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Thick phlegm stuck to the back of my throat all the time. Not sick. No allergies. ?

25/m: sneezing, coughing up yellow phlegm, yellow mucus from nose, white spots on throat, very congested, trouble sleeping, headache between eyebrows.

3 yr old has fever and hoarse voice dried green in the nose yellow discharge from eyes in the morning. No cugh brother has strep. Is this also strep?

4 year old daughter clears her throat constantly. could there be something wrong?

5 days: thick green am sputum w/coughing turn more clear in pm, nasal congestion, swollen neck glands, no fever but fatigue. Need antibiotics yet?

A high fever on/off for the past few days and throwing up bloody mucus and green mucus because i tend to swallow it and throat/tonsils are sore?

A lot of mucous draining in throat. Swallow because of it. Can this cause nausea. Occasional nose runs clear.

Acid reflux? I've had it before. Waking up with a very sore throat early each morning and coughing up greeny brown phlegm comes up in hard lumps

After i eat i get a lot of mucus in my throat?

Age 20, Male, I am having throat pain with red tonsil and white pathes on them, frequently clear throat, excessive mucus, voice low and not clear.

All of a sudden every morning i'm clearing my throat from clear mucus why is that? And how did it start and how can it stop?

Always clearing my throat and coughing up clear mucus with white milky patches in it I had a cold 3 weeks ago is it cold or allergies? Merry Christmas

Always feels like something in my throat,only after i eat i cough up clear to white thick phlem or mucous. Do you know what it could be, or why?

Always have mucous and my voice is always weak and raspy. How can I clear my throat?

Am I starting to get tonsil stones? I coughed up a small green phlegm like thing out of the back of my throat. My throat is sore. My throat is discolo

Any advice? I have had mucus stuck in my throat for a couple of weeks now?

Are there some effective ways to clear my mucousy throat?

Are there some effective ways to clear phlegm in child's throat?

Are there some effective ways to clear throat ache within two days?

At day 8 after cold onset. Everything else cleared, but when to be concerned about lingering sore throat and excessive nasal mucus (thick/green)?

Bad bronchitis 3 months ago. Still in the mornings yellow mucus in the back of throat. Clears later. Should i look up an ENT for this or a lung dr?

Bad cold for 4 days now stomach virus. I have a lot of mucus. Threw up bile with mucus and flecks of blood. Did I just swallow it from my nose?

Bad cough after sore throat giving dark yellow phlemgn. Should i take antibiotics?

BAD Cough/congestion. No fever. Yellow/white throat with large bumps. Yellow mucus. Lots of pressure in head Can't breathe well. What is wrong?

Been tasting blood in my throat for past 3 days, I can spit blood from my throat at will please help I have no mucus in my chest what so ever i scared?

Blood coming out from cough and sore throat from last 6 months diffuculty swallowing and some time blood comes out from nose also ?

Burning when I cough started out as sore throat two days ago then stuffy nose with yellow green mucus now coughing up same mucus no fever?

Can allergic rhinitis cause phlegm to irritate your throat & cause white spots on back of throat? & can phlegm discolor your tongue?

Can allergies create a whole lot of throat mucus?

Can cough, greenish yellow phlegm/mucus and head/ear congestion persist for awhile after a viral URI? Feel better except for these things. No fever.

Can h-plyori cause mucus in the throat?

Can i swallow the white phlemm in my throat when i am not having a cold or flu?

Can i tell me how i can clear your throat after a cold?

Can same virus that causes sore throat, cough with mucus also cause diarehea and disturb stomach.

Can sinusitus cause mucus and cyst in throat?

Can strep throat cause you to have green mucus?

Can the yeastiun food cause mucus in throat?

Can trouble swallowing, body aches, excess mucus in throat , cough. And green phlegm mean throat cancer?

Can you please tell me some good ways to get the mucus out of my lungs/ throat?

Can you please tell me what you think I might have. I have a sore throat, white stuff on my tonsils, a cough, my nose is stopped up, headache, and it'?

Can you still have a bloody pjlegm and sore throat if a tube is not used for surgery?

Can you tell me how to rid of this throat mucus?

Cefdinir 600MG and probiotic sinuses draining into throat, cough up white foamy/slimy green mucus. When I swallow after, hear/feel crackle in throat.

Constant excessive mucus in throat for over a year and it interferes with breathing. What could be wrong and how do I clear it?

Constant mucus in throat cannot shift, hard to swallow saliva. Hey fever?

Constant mucus in throat?

Constantly spitting up balls of white/yellow mucus. Sore throat over year. Cobblestone throat. Tried allergy, acid reflux, steriod meds No help. ?

Cough for about 3 days, sore throat worse in early morning and at night, now coughing out some darker green mucus. Ear pressure, nose slight stuffy?

Cough/throat irritation (NO sore throat or any other symptoms), sometimes green mucus comes out, Dr said lungs clear. Over 3 weeks duration. What is?

Coughed up a stinky white ball which I think is a tonsil stone...can you cough up thrush?

Coughing colorless phlegm, stuffy nose and irritated throat. What is the cure? Thank you!

Coughing mucus and soar throat 37 hours after upper GI endoscopy. Is this normal?

Coughing up hard thick yellowish bloody phlegm. Could this be a sinus infection since the air is really dry and cold? Also causes a sore throat.

Coughing up thick clear white speckled mucus runny sometimes stuffy nose some sinus pressure no sore throat fever or fatigue. Could this be allergies?

