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Cold symptoms yesterday, this morning throat continues to be very sore, and now if feels like I have a golf ball in back, even distorting my speech. ?

1 wk ago i woke up with a stiff neck on the right side. A few days, ago my throat started to hurt. No fever. Actually the rest of me feels fine.

2 weeks cold/no voice at all/ear pain/sinus pain/cough all got worse again today. Time to see a dr or just a cold dragged out?

3 w Post op tonsillectomy, still have pain in throat and right ear is that normal? Doesn't hurt to eat but does to swallow. Been getting lightheaded.

5 days since tonsillectomy/ adenoidectomy the right side of throat is hurting very bad ear pain, head pain, feeling sick. Is this normal for recovery?

5 minutes after playing bball non-stop my upper chest , shoulders hurt , felt lightheaded , my back is sore, hard 2 swallow feels like flim n throat ?

6 year old who only yesterday started complaining that her throat hurt. And now it hurts so much that she is waking up crying, and can't swallow.

6 yr old complains left ear hurts when touched, fine when not. Ear looks fine. Simultaneously complains of sore throat and nausea. Otherwise well.

7 hrs ago had 2 cavities filled, given 3 shots for pain, still felt a lot of pain, throat really hurts, scratchy, coughing. Weird taste in my mouth.

7 year old. Sever throat pain when swallowing. Skin hurts when touched. Gets head ache when looks up or down. Same as above.?

A 4-day long headache that pills aren't helping, a very sore neck, a sore throat, I have been throwing up and my hand and feet feel cold and stiff. Help?

A bad smell and unusual go out from my mouth for these two days and today I waked up feeling pain in my throat .?

A bit sick. Somewhat irritated scratchy throat. My head hurt when i bend my head toward ground. Dry cough. Slight pain where scapula is? Not strep.

A few days ago my throat felt "raw" like a scratchy feeling now my nose is stuffy yellow discharge, and my left glands hurt so bad!?

About a month ago or so i had a terrible sore throat, slight headache and felt achy. I was given erythromycin (allergic to penicillin) and felt a lot ?

After a virus (with fever, runny nose, and cough) my ear has a swollen feeling and dull pain with randomly sharp pain. Do I need to see a doc?

After i eat i feel the side of my throat sore, i do have allergies and take stuff for them, i dont have a fever, so why am i feeling this slight pain?

After vomiting why does the back of my throat feel so swollen?

Back pain, neck pain, extremely sore throat, fevers and funny nose sometimes not all the time. My bf had this worse a week ago. What do I do?

Bad chest cough for about 3 weeks now. I've had a really hard time sleeping & Mon. I started to feel pain in my mouth. White circle, touched and peeld?

Been coughing n felt like something was hung in my throat since last night. I can touch it but cant get it. Have an earache headache and i looked n theres a white dot right where I feel the thing. I have never had a tonsil stone. I have no fever or sore t

Been having a cold past few days, coughing and runny nose. Today I felt a bump/ball right under my jawbones. What could it be?

Been sick for 6 days now i feel a little better now I have throat pain and my ear feels clogged and I have a minor headache should I go to the doctor.

Bitten, blister like mark, very sore shoulder. Next day sore throat and slight trouble breathing. Next day cold symptoms. Toady pain in lower back. Er?

Both sides of neck are sore to touch. No sore throat. I do feel flushed and tired.?

Boyfriend has aches&pains,sore throat,sore behind eyes,feels faint&Had trouble breathing tight chest not as bad now though, whatDoIdo? Refuses ambulan

Burning pain under chin, ears constantly full of fluid. Started as throat discomfort about a year ago. Doc can't feel anything wrong with throat. Help?

Came back from mexico. Tender sores on back. Bad cough. Headache. Night sweats. Is it just a virus?

Came home Friday with a scratchy throat and stomach ache which have subsided, now having trouble breathing in deeply in right middle back. .....?

Can bad cough felt in the throat not chest be related to bad parathyroid gland? I had this for couple wks. Went fr chest to feel in throat.

Can you advise me on getting sick really sore throat on left and right side and runny/clogged nose I thought it was from working in thewhat's wrong and how to treat it?

