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. Lately my left middle & outer ear has been aching. Sinus related? bothersome. taking Claritin (loratadine) for sinus . Should I see ENT specialist for eval.?

1 side of face swollen, pain in cheek by jaw & up to eye causing constant headache Denisits said not teeth probably to do with Sinus (2 months)?

2nd severe sinus infect.-is it common for my eyes to hurt when I move them? My ears/cheeks/forehead hurt/burn from the infection.Scared of 2nd surgery

3 neck glands swollen on my right side. No pain, but a lot of drainage and occasional stuffy nose. Sinus infection or viral infection?

32 weeks pregnat and have a really bad sinus headache runny nose and right ear pain my body feels weak should I go to er?

4 days i had headaches that hurt sometimes when i breathe through nose, i get tightness in the back of my head eyes, some face pain sinus infection? Tx?

4 wisdom teeth out on friday. Swelling worse than ever. Back on blood thinner. Sinus pressure horrid. What can I do for sinuses & to decrease swelling?

7 day post septoplasty pressure in cheeks and behind one eye and also feel pressure in one nostril.Normal.

8/10 pain in L ear, Yellow discharge, No temp. Will Nasonex help? Started as sinus infection. Green nasal discharge this am with sinus pain/pressure.

Acute pain in right ear post sinus infection?

After a severe burn to sinuses 6 yrs later, can feel sinus drainage into scalp and down neck, ears pop, balance issues foot numbness. What tests ?

After I had the flu in December,I started having sinus congestion, even more when I lay flat I have a lot of pressure n pain. The discomfort has traveled to my right ear as well and my eyes. Advise:)?

Are there any sinus cavities in the back of your head?

Bad cold, became sinus infection. Slowly better. Upper left teeth are sensitive when my heels strikke. Why? What can I do? How long will it last?

Bad face pain from my sinuses? No fever though.

Bad headache 1 side also hurts even touch it didn't hit it off anything had tooth infection same side finished antibiotics week ago is it related?

Bad pain L side of head & L eye w/swelling of eye, redness, L earlobe swollen & runny nose + congestion. L face feels funny. Cluster headache? Sinus?

Barely any nasal discharge, facial pain/pressure/burning/tingling sensation in face/temple pressure/gets worse went bending over. Is it sinusitis?

Being treated for sphenoid + maxilary sinus infections. Today, my face is somewhat puffy under my eyes and top of cheekbones. Is this due to sinuses?

Bf has obvious front sinus swelling&pain 5 yrs&inner ear feels blocked.Ct showed nothing. Otc&sauna no help.Likely cause?What specialist should he see

Bloody nasal mucus, random pain within the upper and jaw teeth and jaw, pressure in cheeks and dry nasal opening - acute sinus inflammation?

Broken tooth that had bad cavity hurting on and off but dull pains in face/under nose area. Can this be a bad infection and could it cause meningitis?

Can 1 sided facial swelling be caused by sinus issues. Left notril plugged up last night, right cheek swelling a bit.I saw the dentist 4 months ago.

Can a lower wisdom tooth that is fully through produce "allergy" symptoms? Gums inflamed &lymph under chin up&down, ear that side clogged, nose stuffy

Can a mucous retention cyst in the left maxillary sinus cause headaches, double vision and selling around the eyes?

Can a one have sinus prob that do not show on CT scan? My ears pop, strange fullness on Rt side of face and head. Runny nose, watering eye headache. ?

Can a severe sinus infection cause nose bleeds,facial pain(such as the cheek,jaw and teeth).Also a headache at my temple and its all on the right side?

Can a sinus infection cause burning on the top/back of my head? I got a sinus cold 9 days ago started antibiotics for infection in ears/sinus 4days ag

Can a sinus infection cause discomfort in the left arm?

Can a sinus infection cause facial twitches? Also, can nausea, neck pain, fatigue, and sinus pain point to a possible sinus infection?

Can a sinus infection cause headache with preassure on temples and nose area? In addition can it be causing my eyes (specially the right) to tear?

