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'what does it mean if my tongue feels like i burned it but haven''t?'

1 week i have feeling in my left cheek like someone is touching it feels like it sags but does not physically shoild go doc? no other issues

1yr old boy has hot knees. Like, they are red and hot to the touch? It's been like this for a few months now. Is this weird? Or not?

23 years old and im suffering from premature ejaculation and i feel like i cant even get a full hard so i feels like im not full mature. Size and look?

3xs in the last week i've felt pinpricks in my feet (like i got a splinter), but when i look nothing is there. Sensation leaves about 10 minutes later?

4-5 black eye. Saw doc in ER on 4day. My eye feels like irritated not pain but like nerve irritated. Want to scratch too. Is this feeling normal.or no?

A couple weeks ago now i have started to feel like my left ball has dropped and maybe detached or twisted around something important like some chords.

About 1" above inner elbow it feels like a small dip. Other arm does not feel like that. Almost like there is a piece of muscle missing. What is it?

After drinking alcohol what has looked like a malar went a purple colour, felt hot and made face look awful. woke up & it's gone. sound like lupus?

After ive been in a heated room or sunlight for awhile my hair feels almost like its popping and i itch but it doesnt go way how can i make it go away?

Allergies hi. I have been allergic to strawberries since the age of 13, (i am 19 now) it was never a big deal, i could touch and work with it, just not eat it. My lips swell up, and feels like i can't breath. The other day though, my little 3 year old sis

Always feel like a liquid is coming out of my penis but its dry, what is this?

Amy daughter got this set of buttons between her legs its bruised its like water bladder wen it pop look like lil wholes its itching and painful what?

Anus feels like one side will not open properly and stool feels like it is coming out at an angle, sometimes touches butt cheek. What would cause this?

Are hematomas always visible? for like little injuries where it could happen, like the throat?

Area between right blade and spine feels like it needs to crack. 4 months. Feels like thick lump inside. What is it? What type of dr to see?

Arms feels like it's being ripped apart. What causes this?

At first I thought it was a pimple but nothing is in it. It kind of feels like a bubble and it hurts. Anything I can do?

At the bottom of my leg it feels like a lump that's under the skin I'm scared it's something serious ?

Back of tongue dry and it feels like little needle back there.Water not helping i'm scares?

Both ears ache on/off, deep inside feels like somethings in it. Very achy and noticeable doesnt feel like infection but do have scar tissue from tubes?

Can a yeast infection make your vagina feel like a heartbeat? Like it moves?

Can blisters feel like burns? If so, what would that mean?

Can one side of cheek feel bigger than other ? Still have feeling and more just messing with my face and feels different went too dentist seen nothing odd

Can you feel when the lump/pimple is coming down , if so what does it feel like and how many days does it take for it to go away?

Constantly feel like there's a hair on my tongue but nothings there. Also feel like a spiderwebs is on me a lot. Been going on for weeks now. Help?!?!

Constantly feeling like something is touching my hair and everyday and every night it gets annoying but won't go away?

Could butt implants look too fake and feel weird?

Could circumsision of affected my growth? it feels so tight, the skin does. and when im jerkin it feels like im pullin it all. it also hurts. only 6''

Could macrobid make your whole body feel itchy? My tongue and lips also feel tingly. Should I switch antibiotics?

Could use your help docs! my dad feels like something is scratching inside his stomach?

Couple yrs now I would get like swelling on my vagina it feels like a bump but it's like a lymp node doesn't hurt when I would compress it with hot water it will go in days i sweat a lot can it be .

Daughter is 17yrs old it looks like a pimple on side of nose but feeling it it feels like a tiny ball will not go away what can be done or what is it?

Doe's a meningitis rash feel likes its burning and swelled ?

Does armpit fat feel water balloon like?What does armpit fat feel like?

Does buspirone cause like shocks? cant explain them other than little electric twitches right underneath skin they are only 5 mg 3 times a day

Does Having that tube camera thing hurt what is it like?

Does inflamation feel like a gritty type feeling when rubbing over the joint?

Every night i would scratch my body I have to scratch until i feel satisfied and sometimes this scratching is quite hard doc z maybe to do with ibs?

Every time after i ejaculate i get this elastic string like stuff that seems to be very long its not painful ?

Every time I go to whipe it hurts but also feels good kind of like an itch against the left lip. It doesn't bother me through out the day only when I ?

Eveytime I look down and look back up again I get this weird feeling like I cant keep my balance?

Eyes itching and always feels like there is something in them?

Feel like I have a hair on my cheek and there isn't one?

Feel like i'm getting a soft spot on my head what is it?

Feel like I've gone back in my depression it seems like sliding into black hole?

Feel like intestine in my private parts?

Feel something near right testicle it feels round and say when water hits it in the shower hurts a little also my sack looks dry/wrinkly? Any ideas?

Feeling much better now but last night I was sick and found a flesh like piece in the sick pulled it out and it had veins in it? quite worried

Feels like a needle is stabbing my eye for a second or two. It hurts pretty badly my eyes will start to water. What is this?

Feels like as if there's a little rock in my kne cap and it was red but not anymore but it still feels like there's a rock in should iworry i also run?

Feels like hundreds of tiny cuts inside of mouth, comes on suddenly like a breakout, lasts for a week, very painful.?

Feels like my nose has is clogged, but nothing is in it. My chest hurts in the center all the time and I feel like i'm not getting enough oxygen.

Feels like someones ripping out my hair and it burns, what to do?

