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going to faint and this happened for many days full heaviness in head and unstoppable anxiety whenever I think like Playing video games I feel worse ?

When I say in my head something like "I'm gonna go touch that bench" or anything really, i have to do it. if i told, it bothers me. is that normal?

15 Y.O son is a gamer.He tells me he gets this feeling in his head.kind of like a dizzy feeling &when he gets this he's forced to squint.whatcanthisbe?

47 yof.when I sit for a little while an stand up it feels like my blood all rushes to my head I hear swishing I have hbp take lasinaprill 10 mg.

5 days ago I had sex my penis is acting weird I feel my pulse and it hiccups and some times head move left to right very slowly like an ill look?

61 years and having feeling of virbating in the vagina, it feels like a heartbeat. When sitting, coughing it may happen. Does not hurt.

A few months ago I had a bout with BPPV for a few days. For a while now if I move my head in any sudden quick movements I feel like my equilibrium off?

A headache that feels like brain freeze. What should I do?

A while ago i experienced this kind of Like an electricity went to the inside of my head then felt pain after. I always have migraine like a lot. Tnx?

About 20 minutes after my first big meal of the day I feel really dizzy sort of like a drunken feeling. My face will also itch.

After bad reaction to sudephedrine, loud or sudden sounds/movements/lights make my nerves feel like its being electric shocked.Propranolol right med?

After i fall asleep and weak up I have a high sissing sound in my head like a gasleak, luckily not all the time but sometimes the whole day.

After i orgasm it feels like my neck gets a bit tight whys this I have a shunt could that do it or something else?

After prolong bed rest, is normal for your head to feel floaty and hard to keep eyes still on things?

After studying for a long time, why does my brain feel like it "hurts" or is full of fluid?

Almost 7 month old baby shakes her head like saying no. I feel she just like to do this. Is this normal?

Apologies because I know this is not exactly clinical but I felt a pop in my head, almost like a twig snapping, followed by a tingling sensation like pop rocks or sand in my mouth that went away after a moment. Any ideas? No pain from it but scary.

Around the bridge of my nose and my eyes are like tingling! I feels weird and it's kinda freaking me out I do have anxiety but could this be serious?

As i woke this morning and opened my eyes, i felt like i was spinning left to right. Later in the day I have occasionally felt the room spinning.?

At church yest after they sung it made my head feel funny would this be some kind of migraine. also there is mold in my house can that cause dizzy?

At times when i'm sittin or layin i'll feel dizzy. Like my head moves around. Close my eyes & same thing. Very weird feeling. Feel like i'm moving?

Ate too many vitamins and now my eyes feel swollen, i keep feeling hot, i get migraines every time i hear noise, when i stand i feel dizzy what's wrong?

Bad head akes almost everyday..Been going on for three weeks..I don't feel like my self..Wat could be wrong?

Been very depressed recently. This morning i couldn't keep my balance and had a weird popping sensation in my head. Should i be checking in to an er?

Being injected with IV to be put asleep sounds painful... Can you tell me more about what it feels like? I'm quiet scared.

By saying my head feels heavy I mean like it has pressure or something on it?

Can a cold make your head feel funny?

Can a pinch nerve in the neck make Me feel like im going to pass out?

Can a spinal tap tell anything about chiari? My neuro doesn't seem worried but I feel like it's slowly killing me. Can hardly swallow food anymore

Can anxiety cause random moments of feeling like the room is spinning and like you're going to pass out? Never passed out. Normal EKG brain mri.

Can anxiety give u a weird head rush n feel like u pass out n make head real weird for a few sec or is this serious?

Can anxiety make head funny n when I stand I feel like I'm swaying like hypersensitive eyes funny panicky..go to Drs weekly they say anxiety but idk?

Can anxiety make ur head feel real funny kinda weird sometimes like u hit funny bone but in head n can it make vision funny off balance feeling shaky ?

Can anxiety make your head feel funny like head tingle inside n buzz?

Can anxiety make your head feel fuzzy and your ears seem blocked?

Can anxiety make your head funny n lightheaded n swaying feeling heart fast sometimes feels like I drop been Drs weekly really scared inner ear tumor?

Can being angry and/or yelling cause a brain aneurysm to form? When I get upset it feels like their is pressure in my head.

Can cold air give you a headache ? Like your head is constantly cold. And can making your head warm make your head headache feel better ? Or go away

Can ear problems cause balance issues il sometimes be sitting and feel like a pressure in my right ear or il feel like im gonna fall over while sittin?

Can ear wax cause people to feel like pressure feeling in the head and make the head fell heavy ?

Can hving flu,can flu symptoms come and go over a few weeks?does your head feel like smthing is humming inside it with blokd like ears?dizy tired head

Can migraines be non painful? Last night (and in past) I got like a "bell ringing/vibrations" in my head. Not painful, not dizzy but not pleasant.

Can occasionall dizziness and feeling out of sorts like my head is floating mean there is so.Ething wrong with my brain?

Can sinusitis make your head feel like it weight 1, 000 pounds?

Can someone explain to me why, every now and then I get strange head sensations, like my brain is vibrating? Am I having some kind of mini seizure? Ty

Can someone have vertigo for no reason. All tests and ears fine. But sometimes i feel like im moving when sitting or like im gonna fall I have anxiety?

Can you feel light-headed or kinda dizzy when you bend over really quickly and hold it there and come back up quickly? Does it mean ear problem?

Can you take Fluoxetine and Amoxicillin at the same time? What causes pressure in head and face? feels like its going to explode. Just sitting still

Can't sleep,rapid heartbeat,feels like I can't swallow,feel like the room is closing in,dizzy,feels like blood is draining from me. Labs all normal.

