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today I woke up with a sore throat and a runny nose. Gosh I just hate getting a cold. What can I do so it'll go away? It's viral with no strep. :((

2.5 weeks sore throat. At first cold sxs, now feels like ear infection. Do I see clinic or wait it out? Sore throat is getting worse.

31 weeks pregnant and can't get rid of this really bad cold. Headache, blocked nose, sore throat. What can I take to help please?

About every other month right before I start my period I get cold like symptoms (Sore throat, fatigue, feverish). Is this normal? What would that be?

After doing the gym get very sore like flu like syptoms 4 days after?

Always get sore throat, tiered and stuffy days before ovulation! is that normal? Getting nervous trying for a baby

Always getting sore throat should I ask too have them removed?

Are there any good ways to prevent a sever sore throat from turning into a bad cold?

At night when I lay down I start getting a itchy throat and a dry cough why is that it's just nights is this a bad thing should I see a doctor ?

Baby started getting a sore throat and was not able to sleep through the night. How do I make it go away?

Can an infected tooth give you a sore throat or make you dizzy?

Can babies get sore throats from crying?

Can i get a sore throat while running? It seems i get a sore throat or symptoms when i run. Is it possible to get a sore throat while running? .

Can i get a sore throat while running? It seems i get a sore throat or symptoms when i run. Is it possible to get a sore throat while running? .

Can i prevent a sore throat from blossoming into something worse? I woke up this am with a mild sore throat. This is one of those weeks where i just can't get sick! any suggestions on how to stave off something worse. Would going to the doctor with a t

Can I still get tonsillitis without tonsils . I got my tonsils out when I was 7 and since than my sore throats are worse or they feel like that?

Can i tell me how i can get ride of a itchy throat?

Can i tell me how i can stop a soar throat from getting worse.?

Can my neck get sore from bronchitis?

Can oral sex cause strep throat? Seems like every time that happens i get white little things in my throat and get rid of them with antibiotics

Can strep throat start out really bad, or does it get progressively worse?

Can you get flu like symptoms from being allergic to chilli's? My lips swell and tingle then i get a sore throat and a runny nose and i feel achey.

Can you tell me how i can make extremely sore throat stop hurting?

Can you tell me how I could make my sore throat better?

Could i get a sore throat from too much gasoline?

Could someone get a sore throat from being in house that was on fire a week earlier?

Could you tell me what happens if someone gets lots of glass in their throat?

Couple weeks been getting mouth sores & sore throat on and off, today felt sick & mouth sore & 10 min headache. Is something wrong with immune system?

Despite antibiotics, sore throat is getting worse & going into chest. Been coughing up mucous since last night & there's sores in my throat. Help? ='(

Do u get a sore throat when your molars are growing?

Do you know how to make a really bad sore throat go away?

Do you think it could be a bad idea to get high when you have strep throat?

Does a pill get caught in the throat or is it just the sensation?

Does it happen that people get strep throat more than once in a row?

Does strep throat usually feel worse in the morning or the evening?

Does XL-3 cold medicine help prevent getting sick, or does it just get rid of symptoms? the top of my mouth is feeling sore, I'm starting to feel sick

Does yogurt make strep throat worse?

Dry, rough throat whenever I swallow & feels phlegmy. It's not going away neither better or becoming a cold, but has begun to be troublesome at night?

Ever since i took.Wellbutrin.At night i.Wake up with a sore or scratchy throat? It gets better throughout the day

Every morning for a week I have woken up with a sore throat that gets better throughout the day. Could this be from the pollen? What should I do?

Every time doctor looks in throat it is inflamed even when I'm not ill. I have sore throat that comes and goes for last month. What could be ?

Extremely dry mouth and sore throat that comes and goes. No other flu symptoms. Could this be something serious?

Feel like a sore throat is coming. Please advices that i can stop it from getting worse. P. S. I have something important that i can't miss.

From last 4 days I get burning feeling in my throat. I am doing gargle but no improvement. Pls help?

Getting throat pain when I swallow. Is flu going around?

Good evening I have been constantly burping for around 6 months now.! I get tonsillitis a lot and three weeks ago I was told I had strep a ?

Got a really sore head but getting worse and my ears are really sore but gets worse when i bend down?

Got my ears drained out had a lot of wax still a sore throat how long does it take for the sore throat to go away ?

Had 2 viral illness back to back. Started to feel a bit better and am worse now for a 3rd time. Over a monthFever sore throat cough. What is going on.

