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i think i may have a cold. stuffy nose and a sore throat. I plan on drinking a bunch of beer tonight, would that be bad for the sore throat?

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Can you tell me how could i soothe my horrible, raw sore throat?

Can you tell me how to soothe my horrible, raw sore throat?

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Can't stop coughing and have a very sore throat at nights. Any drink i can make to help soothe it?

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Do you know when you baby-vomit in your mouth why does it burn your throat?

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Drinking lemon juice help while eye infection and throat infection ?

Following drinking alcohol could it cause your throat be sore?

For 4 months I get a bitter taste in my throat for 2+ hours everyday - doesn't go away with drinking water. Laryngoscope was normal. What could it be?

For what reasons will eating potato chips cause a sore throat and fever?

Good idea to suck on garlic for sore throat?

Growth of tonsils and pain in throat when drinking water... Plz tell what to do...

Have had a sore throat for a month. No tonsil swelling. Painfully sensitive to salt and acidic food. Gets worse after alcohol.

Have you ever eaten grapes and got a sore throat or headache? Is that grape allergy?

Hello docs. I was wondering can too much coffee cause tighness in throat?

Hello doctors, i need to soothe my throat after vomiting. What can I drink/eat?

Help please! is drinking cola really a sore throat remedy?

Help please! what drinks and foods help a sore throat?

Help please! what drinks are good to help soothe a sore throat?

Help please! what drinks can you drink to help you sore throat?

Hey doc, does pepper or spice increase the soarnesss in a soar throat?

Hi Doctor for a few weeks I have an urge to throat clear after food/drink this lasts about 10 minutes or so then subsides.I have less throat clearing ?

Hi my throat hurts when i swallow food not so much with drinking ?

How come tea is so effective in healing sore throats?

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How does acidic or spicy food affect your throat? Can you permanently damage your throat?

How does eating ice cubes or ice cream and drinking cold beverages cause tonsillitis or sore throat?

How long does the alcohol from four vodka drinks last in your system before you can medicate the throat pain from strep throat?

How to avoid a soar throat?

How to cure a sore throat fast without salt water?

I am finding my voice is scratchy, always dry no matter how much i drink, and it hurts to eat and drink anything. Is this strep throat?

I burned my throat drinking hot chocolate what is the cure hurts to swallow?

I choked on juice 3 days ago my throat and back of the roof of mouth burns when i swallow spit or something else is this normal if so how long it last?

I drank a lot of alcohol one night the net day I woke up with a sore throat, its been almost 4 weeks, ?

I drink plenty of water, but I always wake up with a sore throat. Should I be worried?

I get sore throats every time after i drink something cold. It seems it's not an acid reflux, what else can it be?

I had tonsillitis about a week ago. But I gargle salt water and got rid of it. But now I feel a tickle at the back of my throat. Could I have it again?

I have a constant sore throat and acidic feeling after drinking alcohol. What can this be?

I have a dry/sore throat what should I do? Even i drink plenty of liquids like water i still have a dry throat.

I have a really sore inflamed throat and tonsils that started yesterday. Tried green tea and salt water gargle but not helping. Any idea or advice?

I have a sore throat & I'm hoarse. What are ways I can soothe it& get it back. I've eattin soup & gargled with warm water & salt.

I have a sore throat during sleep I have used listerine and hot drinks help it's been 3 days like this ok during the day but it's waking me up during?

I have a sore throat since yesterday night and i was wondering if eating hot or spicy soups is bad for ur throat?

I have a sore throat, dry cough, and inflamed taste buds. I eat cough drops like candy, when I don't my throat is dry and irritated. ?

I have been taking antibiotics for 4 days for strep throat but don't seem to help. My mouth and throat feel really dry even when I drink water.nopain.

I have had laryngitis and very sore throat for over 3 weeks. Now I am starting to get "choked" on food and drinks. Are these related/what can I do?

I have hoarseness in my throat but after i eat or drink but does not hurt when i swallow.

I have mono and it came with cold sores. I can't eat or drink anything, what can I do?

I have sore throat, what do I need to drink?

I have two white sores in my mouth after getting strep what are they? I gave it to my mom after drinking her drink

I just had my first drink and now my throat is numb, is this normal?

I just went to a dinner party and my throat is sore from hot food. What can I do?