Consistently lightheaded for the past month. I feel like it's motion related with my eyes, whenever I move my eyes around I feel off balance. Ideas???

Constantly feel off balance and dizzy . When i lay down at night feel motion like on a bloat. Also when sitting at computer room will sound sometime?

Could a head injury make someone feel sick?

Could i have derealization? eyes get blurier as the day goes on. Days feel like they end in minutes. yesterday feels like 2 days ago. memory bit worse

Could I have vertigo because sometimes things feel like they move forward and sometimes back? And things seem like there spinning

Could someone that has had a mini stroke feel like they are having sinus trouble the next day?

Could you tell me why my head hurts and i feel kinda dizzy when looking at certain things..Like too much light? Will ibuprofen help?

Diagnosed with IIH. Back by spine feels puffy, dizzy spells even if not moving, feel like I'm going to pass out, but it comes and goes. Advice?

Dizziness in forehead, feels like a clock spinning fast and eyes feel like they're spinning. Worse when in bed but can happen anytime. Headache also. ?

Dizziness, light headed, feel like i'm going to vomit when i stand up. Also whooshing/white sound in my ear. What's wrong?

Dizzy, ears ringing, everything looks like it's shaking, and sick to my stomach. This has been happening for 2 days and getting progressively worse!

Do I have bppv? Dizzy when laying down but only lasted for like and hour or two. The. Nothing and i feel fine. I can move my head and roll over. Bppv?

Do I have sinus or anything like that if my forehead feels pressured?

Does a sinus infection cause someone to feel as if their body is swaying like on a boat but they are sitting still?

Does anxiety give any symptoms to the head , like any physical feelings in head .like a electric buzz?

Does anxiety make head feel weird n funny inside hard to describe but it makes me panicky n internal motion feeling worried ?

Does off balance type feeling have anything to do with epilepsy like a head rush feeling ?

Does Parkinson's makes your head feels fuzzy?

Does tension in your head feel like when youre about to get brain freeze?

Does this sound Like BPPV? I get woken up from sleep and the room spins and I'm very dizzy for a few seconds,Fine awake,just nauseous. What do I do?

Don't feel like myself, like im not really awake, just very abnormal, head & neck feel cold, its warm, im warm, what's going on?

Don't know how to explain it but sometimes i get like a ticklish/ buzz feeling in my head that last's like 1 sec, but it comes and goes, anxiety mayb?

Dr says I have sinus infection. The floor feels like it's bouncing but does it so much more on hard floors. Why?

During sleep paralysis I feel like something is moving in my head like flow of blood or something else I feel like my head will be explode ???

Earlier I inhaled some water coughed a little bit and then calmed downWell now I feel weird. My head feels a little fuzzy. Not sure if its my anxiety.

Every now and then i will feel like my head is floating. If i shake it i will feel dizzy. Is this dangerous?

Every now and then I will have sudden head jerk which scares me to death, feels like electric shock and feel a little lightheaded after?

Every single time after i fly, when i get off, i feel like i'm on a boat swaying. And my body and head are moving. What can I do? Please help.

Every time i turn or bend over my back feels like it is gonna break?

Every time i yawn or close my eyes and sort of "push" inside my head it's like a thunder happening and it's very unpleasant. Please help? I feel sick

Every time i yawn or close my eyes and sort of push inside my head its like a thunder happening and its very unpleasant.

Everyday for the last 8 months i been having like the feeling of lighting bolts in my brain and then get lightheaded. It comes&goes durning the day.

Everyday is a battle of me feeling like something's not right in my head, what can I do?

Everyone says I walk fine but to me I feel funny n weird type lightheaded feeling n like head heavy motion my drs keep telling me anxiety it's 24/7 ?

Everything feels slow like my brain isn't fully turned on kind of feels like a fog over my brain?

Eyes sometimes feel like they cant focus. If I am on the computer reading the words seem like they move. Sometimes it feels like beating next to them.

Feel like could passout all day. Like head not all there. 5 months since had a pop. Use to be heavy drinker. Seem just can't function anymore.

Feel like im going to pass out, have tunnel vision, chest hurts, everything's very bright. My blood sugars normal but something isnt right.

Feel like theres a knot in my throat. Somewhat diff. To swallow. Feels funny when i turn my head or point it downward. Pressure what is this? How fix?

Feel like turning every few seconds when sleeping?

Feel pressure in head like a bubble and feel like i cant think straight but i talk and write normal. Feel confused but not at same time?

Feeling in head like blood rushing..Vibrating like with faintness and dizziness. Feels like it has to do with my eye movement...Simply moving eyes.

Feeling like yhe room around you is spinning are moving?

Feeling of wobblly when standing followed with stiffnes and a feeling like i want throw up?

Feels like i'm getting a light shock from my heart shooting to my head and whole body, ECG is fine from er, what can be causing this? Feels like panic

Feels like I'm shaking/vibrating but I'm not externally. Can only describe it as feeling like I'm on a washing machine! Very worried What could it be?

Feels like pressure on the top of my head and im sleepy. What can be causing this? Im 18. Can this be serious?

Felt a migraine coming on and took maxalt (rizatriptan). Why does it make me feel sick? Like i need to lie down, hard to focus, foggy, head feels funny.

Felt anxious, off balance, vertigo attack coming on but doesnt, tummy feels yucky, face feels full on one side. What us causing all of this?!

Floor feels like it drops when I stand. No spinning sensation. If I bend over head feels bouncy. Inner ear disorder ruled out. What else might it be?

For the past two days I've been feeling like something sticking me in my heart, whenever i breathe in or turn too hard or holdy head down. What do you?