Can a sinus infection cause the worse headache i have ever had all day and dry eyes also ears pop when i move jaw?

Can a sinus infection make your upper teeth hurt when you walk and your eyes feel like they have a hard time focusing. Havegreen post drip for 2 weeks?

Can a sinus/ear infection cause eye pain with head pain in the back of the head?

Can acute sinusitis cause extreme left neck gland swelling, right is also swollen but not as severe. Sinusitis is unresponsive so far to 2weeks amox.

Can air pressure changes cause sinus headaches? And cause pain in teeth ? Having big rain storm last 4 days...Having pressure behind eye every night with swelling and noticed teeth below eye are hurting. Had a root canal 2yrs ago, thought it might help wi

Can bone spurs on the c5/6 feel like you gave constant sinus drainage?

Can chronic maxillary sinus cause issues with the infraorbital nerve underneath? (mild lip, nostril, eye burning)

Can chronic sinusitis cause temporal top and back of the head headache or only direcly above the infected chambers in the front?In chronic maxillary

Can frontal sinuses make your forehead feel like it's burning?

Can having a sinus infection cause sensitivity to sound , and pain in the face, head , ears, and neck?

Can I develop a sinus infection after ent said no infection I have eye pain and headache for a week now and dry eyes and head pressure ?

Can I have a sinus infection but have a normal full bood count i got pressure in head nose eyes body aches swollen neck gland muscle pain fatigue?

Can maxillary mucous retention cysts cause my head to feel unclear/stuffed-up/cloudy along with tinnitus and mild imbalance. There is no sinus pain.

Can pus white stuff of nose be the reason for sinus? I am having facial pain, noss, eye brow, cheek.! what treatment to do?

Can sinus cause soreness not pain on side of head above ear and eye?

Can sinus headaches caused by blocked sinuses cause pain in temples tender to touch and body aches?

Can sinus infection cause floating feeling in the head?

Can sinus infection cause forehead numbness?

Can sinus infection cause sore spots on head?

Can sinus infection involve back pain?

Can sinus infection that has moved to hurting above eyes cause swelling in one or both arms?

Can sinus infection/ blocked sinus make your eye and eyebrow twitch a lot?

Can sinus pain travel all over face including near the ears?

Can someone tell me how long will it take for pain to subside from sinus infection affection right side of face?

Can swollen gland (1sided), hot ear/cheek and slight palpitations be symptoms of chronic sinusitus?

Can these symptoms, throbbing on the left side of the head, also aching in the left ear, stuffy nose and constant headache be a sinus infection ?

Can you get a sinus infection after getting over a cold? I recently got over a bad cold. Now I have pain and pressure in my head and around my eyes. Could this be a sinus infection? .

Can you have chest aches or pains with sinus problems? I had sinus surgery 3 weeks ago and still have inflammation around my ears and face.

Can your eye be sore to push on with blocked sinus. When i push on it, pain pressure goes down my nose?

Chard of glass stuck in nose.Have sinus pressure and headache.Went to pcp they could not see.Can this be dangerous?

Chronic sinus pressure/headache. Went went to ENT he said my left nostril has extremely small openings. What do that mean? On top I have swelling

Clear mucus, head pressure, no fever. No swelling. Could it be just sinuses or sinus infection? Happens for day or two then gone then back.

Cloudy film over left eye. Sinus/respiratory cold recently. Related? Advice?

Constant sinus infections. I'm allergic to sulfa and pennicillin. Now, i'm getting ear/jaw/molar pains! now what?

Constant sinus pressure, ears always popping. Sinus CT shows "probably mucus cyst on floor of right max sinus and slight deviation to right. Surgery?

Cough, pain around temple & rt eye rt eye tearing. Constant throat clearing.Both ears popping constant since 7 months CT of chest & sinus clear ideas?

Could a blocked sinus cause a strong recurring flicking type of pain between temple and ear?

