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sound in both ears when open mouth wide and happens when chewing.Left ear sound like creaking,right ear sounds like knocking on door. Earwax? Fluid?

"pounding" sound in the back of my neck -- sounds like waves crashing (but once a second). Doesn't hurt, happens about 1-2x a day for ~5-10m. Problem?

17 female. Both my ears have been feeling like congested but I'm not sick. Also I've been recently sensitive to loud noises that it sort of hurts. ?

31 yr old female here for the last week or so I hear a constant whooshing, it is driving my crazy, my doc looked at my ears and says im fine...?

5 year old daughter had hearing test,30dbs.she says she has a bubble in it and struggles to hear a little.what could it be.doesnt hurt her?

A ring sound on my right ear and gunshot sound sometimes was occuring doctor. How to cure it?

Almost daily for about a year, i can feel and hear fine bubbles rushing through my neck (when I am not moving), also with bad tinnitus and dizziness?

Am having some hissing sound inside my ears since 2 days.What is causing it & what is the treatment.Thanks?

Are there other causes of sounds like loud power tower electric waves around head, seems not ringing in ears, other than titnitus?

Been hearing a gurgling sound in throat that maybe coming from stomache. Been hearing everyday for about a week. Anything to worry about?

Beeping electronic noise in right ear, gets worse at times, present for many years but its been more annoying lately. ?

Blocked ear, throbbing & can hear heart beat, not too painful. Popped once when blowing nose, can't hear well. Getting over a mild cold.

Both ears feel clogged. Ring at times. Hard to hear. Hope not infection? Blood wrk just done normal. Loud noises kings hurt

Can a lot of sedation given for a tee echo test have caused my whooshing sound in my ear the next day, it sounds like a hissing sound.

Can a regular virus or head cold cause a rumbling sound in the ears?

Can a thyriod nodual cause a buzzing sound in the ears?

Can bruits change their sound as time passes?

Can mitral valve's sound be heard in mid upper side of the chest? I hear a thick sound at S1 and I think it's aortic abnormal sound.

Can MVP MR sound be detected right in the middle of the chest? I hear an uncommon sound there by stethoscope. (especially after running or sex)

Can pulsatile tinnitus be a boom boom sound like a drum or thumping instead of the typical swoosh sounding. ?

Can sinus infection cause weird noises from nose while awake and whooshing sound in right ear when I bend over? I take steam sometimes and not on meds

Cant hear after ear being syringed by doctor week ago. Painful ear and hurts when cough,sneeze,etc.I hear waves and no sickness at all. ?

Constant noise in my left ear, MRI clear? Worse in cold weather and wind but constant sooshing sound

Could you tell me why my lungs sounds weird after going for a run?

Crackling noises and pressure in ears for the past week I have been experiencing cracking noises in my ears. Sounds like static coming from a tv or like rice crispies. I also am feeling pressure in my ears and my hearing fades a little. What is this? And

Doc plz help me i am having a rapid thumping sound in my right ear from which i feel dizzy most of the time the sound is growing day bye day help me?

Does "exploding head syndrome" ever involve innocuous sounds that wake you up? Like alarms, rings, beeps, or creaks? I feel plagued.

Ears fluttering or vibrating when I lay down at night. What could this be? Is it a cause for concern?

ENT says my test results are normal, but my ear still feels full and the hissing sound is still there. What could be causing this then?

Every night I get a vibrating sensation in my right ear. It feels like a low hum vibration and is making me crazy. +tinnitus. -MRI/MRA/MRV. Help!

Every night when I lay down I hear what seem to be my heartbeat in my ear it is in only 1 ear is this a medical problem or is it normal it is annoying?

Every time I hiccup I hear water sound, is that bad?

Every time I hiccup my ear makes a loud popping noise. Is it my eardrum and should I be worried/concerned? Doesn't hurt just rattles me a bit. Scary!

Every time i see or think something nasty my left ear makes this vibrating sound, why is this?

