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91 yr old with some difficulty swallowing...Now having trouble chewing...Will chew one bite for 10-20 min. Then spit it out...Says can't swallow it.

After a chip lodged itself in my throat it made it hard to swallow. This was roughly 6 hours ago and its still hard to swallow? Suggestions?

Can a barium swallow cause stomach cramps afterward ?

Can a barium swallow show any nodes in the throat?

Can acid reflux cause crackle in throat while swallowing salaiva? Cackle happens just above the adams apple when I try to swallow salaiva.

Can I swallow mucus?

Can swallowing cum give you diarrhea?

Can swallowing semen cause mono?

Can swallowing semen cause tonsillitis?

Can you still have lpr if you have no problems swallowing food and don't hurt when you swallow?

Can you swallow your own tongue?

Can zithromax be chopped up to swallow?

Can't swallow my spit down sometimes or swallow thick foods what could this be? I had all throat test done& they didn't find nothing what should I do

Could you tell me what happens if you swallow a transistor?

Does swallowing semen cause diarrhea?

Does swallowing toothpaste help heartburn?

Every time i swallow, it's flem. What causes this?

Everytime i swallow i choke on food, water, what is wrong?

Had a barium swallow a week ago, stool was white, then had some constipation, now my stomach is acting weird with food, kinda naseua. Barium swallow was normal?

Hello. I can't swallow my saliva easily. I force myself to swallow it. Can i know why? And is there any solution?

Hi can I swallow the sperm?

Hi it hurts when I swallow food?

How can I swallow my saliva if it hurts to swallow?

How common is it for someone to need a barium swallow?

How much saliva do I swallow a day? It's for science.

I can't breathe or swallow every couple of seconds ?

I didn't swallow a battery, but what would the doctors do if it happened?

I frequently need to swallow. I wonder why that might be?

I gag and can't swallow certain foods i will choke and cough up mucus?

I had a barium swallow because my ENT doctor thinks I might have another condition which causes me to have difficult swallowing. What can this be?

I have been having issues swallowing solids and semi solids. Will they make me swallow food at the modified barium swallow? Or can they detect withou

I have to make a conscious effort to swallow my spit. Is this normal?

I have trouble swallowing saliva. I can swallow water and food I'm swallowing and clearing my throat all the time. Ideas?

I have vomited three times and now it is extremely painful to swallow..What's wrong?

I having trouble swallow at times and a lump ?

I just threw up my barium swallow. What should I do?

I sometimes swallow hard but never when i eat food or drink something.I only swallow hard when i just swallow spit or air. No pain.Sound normal or no?

I sometimes will be drinking water and when I go to swallow I couldn't swallow the water I would take a while for me to swallow what chould it be???

I swallowed a peice of food that wasn't well chewed. It scraped my throat. My throat is still hurting after a week every time I swallow. ?

I'm 17 years and I am willing to swallow my semen is normal?

I'm having trouble swallowing, soup is ok but just swallowing my saliva is hard, and it hurts slightly.

If I had a barium swallow test and it was normal should I still be worried about choking on food? ENT doc did exam with scoop n said all was ok

If you swallow semen, can you get diarrhea?

Ii can't swallow solid foods will I have a problem swallowing the stuff for barium swallow test?

Is drinking water ok before a stomach barium swallow test ? How long before is not ok ?

Is it bad or harmfull to swallow semen ?

Is it bad to swallow cum when you have pneumonia?

Is it bad to swallow sperm?

Is it bad to swallow your spit a lot?

Is it dangerous to swallow semen?

Is it good or bad to swallow sperm? Thanks

Is it harmful to swallow semen and what is your opinion on swallowing if a stranger?

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Is it ok to swallow semen if breastfeeding?

Is it really bad to swallow the barium?

Is swallowing semen bad for you/the body?

Is swallowing semen good for you?

Is swallowing semen harmful?

Is there a bad (or good) effect of swallowing semen?

It hurts to swallow saliva and water, any type of liquids. I am 21 weeks pregnant, what do you suggest?

It is sometimes hard for me to swallow the food I eat. And I can't swallow tablets! that is why I take liquids! please help!?

It's difficult to swallow, why could this be?

It's really hard to swallow my food because i really have dry mouth, please help?

My 6 month old is not swallowing solids and always gag and vomit what should I do. I tried since he was 5 month and it is still the same?

My stomach hurts when I wake up in the morning and swallow my saliva ?

My throat hurts when I swallow. Do I need barium swallow X-ray test?

Painful to swallow my own saliva and when i drink. What is going on?

Please help! what happens if you swallow scope mouthwash?

Solution of sour throat its so hard to swallow even water tell me please?

Sometimes when I eat, my throat locks up and then I can't swallow anything, even saliva. If I try to swallow I get spasms and regurgitate. Lasts ~30 m?

What causes me to gag when i try to swallow food?

What causes swallow after sex?

What do you do when you swallow a bee?

What does swollen esophogous mean? I have a hard time swallowing. Sometimes i can't even swallow i gag.

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What happens to the semen after you swallow?

What if you have pain in your stomach and. Spit allot cause you gag if you swallow but you don't do tobacco?

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What to do if someone were to swallow arsenic?

What to do when a 4 year old swallows a screw?

What's the explanation for a constant need to swallow saliva? I feel like if don't swallow it I'll have it accumulate and need to swallow or spit out

When you have accidentally wrong swallow of saliva will it goes to your lungs?How will i know because it hurts when i swallow it when i woke up

Why does my throat hurt only on swallowing saliva?

Why is it hard for me to swallow pills now?

Why is it so hard to swalllow my saliva?

Why when i swallow it fells like I am swallowing needles?

Why would a doctor recommend a barium swallow?

Why, recently have i not been able to swallow my saliva properly?