Could a blocked sinus or sinus issue cause a burning stinging pain in front part of head? Lasted about 15 seconds

Could a chronic sinus infection (few months) cause my cheeks (under cheek bone both sides of face) to start sinking in? Im scared infection is reason

Could a cyst in my nose be causing me pain?

Could a sinus infection cause arm pain?

Could tonsillitis cause right nose blockage and multi ear infection with sleep abnea?

Could use your help docs! my frontal sinus feels really clogged?

Could you explain why do my nasal cavities feel swollen?

Day 1: sinus pain, nausea, and a stuffy nose. Day 2: same things as day 1, but in more severe form + pimples on forehead no fever. What could this be?

Day 3 of antibiotics for sinus infection still tons of facial pain headaches and lots of gum pain.. When will this end!? Anxiety Could it have spread?

Dentist says tooth/roof mouth pain = maxillary sinus. Treatment/relief? just little stuffy one side. Dry and burning nose, press cheek, nose to teeth

Developed a lump on top of forehead in hairline. Not painful. Just finished amox for sinus few days ago. No fever or vision changes. Dangerous?

Dizzy &face felt pressure all day.was told sinsus were swollen and it was a sinus infection. Woke up feeling fine.Never had a sinus infection.normal?

Do sinusitis cause eye pressure/pain especially if i press? And also my eyes hurts when i move?I do have sinusitis, so is this all related?Thanks!

Doc said sinus infection. On Zithromax (day 3), steroid spray & steroid shot. Pain above left eye & face (sharp). Been a week. Annoying. Suggestions?

Does a sinus infection make the area around your eyebrows twitch?

Dr suspects Supraorbital Neuralgia but how do I know it's not just a sinus issue? I'm not draining anything color just white thick mucus.

Due to allergy i suffered with cold, itchy palette.I consulted dr.& got relief, but now my ear and the bone along the back of jaw line are paining why?

Dull intermittent cheek, jaw & temple ache remains after a respiratory infection & antibiotics for suspected maxillary sinusitis. How long to settle?

Ear clogged, nose stuffy, eye teary, all right side. Is it possible to have one sided allergy problems? Or maybe a sinus issue?

Ear infection is getting better but my headache is the same.Are they related? In my sinus area & sometimes back of neck.Fever is going down as well

Endoscopic surgery 5 days ago. I have dull sinus headache and significant pain behind my left eye. Should i call doctor?

Ent doctor took one look in ears and said i was fine but for a year I've had sinus pain and pressure, migraines, eye pain and slight vision issues.Ideas?

Ethmoidsinusitis cause pain in and around left eye.Massaging it feels good gets sore after.Eyedr said eyes r great pressure side nose, cheek.Front and sphenoid mild mucus.Take nasonex (mometasone) Mucinex help tiny?

Every time i swallow my ears pop. Headache on right side. Had this for about 6 months now. What could this be? Sinus cr scan clear

Experiencing a lot of pain more in my left side of my face around eyes, nose and constant headache. I suffer with sinus problems but this is worse than I had previously taken nasal spray and naproxen?

Extreme pain and pressure in sinus under left eye, yellow goop coming from both eyes, dry persistent cough, aching tooth on top left. ?

Eyes swollen, upper teeth hurt, frontal headache, stuffy, is this sinus related ? How do I get relief quick .......

Feeling off balance no fall or Lighthead. Sometimes eyes blur No anemia&Dentist stated sees sinus on xrays of mouth is it sinus possibly causing this?

Flonase for 6 days, now have a deeper sinus infection. Whole left side of face/upper teeth are throbbing, even w/excedrin & decong. This a reaction?

For six months i have had an intense pressure in my face. i can feel my pulse in my sinus cavitys in my cheeks. it drains a little occasionally?

Forehead and left eye pain. MRI from '09 cyst on left sinus. Left nostril always congested, produce discolor discharge, bad smell. Chronic sinusitis?

Forehead swollen above r eyebrow, esp towards the middle. No fever and nose not very runny, but could it be my sinus?Lateralized headache there too.