Every time i turn my head to the right my left ear starts making squeaking sounds. Why is that and what should i do about it ?

Every time when i have a slower heart rate there comes a bubble popping sound out of my throat?! What is this?

Everytime i burp i feel a vibration in my ear what is it?

Everytime i burp i hear a crackling sound in my right ear and its been like this for abou 2 weeks already what can it be?

Feels like I have air in my ears. I can pop my ears but it still feels like theres air or something blocking my normal hearing. I have light to mod virtigo. Its on my left side inner ear. Hearing doesnt sound muffled but bass sounds disturb hearing.

Feels like something is zapping my inner ear! it's like static in headphones but i get it without headphones on! what is wrong?

Fizzing sound in back of neck, think its circulation of cerebrospinal fluid. Normal for it to be audible?

Fizzling sound in the back of my neck. It doesn't hurt.Have been dealing with sinusitis and otitis lately which gave me tinnitus.This sounds different?

For a while I have this wind sound in my left ear. When I swallow or just move. Sometime there's a buzzing and popping sound. How can I make it stop?

For about 4 days I have had this sound in my ear that sounds like an a ultrasound with my puals in my ear with a stiff neck is do not hurt very much ?

For some time now I ve been hearing like a whistling sound in my left ear. Is there any treatment for this. ?

For the last three months, my husband can hear a continuous pulsating sound coming from my left ear. But i can't hear it myself. Wat is it?

For the past year i can hear the loud swooshing sound of my pulse in my ears. It's most noticable at rest. Is that a problem?

For two days i've had a "sensation" on the right side of head/ear. The best way to describe is vibration like, with the sound of star wars light saber?

For years I've heard this what sounds like sizzling In the back of my head it's hard to explain it dosent hurt any ideas?

Getting a pulse beating sound only in my right ear it comes and goes had it over 3 months no infection or damage to ear but the doctors I have seen have no idea what it is or what the cause. Any ideas?

Good day I sometimes hear a crackling sound when my head moves,but what causes that?

Had influenza in Dec. ear makes a pulsing/swooshing sound. Ent gave no answers to help. How can I make the noise stop?

Had or have ear infection(17 days feels better)now when i swallow i hear a cracklings sound coming from my ear, no pain...

Had pos vertigo last week. Now I don't.I'm not dizzy. I feel my ear like full and when I hear something loud it getworst and kinda hurts & hear beatin

Have a bubbly feeling in my upper stomach. Had my husband listen and he said it sounds like bubbles popping. It doesn't hurt it's just annoying!

Have a constant noise in my ear, sounds like a freezer, together with headache. What could it be?

Having sharp, quick pain in ears for 4 days. Never happens in both at the same time, but occurs after listening to music. What do I do & what's wrong?

Having this issue for awhile everyday even happens when I'm not moving neck just laying there I hear a fluid sound like fluid draining in back of neck?

Having wooshing? Sound in ear like i can hear my heart beat for about a year.Dr keeps saying ear infection but not going away&ha some bad can't do muc

Head feels full, ears feel like they need to pop, muffled sounds, have to concentrate to hear what people say, constant ringing. How to get rid of?

Headache/neckache and a whoosh whoosh noise in my right ear, my heartbeat i believe. Is this serious ?

Hear a crackling sound like pop rocks in the back of my head from time to time while sitting or lying down. Ears crackle at times as well. ?

Hear a popping sound in my head like air bubble. Sometimes I feel like there's something outstretched in it. It hurts sometimes.

Hear intermittent, now & then 1sec "squish" sound (sometimes double "squish") in my ears/brain. Worse after a deep dream. Some days not at all. Age 69?

Hear the sound of whistling in my ears sharp for two months or more and is continuous throughout the day?

Heart beat/ breeze sound in my right ear occasionally painfull annoying what could it be?

Hello again i won't to asking about something happens to me my i hear a sound like the sound of the television is that comes from high blood pressure?

