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1 CM pituitary neoplasm, stable but has been called tumor, hypophysitis, nothing, leading to $1ks of mris with no certainty as to diagnosis of pituitary or partial adrenal insuff, biopsy worth risks?

2 months ago i was diagnosed with a macro prolactinoma (prolactin lvl of 4, 000)surgeon said he wasn't worried and endo put me on dostinex (cabergoline). Is this ok?

2.4 cm pituitary tumor. Prolactin 180. On cabergoline for 6 months. Have had period again. Does that mean it's working and I won't need surgery?

24 y/o male pituitary macro prolactinoma. Initial prolactin level at diagnoses was 4100. It is now 1900 after 3 months. Good progress so far? Thanks!

4 years back i had adrenal tumor (11cms. Benign)and had the gland removed. Any chance of it recurring with the other gland. ? Thnks

42 yo male. Graves disease (thyroid oblated), now hypogonadism. Neg. Pituitary tumors. Took Accutane years ago for acne.?.? Larger issue?

42 yo male. Graves disease (thyroid oblated), now hypogonadism. Took Accutane for acne years ago?.?.? Neg. Pituitary tumors. Larger issue?

A brain MRI found a 4x6cm lesion in the puitary gland described as a microadenoma. Two weeks later a pituitary MRI shows an 1.06x1.53 cm area of heterogenous gland described as a evolving pituitary adenoma or apoplexy. What is an evolving adenoma?

Abnormal for years imo. What are tests for adrenal tumor?

Abnormal posterior pituitary on brain, should I be concerned?

Any other possible diagnosis aside from "ill-defined microadenoma" for heterogeneous enhancement on right side of pituitary gland of about 6mm by 7m?

Are papillary and follicular thyroid carcinomas functional or nonfunctional and how do they affect hpa axis?

Asphyxiation at birth, damaged my pituitary causing panhypopit, five pineal cysts, and chiari 1. Is it possible for my conditions to worsen as i age?

At what size could a pituary tumor cause high cortisol?

Because I have bromocriptine 2.5mg for a 7mm pituarity gland tumour am I more likely to have a stroke in the future? I read this on the news

Been having bromocriptine 2.5 tablets for 1 month now for a pituarity gland tumour that is benign my period has still not come why is this??

Besides head injury, pregancy, surgery,or pituitary tumor, what can cause one to have transient central diabetes insipidus? autoimmune?

Best neurosurgeon in Fort Worth Tx? My neurologist is Dr Liu, I have a non secreting but growing pituitary tumor. Did not like the Dr he recommended..

Ca125 level is a marker for which tumor?

Can a 3mm petuitary tumor cause hashimtos disease?

Can a adrenal adenoma stop functioning?

Can a benign adrenal tumor cause weight gain?

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Can a pituitary tumor alter your memory?

Can a pituitary tumor be cured if found early?

Can a pituitary tumor reduce TSH causing hyperthyroidism?

Can a pituitary tumor still be present even if blood labs are normal?

Can fibriod tumors suppress your appettie?

Can I have some tips needed about pituitary tumor?

Can i survive w/o a pituitary gland when tumor was removed was told pituitary also non-residual...Now having major issues following surgery

Can MRI without contrast see pituitary tumour from cushings?

Can my pituitary adenoma be the cause of this strange eye problem?

Can my pituitary tumor be affecting my oxytocin levels?

Can paralyzing effects of a stroke due to a pituitary tumor be reversed by removal of the tumor?

Can people with pituitary gigantism work?

Can perinatal hypoxia cause damage to the hypothalamus and / or the pituitary gland?

Can pineal cysts cause endocrine problems ?

Can pituitary adenoma be caused by stress?

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Can pituitary tumors affect progesterone?

Can smoking and drinking cause an increase in a pituitary gland tumour size?

Can somebody tell me how can a pituitary tumor affect milk production?

Can somebody tell me how can having a pituitary adenoma affect milk production?

Can someone please give me info on adrenal gland tumors? I was diagnosed with one and I'm scared. Please help

Can someone with a prolactin pituitary tumor still get pregnant?

Can the drug cabergoline for pituitary adenoma cause constipation and abdominal pain? Headaches? Thank you

Can the pituitary gland recover its functions after surgery?

