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I have been dealing with some issues like not being able to eat, pain that comes and goes,dizziness and fainting. I eat very little. ?

16 yr old male. I feel depressed and like everything is crashing down at once. It gets worse day by day. Idk what to do, my chest hurts all the time.

2 weeks ago my stomach stopped hurting and associated symptoms after 5 months. Colonoscopy in 5 days. Feel like it's pointless to go now. Thoughts?

3 year old woke up vomiting. Threw up 5 times, still going. Nothing is coming up anymore. How do I make this stop?

30yrs Male.Feeling deprssed for no reason.Angry.Irritated.feel like shouting.had severe headache yestrdy like never b4.whats wrong? M scared.HELP

39yr MALE,Over the past few months, I've been having hot flashes out of nowhere. Feel like Im on fire, soaked w/sweat. Feel like im gonna explode!

4yr old started constantly crying for little things like asking her to go potty, doesn't know where something is, etc..What could be the sudden change?

A sudden cold sweat in my face and feel like wanted to vomit and feel like i was goingg to passed out wha5 could it be please help.Anxious, .

After brushing my teeth, later I get this awful feeling in my mouth that puts me off,most times it makes me feel like I hve bad breath, i get insecure?

After eating I get really hot and sweaty and I feel like I am going to pass out. It has been going on for a few months but lately it has been gettin?

After i cry, i get so sleepy especially if it is after hard balling. Why does this happen?

Alright I guess that lately I have been feeling useless and worthless. I haven't gone to school all week, I've been using the ,"I don't feel good excu?

And inner feeling is always trouble me doctor that if you do not do something that you have done short while ago something bad happen. Please help me?

Any explanation for why i feel this way as soon as i wake up?

Anytime I get a little nervous I throw up, I don't know why. I get like this over any little situation. Why?

As i sit here i keep getting the feeling i'm going to pass out...........Should i be concerned?

Been feeling like im gana faint sometimes what can be any ideas or can I take some thing to stop this feeling?

Been weird lightheaded 24/7 yrs some days better all drs say anxiety could it be more serious really worried ?

Best way to stop feeling tired and having bad headaches and messing things up ?

Burping while a yawn was trying to come on then it went away , was that a bad thing to do, to let it go away , rather than just let the yawn come?

Can anxiety give you a really weird head sensation n kinda like you pass out or lose ur self really worried it's serious I keep worrying bout it?

Can anxiety make you feel weird in head n like lightheaded motion it's bad today keep going to drs they say anxiety I'm scared it's not?

Can anyone help, when i go to the toilet it feels really heavey and i keep getting these weird feelings in my belly and vagina.. Im really confused?

Can anything happen from you holding in all your feelings?

Can extreme anxiety and worry cause constipation? I'm constantly dwelling on my bathroom habits & I feel like that might make it worse. Possible?

Can feel a cold coming on, so how can I stop it from getting really bad?

Can u actually hurt ur body by thinking something is wrong with u and then it happens because u constantly think about it? Like make urself sick?

Can you tell me how I could stop feeling like a horrible father?

Can you tell me if there is any ideas to help deal with the pain so bad i often feel like vomiting and so exhausted that i can't get much done?

Could it be strange to have to urge to self harm, yet nothing extremely bad has happened recently?

Do you think it's weird to see your family dr the second time this week for another problem I feel so weird for going back there again?

Doctor I am suffering from depersonilization and I feel strange idk if this is from puberty and please what do I need help ASAP Please help me ?

Does anyone sometimes get a weird kicking before they go to sleep?

Dunno if my anxiety has intensified but I'm scared I'm dying, it's horrible and I feel sick in the throat? I just can't eat either how did this happen

Every morning it feels like i've got a cold. Why does this happen?

Every morning when I wake up I feel like I'm going to throw up but I never actually do. this has been happening for 2-3 weeks now. not pregnant. ?

Every once an a while I have a moment where i don't know what is going on it is almost like a dream but I do not faint or anything? Thank you

Every time I stand up I feel like I'm going to pass out. Everything gets bright and fuzzy. What is this?

Every time im even a little nervous i get really nauseous its ruining my life Nothing wrong with my stomach doc says how do I get it to stop?

Every time of month i get real anxious. Tight knot in belly and throat and feel like something bad gonna happen.. Why?

Everyday i feel like i'm coming down with some cold or stomach bug. My mom says its depression. I don't think it is. Whats going on with me?

Everyday I feel like im going to die im always scared something bad is going to happen so I shake my leg and I get lightheaded how do I get it to stop?

Everyday i wake up with a feeling of fear to just everything like little things I have to do that day or just that everything is gonna go wrong, why?

Everynight i feel this weird thing on my head. I feel light headed and anxious. i had this thing 4 mos. ago. And now, it came back. I'm scared. It affects my life.

Everything feels like a dream to me. What could be going on?

Everytime go in hottub or bath I feel like Im hallucinating or dreaming like it has happened before makes me want to puke/faint gets me very anxious ?

Everytime I work out I get this awfully painful headache. Sometimes it even feels like i'm going to pass out.Why does it happen and how do I stop it?

Experiencing black outs. I will almost always pass. When i don't i only get bit of what's going on. No one else seems to notice i feel sick after ?

Extremely lightheaded when I wake up and it lasts the whole day doc says not to worry just anxiety I cant get myself to believe that though?

Feel like i'm going to throw up but i don't and my mouth gets kind of dry. Should i go to the doctor?