Feels like something is in my upper eyelids, like eyelash (assuming) but can't get it. It feels like a cactus scratching my eye. Got finished crying:/?

Feels like something is moving inside my left eye, happens often.

Feels like something is stuck in my penis and it burns. What could be wrong?

Feels like there is something inside the palate such as food vomited one night and since then feels like something stayed there. ENT says nothing ther?

Few days now I feel like I have an eyelash in my eye feeling. I rub it and it goes away. It doesn't seem like anything is in there. Advice?

First i had continuing sensations of from head to toe felt like being stabed by needles all over with a mixture like bugs were under skin moving?

For 1month,it feels like something is under my eyelid. It happens few times a day, for about hour each time. feels like sand or eyelash. allergies or?

For 4 months something feels like its crawling on me and stinging me. It really happens when it gets hot. I now see brown specks on my skin.

For a month now my upperleg has strange symptoms... My leg looks like a cheetah. It does not hurt but it looks strange. What can it be.?

For like the last two days when my penis get on hard it be in pain real bad what should I do ?

For several months it seems like everytime i get heart burn my teeth ache. Why is that ?

Get a feel around anus like being stuck with a needle.Not painful but noticeable.Happens in one area then weeks months later another.What causes this?

Got a clear filling 2 months ago. today i noticed it doesnt feel smooth. it feels a little jagged like it did when it first was filled. can this go?

Had oral 3 months ago from girl at a party since have been feeling like I leak. Burning when I squeeze penis feels like vein pain also have like random penis pain and then been having these like bleach spots on penis head. The burn comes and goes feels li

Had what looks like stomach lining come out of me today red like blood and had a soft like tissue feel. Intense cramping?

Half of my 4 month old babys head feels like jello the other half is hard is this normal. When i touch it my fingers feel like it go's stright though

Have redness around my nose that wont go away. Looks irritated, making it look like I have a never ending cold. I've tried ptetty much everything. Help?

Have very bad stomach itch that seems to come from the inside. scratch and push on belly so bad I have rash and bruising. feel knots ?

Have you ever heard of someone getting a feeling like, the only way I can describe it is like there's too much to look at.

Having a feeling that something is pricking inside my eye.It looks bit swollen on top and is watery at times.I cant take my hands of to rub.Help.

Hello Dr., My problem is that my vagina is not like a normal one, it looks weird and i would like to know if its ok or if i should go to a doctor?

Hello I have always had acne problems and i feel stuck. Im 18 yrs old and it seems like everthing I do makes it worse. Should i try microdermibrasion?

Hello I have feel like burn in my right nipper what that's can be? some thing really dangerous, or something to worries about it? please help me

Hello my gf says it feel like her rib area under her right breast feela like its overlapped and feels like its pushing something into her body.

Hello, I have a bit extra skin like scar on my dick really ashamed of what this might be been there for a bout few weeks not i don't feel pain at all.

Hello, my right ear cannal has been itching and tingle for months now. Unfortunately, I like to scratch it. Sometimes I feel a bit dizzy after scratch?

Hello! i would like to know what can I give to my little girl, she is 3 years & 9 months age and she have phlems?

Help i'm just getting over a cold. Wakes up crazy pain my gums itch feel like they goin fall out. Feels like labor pains in my mouth what's wrong ?

Hey so I have this stinging pain and it feels like it goes from the back of my nose to the middle of my throat in like a line and I can't stop it?

Hey! I have one more question for you. I have been checking my cervix and at first I could not feel anything. Now it feels like it is lower and it feels like the tip of a nose. What does that mean?

Hi 7 months ago i stepped on something like a little needel but i didint feel it now there is somethin like a hole in my foot and it hurtin what to do?

Hi docs, do you think it's bad I like to cut and the feeling of blood?

Hi I feel things crawling on my back and sholders, and it feels like invisible large spiders or hands touching me. I'm also dealing with Head twitch?

Hi I got an underarm blister for pass few days. it is not painful but feel like my hand is a bit heavier. Please help. What should i do?

Hi I have a bubble in the middle of my mouth. It hurts to touch it has only happend once before and it seems to come after I have eaten. I smoke to?

Hi I have been a little dizzy at times this past 3 months. Also sometimes I feel like s deep friction engine like sounds happening in my ears..

Hi I have been having eye pain when I wake up in the morning it's only when I look up and down its only hurts for about a hour and it feels like was

Hi I have what feels like a bruise to touch about 2 inch above my belly button it prob seems like nothing but the bruise feeling is not going away ?

Hi I would really like to know what to with ingrown under arm hair, I've been trying everything it's not working, it's like a ball, it burns uncomfort?

Hi My 14 year old daughter has line like blood blisters on inside of lips, they feel like burning sensation?

Hi Sir/Ma'am I'm suffering this kind of infection for 5 years until now,really makes me feel uncomfortable every time "my balls/scrotum itchy"?

Hi. My lips feel constantly dry/burning. I have little tiny bumps that feel like sandpaper. I got it immediately as i ate smoked salmon. ?

Hi. Was watching TV. then had to look away , felt like eyes were burning a bit , got anxious , then calmed down. Why did my eyes feel like that?

Hi. Why does my skin feel so itchy when i'm tired. Mainly arms and face, feels like it's on fire?

How can you tell if you have excess skin? What does it feel like?

How can you tell it's this tho my whole body aches like I have bruises everywhere and when my skin rubs against a chair it feels like I just got hit?