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3 days ago low right lip had a numb feeling. Could feel touch/move it. Like skin is tight, now cheek too. I have anxiety/teeth clencher. Maybe that?

i touched my toe on the heart vent by mistake now my toe feels weird and i had a bit of pain?

'it feels like my fingers are burning?

2 days ago til now, i suddenly felt my left foot became a little numb, but when pinched, i can still feel it, it‘s somewhere in tibia going to midfoot?

2 metacarpal, sprained 3 1/2 weeks ago, worse, bruised, feels like pins and needles hard to grasp things, bad pain up arm tingling sometimes, and achy?

31 weekspregnant and everytime i put any pressure on my left foot it feels like something in ripping on the botton of my foot?

4th and 5th toe have been semi numb for 2 months. feels like walking on a rock? also tingles when touching middle part of feet

A month after finger injury am now getting a cold painful tingling feeling and when I bend it it feels like it's going to pop from pressure?

A while back my foot felt wet like I was standing in a wet spot but there was nothing there. What could cause that feeling?

After i eat i get real sleepy and my hands and lips tingle almost like an electric shock feeling. What could this be?

All ten fingers feel like they have multiple splinters in them. I have dug around with a needle to find nothing. What is causing this sensation?

Almost a month ago I dropped a 50pd suitcase on the top of my foo.. At times I get a burning feeling or a tingling is that normal. ?

Any reason why are my wrists itching so bad. Its extremely itchy and i feel like cutting my wrist just to relieve the it?

At sleep, my dad feels sudden pain in the tips of his feet and fingers he said it feels numb & something is like pulverizing it. He has diabetes, help?

Aunt, at times feels, a painful pinning in her toes.What could be the cause? Is there something she can do to stop it from happening?

Below my thumb is swollen on palm with just a little tightness feeling inside and itching. ?

Both hips will pop and i feel like someone plucked the nerve like a guitar string. I feel the electric shock all the way down to my foot. Cause?

Both of my hands have a cramp in them...Its kinda hurts when i make a fist.What could this be? Thank you.

Both palms, part under thumbs, swell and feel weird at time. Not really pain, but feel weird! Sometimes they almost look bruised, but they aren't. ?

Boyfriend ties me up. Is it normal for my arms to feel bad after being restrained?

Broke my ankle 8 weeks ago, still feels really bad, a burning feeling, is this normal?

Can small fiber neuropathy also cause the tops of the feet and ankles to be very achy? They feel like someone dropped a brick on them constantly !

Cleaned house now arms numb and neck hurts more sore feeling than pain my arms feel like icy hot down the outer part to hands?

Cold all the time and fingers & hands numb weak painful ! also my right forearm so painful it's like it burns?

Could I have MS? For years I have had problems with my hands hurting, tingling, throbbing feeling like I cant hold things as well. Other things.

Could use your help docs! my foot feels tingly for no reason sometimes?

Could you tell me why my heel feels like it is splitting but it isn't?

Did breast self exam feel little lumps with tips of my fingers but cant feel them when i feel with the 3 pads of finger in circular motion. normal?

Discomfort on right pinky while washing the dishes a couple days ago.Feels like muscle strain.Now mostly gone bt pinky feels numb smtimes.Why is that?

Dropped 50pds on the top of my foot I have a burning feeling only last a few seconds Almost like a sunburn when scratched when I point toes its sore?

Every morning when I wake up, my fingers on my right hand are really sollen like little sausages. what could it be?

Every once in a while i get hives on the back of my hands & my arms, feels like a bunch of needles poking, and stings, but it doesn't itch. What is it?

Every time i bend my right arm it starts to hurt and sore like like my arm don't want to bend or be to raise it my fingers/hand starts to go asleep wh?

Every time the bottom of my left foot feels a prick I feel one in my stomach, is this normal?

Everytime i go on a flight .. My hands tingle.. Like pins and needles in them .. What could be causing this ?...

Excruciating pain when hands/feet get cold. What does this sound like?

Feel like blood isnt circulating in hands and legs(feels like I have tight socks and tight gloves on?

Feels like I have needles in my feet. How do I get rid of this feeling?

Feet (more so left) cold and feels like laces are too tight. Not everyday. Started in left hand then went away. No other obvious symptoms yet. ?

Feet hurt and tingle, last night I couldn't sleep because it was hard to breathe, stomach tightening up, feet always cold help?

Finger feels like its burning diabetes?

Fingers feel smooth and numb like after if you burned them? Shooting pain in feet? Pressure in head and dizziness when looking down?

Fingertips feel like pins and needles like a splinter but I have no idea why. If you push down on where it hurts it feels like a knot. What is that?

Foot feels like i have a tiny splinter when i step on it but i cant find anything. Can anything bad cause this sensation?

Foot feels like it is "splitting", what to do?

Foot feels sore and tight when pressure is put on it?

Foot fell asleep, well it went more like into a "coma" with no sensation. It felt like a dead limb. I had to pound on it for the sensation to return?

For months my toes feels like they are cold but when I touch them they not and they are numb?

For two days, one of my big toes has been feeling like there was a band-aid or a ring on it. It doesn't hurt, but it feels weird. What's going on?

From my ankles2my shins are beet red & feel like they on fire.& tops of my hands same way & when i make fist i can see lil drops of blood what's wrong?

Got wet & my feet got soaked and pruny, now 1 day later the side of my right foot i feel something moving. Could be a nerve? It feels weird. Help!