Feel really down and I hate it. Lately I have been feeling so bad! I just hate everything! I see a physcologist aswell so I do have some techniques...

Feel really down now and I hate it. Lately I have been feeling so bad!I just hate everything! I see a physcologist aswell so I have techniques...

Feel so ill all the time docs say aniexty causing it I don't understand how I can feel so bad and nothing be wrong ?

Feels like acheyness it isn't period related haha hmmm, any ideas of what it could be, what to do?

For a few months now i've been feeling like i'm inside a dream and wont wake up from it again. Why is this?

For a week now I can't sleep i breathing funny feel likeI I can't breathe feel scared like something is going to happento me what's going on?

For the past couple days I have felt like i want to throw up in the morning what kind of problems could i have?

For the past one week I have been having strong urges to puke even though nothing comes out. Also chest tightness and feeling weak. What is it?

For the past week it seems like anything i eat goes right through me with in 10 minutes should I be concerned? I am under some stress

Had big crying breakdown.Why do I feel better after I email some one im not supposed to? Why do I have these hard cry's and then feel okay10min later?

Had the tests doc says has pvcs how can I know they want hurt me seems like there getting worse I feel them and worry what do I do?

Had twitch of the lip going on 7 days now, 5 to 10 times a day for like 2 seconds when should I worry and say its time to go to the doctor?

Happy new year I have a friend that always saying his stomach don't feel will plus when he go do num 2 it watere what that mean?

Have been lightheaded for about 3 months now,seems to get really bad or worse after I eat,which concerns me.Any thought?All blood work has been normal

Haven't been tested for herpes but i feel like i already know I have it and it hurts really bad i wanna cry.

Having problems urinaring. I feel like i need to go but nothing comes out. So severe that i haven't slept for 2 nights. Help please. Had some nause.

Hello doctors I need help asap I'm experiencing extreme anxiety and this is getting to much it feels like every where I go this has happened before?

Hello, I have shaky hands and im wondring if i can be surgoen, irealy would like to be one , and what the things i can do to me to make the shks go away?

Hello, I'm a 19 year old male and constantly get the feeling like I need to heave, No nausea just the urge to dry reach. Extremely annoying ?

Hello, i've been feeling a little weird wondering if you could help me. I've had heartburn, I am so thirsty and i can not stop sweating! thanks?

Hello... my headache sort of feels like it's burning, I guess you could say. any thoughts? I'm only 16... and I'm scared.

Help me get over my fear of vomit. So vomiting isn't that bad right? It's not scary, just gross and inconvenient right? Nothing to fear right?

HELP PLEASE! I'm 20 weeks pregnant & my legs won't stop itching. It drives me nuts. Feel like I'm going bonkers! It started in my 18th week.

Hey, im having my law finals and they are already going on for a month, every day i feel lightheaded and my balance is kinda weird too.. What is this?

Hi i get a weakness feeling in my back, it comes in goes, ive had for months, makes me feel as though am going to colapse, and it affects my legs,?

Hi i may sound like a hypochondriac but lately I feel like there is so much going on inside my body that my mind is actually convinced it's too late to fix anything. I have zero motivation , I am burnt out and sweating constantly. I get unexplainable pain

Hi i'm 23and have got ADHD and autism worry I am going to be sick every night when it gets dark and that makes me feel sick how do I stop that feeling?

Hi I'm Jose I feel really bad most of the day I have these times where I'm just thinking of bad moments and can't stop myself it just goes on repeat?

Hi I've been having anxiety for about 3 years no the palputation its bothering me it come in anytime any minute im so worried about it?

Hi my right arm keeps feeling heavy and dead like i have been punched in it, which i havnt. It keeps coming and going should i get it checked out? Thx

Hi there, I always feel down and anxious about everything in life. My chest always feels so heavy. How can i get rid of this?

Hi when I'm on my period I have terrible feeling of nausea in the morning it's awful, I don't always get it, also lately I've been going to see the do?

Hi, can i ask you somethimg doctor kinda confuse bout my situation.

Hi, I have always been running and recently i noticed my running was getting tough. I was feel so exhausted but i thought maybe this was because ?

Hi, im 16 and lately i have been breathing heavily such as people think im going to pass out but i feel fine?? whats wrong with me ?

Hi! unusually having a headache ... Feels somehow dizzy ... Pain goes and comes ... Couple of days .. ? What is the meaning of all this?

Hi' lately i'm having to think more about doing something before actually doing it ' what maybe wrong.

How bad is a crown? Does it hurt and what can they do to help me not feel instead of just numbing me cuz im real scared?

How can i ask my mom to go see a gynecologist? I feel like she will think I'm weird or something. I'm nervous.

How can I get my best friend to feel comfortable coming out to me?

How can I know if everything is ok with me after I have been raped? Some things are happening to me now that i can't explain.

How can I stop obsessing and also stop getting irritated by everything? Feel like everything bothers me anymore. Would like to not care and move on.

How come bad things happen as soon as i start to feel happy?

How come crying makes you feel weepy for awhile?

How come i get urges to cut myself, and feel better after i do?

How come i sometimes feel scared when i lay down to go to sleep?

How do I control my thoughts when i'm thinking something bad is going to happen to cuz i feel all these ugly pains n my head & lightheadedness scared?

How do I get over my phobia of doctors? Everytime I go, I start crying for no reason and get horrible anxiety to the point of puking

How do I go about getting a canscer scering and my heart chccked i feel like somthing is worng I have a lot of med problems ?

How do you get rid of dry heaves? Feeling of wanting to vomit but nothing comes out