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Hello Dr. My Thyroid gland is 19 CM plz suggest me any homeopathic medicine ?

Hi docs, would the l-tyrosine and other ingredients heal my thyroid?

Hi I have hypothyroidism and i do understand that slimfast has soy in it. Is it safe to drink ? I believe soy affects the thyroid gland. I am also on levothyroxine as a thyroid replacement and i take it every day.

Hi what is the best foods & vitamins is can use and have to help with underactive thyroid?

Hii sir does iodine deficiency or over intake of iodine a reason behind abnormalities of thyroid.Thanksf for ur answer?

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I have hypothyroidism. I was interested in using raspberry ketones as a dietary supplement. Are they safe for my thyroid? Will they lower my thyroid?

I have hypothyroidism. Should i just detox normally?

I have low thyroid and i've been a vegetarian for over 15 yrs . Do you think that if i start eating fish it will make my thyroid "normal"? Thanks

I have nodules at both thyroid site, is there anything i can do to prevent nodules from getting bigger? Does taking Ginseng supplements help ?

I was told that smoking, exercise, or food intake does not effect your thyroid gland. Is thistle true? If i exercise, not smoke, etc... This will not improve my overactive thyroid?

I've been eating 25 to 40 g of seaweed snacks everyday for about 3 months. Should I be worried about my thyroid? I don't have thyroid issues, yet.

I've been putting 2 tb spoon of flaxseed in my oatmeal to help my hypothyroid. Now I've read flaxseed hinders underactive thyroid. What's true?

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Is brocoli good for hyperthyroidism ?

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Is garlic good for thyroid?

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