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\question on graves disease and being treated for it with radioactive iodine/ success?

27 female.Should I b worried to have hyperthyroidism & possibly antibody? Is it treatable? Can I avoid drinking radioactive iodine or removing my thyr

After radioactive iodine treatment is it common to need an increase in Synthroid (thyroxine) dose after all remaining thyroid tissue has been abblated?

Are there any good ways to prevent goiter or hypothyroidism if I have an iodine allergy?

Are there any natural alternatives to having radioactive iodine treatment for grave's disease?

Are there natural therapies after having radioactive iodine treatment for graves disease?

Are thyrogen injections as effective as going hypo before rai?

Are thyrogen injections safe? I will be given a total of 2 shots prior to being admitted for radioactive iodine tx due to papillary thyroid cancer.

Can 1800mcg of levothyroxine kill you?

Can a person allergic to iodine still take potassium iodide?

Can a person take atomic iodine to kill the thyroid if he/she has hypokalemic periodic paralysis?

Can an underactive thyriod become overactive after being burnt out with radioactive iodine 12 years earlier?

Can hyper or hypothyroidism caused from excess iodine resolve itself after stopping iodine supplementation or will it be permanent?

Can povidone iodine be used safely by diabetics?

Can there be a way to know if your thyroid has been killed by radioactive iodine?

Can things only become radioactive, if particles of something radioactive get on something?

Can you drink Kelp while having chemotherapy ?

Can you get radiation sickness from Radioactive Iodine Uptake Scan using I-123?

Can you please explain why iodine is not given to clients with hypothyroidism?

Can you tell me some exercise after radioactive iodine treatment, i-131?

Can you tell me what to expect with someone who has undergone radioisotope thyroid therapy?

Common benefits of iodine 131?

Could iodine 123 uptake cause red stool ? Since iodine is red ?

Could radioactive seed treatment cause problems for my pet?

Do doctors know of natural alternatives after having radioactive iodine treatment for graves disease?

Do health consequences result from iodine on someone who has had their thyroid killed or removed? If so, what are they?

Do I have to stop propanolol and carbimazole before radioactive thyroid scan?

Do I need to stop methimazole before thyroid technetium scan?

Do pickles have iodine in it?

Do you have to do a low iodine diet prior to radioactive iodine treatment for thyroud cancer and if so for how long?

Do you think I should go with radioactive pill or thyroidectomy? Which one is less dangerous

Does a.C.E have iodine in it?

Does radioactive iodine destroy the entire thyroid? If so, why?

Does Suboxone contain iodine that will affect my thuroid test and scan?

Does Suboxone contain iodine? I have to have a test done & cannot have iodine

Does the use of iodine nterfere with the tc 99 thyroid uptake?

Every since my radioactive iodine treatment after thyroid cancer I have had bad acne. Could this be related? I had the treatment in june of 2010.

For hyperthroid, can I take supplements which had contain 66ug's iodine?

Going in for a radioactive iodine uptake scan. How is this administered?

Had 100micu of radioactive iodine 2 days ago. Radiation level first day was 15 and now its 6. When is it safe to be around my 2/6 year olds?

Have graves disease with graves ophthalmology(bulging eyes).Need to stop thyroid. Which is better radioactive iodine or surgical removal?

Hi had radioactive iodine for graves 12 yrs ago and have been basically stable on 150mcgs of med now really sick with TSH of 0.029. Pituitary adenoma?

How can the radioisotope iodine be used to identify and treat an overactive thyroid gland?

How is radioisotope thyroid therapy?

How long do I have to be on a low iodine diet for thyroid nuclear scan?

How might the radioisotope iodine 131 be used?

How much iodine should you have everyday?

How safe is radiation iodine treatment after a thyroidectomy.

How soon after full thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer to get scan and start radioactive iodine?

How will a radioactive iodine uptake test diagnose goiter?

I am a 21 year old male with hyperthyroidism (Graves disease) they want me to do radioactive iodine treatment. What if I don't take medicine after. ?

I am confused. One physician on this site says excessive iodine causes hypothyroidism and another says too little iodine causes it?

I am having radioactive iodine 131 treatment in two weeks, do you have any tips for me?

I am on a low iodine diet for 2 weeks to prepare for a iodine radiation treatment. I pretty much know what i can't have, but what can I have?