Chest feels congested/sore, upper middle back pain, slightly stuffed nose, very little to no cough with no phlegm, throat doesn't feel sore, red eye ?

Chesty cough and stuff neck. Every time I cough I get a pain in my head on the top! Small pain behind right eye also. Any idea?

Chesty cough, blocked noise, hurts where my ribs r when i cough and my back.Aches and pains, my neck.Think my gland r swollen, but throat not sore. Flu?

Chills, little appetite, fatigue, throat feels dry and pain felt on the back of the head towards the neck while swallowing food. feels like a pulled muscle. Could this be the flu?

Cogh my head hurts an my throts sore what would help me feel better

Constant ball of phlegm in back of throat?

Constant sore throat with rite rar feels like water dripping out of it?

Could a virus cause a sore throat and fatigue that only lasts for 1 day? The day before I felt great. And the day after I felt pretty normal.

Could your back be sore from having to have a poop?

Discomfort in my throat and upper chest. Not a sore throat, but a different pain.feels achey maybe?amoxiciilan didnt work. possible causes?been months

Do I have the flu? My throat hurts and my nose is running and my head hurts.

Dry back throat from yesterday night, no pain but slight difficulty swallowing and dryness in throat back.It occurred after i went to bed after dinner?

Dull achy pain in throat when swallow/yawn also felt in ears but it's on/off and goes away with ibuprofen. Not a cold and no other symptoms. Help?

Dull Pain in throat with NO cold/other symptoms.Been On/off for past week. I feel perfect but throat hurts. Ibuprofen helps a lot. What could this be?

Each morning I wake up, for about 4 days now, my throat is unbearable. It seems like it coming from the top back of my throat. When I swallow it hurts extremely bad. I have had a sore throat before and I'm pretty sure this isn't your typical one. After ga

Ears feel clogged , swollen tonsils /sore throats bee n getting chills a lot neck side pains and random stomach pains ?

Every morning (for the past 2 years)I wake up with severe drainage feeling and clogged up mucus in the the back of my throat. What could this be?

Every morning for the last month I have wokeb up with a really sore throat, mucus and a head ache but it dissapears around lunch time. Why is this?

Extreme sore throat on right side.hurts to turn head. We I speak I almost flu shot Wed. in extreme pain.

Feel fine during the day.Evenings im cold, weak, achy all over especially back & legs.Pain in neck & chest when inhaling deeply.No fever or sore throat?

Feel sick paler than normal in pain in both sides, feel like collapsing sore throat head pounding what could this be is it serious 2nd day i've had it?

Feeling achy congested stuffy and I just sneezed it was bloody my throat is swollen and hurts as well ?

Feeling weak, sore throat, fatigue, back aches. This comes and goes. Some days I have head aches as well or feels as if my hair hurts. ?

Feels like something is constantly in the right side of my throat. No sore throat. Causes constant coughing mostly when I lay down. What is it?

Feels weak and tired and has a lump behind ear that itches. Feels like he has a head cold and a swore throat.

Flu 2 weeks lost voice but coming back still feeling sick cough and mucus.i have a pinched nerve at same time neck very painful have meds.

For 5 days I have had a bad cough that hurts my throat so I have had a sore throat some headaches & when i'm on my side and i breath my chest hurts?

For 6 weeks ive had uncomfortable feeling in throat and constant mucas,ache in right side of neck. Ive had 3 lots of antibiotics to treat throat infec?

For a few days my left ear was clogged, no other symptoms. It went away and now I have what feels like a chest cold, without cough or any other sympto?

For the last week the right side of throat has been sore and scratchy, it comes and goes. I feel fatigued, but no fever,no cough. Thoughts?

For the past week I have been getting a sore throat and ear on the left side and it has been on and off. I feel fine otherwise. Should I be concerned?

Glands up and always tired have for the last 4months and sore throat &cough back and gone again?Doctor said maybe glandular fever is this right? ?

Got a cough and throat hurts to touch in one place what is this?

Got sore throat like swallowing glass, temp&aching joints. Need to cough but can't, too painful so find it hard to breathe. Any suggestions?

