain or sore throat. Just discomfort from the swelling at times.

Im having lump in my throat?

In strep throat, can only one of your glands in the throat swell up?

Is a bumpy tongue normal for strep throat?

Is a feeling of a "lump in throat" associated with strep throat?

Is a lump in my throat serious ?

Is it normal to have a lump over your throat?

Is it possible to get swollen glands when sick with strep throat?

Is it possible to have herpes on one tonsil? Tonsil is swollen and has 5 tiny canker sore like ulcers. Didn't have blisters. Lymph nodes are swollen.

Is it possible to have swollen tonsils without having a sore throat?

Is there any way I can relieve the pain of strep throat? My throat and tonsils are really swollen and really hurt.

Is there something wrong if you are choked and now your glands in neck are swollen and you have a sore throat?

Is this normal? I have a lump in i throat?

Left side of throat has been hurting for about 3 days now. Red bump on throat above tongue. What could it be? Can it be a canker sore on throat?

Lots of bumps on tongue, swollen tonsils and sore throat. What could this be?

M tonsils are swollen but i don't feel sick?

Mouth ulcers and swollen tonsils?. The ulcers are starting to hurt more than my throat and tonsils. What should I do?