Had a cold but sore throat is lingering for a week. Only appears first thing in the morning, goes away as the day goes on. How can I get rid of it ?

Had a runny nose woke up with a sore throat? What to do to help get better faster?

Had a sore throat 2 weeks went away for 5 days throat seemed to be getting better now i'm back and it's sore again?

Had sore throat and cough for 5 weeks, i get sore throats at least twice a month. Been doctors and said its just a cold? Shall i go again?

Have a very sore throat, am coughing regularly, sweating and getting very hot. Does anyone know anyone know any of these symptoms ?

Have bad cold. Ears hurt, throat hurts, all I want to do is sleep. Should I get checked out?

Have had a cough for 2 weeks and woke with a sore throat this morning (has mostly subsideded since then). How i can I prevent this from getting worse?

Have sore on tonge that comes and goes. Should i see a dr?

Having a sore throat after going down on my girlfriend?

Hello I'm getting a sore throat after drinking last night? Is this normal will it go away?

Hi I have sore throat with a bit of runny nose for the past week should I go to a doctor and get antibiotics?

Hi I have this look like a skin grow in my throat sore throat come and go took antibiotics 250mg but this won't go away and I still have throat sore?

Hi I was wondering everytime I wake up after a nap I get a sore throat feels like my lymph node at the throat are swollen & get mucous what causes it?

Hi I've had a sore throat now for 2 weeks went to doc not strep I have no other symptoms what could be causing it and how do I get rid of it? Thanks!

Hi my throat hurts from cheering and screaming a lot what should I do to make my throat feel better.? I need to talk though anyway help me out thanks.

Hi there, for the past week I have gotten a sore throat. I thought it'll be gone by now but it hasn't. Is there Anything I can do to get better ASAP?

Hi there, I have got this problem going on for years, i get sore throat and infection and my throat gets so dry that end up i get cold and flue,

Hi, i've had a soar throat for 3 days now, my ears hurt also, muscles too, i know the flu is going around, what's the best i can do to get better fast?

How can I get my throat to stop swelling when I eat something bad?

How can I make a really bad sore throat go away?

How can I make my baby’s sore throat and cough feel better?

How can I stop a sore throat before it gets worse?

How can I stop a sore throat from getting worse?

How can I stop a sore throat from getting worse.?

How can I stop a sore throat from progressing?

How can you stop a sore throat before it happens?

How come everytime I go to bed & I wake up in the morning with a terrible sore throat?

How come i keep getting minor sore throats?

How come i keep getting this mucus in my throat?

How could i make my sore throat go away?

How do I get rid of the itchy tickle feeling in my throut?

How do I stop gagging when I get a throat culture?

How do I treat a sore throat that won't go away? Hard to swallow, gets worse at night

How do l get rid of a sore throat and cough that I've had for a week? Worse in the evening. Antibiotics aren't helping.

How do you make a sore throat better?

How do you stop a sore throat from getting worse help its killing ?

How long does it take for glands to go down and a sore throat after a cold is getting better and at the end where phelgm is yellow-clear? Coughing too

How long should one have a sore throat before being seen? Going on 9 days now with no other symptoms of a cold or flu. Pain with swallowing. Worse in morning but last all day.I take prilosec.

How to get relief from cough and cold? Since yesterday my throat is getting painful and nose runny , i don't know can somebody tell me to get it relief within next day or two days?

How to get strep throat and what makes it feel better?

How to make my throat feel better its soar?

How to stop strep throat symptoms before it gets really bad?

I am getting congestion in my chest. And i also have a sore throat. I don't know how to stop it before it gets worse. Is there ny home remidies?

I am just getting over a nasty cold, and whenever I cough, I get a horrible taste in my mouth. Should I be worried?

I am sneezing I have a sore throat my stomach hurts and i have been getting headaches on and off all day. I also have to make myself eat?

I believe I have bronchitis. Sore thoat coughing etc. I don't have insurance and can't see a doctor what should I do. Its getting worse please help.

I can feel the snot going down my throat, how do I prevent this?

I can't afford to go to the doctors and i'm pretty sure I have strep throat because it was going around, I have all the symptoms. What should I do?

I can't afford to go to the doctors, i'm pretty sure I have strep throat since it was going around, I have all the symptoms. What should I do?

I caught a cold about a week ago and now i just can't get rid of this annoying cough. My throat is also quite sore. Any advice?

I currently have pharyngitis, went to the dr 3 days ago. My throat and congestion is getting better but my ears seem to get more and more plugged. Why?