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fuild in ears that lead to clogged aches in both ears. I'm experiencing shortness of breath With a slight sore throat with blood in mucous?

14 year old has asthma, what can she take for soar throat and ear ache?

2 months rt side headache. Dry cough, excess mucus in nose.Lump in throat feeling that can't clear. Ear pain and crackling when swallow. What is it ?

32w pregnant, having chest, throat, ear and what feel like gum pain, but it might just be because of the ear. what could i possibly have and take?

32w pregnant. Sore throat and earache (left side). Little bit clogged and some drainage. No fever. Left Ear hurts when swallowing. What to do?

Ache in left ear, , a feeling that there is air trapped in nose, sounds like snoring when I breathe, swollen itchy white tonsils ?

Aching ear and throat and im 33 weeks pregnant, what can I do?

Are the nose ears and throat connectedin some way?

Been having problem with my jaw and parts of my gum hurting plus stuffy nose and sore throat. Also have had clogged ears. Could it be sinus related?

Been sick 6 days w/ sore throat , sinus pain, earache, &dry cough. Last 2 days only have dry cough + minor throat/ear sinus pain. How long will last?

Burning throat and back of nose, lips always feel dry. Could it be allergies?

Burping , have acid reflux , feeling aches in lower part throat now . tad sore under ear . Inner ear feels stuffy. What's with the aches & stuffy ear?

Can a severe ear infection cause sore throat?

Can a soar throat when waking up be caused by overnight sinus drainage?

Can a sore throat lead to an ear infection or can a ear infection lead to a sore throat?

Can a throid nodule cause head aches, ears blocked and throat sore ... AT DIFFERENT TIMES. It is not a cold!

Can allergies cause ear and throat pain?

Can allergies cause pain the in the throat/chest/ears and possibly mouth? So used to just sneesing and ithching...

Can an ear infection cause mild pain in your throat on the same side as the infected ear when you swollow?

Can glue ear cause head ache frequently and a sore throat on and off ?

Can mouth canker sore cause severe ear pain? I went to ent and have no fluid in ear or anything visible! Oral cancer?

Can my throat swell from a cold/sinus infection with no pain when swallowing?

Can non-food allergies cause sore throat, that seems to resonance in the ear, jaw, chest, and mouth?

Can persistent fever, dry cough, sore throat, mucus in the throat, NO nose stuffing + swollen lymph gland on right side of neck be an HIV infection?

Can post nasel drip cause your throat and ear to hurt only on one side?

Can seasonal allergies cause globus hysteria and sore throat and slight ear pain..

Can seasonal allergies cause itchy ear pain? Can't tell if it's an itchy throat or ear. Sneezing spells and facial pain. No infection. NSAIDS no good.

Can severe eustachian tube dysfunction cause sore inflamed throat and sore ears? Many thanks.

Can sinus problems cause a sore palate and jaw/neck glands without any other cold like symptoms like runny nose etc.?

Can sinusitis cause the head to be sore?

Can you have strep throat without a fever? And possibly an ear infection as well? Worst sore throat ever for 4 days now and ear pain but no fever?

Can you tell me are soar throat, ear ache and red eye connected?

Cause for ear,throat,tooth pain and stuffy nose but all only on the left side?

Congested nose, sore throat with burning sensation. Been having it for about 2 days now. When will it subside ? What can I do at home to help ?

Cough & sore throat. my ear seems to be blocked and when I put my finger it unblocks but ithe blocking comes back. I have ringing in ears for a while?

Could an inner ear infection cause the roof of your mouth to "tickle"?

Do you think I have strep tthroat. The right side when i swallow hurts. ..Or do you think i may be coming down with a sinus infection? Hot&cold too

Doctor the last few days my throat has been killing me when i swallow and so does my ears. What do I do?

Does drainage from allergies give you a sore throat and make your ears hurt?

Dull achy ear pain in both my ears, sore throat , fever 100.2 and stuffy nose. What is this ? Can i take cold medicine ?

Ear ache and sore throat. What can I do to treat these issues?

Ear ache going into throat and into chest. What could it be?

Ear infection, sore throat, high altitude sickness?

Ear nose and throat problems, what to do?

Ear pain and also feeling "full", runny stuffy nose, congested, cough, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, & now slight jaw pain when swallowing. Advice

Ear that feels like there is fluid in it along with a sore throat, no pain in the ear. Could this still be an ear infection?

Ears hurt, hurts to swallow, other day my body ached , fever head hurt, its been 5 days and my only concern is my throat swellin and my ears what is it?

Fine except throat ears and back of nose hurt and feel swollen. no fever or runny nose. Dr. says not flu,strep. still hurt after 8 days antibiotics.

Finished 5 day zpack two days ago but can still feel a little pain in my ear and liquid draining to my throat. Is it normal to still have few symptoms?

Finished antibiotics for double ear infection last monday. Ears are still popping and my throat aches a little when swall/yawn. Still have infection?

For 2 mornings had blood in left nostril & minor pain in left ear. Soar throat & some sneezing & sinus drainage for 1 week. Who should I see..An ent?

For a week & a half I had ear pain & a mild sore throat. Since yesterday the insides of my ears feel hot as well as my throat & chest. No infection.

For the past two days throat sore and ear aches, throat pain is in very localized spot just under jaw below ear. Is it ear or throat?