Hand is hot and very red and feels like it has been bruised ?

Hands feel numb after dance class, what to do?

Hands feet are always freezing! When I take a lukewarm shower my feet feel like they are on fire. Left side is always Colder than right side?

Hard dead skin on both my toes which gets worse then i run. Recently the tip of my right toe has felt tingly/numb when i touch it?

Have hurt arm when i aplied ice my arm/hand felt like it was blowing up like a balloon & got pins and needles is it a trapped nerve in arm is painful?

Have pain from the shoulder to my elbow......feels like someone is squeezing it and sticking a bunch of pins in it at the sametime?

He woke up and had sharp pin like feelings on top of his foot he is a type. 1diabetice?

Hello dr. My feets are so hard ? What should I do ?

Hello im 16 year old and on my right hand , my thump and the finger next to it really hurts like a throbbing pain , going to each other , whats is it i keep getting this , for a while now and its like off and on?

Hey so I'm an athlete and my Achilles has been bothering me for a while now but today I've felt tingling like if I had needles and it's kind of numb what does this mean?

Hi i have this feeling of something stuck in my throat even though there isnt anything plus all of a sudden i have a big crack in bottom of my foot?

Hi im 45 , i keep getting like a tingling all over my back it feels like something is crawling underneath my skin last for about ten minutes at a time.?

Hi my 3 and 4 toe from my right foot feel numb but not swollen but I could still feel and move them it's been 4 days now and I'm getting scared. Help?

Hip hurts also numb hurt to touch feels like pins and needles and my toes get really cold right side could it mean sciatica nerve cud be gettin worse?

Hnads burning, and numb. Fingers feel like I have been shocked. I am woken up with this as well for over a week now ..?

How can prevent the pins and needle tingling I feel after a shower? It's the only time that I feel them. They seem to disperse when I cover the area.

How come i wake up with stiff painful fingers?

How does it feel after the gum injection? Am i totally numb in the toe and i literally can't feel anything or just soothes the pain?

Husband says his toe second to the big one has been numb or feeling like its not there for 2 weeks now and that it get tingly he wears flip flops alot?

I got sore tingling sensation down both arms my hands have swollen and feel like they on fire and the bones are aching?

I also cant put pressure on my foot or else i feel like my second toe is gonna get numb again and would lose feeling in the toe?

I am 34 weeks today & was wondering if my son has dropped because at the top of my private area i can feel like fingers or something moving around dow?

I am 77 and pretty healthy. I still work 5 days a week. My feet are always cold and i feel a little numbness at the sole.What should I do?

I am experiencing leg pain badly redness with heat,numbness in feet and feels like string is around my toes. Blurry and or foggy vision, urinate often and when I do it is badly like got to go right then or feel like I'm going to wet myself ?

I am having a lot of pain in my fingers and hands they are sore to the touch andi have a hard time bending my fingers also. Could someone tell me what they think might be going on it is getting worse everyday and i can't hardly touch my fingers or rub my

I am having numbness in my fingers and toes. Feels like pins and needles! I have had this for rover two weeks and not getting better! ?

I am pregnant and my fingers and toes have been feeling tingly and have been going blue. Anything wrong?

I been bit by a bee now my foot is swollen and its trying to get numb going up to my leg. What can I do i'm feeling kind a funny, nervous

I bought hand support gloves. no there a little tight when i first pit them on idk if thats okay and my wrist are a little tingly, is that okay ?

I broke my baby toe 2 weeks ago, and now it is tingly and feels like pins and needles. What's happening?

I broke my foot 4 days ago and today it feels like there is pins and needles in it. It is still swollen and bruised. Is that feeling normal?

I burn in my joints. My feet get numb at times and feel like needles in them. I have been told that my left shoulder is worn out. What do you suggest?

I can't feel my hands its like there numb what can I do?

I can't put any pressure on my heel. This has been going on for a week. Everytime i put pressure on it it feels like needles going through my foot.

I can't stretch my fingers out all the way or pull my hand up like to give a high five. I just woke up like this 2 days ago. There is no pain.

I cut the bottom of my palm with a sharp bracelet a few months ago, and even though its healed it still feels odd to the touch. Why is this?

I feel burning heat in my toes and fingers and head .what could be the problem?and some time feel feverish.

I feel fatigued and it comes and goes throughout the day, first my wrist start aching and now also my elbow hurt a tiny bit and toes . Any ideas?

I feel hot after eating beef. Particularly my hands and feet feel like they've been kept on fire. Why is that?

I feel like the top of my ankles are on fire. What does that mean?

I feel numb on my left palm and thumb.My left hand also stiff.Feel this way since last 6 mths.Hurts more if lift things even lighter things.Pls advice?

I get cold feet and numb fingers each time i sit down.Also feels like someone choking me. Gives me light headness when i stand up.What could this b?

I got my blood drawn and now there's a big bump on my arm where they put the needle. Is this normal? My arm feels numb and it hurts to move it

I got stung at the bottom of my foot (I think) and its in a lot of pain it feels like someone is holding a lighter to it. Is that normal?

I got stung by a dirt dobber and my arm feels numb.

I got this wierd bump feeling on my foot, how do I figure out what this is?

I had a ivig 3 weeks feel pretty good when i'm not working when at work don't have a good grip an hands feel num an hurt ?

I have 8 or 9 stitching on my finger and it feels tight is it okay like that ??

I have a clicking soud in my head an also my hand and feet keep going numb what could this be?