Hello good afternoon! my question is why i hear like a drum sound inside my head? It happened every day when i woke up in the morning.

Hello I have a roaring in my right ear.That never stops.It sounds like my pulse but it is so loud that it sounds like a tornado.Cant take it no more?

Hello, When I start running I start to hear a throbbing sound in my neck where the pulse is located. It doesn't hurt but the sound is like throbbing

Hello. I'm a 28 years old man. I noticed that phlegm coming out frm my left ear. I also hear a wheezing sound all the time. Plz help.

Hello. Is it normal to hear sounds in my head? Could this be due to over stress and anxiety? I hear a pulsating sound when I have migraines.

Hi When I squad, my left knee tickles. I can hear it sound. I don't feel pain or anything but tickle sound. Should I stop or its ok Thanks ?

Hi doctors my problem is that i can hear my pulsationmy heart sound very loud when i lay in the bed in my ears n i feel that my whole body pulsating?

Hi Dr. My 8 week old makes a clicking sound when bottle feeding, seems to lose suction and I think i can hear lots of air bubbles going down?

Hi I have a low rumbling sound in my left ear which goes when I move my had but returns when I relax again. ?

Hi i some times wake up with pain and loud noise in my ears it feels like electric shock ?

Hi I've woken up to my right ear sort of ringing sound high pitch but only when there's noise so not when there quite?

Hi when i pulled down on my earlobe slightly and then push up i can hear like something is making a noise like when you connect/disconnect a speaker to a battery? is this cause for concern, only my right ear does it.

Hi, for the last month I am hearing a feeling a squishy low rushing pulsing in my right ear, always there but can be louder and stronger at times?

Hi, I have a loud noise in my left ear for a week. It comes and goes, every time it comes, its more louder. It comes with strong dizziness. What is it?

Hi, i have problems with my right ear, i cant much and i hear my own echo when i talk and when i breath thru my nose i hear this weird noise ?

Hi, my friend Grace/neighbor/good friend said when she woke up one morning she felt a "bubble" in her ear and cant really hear out of it.

Hi! could you please help me, my left ear is driving me crazy, it is as if someone is blowing into it and when that happens there is a vibration. ?

Hi. I have been hearing a squishy fluid sound at the back of my head near my left ear. I also hear these loud cracking sounds from the back of my head?

Hi. I have experienced a weird clicking sound somewhere in the top of my head. It doesnt hurt, its just annoying. I usually hear it when I run or jump?

Hi. My left ear aches a bit & sometimes , & for a day or two , (only once) heard a beep sound ..& I'd hear this wind sound ..any ideas?

Hi.. I'm 23 years old. I had a problem with my left ear almost 4years now. the problem with me is, whatever I hear be it noise, sound, I hear it 2 tim?

High pitch ringing in ears for years when its very quiet sometimes feels like blood rushing and there is a whoosing sound or my ears feel clogged, why?

High pitch ringing in ears for years, sometimes feels like blood rushing to ears or like everything is louder until i yawn and they crack. Avm?

How come i hear my heart in my head, is this bad?

How come i hear this weird noise in my ear that sounds like my heart pumping?

How do I find out why can I hear my own blood swish sound in my ear every once in a while?

How do I get rid of this annoying, ringing sound in my ears?

How do you make your hearing better.Because sometimes i hear weird noises not voices its different its hard to explain. Like beeping or squealing.

How to pop ears? Everything sounds like talking through a tunnel I don't know y i think they need 2 b popped

Hypersensitive to noise since being pregnant. Wind /fluttering feeling in ear. Thoughts? Thanks.

I am duissy pain in my ears like someone screaming should I get an mr?

I am experiencing confusion.Sometimes i get this weird buzzing or popping sound inside my head (almost like pop-rocks candy) ?

I am getting over a cold. For years I have had an audible pulsatile clicking sound in my nose occasionally, usually when lying down. I have had tests?