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Frequent pounding headache left eye burns left nostral burns and has drainage is the a sinus issue or a head issue?

Gets frequent nasal and sinus pain and swelling, almost a face headache around the eyes. Pain killers don't seem to help. Any other solutions?

Given amitriptyline for headaches, but don't think they will work. Feel something wrong with left side of face, ear sore too but no infection doc says?

Got a pain all over my face bones and got sinus. Temperature as well?

Had a blocked nose facial pressure and pain headaches bodyaches sore throat cough for months now CT scan didn't show any sinus problems what may it be?

Had a really bad right ear infection 2 months ago, my right cheek bone a little swollen, tooth like pain, fluid in ear, post nasal drip, what's going?

Had ear infection messed up on antibiotics think its back head hurt eye hurts and looks puffy sinus pressure wont let up?

Had FESS & septoplasty on 19th.Had bilateral sphenoid sinus which caused head heaviness. I still sometimes have similar head heaviness.I am scared.

Had maxillary surgery to remove a cyst in august now i keep getting sinus infections with right side runny nose yellow mucus along with funny taste?

Had right lower molar #32 pulled today...normal to have nasal/sinus congestion? Thanks!

Had right side maxillary cyst removed 2013 all was fine until I started getting a constant runny/blocked nose and sinus infection after another ?

Had sinus infection since June.Till this day no nose congestion or nose discharge.Does that mean I still have sinus?I did have jaw/teeth pain.headache

Had sinus surgery 11days ago (right ethmoid, frontal, sphenoid, unciate). My rt eye has been tearing up constantly for past 5-6 days. Is this normal?

Had sinus surgery for infect. 4 months ago, infect. back on left side. I don't know if it's possible or not, but could it cause hair loss?

Had sinus surgery for nose; swells get black n blue. Allergies to molds bad. Can my bottom jaw hurt from sinus when barometric pressure/wind high. ?

Had sinus surgery on the 11/2/15 and had a maxillary cyst removed,5 days post op constant right sided headache and earache what could it be??

Had sinus surgery on the 11/2/15 and had a maxillary cyst removed,5 days post op constant right sided headache and earache what could it be??

Has yellowish blister under one side of tongue also has ear and chest ache. Could his sinuses cause this. Has had really bad sinus problems for years?

Have a lump that comes and goes on roof of mouth and a sinus headache could sinuses cause this lump ?

Have a severe toothache in upper front tooth accompanied w numbness in my left nostril was slight runny nose. Can this be sinus or tooth ache?

Have had a couple days of on/off light-headedness that turns into back of head/neck tension & slight eye strain. Allergies? Sinus infection? Thoughts?

Have pain on the around the bottom of my eye. Could it be sinus pressure?

Have sinus issue (head/ear pressure , congestion ) but my eyes now see this mutilcolored specks of light in corner..esp when sun is around . Ideas?

Have sore jaw with pain shooting up towards eye & swelling around cheek & eye Densists said it could be my sinuses What could this mean?

Have struggled w/ sinus infections on/off for 3 mos. Having pressure/pain in head & bones of face hurt, fuzzy thinking, no drainage from nose/down throat. Use omnaris. Is infection back? No allergies.

Have super painful sinuses, yellow goop coming from eyes, dry very persistent coughing, wicked headaches and aching tooth on top back left of mouth?

Headache around rt eye and temple, cough, watering rt eye and throat clearing for 1 year. sinus and chest CT clear. brain MRI clear. what's wrong?

Headache behind eyes & above nose area. Hurts to touch. Ent says not sinus its migraine. gave nerve blocks with little steroid. Still hurts Why?

Headache on and off above left eye brow. Need to be worried? Had a nasty sinus infection last week. Was on antibiotics.

Headache, jaw pain, rt ear pops occasionally, Dr. Said my rt ear sucked in, dizziness in the AM, small cough. Sphenoid surgery 1 yrAgo..sinus again?

Hey all. Got a sore, red, swollen gum on the left side. No tooth pain or discomfort. Have sinus issues though. Could a sinus infection cause it?

