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I currently have conjunctivitis but am also being sick and have a sore throat, also pain under my armpit going on to my shoulder and back, infection?

painfully sore throat when i wake past 4 or 5 days. Sizable lump of phlegm is immediate dark yellow/brown. As the day progresses the pain subsides. Concerned about tonsils. First 20 mins every day my throat feels inflammed constricted and tight?

1 week ago I developed ringing in my ears, with very mild fever like symptoms. 3 weeks ago I had a pain on right side of throat. Any idea? Lymph nd?

10 days after tonsillectomy and still am taking antibiotics. I have developed pain lower in the throat away from op site.(larynx?) Is this normal?

2 year old with 102 fever for 2 days. Sleeping and eating fine. Had a sore throat 2 weeks ago. H/O chronic ear infection but no complaints of pain.

20yrs Female. Fever at night, goes away by morning.Saliva dries out quickly during day.Swollen tonsil, swelling is reducing. What to do?

23y.o female. Roof of mouth itching conbined with very sore throat. Fever101.6. Ear pain and itching as well. Thoughts?

25 yr old with chronic inflammation of the pharynx, soft palate and nasal area. He has stinging, burning. Symptoms cause difficulty articulating.....?

26weeks pregnant with a very sore throat and painful tight chest, how do I treat it?

28 year old female with swollen gums and sore throat with while patches, pain radiating to the ears.Tried cefobid, metronidazole but symptoms increase?

3 small bumps on uvula that formed 8 months ago. No fever, but recurring sore throat with very little pain.. History of post nasal drip & hay fever.

31yr.sore throat,dryness,pain in throat since a month.ENT gave me xyzal n antibiotic but not blood,no lump,no fever or running nose.Serious?

4 days: severe body and headache. Scalp hurts to touch, swollen infected throat/tongue. Nausea, weakness, fatigue, post nasal drip. No strep. Help?

45 male. Never smoked. Right sided throat pain when swallowing for about 4 weeks. Strep negative. No fever. Does feel like post nasal drip. MD?

8 days post tonsillectomy, severe pain on 1 side and earrache and also im sure I might be swallowing pus? Im not sure if this is to be expected?

A week ago I developed reactive arthritis after a throat infection. Now my throat is fine but my joints are still very painful. How long does it last?

Ache and pain in and around tonsil area with some swelling at times, one side of tongue feels sore but can't see anything wrong, ear problem also, ?

After i throw up i can see blood in my spit. I can also see it in the back of my throat?

An inflamed asophogus caused constant vomiting…treatment ideas ?

Ankle swelling dr told me positive strep and sore throat and chest pain I am on antibiotics but no help what should I do?

Any advice- woke up this morning with swollen glands, no other symptoms. Go to dr or can I treat it/prevent it from worsening?

Been having throat inflammation about a week now. Now, no more fever, nausea; dizziness etc. Is my throat inflammation is going to cure soon?

Bumps on throat, stuffy nose , diarrehea, chaset and lower back pain loss of appetite comes and goes and dry mouth?

Burning feel on right tonsil and ear.When tonsil burns,bad breath is present and becomes worst. night sweats very often. allergies? or gerd?

Burning pain in mouth throat and nose for 3months had antibiotics for sinusitis but still same , had similar this time last year , lanzoprazole 5yrs?

Can a side effect of laser surgery on the neck be a persistent sore throat?

Can Metrogel (vaginal) cause a sore throat or throat irritation? I'm experiencing throat irritation after 2 days of using this drug...coincidence?

Can Minoxidil 5% topical foam cause difficulty swallowing and sore throat? Seems odd I know, but happening after 1 week of starting, no other symptoms

Can mono usually cause this intense of throat pain or is it something else?

Can pepsin and acids in throat caused by LPR, get into both parotids and cause pain, soreness and stinging upon eating? No apparent swelling.

Can silent reflux cause a swollen red painful eye and if so what are the cures?

Can sinuses or allergies impact spleen? Visual bulge in this area and tenderness at bottom of sternum. Lost 7 lbs in 4 days. Also sore throat & cough

Can sore throat every day for 6 years be related to hypothryoidism of 2 years? Doctors tell me they are not related.

Can stress cause a GERD flare up, despite daily dose of Pantoprazole? If so would it cause left side back pain, and would whitish flem come up my throat? My throat has been dry because of this but I have no cough.