Can the symptoms and side effects of a pituitary tumor be cured by removing the tumor?

Can there be a procedure where doctors can alter your pituitary gland so you keep growing?

Can you die from having a pituitary gland tumour if it's not treated immediately I am a female and 17?

Can you donate blood with a pituitary tumor?

Can you explain if it's possible to surgically implant additional adrenal glands?

Can you get pregnant after having a pituitary tumor?

Can you get pregnant after having and treating a pituitary tumor?

Can you get pregnant if you have a pituitary tumor?

Can you have Cushings without a tumor on pituitary and without taking corticosteroids?

Can you tell me about glactorrhea or a pituitary glad disorder?

Can you tell me anything about pituitary tumors any help would be greatly appreciated?

Can you tell me if it's there. Does he mean the removal of just the tumor itself or the whole pituitary gland?

Can you tell me what you suggest if it's there. Does he mean the removal of just the tumor itself or the whole pituitary gland?

Could a increase of hormones from been pregnant cause to have a pseudo tumor cerebi headache?

Could a pituitary tumor affect your memory?

Could a pituitory adenoma come back after surgery?

Could a tumour in the piturity gland causes nose bleeds?

Could my pituitary adenoma be the cause of eye problem?

Could my pituitary tumor have made me stop menstruating?

Could my prolactin secreting tumor which is causing elevated prolactin levels also be affecting my thyroid?

Could Ovarian or Adrenal tumors cause a swollen or disfigured face? Could it cause any facial changes? Would that be a symptom of tumors?

Could the pituitary gland be associated with multiple myeloma?

Do functioning and non functioning adrenal tumours produce the same symptoms?

Do you have to have blood diagnosis of endocrine tumor (what hormone secreting) before they send you for an MRI?

Do you treat any patient diagnosed with nonfunctional pituitary adenoma?

Docs, could a pituitory adenoma come back after surgery?

Doctors, do you think I can die from a hypothalamus/pituitary malfunction?

Does a homogenous enhancement of the pituitary gland on MRI mean lympohocytic hypophysistis or anything else that may be wrong in the pituitary?

Does a person end up with a learning disorder after brain surgery on the pituitary gland?

Does a pituitary tumor affect your memory?

Does a tumor in your pituritary gland affect your chances of conceiving?

Does having a benign pituitary macro prolactinoma put me at a higher risk for other forms of cancer? Thanks!

Does having a pituitary tumor shorten your lifespan?

Does having a prolactinoma (pituitary tumor) cause weight gain?

Does having addison disease means a shorter life span?My endocrinologist suspects I have it because I have a pituitary tumor. Thanks.

Does pituitary adenoma affect the patient mentally?

Does pituitary adenoma causes irritaion and angryness?Does it leads to death?

Does pituitary gland adenoma affect patients mentally?

Does resetting the hypothalamus affect pituitary tumor?

Empty sella syndrone-pituitary gland, should I be concerned?

Endocrinologist: how rare for man in early 20s to have microprolactinoma with severe hh or to have a prolactinoma at all? 1 in tens of thousands?

For how long does it take for a pituitary adenoma to grow 2 cm?

Had LP & it stated 1 gamma band found consistent with b-cell brain tumor. Not enough for ms. I have pituitary macroadenoma. What does this mean?

Had MRI to look my pituitary gland to see if there is benign tumour have letter asking me to come in to have a trh and metoclopramide test what is thi?

Have 7mm pituarity gland tumour haven't had period for 8 months haven't had any other symptoms what do I need to change in my lifestyle to stop growth

Have a 7mm pituitary gland tumour the only symptom I have had is period stopped for 10 months now what medication will I be on and could it get bigger?

Haven't breast feed for 3 years. Still able to squeeze some milk out. Is this normal. Pituitary gland is normal. Mri showed normal only empty sella.

Hello, I had a pituitary macro adenoma removed 2 weeks ago. I'm not sure if I have flu or I am developing meningitis?

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes pituitary dwarfism (hypo-somatotropism) ?

Hoping you can tell me, is brain tumor on the pituitary gland genetic?

How are the symptoms of pcos and pituitary tumor distinguished from each other?