Coughing up yellow/white mucus, sore throat and glands around neck. Been 15 days & not better. What could cause throat to be sore for this long?

Could allergies cause some throat mucus along with mild wheezing?

Could gastritis and acid reflux be the cause of slightly discolored mucus in the mornings? Thick mucus in the back of my throat when i wake up.

Could you explain why does my throat produce so much phlegm or slimy saliva?

Daily will get sore throat, but if I spit a loogie out it reliefs the pain until more mucus starts to cover back of throat again. Cobblestones.

Do you have any tips on how to clear the throat of flem?

Do you know if there are other ways to clear the throat of mucus?

Doctor said I have chest and throat infection nd when i cough it comes out clear sometimes white mucus.. Is he true or no? Breathing not normal

Doctor said I have strep throat. Is it normal for me to cough up tiny bits of blood alongside of mucus?

Doctors last Thursday said I had viral pharyngitis.Now I still have a sore throat spitting out dark green chunky snot.And a cough. I am also pregnant ?

Does antihistamins thicken mucus if so what can I take for my year round allergies . I have constant thick mucus in my throat?

Does coughing up yellow flem mean strep throat?

Does gluten sensitivity cause mucus in throat?

Does gonorrhea cause a constant need to clear your throat?

Does rusty brown colored mucus from back of throat mean something? Only comes out in the morning and I have had a very MILD cold with only sore throat

Drainage year round. No runny nose. Throat can be scratchy and singing gives hoarse-ish sound. Can often hack up a little colored sputum into the sink. Tips?

Dry hacky cough w sore throat x 4 weeks? Nothing OTC helps; its mostly nonproductive with clear spewtum

Dry mouth/lips keep bringing up light green phlegm? Started with sore throat

Every morning i wake up with eyes glued by green mucous and tonsils swollen but its not tonsillitis and no fever.What is wrong with me?

Every time i swallow i feel mucus running down my throat and I've had stuffed up nose for about 2 months and constantly hacking up mucus?

For the past 2 days I've been hacking up bloody phlegm, no cough just a sore throat and wisdom teeth coming in. Do I require medical care?

For5 weeks, i wake up in am, i feel burning in the throat &dark mucous.Then when i clear my throat, mucous gets clear.No cough, or fervor.Chest xray clear?

Four days ago I had a sore throat, fever/ headache, all gone. I now have a runny nose with green mucus/ a slight cough producing green mucus at times?

Frequent coughing. Coughing up yellow/green mucus. Sore throat. Lightheaded/dizzy. Frequent urination. Runny nose. What could cause this?

Funny feeling in throat. Post nasal drip. Not strep. Dry cough. Mucus seeming to go to chest but unproductive cough. Mucus yellow..And white?

Getting over the flu and I have coughed so much that my throat is raw when I cough. I spit up mucus and it has blood in it. What should I do?

Got infection and I'm coughing mucus up with blood in it my throat has been raw?

Green mucus in throat, nose for over a week, with cough. Slight tingle in lungs. How to know if infection is bacterial or viral?

Had a cold a week ago but still coughing up clear thick mucus and having to clear my throat of it also is this allergies or remnants of the cold?

Had a sore throat and then coughed some blood?

Had almond chocolate on 2/13/13, dry cough, itchy throat, lips&tongue, lot of mucus in my throat.Still coughing and mucus. I took Benadryl (diphenhydramine) 1wk after ok?

Had chills and sore throat, no cough, no fever. coughed up brown skin slight blood tinge. was not mucus.what could this be?

Had flu over Christmas & some of the cough/drainage has stuck around. Mild sore throat in the mornings & yellowish tonsils. Infection?

Had frequent urge to clear mucus out of my throat. Started 2 and a half months ago with a Strep throat and didn't stop after.Is this anything serious?

Hard to breathe, stuffy nose sinus pressure, pain, sore throat swollen glands,black&gray specs in mucus a throat swab done it was negative idont smoke?

Have a bad cold virus. Green mucus coming out nose, lungs. Have an eye infection in both eyes. Sore throat. Went to clinic. When to be concerned?

Have a hard cough, white, not clear mucus, sore throat, mucus seems to be endless and at the back of throat. Took azithromycin, still same. No tonsils?

Have a lot of thick mucus and some blood when coughin to clear throat, do this means a sore throat?

Have a sore throat and can not breath through my nose have a lot of muces when i spit out color green yellow when i breath feel the sore throat ?

Have a sore throat, mild to medium irritation, lots of mucus, woke up with a tiny bit of blood in mucus, no coughing or other symptoms. Normal viral?

Have constant phlegm in back throat can it be oral thrush?

Have cough with mucus coming up for 1 month. Been on antibiotics twice for it. No symptoms other than a slight sore throat. What could it be?

Have had chronic throat clearing that started after a cold 3 1/2 years ago,and now,for one week scratchy throat and yellow nasal mucus, throat cancer?

Have mucus stuck in throat 5 days after sinus cold and have clear nasal discharge? Even when swallowing mucus still feels like its there. Normal?

Have severe sinus infect. taking 600mg Cefdinik daily.Big adenoids, Bloody nose down throat, rust smell, scratchy throat. Just a bloody nose draining?

Have sore throat, swollen tonsils, congestion, rusty mucus in sinus, and thick whitish cloudy sputum with cough. Does this sound like pneumonia?