Can throat cancer symptoms come and go? I'm wondering because I had some throat irritation and tightness that went away for 2 weeks and it's back now.

Can throat pain when touching and discomfort in throat area after 2 month of unrptoected sex be ONLY symptom of HIV? somtimes little pain in neck

Can u get pneumonia despite talking pinamox i'm on it but i'm all pains and aches and a really sore throat?

Can you still get your wisdom teeth out with a slight cough and minor throat soreness?

Canyour lower throat be swollen if so would thedoctor feel of it when examining i've been allergy tested no allergies is this anxiety it's been months?

Cat scratches, breathing problems, sinus pain, now really sore throat, what is the cause?

Cause? Severe throat pain on the left side only when i 'grind' my throat/swallow. I've had tonsil stones for years, seems unrelated. &just got over cold

Chronic sore throat , believe its due to GERD but afraid of throat cancer . Throat pain seems to be more on the left side with sore neck muscles to .

Chronic sore throat,tongue(burning feeling), ear, neck pain x 2mo. Dr said sinus-gave antibiotic. 2 wks later dif dr said allergies. Could be my SLE?

Chronic sore/scratchy throat. Sets in late afternoon.I talk all day for work.Pain is minor, more irritation.Some drainage. Concerned about oral cancer?

Constant drainage that migrates down to throat which makes it hard to eat and drink due to swelling in kneck. What could be causing this?

Constant itch sensation under rhs shoulder blade. Pain on rhs lung. Rhs neck gland swollen and have had a sore throat. No cold or flu. Lung cancer?

Constant mucus in throat, stuffy nose almost all the time. Got food intolerances. Also upper abdominal pain. Will i see an ent?

Cough, sinus infection, blood in back of throat, lump on side of neck, fluid in ear, going on 3 weeks, seen 2 docs, just finished omniflex, no better?

Coughing resulted in 1 side of throat swelling up with drainage. Ear hurts too. Swelling is highly visible and i have no tonsils. Should I see a dr?

Could a persistent sore throat with ear pain be related to a neurological cause? Nothing wrong in my throat as per many drs and culture is also made.

Could tonsil stones cause sore burning throat, could they cause other symptoms, systemic or flu ish symptoms. How to remove them safely and permanentl?

Daughter 5 yr, woke up crying, seems to have fever, painful swelling from under ear - under jaw start. No trouble swallowing. No redness. No drainage.

Daughter has constant sore throat. no temp no redness or white patches. Its pain where her thyroid is and up.she gets swabbed there is bacteria. pain ?

Day # 3 of severe sore throat. Nothing is helping . Can barely swallow. No otc's helpful for pain. No other symptoms, no fever, etc. Advice??

Dear doctor, I have throat infection which i can't swallow food and its get pain in throat. I am frequently facing this problem . Pls help me. Thanks.!

Diagnosed w bacterial infection (sore throat & flu sympt) Cough is getting worse (times) and now chest and upper back pain. Doesn't feel like asthma.

Diagnosed with pharyngitis. It's been 8 days and not getting better or worse. Sinuses stuffy now and mild headache and tonsils are swollen.

Diagnosed with strep throat. 3 doses of keflex. Pain wakes me from sleep and it's severe. I am having severe pain swallowing any food/drink and saliva?

Did appointment and was told that I got swollen throat. Does it causes phlegm and how to reduce discomfort?

Do I have herpes? I am a 22 year old male. For the past three days I have had a high fever (102-104) along with drowsiness, vomiting, sore throat, sluggishness, and neck pain. Additionally, sores have appeared - on the back of my throat, on the tip of my

Do I have mono and should I go to the ER I have all the symptoms, my throat hurts my eyes are burning i don't have that much of an appetite

Do you get pains in your brain when you have strep throat?

Doctor I am suffering from sore throat since last two days...Unable to eat anything..Heavy pain in throat...How can it be cured.

Does stress cause throat pain and treatment for this type of throat ain?

Dr diagnosed me with strep throat. I also have ear and right neck pain. Can an ear infection cause neck pain? Ibuprofen helps. Takings meds 4 days.

Due to heavy dose of antibiotics and swollen tonsils I have a dry & rawness of the throat. Please help.

Dx few yrs back with mulitnodular goiter, recently developed sore throat, with pain in throat and upper chest upon swallowing, could the 2 be related?

Ear infection face all swollen and extreme pain having trouble talking is there anyway I can relieve these symptoms and how long will it take to go?