Hi. Dealing with sinus . Taking Clairitin ..recently left nostril hurt on the inside, felt some pressure then went away . Is this sinus related ?

Homemade remedies for a sinus infection? Nose and forehead are throbbing and head feels clogged up.

How can I get rid of this pain in my left frontal sinus?

How can I get the sinus pain out of my face?

How can I reduce the pressure and pain felt behind my eyes and on my gums when I get congested from allergies ?

How can i tell if i have tension or sinus headache ? Its above eyes/ bridge of nose / bk of neck its been weeks now wont go

How can I tell if sensitivity in multiple teeth on upper left side is due to my currrent sinus infection or something else?

How can I treat pain/pressure that radiates from behind my upper eyes? Is this sinus pressure?

How can you tell if your sinuses in your forehead or swollen? And why is my allergies causing so much problems making my head feel tight & pressure

How do I relieve facial pain from a sinus infection/soreness alongside nose?

How do u no when u have a sinus infection does the nose and head start to hurt pleaz help?

How long can sinus inflammation last after infection is gone. Ctscan revealed inflamation but no infection. Still having head and face pressure & pain?

Husband feels facial sinus pain, upper tooth pain, & ears feeling blocked. All on one side. Could be sinus inf & what to do at home for improvement?

I always get lower back ache with a sinus infection , why?

I always have pressure in my sinuses behind where my dark circles are.Sometimes I have pain. I've suffered more than a year with it. Best solution?

I am experiencing drainage or pus with sinus infection and if I tilt my head to the right a lot of drainage will come out that's yellow and thin ?

I am experiencing ear pressure. The following also describe me: Ear ache, Aching muscles, and Nasal congestion. What should I do? I was on an antibiotic last week for an acute sinus infection. Is this related?

I am experiencing sinus and facial pressure and ear pressure as well as Eye irritation. No stuffy nose. No facial pain?

I am experiencing toothache, nasal congestion (stuffiness), flushing on my ears neck and top of head ,gets really red and hot back of neck mostly ear?

I am having problems with fatigue, clogged sinus on at least one side, ears feel clogged and i'm sorta confused and clumsy at times. Sinus or allergie?

I am recovering from a sever sinus infection and I am experiencing numbness i only two of my upper molars. Could this be associated or a new cavity?

I am still blocked up after a cold. And now having some toothache in a top molar, but only when walking or moving. Is it related to blocked sinuses?

I believe that I have a sinus infection. Is is normal while coughing to have intense almost like exploding pain near left temple?

I currently have a sinus infection and my upper teeth really hurt more so on my left than right- is this all sinus related?

I do not have any cold symptoms or infection signs but I keep having a shooting pain in my nasal cavity that travels down to my neck.

I feel intense pressure in my face when bending down. No other symptoms, no nasal discharge but have felt fluid moving around in left ear. Just finished a 10 day round of antibiotics for ear infection in right ear. I have chronic sinus issues and a deviat

I feel like i have sinusitis. I have facial pain, swelling, congestion, for more than a year. When does facial swelling go down after meds?

I feel pain to the touch on the bridge of my nose. I have had no injury. I have had sinus surgery in the past but this was never a symptom.

I feel pressure in my head and neck also my ears feel clogged up. Just finished my biotics for sinus infection could that have something to do with it?

I get a headache that is generally on my left side of my head and face mostly around my nose and eye socket area is this my sinus? How do I stop it?

I get this sudden fullness/pressure in nose sometime, also I had temples/top head headache for days it starts when I wake up, come/go during day, 3 w ago diagnosed sinusitis I use nasal spray for it

I got chronic maxillary sinus due to septum. I developed a minor dull burn on the infraorbital nerve (googled) by the nose. Could my sinus cause it?

I got nerve pain after having sinusitis......Is this normal?

I got permanent left maxillary sinus due to septum and allergies. But my left frontal sinus hurts too. Is it all one system?

I had a bad ear infection, finished antibiotics and now have pressure/burning sensation in my head at the top and pressure in my face. Is this normal?

I had a cold & sinus infection 10 days, finally clearing up. My top set of side teeth now feel very sensitive. How long does this last? What can I do?

