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I cant clinch my fist and when i try to i get a weird sensation- like tickly and uncomfortable feeling?

I feel like I ave a constant lump in my throat which sum times I feel I am being suffocated I can breath ok, I feel like my top bones need cracking?

?Last night laying in bed. Kept feeling movement in middle of stomach called hubby to feel and he felt it move as well as felt like it flipped? Wat is

1 of my balls feel swollen and tight my stomach feels as if its winded. I also feel pain in the bottom of my back.?

10 weeks 6 days pregnant i feel like lots of pressure on my left side of my stomach feels hard like a knot it hurts when that happens is it normal?

2nd day of feeling out of sorts. Stomach sore when I walk or move, tender to touch and tiredness?

38 weeks not feeling like myself?. I feel really odd . I can't put my finger on what it is but i just dont feel right at all

8wks pp from c-section & noticed weird sensation inside my stomach it's not painful just weird little sensation I can't explain how it feels?

A couple times now laying in bed ive felt my chest get tight and i feel numb on the right side of my body and i cant move what is this?

After an orgasm my neck gets all tight and uncomfortable like i'm getting strangled don't know what to do anymore what could be doing it?

After masturbation, my head is kinda weird, like it does not hurt or whatever, but feels different...It is normal?

After sex is it weird that my scrotum feels tingly?

All down my legs I sometimes feel random patches where it feels cold almost like a liquid feeling in areas I don't really know how to explain it. ?

All of the sudden my insides feel like they are shaking. Like shivering but in my torso, inside. Feel a bit nauseous. Help?

Broke my jaw awhile and it still feels weird, should I be concerned?

Bubbling sensation in middle back (feels like constant bubbles popping)can feel it when i put my hand on the spot. Not painful but wierd. What is this?

Can anxiety make ur head feel funny kinda weird?

Can i tell me how i can be and feel pretty?

Can you feel gas inside you? Does it feel like a bunch of butterflys flying inside you?

Can you feel it move?

Can you feel petichiae?

Can you feel the appendix of a testicle? I feel something that feels like a grain on one of them.

Can you tell me for some reason my eyes feel really weird?

Can't feel head or body feelings normally like feeling water or myself.I hear very little and ears hurt and teeth are numb i can't feel them?

Chest feels discomforted, like a burn sensation kind of, have been stressing a. Little lately but it started before that I'm really scared about itatm?

Constantly feel tense around the pelvic area. It feels hard to do kegal exercises . Its made me feel very anxious for about a year what should I do?

Could use your help docs! a friend told me that she feels a pulse just above her temples, is that normal cuz i don't feel that and she said she has no pain?

Do I have cancer? This is the second time that i notice when i poop there's blood coming out but i don't feel anything painful, i feel the same in my body, i feel no pain.

Doc felt no lump but still says to do ultrasound. I am not sure I feel it anymore. Should I still go?

Doctor I feel that I my left eye is wider than the other and when I look at something I feel that this one opens wider and I feel the air in it ..i?

Every now and then my anus spasms. Doesn't hurt or anything and only every so often but feels strange. More like a twitch really?

Every once and a while i get this feeling that my heart is being squeezed or tightening in that area. Not painful just weird feeling. Should i worry?

Every time someone touches my stomach I feel a shock. I was wondering what that could be. I know this may sound weird but when someone is going to tic?

Everytime i go to sleep and wake up in the morning my bottom lip feels swollen and looks it a lil im only 16 any ideas?

Eye feels uncomfortable because it feels kinda itchy and i wonder if I should go to the doctor or leave it. What is it?

Feel like something is moving in my stomach and sometimes,when,I'm,laying down I feel,like sharp some thing poking me it really hurts I don't know?

Feel like something is stuck right above sternum at bottom of throat. But nothing goes down or comes up. Feels worse after eating for a little?

Feel sick but don't feel like being sick the left side of my groin hurts and my belly abit ?

Feeling a bit weird, like cloudy, a little tightness in my chest, head feels heavy or cloudy , a bit like it feels when your upside down. ?

Feels like my heart is having spasms.Doesnt hurt just feels weird and uncomfortable. What could it be?

Feels like something moving iny right ear?

Felt like someone was squeezing my left testicle it stopped it feels weird and a small ache do you think it's dead it will be 7 days on tue for doctor?

For 2 days i have had a weird feeling under my topper lip. weird sensation. doesn't feel normal. no bumps just a bit red. ?

For months I have felt like there is something flapping in my throat and sometimes feels like a stabbing pain and feels constantly strained and hurts.

For the last few days I've had a hard to describe feeling in my left ear kinda feels like water but not really. And then when I swallow the left side of my throat hurts and I get somewhat of itchy to stinging feeling in the same ear. I've tried tyle?

For the past 3 years I hear and feel cracking in my head when I move it. It feels like my skull, not my neck. It gets uncomfortable sometimes. ?

For the past few days, I have noticed that my tongue feels weird. It feels like sensitive, a little sore.It doesn't feel normal but my mouth is watery?

Get a throbbing annoying feeling in the top part of my head. It doesn't hurt it just feels weird. Started maybe about 4 to 5 days ago. off and on.

Got a weird tight pressure feel in chest, feel a little light headed feel very on edge at the moment, can't relax it's upsetting and scaring me? help

Got poked hard in the temple with a pointy coat hanger three days ago and it still hurts and feels a weird pressure and my eye feels a bit funny could I have done something?