Earache, on and off voice hoarseness, neck pain, swollen glands, occasional congestion for 3+ weeks. Oc drugs don't help. Concerning?

ENT question. If tongue is swollen not throat& antihistamine works to get it down, does it mean allergy causing swelling? Always swollen.Not angiodema

Even in summers my legs are always cold .. Its been 2 months ....Is this happening because of antibiotics course i m doing for my throat pain ?

Experience during a cold or was that my throat quickly got some swelling. Related or unrelated?

Feel like my throat is swelling, do not have trouble breathing-benedryl 25mg does not fix it-is is possible that it is not swelling?

Feeling of a lump in back of throat and stuffy nose, are these symptoms of a sinus infection and what can be done to alleviate these symptoms?

Feels like lump in throat when swallowing saliva or food. No pain nausea fever Had some ear aches severl months but not now On low cal diet what is it?

Feels like there is a lump in my throat, left side, when I swallow. I'm 18 and I don't smoke, what is it. I also deal with severe post nasal drip?

Fever, sore throat, neck pain, and lower back pain. 19 years old. Started suddenly. Pus pockets around tonsils. No coughing or other cold system. ?

For a year and a half I have had pain in my ears and mouth taste like menthol. Mri showed mastoid enfussion. Could this cause my symtoms?

For few weeks had slight discomfort when swallowing in throat that would come and go. Eventually end with fever, pain in throat, chills headache. Hiv?

For over 2 years i've been getting throat irritation/dryness, headaches, temporalis muscle twitches, bad taste at back lf throat, sleepiness. Seen all kinds of specialists, no answer. Possibly dental?

For what reasons might the back of my throat burn at night?

Four red painless bumps/lumps, back wall of throat. I don't have cold or flu symptoms. What could this be? I'm scared it's serious. I have bad anxiety

Frenulum tongue piercing for 2 weeks. 2-3 days after getting piercing had neck pain, 2-3 days after neck pain came headaches. Now occasional dry mouth?

Got coldsore first time in my life. Mouth ulcer and sore back of throat. Also slight pain in lower esophagus. Will it go on its own? Been 9 days

Got severe tongue pain can't swollow and glands are up could cry with pain? Should i phone the doctor?

Gum swelling a few days after starting treatment for strep throat, cefdinir 300mg 2 days left. What caused and what to do for swelling?

Had a very mild sore throat it gets little pain yawning mild swallowing I didn't take anbiotic after 5 days looks fine but scared from rheumatic fever?

Had bad virus w/severe sore throat 3 weeks ago. Steroids helped pain go away totally but now a few days later it hurts again . Strep neg. What is it

Had burning sensation on lip last nite & nausea, dizziness, itching, headache, dry mouth, & flu like muscle pain next morning following dental filling?

Had strep throat for 1&half weeks untreated is this bad i did have all symptoms but there gone swallowing is a bit easier inflamed back wall is there?

Have a chronic sore throat which hurts more when swallowing, and pain in my ears when swallowing. Also recurrent problems with fluid behind my eardrums, large tonsils and adenoids. Get surgery?

Have a sore throat. What can I do to relieve the pain from my saliva pooling up while I sleep?

Have severe sore throat pain for 2wks . Strep and mono have been ruled out. Was told there is fluid buildup behind ears. What is causing the pain?

Have slight discomfort in back of neck when i chew some foods. Not consistent. Same occurs if I speak 2 long. Have had a sore throat 4 a few days.

Have tonsilitis, feverish, taking antibiotics, painful body, headache, can't eat well. Now I have chest pain. Is it related?

Have what i believe to be a tonsil papilloma experiencing earache, tooth pain night sweats sore throat hoarse voice..Reason to worry it's cancer?

He is 3yr old. Has swollen tonsils. No temp. Difficult sleeping at night. Ear pain. On antibiotics two days now. No significant change. Advice plz.

Headaches,slight fever,tender Adamsapple area,trouble swallowing,slight ear pain,swollen glands,no sore throat.30 amox500mg 3x per day.slightlybetter?

Healthy; 6da severe palate uvula throat infection; augmentin; 3da now local finger tip (3rd, 4th) swelling, hot, mild pain, and now numbness. Related?

Hello Doctor, please I can feel pain when swallowing saliva and then I just started having some terrible itching in my eyes. What could be the problem?