For years I've had popping in the ears, blocked nose and narrowing at the back of the throat. Now im getting vertigo aswell. What could it be?

Got sore throat, swollen left tonsil, caught, headache, ear pressure, eye pain. When i blew my nose once some red came out? Whats up? Tonsils 3 weeks

Had a sinus infection w lots of drainage. The drainage has been gone for almost a week- but I still have a constant lump in throat and ear popping.

Had a slight sore throat, runny nose and ear ache for past 3-4 days and i'm getting over it but this morning i woke up and couldn't taste anything?

Had a vertigo spell , went away. inner ears aches & congested , side of neck under ear sore to touch , nasal congestion, slight fatigue. Sore throat?

Had dizzy spell , inner ear congested, area under ear on neck hurts to touch . Also sore throat , nasal congestion. Tests for flu & strep throat neg.

Hae.i just had my tonsils removed and now am feeling some pain around the throat and itchiness in the ears and throat n taste of

Have sinus in head with drainage causing soar throat and occasional body aches for the past week?

Have sore throat,swollen glands,congestion, tight cough , upset stomach,clogged ears. symptoms started over a week ago. Roommate has tonsillitis.

Headache,sore eyes, throat and really sore ears. Ears feel full and gland from ears and all under enlarged and sore especially under ears. Virus?

Hello for the past 2 days IV had a sore throat with a blocked nose and now I have an ear ache what can I do to get better?

Hello it normal to have jaw ear head and sinus pain with a cold sore?

Hello, I've had a reoccurring sore throat along with plugged ears and sinus pressure on and off for months now.

Her throat hurts along with her ears she has a runny nose and a bad cough, she also thinks her throat is swollen. What can she drink?

Hi can a ear infection cause strep throat because My throat is hurting it started hurting today. So could ear infection turn into strep throat.?

Hi I am 26 years old. I have non stop headache for 6 months. Sore in both cheeks and all over body. Ear ringing constantly. Sore in base of tongue.

Hi i have a really sore ear, slight tinius, pressure in my ear, and feel hot and clamy, i have just recovered from a virus could I have an infection?

Hi I know your a kids doc , but I currently have an ear infection which is making my throat hurt which is causing me to cough my head off . help?

Hi I've been waking up with pressure in my ear(no ear infection), dry mouth, headaches, difficulty remembering things and sore throat,even joint pain?

Hi my throat hurts and I had a hoarse voice for a few days what do I have I had ear drainage from my ear thing that I had I don't have a fever?

Hi there i woke up with a swollen throat and i have a fever as well as blocked nose and ears and a headache ?

Hi, I have had swollen tonsils and feels like my ears are plugged for awhile now, but no pain. Allergies or infection?

Hi, sinus infection for past week. Nasal irrigation helped, mucus clearer & congestion gone. Now left ear is clogged &left side of throat/ear is sore?

Hidden white bumps under left tonsil, post-nasal drip, ear pain, tinnitus, pain swallowing, sleep apnea, ear barotrauma, blurry vision, sore throat. ?

Hoarse voice after increased swimming. No sore throat and sometimes complains his ear hurts but not constant. Dr says no infection. Is it chlorine?

How come my throat and ears are always itchy?

How do I stop reoccuring sore in ear?

How much does it cost to go to an ear nose and throat doctor, and what is a pressure test, does it hurt?

How to get rid of inner ear thumping and sore throat?

How typical is it to get a stuffy nose and a sore throat after wisdom teeth extraction?

I am having pain in my right ear and throat. Every time i swallow it hurts really bad. I also have chills..Is this an ear infection or a virus?

I am having symptoms like weakness, sore throat, stuffy nose, ear ache?

I am ill, sore throat and right ear blockage not going away!?

I been having a problem wit my ears throat and nose . I always have mucus my throat is always itching and water pours out my ear out of nowhere?

I believe I have a cold, runny/stuffy nose and headache and sore throat but my jaw is aching and my teeth in the back near my jaw . Is this normal?!?!

I bit my tongue badly 3 days ago. Now very bad earache, sore throat and pain in Eustachian tube, the same side as injured tongue. Are all connected?

I don't have a sore throat but I did recently have nasal congestion due to allergies. The congestion is gone but my ear hurts a lot when I swallow.

I don't know if I have cold or flu. My ears feel itchy inside. Is this normal?

I had step throat for 5 days before going to the doctor he then gave me medication for my ear and throat now I have ringing in my ear?

I had strep throat one week ago and the doctor gave me penicillin. I'm fine now but now my right ear hurts really bad. Can this be an ear infection?

I had the flu a little over a week ago and now have my left ear clogged and sore throat. Is this related to the shot?

I have 11 year old child & she just had sore throat & now her ears feel blocked. Is this bad? Is this an infection? I cant really take her to the Dr.

I have a cold or sinusitis and roof of mouth itched then throat and now ears and scalp deep inside. Even before antibiotics. What is wrong?

I have a cold/sore throat. Scratched my ear, now a day later ear is plugged and sharp pains. Could I have scratch/torn it or have an ear infection?

I have a headache, earache, sore/ swollen throat, slight sinus pressure, and cough. What could this be and what can I do to get better faster?

I have a headache, toothache, earache, sore throat, burning eyes, runny nose, and my cheek bones hurt really bad?

I have a horrible smell coming from my throat and very itchy ears, throat, and nose. What could this be?