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4 yr old clutches bottom, vomits, complains of sore tummy, lethargic, not eating, ear infection not clearing up, high fever. doctors don't know what?

been sick for almost over a month i have a sore throat coughing fits and fever sometimes oh and i puked foam but only once ?

I was sick with flu A, fever of 102.3 , stuffy nose chills headache fatigue runny nose throat problems vomiting, now body temp 95.4 severe stomach?

1.5 weeks of off and on fever, sore throat, sinus pressure , headaches, coughing up green junk, eye pain, see the doc? or wait it out ?

102 temp 2 days in my 17 yr old severe body aches congestions red eyes and cough came on suddenly?

10yr grl 2 mos stomache pain usually 20-30min after eating, but not always. Under left rib. Red raw throat. No fever not acid reflux not strep or mono

11/24 flu, fine for week, bad URI smptms, neg strep mono flu. Now chest pressure/tigh, sore throat, dry cough, slight breathing issue, ankle numb??

12 year old, puking, nauseated , loss of appetite , no fever, tested negative to strep, also has accasional headache, also a sore throat what could this be?

15 months old with low grade fever (100.9~ 101.9~ 102) for 6 days, cough and congestion, how can I make her feel better, and is this just a bad cold?

18 old son had a cold 2 weeks ago, has headache since wednesday is this related? I was thinking pneumonia , no symptoms other than headache small cough

18 weeks pregnant chest and throat congestion slight fever. Now i have little red dots on my face. Could this be due to the fever or something else?

18wks prego w/strep throat can i let it ride out?antibiotics? Had chest congestion&100.6 fever thursday. Now just have bad cough,sore throat&runny

19 weeks pregnant sore throat, swollen glands, killer headache with body ache congested runny nose, sneezing, coughing.Organic marijuana vs Advil (ibuprofen) n such?.

1yr10months boy; high temperature, convulsions earlier in the day, ear infection, possibly tonsillitis 2. Mild flu; blocked nose, cough. Medication?

2 days ago cold,fever100.2,muscle aches,sore thoat and high HR at rest.Now no cold or fever but HR at rest cont. in the 90s and now diarrhea,causes?Tx

2 yo with fever cough runny nose two ear infect strep n flu - grabbing neck what are signs of meninjitis? Cvc was normal as well y neck grabbing?

2 yr old son, 103.9f fever 1 day, runny nose, occasional cough, red throat. Flu test negative. Dr said viral but gave antibiotic. What's his sickness?

20 F having body and joint aches, headache, fatigue, lack of appetite, swollen tonsils/ throat pain, spitting up large chunks of bloody mucus x2 days ?

21 m old boy, 2 ear infections, high fever, bad cough, runny nose, congestion, irritability, sore throat. Loss of appetite on amoxil (amoxicillin) for 3 d no change?

22 yr/male/Latino/live in CA,was sick 2wks ago had flu,sore throat , now I feal nousiated , and coughed a lil blood , no feaver, can it be ebola?

25 Yr old female about 160 pounds. I was told I have the flu I have a sore throat and low fever 102.7. How many mgs of ibuprofen can I take?

26/f,been smoking on and off since 3 yrs,have finally quit 10 days back..sore throat fatigue low grade fever and bodyache since 5 days,throat cancer?

29yo. Woke up yesterday with a cough produces smll amt of phlegm high fever up to 103.7- no runny nose, sore legs. Viral? Bacterial? What could it be?

2year old with low fever, vomiting, diarrhea, rash on lower back buttocks. Sore throat, ear infection antibiotics don't help. 3 months already sick.

2yo with flu high fever puking chills sore throat cough runny nose he keeps spitting like his mouth taste bad! what to give besides tylenol (acetaminophen) ibuprofen?

2yr old daughter has 101.9┬░ temp, cough progressing since saturday, sore throat, loss if appetite. Drinking ok. Was shaking from being cold.

3 days with sore throat, sneezing , mild fever and low energy. I am not sure if its a mild cold or something else ?

3 yr old has yellow eye discharge when he wakes up. He had a cold with fever last week does it need to be treated or can it go away on its own. Risk?

3 yr old w/ low grade fever, runny nose, cough w/yellow mucous, occasional rash on face and buttocks for 2 weeks and now has diarrhea. Urgent care?

30 years old, have had 102 fever for 3 days with headaches, dizziness, soreness, mild sore throat. Got 2nd part of hep-b vaccine 6 hrs b4 I got sick.?

31yrold.When I spit saliva,seeing blood.No fatigue/fever/respiration prob,no sore throat.Something serious?I shouted at someone yest/have eye allergy

34 weeks pregnant, severe headaches for 4 days, nausea, ache all over, can't eat, can't sleep, cold sweats, sore throat and stuffy ears + nose?