Had blood drawn three weeks ago and i still feel a little sore and feel a lump?

Half of my right hand feels strange, and kind of hurts a little, what is wrong with it?

Hard feeling spot above navel can feel my pulse. I have had two ultrasounds dr says all looks fine. What could it be?

Have what feels like a swollen vein in right temple, not too sore but i can feel it. Is this normal?

Hello, I am having weird sensation in my left side of my face i feel a little bit dizzy and my face feels as if it is numb and swollen. ?

Hello. I was wondering if you know what might cause me to feel my pulse in my stomach. Also, feels kind of tight and sometimes hurts when pressed on.

Hello. My soft palate seems to have this wierd sensation of feeling webby-ish or swollen it doesnt hurt or anything its just an uncomfortable feeling.

Hi , my head feels heavy and I kinda feel dizzy , that every Time I walk feels like I'm kinda jumping to a step ,or something holding me down?

Hi also just want to ask sometimes when I poop I feel a kinda sharp feeling in my anus after. Do you think this green small spot and sharp feel has some kind of a connection?

Hi doc.My friend is pregnant and she feels a little pinch like sensation that hurts a bit in her abdomen when the sensation occurs. she's just 5 weeks?

Hi I am currently feeling like if I have something stuck in my chest and it feels really cold it hurts a lot.

Hi I feel very uncomfortable in my vaginal area , it feels as if it were swollen or dry and feels better at touch or when sitting down sometimes? I am

Hi my friend said she burped then felt something move on top of her head.. Saying it didn't hurt, but felt odd to feel that ..:/ what was going on ? Is that normal?

Hi Sir/Ma'am I am suffering this kind of infection for 5 years until now it really makes me feel uncomfortable every time I feel "my balls/scrotum?

Hi, I have pressure right below my Adam's apple, feels like I got to burb or someone is chocking me.. No pain, just this tight feeling?

Hi, I'm getting weird, super quick heart beat like sensation inot my lower right side. It feels hard to the touch aND is uncomfortable but not painful?

Hi, im 28 weeks pregnant, I have a weird feeling in my vagina, its not painful but slightly uncomfortable, a numb like feeling what cud this b?

Hi, lately I've been I've been feeling pain in my tongue like a burning sensation. It feels pretty sore and want to know what I can do to help allevia?

Hi. I itch at night very hard. I feel something crawling under my skin and eating me alive. I feel it move and my muscles hurt. I don't feel good.

How can I manage hurt feelings all the time?

How come i feel sore when i don't work out?

How is an armpit supposed to feel?

How to become less sensitive when told words that bother or hurt your feelings. ?

I always feel like I have to crack my neck even though it is not sore or tight. Why is that?

I am 21 weeks pregnant and my tummy feels so tight like its going to burst i feel very uncomfortable is this normal?

I am not pregnant at all and I am having weird vibrations on the top of my stomach right under my chest. It feels like something got stuck.

I am pregnant and dont feel it is this normal i am ten weeks and it just seems like something's wrong. I have had a stitch feeling ?

I been having a lot of pressure in my chest, it feels like somebody is constantly stomping on it. It hurts when i make any kind of movement and tender?

I can feel a lump at the top of my stomach it is uncomfortable and feels like somethings stuck, what coild it be?

I can feel my heartbeat hard where i can feel its uncomfortable.It happens maybe once twice daily.Any ideas what this is?

I can feel my heartbeat through my back & it feels funny. Like cold chills. Any idea what that could be?

I can see heartbeat through my chest and i feel little discomfort , i feel like when we sat on ferris wheel and come down then we feel smthng in belly?

I cannot feel my testicle because it seems to have jelly around it. Also it feels numb.?

I do not feel the burn after i work out, should I be concerned?

I feel a "knot" sensation at the back of my throat. Sometimes it's less noticable then others. It bothers me more later on the day. What can it be?

I feel a weird tingling feeling like in my anus, it has been going on for 2 days. What can cause this?

I feel a weird tingly feeling in my chest and tounge. I am freaked out cuz i don't want this to be serious .?

I feel an uncomfortable feeling on my head like if it wants to hurt after I have electrolysis is that normal?

I feel as if my stomach is on fire right in center bout 2" below ribs feels like a tight knot and bit rawness in throat

I feel iching in my left eyes also feel throught is not smooth?

I feel like a fludder feeling under my right breast, what could it be?

I feel like a heartbeat in my right breast and I feel like my nipples are not even either. Is this okay? What's happening?

I feel like an intermittent vibration on my penis but feel a good pulse.

I feel like I have a huge ball right in the middle of my chest in between my breast. I feel i need to burp but cant. It is painful and uncomfortable?

I feel like i need to urinate and even feel some discomfort but can't go right away . Feel bloated especially at night while in bed.

I feel like my head muscles are twitching on the inside, i even get a feeling that something on the inside gets stuck on my right ear. Help?

I feel like my heart sometimes hurts but it will hurt in weird times not all the time and i don't know what to do!

I feel like my insides are shaking terrible yet only slightly noticeable on the outside it has gotten worse over the years any ideas?

I feel like my right ear has a wind and it makes me uncomfortable the feeling has been there for years and it comes and go?

I feel like something in my head wants to bust. It doesn't realy hurt, i just feel pressure. What could it be?