I had a cold and now have yellow mucus and a lot of pain and tenderness in one of my cheeks and top teeth on one side. I'm not stuffy. How to treat?

I had a maxillary cyst removed in August 2013 ever since then I've had blocked runny nose and sinus infection only on right side what do you think?

I had a maxillary sinus surgery 4 months ago and about a got to have very dark circles under and inner sides of both my eyes, can they be related?

I had a revised septoplasty. 2 weeks ago. The second week I contracted an infection. I have really bad pressure and pain in sinuses. Is this normal.

I had a sinus infection but the doctor said the infection was gone but still had fluid in my ear, would i still have throbbing head and sore neck?

I had mastoid surgery9 days ago yet my jaw hurts now and again and also i stil have persistent drainage is this normal?

I had my mom to press my forehead and after she did, it hurt. Is that normal or a sign of sinuse infection?

I had or still sinus infection but it seems to be only on my left side plugged unless i lay on my right. Taking antibiotics for 1 month still have it?

I have a bad frontal sinus infection and on second round of antibiotics. Bending over then standing up i feel off balance wobbly, is this normal?

I have a headache behind my right eye. Went to the hospital after one lasted 6 days the doctor said it was a sinus infection. They keep coming back?

I have a knot on my forehead, that swells.It also has pain, i stay with sinus infections. And dizzy. The cat scan done, ok. What should I do?

I have a lump between my jaw and ear. I have been dealing with a sinus infection. Now I have pain behind my ear in the bone. Is this sinus related?

I have a maxillary sinus mucocele. The past 3 weeks I have been getting dizzy now I have jelly bean painful lumps in my head?

I have a numbness on hard plate, near front tooth. I also have sinus pressure along with ear preasure.

I have a pain above my left eye my doctor gave me antibiotics for a sinus infection but the only time the pain goes is when i lie down?

I have a pain in my ESR and it is traveling in my upper jaw and in my nose is that sinus are what please help?

I have a recurring sinus infection in last 2 weeks; pain behind eyes, headache, lateral neck stiffness, mild fever, facial pain. On Z-Pack & concerned?

I have a sinus headache and my ear is achy. I really don't want it to turn into a sinus infection; I've already had a couple in the past. Any advice?

I have a sinus infection and I have been on antibiotics for a week in have chest pain and I am still blocked up and when I blow my nose blood comesout?

I have a sinus infection and my nose is really sore to the touch is there anything I can take to ease the pain?

I have a sinus infection with Pressure in cheek, forehead. Could the infection cause my upper teeth to be very sensitive to cold water when drinki?

I have a sinus infection with a sharp pain over left eye, it felt different from normal sinus pressure, it only lasted a few minutes. Is this normal?

I have a sinus infection. Hurts. How can I relieve the pain and clear my sinuses?

I have a sinus infection. Woke up today with severe face pain, under my eye, along bone. Fear my sinus infection has broke and spread?!

I have a sinus issue and small earache I feel I need antibiotic?

I have a small bump between my frontal sinuses I do have a sinus infection that started yesterday.. What is this! Should I be worried I do have a headache but I'm sure it's from all the coughing

I have a sudden pain across my forehead and above my right eye for the first time . I have sinusitis (perfume allergy)from time to time, is it related?

I have an ache all around my eye and have headaches inthe front. I feel pressure and pain in my eye, face, cheek and back teeth. The MRI showed sinusitis involving ethmoid air cells. What should I do?

I have an infection in my tooth have a headache my neck hurts and now my eyes are red ? I've been on penicillin for 6 days now

I have an orange liquid dripping from my nose right now. sinus pain below eye and above jaw. been using a sinus rinse for 1 week. no other meds?

I have been getting sinus pain and strong pulse in temples could this be a sinus infection or something else?

I have been on azithromycin for 3 days now for a sinus infection. I have no congestion but I have bad headaches between my eyes and back of neck. Norm?

I have been struggling with a respiratory cold...Lungs, throat, sinus, and now my right ear is draining blood. No pain just pressure. Should i worry?