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Went to doctor with sinus infection and got amoxicillin. Did not help in still have bad headache in bridge of nose and behind my eyes. Any advice?

What are symptoms of a nasal bone infection right at the bridge of the nose?

What can be the problem if I am getting sinus pain at night when i lay down and what can help if sudifed won't work?

What can cause chronic sinus without mucus? my left side is blocked, can't breath thru there for years, no mucus, soon ENT!

What can cause frequent earaches quite as well as sinus pain in my face?

What can I do for a bad sinus cold? Besides rest? My face, head and even eyes are just throbbing in pain.

What can I do when my sinus goes dry?

What can I take to relieve pain behind my eyes caused from my sinus?

What causes the side of my face and ear to get red. Happens when stress or lay down. don't have ear inf. have allergies, deviated septum and anxiety?

What chances tooth infection going to brain?fin antibiotics week ago no swelling but bad headache on same side+ nasal drip back throat is this bad?

What could be the cause of my constant sinus pressure? ENT says my sinuses are clear and dentist says my teeth are fine. I also doubt it's allergies.

What do you suggest if i'm diagnosed with a sinus infection and now I am experiencing horrible pressure in my ears why is this?

What does it mean when you wake up with your ears burning and hurting? Does it have anything to do with a sinus infection?

What else could cause a lot of pressure all round right eye and forehead if it isn't a blocked sinus?

What is causing frequent headaches behind my left eye and around my nose area?

What is this pressure in my face? It's a fluctuating sensation of internal pressure that seems to be just above the roof of my mouth and behind my nose. I originally thought it was sinus pressure, but i'm not congested at all. In case it's relevant, my bl

What size are your nasal turbinates supposed to be.. Doctor says mines are swollen and I have constant head pressure. But I don't have infections.

What to do at the very first signs of sinusitis? I'm feeling pain over and under my left eye and from personal experience i think it's sinusitis...

What to do if you have sudden sinus pain on a plane?

What would cause top of head to be sore, even hurts to move hair. Also have sinus infection/ blocked sinus?

When do I need antibiotics for sinusitis? It's day 4 of light yellow nasal discharge.Don't have a headache. Tender to touch and pressure left eyebrow.

When frontal sinuses are inflamed, can the feeling usually be described as feeling as forehead packed with mud?

When I yell my right tonsil,ear and jaw hurts,saw ENT he ordered a sinus X-ray results not in yet, what could be happening? Pain is like sharp tension

When pressing my forehead over my eyes, it hurts, it will ache for a few minutes then go away. Can this be from tension or sinus infection?

Why am i feeling intense sinus pain after a sinus infection i had 2 weeks ago in my left cheek? 2nd infection in 2 mths...Neti pot for relief?

Why do i always get pressure in bridge of nose /headache and nausea ? Had sinuses looked at with camera was all fine

Why do I have so much sinus pain when fall comes?

Why do my frontal sinuses appear slightly darker(shadow) in the mirror?Mild pressure+mild congestion, morning eyelid swelling, clear mucus, no fever.

Why does my head keep hurting, i don't have sinus problem what could it be?

Why does my sinuses hurt if they are clear?

Will amoxcillin get rid of mucus in sinus cavities? On day 3 of med, still feeling dizzy and bouncy when i tilt head down.

With a blocked sinus, does it hurt to move your eye around as far as you can? Also is it normal for my eye to hurt when i push on it w/blocked sinus

Woke up to headache, sinus pressure over eyes and behind ears, pain so bad threw up twice, was mostly mucus. Some blood when sinus drained. Any ideas?

Woke w/sinus pain side of nose near eye and just below corner of eyebrow. Read about serious sinus infections in ethmoid sinus! how common? How quickly could this occur? Took Claritin (loratadine) d & saline.

Wondering if my cold has turned into a sinus infection. I have a terrible headache I can not shake in the front of my head around my eyes. ?

Would a sinus infection cause a throb in the head?

Would pain in the bottom right of back of head be sinus related? Nasal congestion is only other symptom.

Would sinus cancer face pain be affected by Excedrin?