37 dg c a fever? combined w/ cough head congestion raw throat & ears blocked cause for concern? sick since fri just passed. recommendation for relief?

39 yrs female on 2nd day of Amoxycillin antibiotics for sore throat, cough and low grade fever is having shortness of breath. Is it due to antbiotics?

3yr old has fever of 101.5 since last night, along with slight headache and belly vomiting, drinking well, very little appetite. Stuffy nose?

3yro w yellow spots on swollen tonsils, no fever, no other cold or flu symptoms , extremely really bad breath, dry lips, if its strep how urgent?

4 days ago had a sore throat. Lost voice for a day. Coughing. Now , 5 days later both eyes are red and watery. No other symptoms. Could it be Zika?

4 year old child has a bad sore throat and he is talking funny (like in strep). He has ha, stomachache, and his mouth and legs hurt. He also has low grade fever, runny nose and is sneezing. Does it sound like he might have strep?

4 year old with runny nose, cough at times complaning of neck pain specially when lukin down. Can it be just flu?

4 yo son recently diagnosis with strep (+ rapid) fever and sore throat are getting better after 24 hrs of abx. No cold symptoms but now has dry cough; related?

4th day of lower throat mucus causing rattling (yellow mucus brought up from throat w/ cough), cough, joint and body aches hard to get up. Fever. Trouble sleeping. Mild queasy stomach (no throwing up). What could this be? Nose clear, no sore throat.

4year old has been running a fever had runny nose rash around mouth and also complains of abdomen pain?

4yo w/ irritated throat but not red, sinus drainage, no stuffy nose, persistent cough, croup at night. Now she has diarrhea. New virus or part of cold?

4yr old has middle ear infection with a fever of 38.9C. Also chesty cough but chest is clear. On amoxicillin today & panadol (acetaminophen). When worry about temp?

4yr old son, sore throat(talking funny), ha, nauseous, leg pain, low fever, runny nose, neck is sore, othr son has 5ths disease, does it sound like strep?

5 weeks pregnant. Think i caught flu. Almost a week later, no fever but hacking dry cough and sore throat/ears. Should i go see doc about baby/self?

5 y/o has been having on and off ear pain that only last a couple seconds and then she is fine no fever or cold symptoms should I be concerned?

5 yr old complaining since 10/28 of all over pain had sore throat no fever and little diahrea . Has a gum abcess dr thinks amoxcillan reaction help?

5 yr old complains of sore ear and being slimy inside. No fever. What could it be? Need a doctor visit or manage at home?

5 yr old diag with sinus/left ear infection. 100.5 temp. No cough, very congested. Dr said no flu like symptoms or strep symptoms, so no test. Worry?

5.5 month old with congestion, now with a cough and can hear phlegm in his chest. No fever but axillary temp was a lil low 96.5f. Should he be seen?

5yr old with vomiting and sore throat. No fever..Temp is 96.1..Also complaining of headache?

6 yr fever 4 days now . Wet cough sore throat . Fever fluctuates from102 to 99.5 but won't break. What is duration of a fever and when to worry?

6 yr old cough for 8 days, coughing so hard vomiting, headache, sore throat, neck hurting, has no fever, very pale, whites of eyes cloudy wont eat ?

6 yr old cough, headache, sore throat, neck pain, no fever, pale skin, whites of eye cloudy, wont eat or drink anything?

6yo w 101┬░fever,sore throat, bad coughing & so much phlegm that hes vomiting (no nausea)Not strep, symptoms for 3days.what kinda viruses can cause it?

7w pregnant, sore throat, headache, dry cough, Tylenol (acetaminophen) brings 101.8 fever to 99.7 but only for 1-2 hrs. What else can I do to help? Will I miscarry?

7w pregnant, sore throat, headache, dry cough/chest pain, Tylenol (acetaminophen) brought 101.8 fever down to 99.7, but feeling chills again. How often can I take it?

7yr old has 101 fever and slightly sore throat no other symptoms, what could it be?

7yr old has congestion for 3 weeks no other symptoms, Dr prescr. Antibiotics, does he need it? No physical exam was done. No fever, no sore throat.

8 year old daughter woke up with sinus pain, sore throat, earache, congestion. What can I give her to treat the symptoms? She is extremely healthy, has never had sinus symptoms before. No fever yet.

8 yr old f sore throat, stuffy nose, cough, mild fatigue,neck and hip pain off and on for 1 1/2 mo, strep is - could this be mono if not then what?

8m w/ upper respiratory cold per reg dr. Tylenol (acetaminophen) occasionally needed for fever. Sore throat and cough. Any remedies? Refusing bottle. Still semi-playf

9 yo has tonsil stones, sore throat, panic attacks that she will choke. Not eating much. No fever. Woke up vomiting clear mucus this morn. 2x?

9 yrs old had 103 fever with puffy eyes and cough mostly at night time for the past 10 days, dr said it might be a virus. Any suggestions?