Got the flu and developed an irritated, sore throat. Painful to swallow, and a constant achy cough. Any remedies to ease it? Thanks

Got the flu, it's going away just have mucus build up in throat. when i flex my chest there is a stinging pain in the middle, why?

Had a bad throat for about 3 weeks not necessarily sore but aches inside when I swallow and my neck aches pain gets worse through day I'm exhausted?

Had a fever, headache and sore throat yesterday today I have pain on the right side of my tongue what might it be...?

Had a tonsillectomy 1 1/2 months, I have tightness, I yawned the other night and felt as if I pulled a muscle in my tonsil? Now feels sore on side?

Had bad smell/taste in nose throat with fever aches pain left arm sore throat large glands white tonsils heafache bellyache not hungry very tired?

Had head tilted back, breathed in deeply through nose- very uncomfortable pain in mid-right throat. Swollen glands. Cold breath in throat. Opinions?

Had sore throat that got better taking Zyrtec (cetirizine) and ibuprofen but now have a sharp ache on the right side of my throat when yawning. Cause of concern?

Had the chills for 2 days and aheadach. The chills are finally gone but now my throat hurts so bad even when I talk is this serious? Or will it pass

Had throat inflammation recently and the symtoms of it has improve. Now started to feel lung irritation/ache. But it doesn't hurt when i cough?

Hand swollen after 3 days when cat bit and scratched me. Hurts and also having cough, sneeze, headache, and dizziness and sore throat? Any ideas?

Hands swell at night pain is so terrible last night I also had tightness in my chest today I'm tired could it be flu or a cold coming on ?

Have a real bad cold dizy chills head and throat hurt also ?

Have a sore throat only on my rightside where my tonsils are and my body feels sensitive and is aching

Have earache started in the right now in left with mild sore throat and drainage what could this be. Also habe a bad headache?

Have had a sore throat for 5days. The first four days my throat felt like it was swelling. Now i feel a sharp pain in my throat. What could it be?

Have had swollen gland right side on and off couple weeks now it's worse can't swallow sometimes, feel very tired body aches sore throat ?

Have the contraceptive implant almost month ago,had my period last 2 days ago and my head hurts so bad,neck,have sore throat and flu.what should i do?

Having this burning feeling in my throat on left side only, it's not like heartburn pain and it doesn't feel like a sore throat. Just really warm ?

Head is throbbing and i feel pressure on the sides of my head, eyes feel achey/sore, throat is sore, face feels warm and i feel weak- sinus infection?

Head, back and shoulders hurt. Temperature 98.3 feels sick to stomach. Sore thorat ears hurt?

Headache bad sore throat for about a day and a half. Now i've just been sleeping not eating all day today. Noticed rash on my neck and chest.

Headache for 2 months. Eyes feel swollen and hurt to move. Constant mucus in nose. Mucus lump feeling in throat. Extremely worried. Any ideas?

Headache since yesterday nausea eyes hurt wen move around throat hurts to swallow thyroid hurts on outside of neck temp 98.6 mouth nd 99.7armpit?

Headache that starts on the side of my nose and goes to my eye and temple. Sore throat difficultly swallowing. Tingling feeling in fingers. ?

Heavy cough with sore throat that feels like its swelling and closing... Whats going on?

Heavy head like dull headache and dry scratchy throat ?

Hello i went off ill with a common cold but through out the week my throat has gotten more swollen and my right ear is hurting like anything?

Hello yes I have a bad cough, headache and sore throat and body feels extremely tired. what can be causing this?

Hello! I've recently developed some cold-like symptoms (itchy throat, green mucus with slight cough) and now my left ear will not pop! What do I do?

Help please i woke up with incredibly hot liquid in the back of my throat?

Help!! My throat really really hurts when I swallow. I've had no cold symptoms along with it, just a slight headache yesterday.. Please help!

Hey Doc, So I have this condition where I fell sick (cough, cold & fever) almost every 6 months but this time my left toe feels numb when i wake up.

Hi , my throat has been extremely sore for the past few days . My neck has also been hurting quite a bit . I haven't experienced any other symptoms .

Hi I am having pain in my throat I have bad sinus my nose is clear but I still feel like I have post nasel drip going to the back of my throat it hurt?