I ask after you do radioactive can you work do your normal life?

I had full thyroid taken out they have talked about a scan and radioactive iodine treatment it has been 14 weeks i think this is a long ?

I had thyroid cancer, now I am totally recover from that disease by taking radio active iodine treatement?

I have had a full thyroid taken out july 6 2012 how long is normal time to have radioactive iodine trearmnet done ?

I have iodine tincture, merthiolate tincture, and mercurochrome. what are these for?

I have low iodine diet before radio iodine treatment for thyroid cancers?

I just found out that iodine can help with ddd? How's that?

I need radioactive iodine treatment for thyroid cancer. I am scheduled for the small RAI dose (before whole body scan) on 9/6 and the body scan is on 9/8. Is it adequate to do the scan 2 days after the pill? Isn't the scan is usually after 24 hours?

I take 5 mg of methimazole daily for hyperthyroidism. what do I do before or after a CT scan with iodine contrast?

I take 5mg of methimazole for graves disease but it's not helping me. Will I eventually need RadioActive Iodine Therapy?

I take Iodine for fibrocystic breasts. How much Iodine should I take?

I will be recieving radioactive iodine treatment the end if this month for thyroid cancer. Once i take the pill can I exercise?

I'll need radioactive iodine therapy in 2 weeks for my thyroid cancer.How can I get rid faster of the iodine in my body from a CT scan i had yesterday?

I'm 60 yrs old Female with hyperthyroidism uncontrolled with Neomercazole & went for Radioactive Iodine Ablation treatment now . Shall I take Shiljit.

I'm allergic to radioactive iodine. I was wondering if other thyroid meds have the iodine in them as well?

I'm in the process of taking a radioactive iodine pill for a 1-123 thyroid uptake scan, will smoking pot affect the results?

If a person has radioactive treatment of the thyroid, how long are they radioactive for, can it affect other people?

If allergic to MRI dye will i be able to get radiation iodine for my thyroid cancer?

If Graves Opthamology is suspected, and TSH levels begin to fall again after a year on methimiazole is surgery a better option than radioactive iodine?

If I am allergic to topical iodine, can I have intrevenous iodine for a CT scan with no reaction?

If I eat a lot of iodine based foods before my nuclear scan, will it harm the results?

If i had been cured from thyroid cancer..Radioiodine body scan negative. Do i still need suppressor dose of thyroxine?

If I have an overactive thyroid, but not graves' disease, should I have radioactive iodine in an amount to kill my thyroid or stop some of hormone?

If i stop taking levothyroxine after iodine radiation will i die?

If you get radioactive treatment for thyroid disease, then is your pee and poop radioactive waste? For how long?

If you have a shellfish allergy, can you have radioactive iodine therapy or thyroid test?

If you no longer have a thyroid, should you avoid iodine?

Iodine deficiency is the cause of the goitre. what's drug to take to shrink it.

Iodine deficiency thyroid; will taking iodine correct it?

Is 5omcg of iodine (thyroid support suppl.) plus kalium iodatum 4x 30mg (osteoheel) too much iodine?

Is betadine the same as iodine?

Is internal iodine safe to take if you have hyperthyroidism?

Is iodine same as betadine?

Is it new protocol to do the low iodine diet for the thyroid whole body check up scan? I have only done the diet for the actual RAI treatment.

Is it safe to apply povidon iodine onto infected skin (patient has autoimmune thyroiditis, i.e. hashimoto's).

Is it safe to be near a person who has had radioactive iodine for?

Is povidone iodine and iodine the same?

Is povidone-iodine the same as iodine?

Is radioactive iodine a fairly safe treatment after total thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer? I'm 42 years old.

Is radioactive iodine safe if I have multiple health issues?

Is sea salt ok before thyroid nuclear scan?

Is smoking marijuana during radio iodine treatment safe?

Is there a prescription with both iodine and iodide in it that doctors prescribe?

Is there any relationship between tinnitus and having received 100mci of radioactive iodine for pap thyroid ca 4 months prior?

Is there any way to rid your body of amiodarone, quicker than just waiting? Was on for 22 years, now thyroid cancer, need rai but can't til iodine out

Isn't the amount of iodine in iodoral excessive?Why is this a recommended iodine supplement? The rda for iodine is only 150 mcg but iodoral has 12 mg!