99.3 temp, sore and red throat behind uvula, nasel congestion, slight headache, heart rate of 108bpm. No tonsels, cold or flu? Should i reduce fever?

99.6 temp..chills and cold extremeties.. sore throat..lethargic x 1 day. How long should I wait it out before visiting physician?

A couple weeks ago I developed a horrible barking cough, off/on fevers, body aches and a rash on my neck. Along with being sick, I got a yeast infect?

A couple weeks ago I developed a horrible barking cough, off/on fevers, body aches and a rash on my neck. Along with being sick, I got a yeast infecti?

A year ago i took a hockey stick to the throat. Since, i've had chronic fatigue, nausea and congestion, always worse after i eat. What's going on?

Adenoids are swollen and frequent fainting occurs with fever and drainage from ears. What is wrong?

Adult, earache, clr drainage, pain, dizzy, some throat pain under ears, low fever(new), no ins. home remedy? for over a week. Thank you!

After a workout, I have sore lungs, a cough, dry mouth, and a low grade fever. During the workout I don't have these symptoms, only after, reason?

After having a low grade fever, between 99 - 100, for 6 days, is it time to see a doc? Slight cold, no cough, fatigue.

After medication my fever, cod, throat pain is reduced but now i feel very tired. Is it just viral infection or something I should be concerned of?

All the girls and i that used the water bottles in hockey have same symptoms. Ear ache, sore throat, bodyache, chills, nausea, but NO FEVER. Help?

Am coughing up blood vry small amnt only in mornings and only once for past 2 days have sore throat, had fever few days ago now i dont. No chst pain?

Are sore boobs, fever, cough & catarrh an early symptom of pregnancy?

Asthmatic- im experiencing fatigue weakness sore congestion tight breathing sore throat coughing but with an oral temp of 95-96 for 2 days.

Azithromycin was rx'ed for fever+chills, body ache, fatigue, HA, mild cough, no runny nose, but it's causing insomnia+diarrhea. Is there a sub for it?

Baby was sick 2 days ago-nasal congestion/mild Im very nauseous & diarrhea no congestion.virus that affects nasal & digestive?

Back from jamaica w/sore throat, sinus cong, drainage, and dry cough -7 days now. Cold?

Bad cough, congestion, fever, dizzy, sore throat(1+wk) vomiting mucous and foam(2dys) now severe pain in left back/side could it be my kidneys?

Barking cough, runny nose, body aches, but no fever. Had a bad cold or possible sinus infection got better 2 weeks ago listed symptoms persisting. ?

Basically can you have acute Sinusitus without fever or a cough with throat glands swollen ?

Been having, cough, slight fever, mild soar throat ,& green mucus in the morning for 2 W now. Would antibiotics help in this case .Any recommendation?

Been symptomatic (cough and minor sore throat) for almost 4 weeks from a cold, though energy levels are good. Could it be pneumonia or bacterial?

Began w/ headache (squeezing sharp pain) on Sun. Bodyache soon followed. Fever of 100 on Mon. No cough. No runny nose or congestion. No light sensitvy?

Black mucus from nose, constant headaches, no fever, facial pain, antibiotics don't work, positive ANA test. ?

Body aches, fatigue, stuffy nose, minor sore throat that has passed, but now tonsil stones? Should I seek a doctor or is this just a virus?

Bronchitis for few days-Bad cough with green mucus, mild fever on/off, body aches....getting better but now severe sore throat- no spots. Need doctor?

Burning productive cough, yellow mucus, diZziness, fatigue, slight fever. What are the most common possibilities?

Burning throat and hoarseness the past two days. Went to ER the past two evenings. Also had no voice the second day and wheezing. Wheezing today too with a nauseous, vomit, headache, dizziness and not speaking straight. Constant temp of 95.2?

Can a root canal trigger sinus infection w high fever and unproductive cough? Headaches, sweats, sneezing, fever, runny nose, itchy throat , thank you!

Can a very sore throat combined with coughing up a lot of green phlegm & loss of voice be caused by allergies? I also have no appetite & some aches.

Can allergies in a four year old cause fever? Complains of sore throat, but throat not red or splotchy. Lots of clear discharge from nose. Dry unproductive cough. Fever of 99 to 101. Listless, wants to sleep a lot. Symptoms since yesterday morning

Can hay fever cause me to feel occasional pain in eyes? I have no other symptoms (itchy/watery eyes) but i've had hay fever symptoms in the past?

Can I give my 12 year old, with symptoms of fever, stuffy nose, minor sore throat pain, a 250mg zpack?

Can I have zitromax tablet for sorethroat and cough? Now I have chest pain and signs of getting fever again.

Can severe sore throat and chest congestion, cough last for over a week in 3 yrs old. He had 101 fever 1 night only.Today is his 3rd dy on antibiotics?