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When i feel mucus on The back of my Throat and Swollow it constantly re occurs. This has been goin on for a few days now. I do not feel un well ?

"Lump in throat" feeling and feeling very anxious. Been very stressed lately. No pain, no sore throat, no choking or trouble breathing. Anxiety?

1.My heart feel pain occasionally, what could be the problem? saliva is thick and stucks on my throat, please advice.

15 minutes after eating rough cookies throat felt tight and throat looked irritated then i went into panic could it have been my gerd? And anxiety?

2 times in the past three months I have woken up in the middle of the night feeling like i can't breathe. I have noticed it happens when i'm congested?

20 yrs old. feel like its hard to breathe. slight mucus cough, headache, feel hot/anxious…allergies/virus, anxiety, or something worse?

21yo female. Nervousness feeling in stomach better by eating. Funny taste in mouth and dry mouth. Now stiffness feeling in knees after sitting.

3 days breathing uncomfortable when standing, mucus build up, sinus pressure, feeling of fullness in throat or chest like nausea, white mucus Dizzines

3 days feeling as if something is trapped in chest and throat area. Worse after eating. I swallow and wont go away. Emergent or next week appt ok?

4 hrs sleep per night for 6 nights, feeling like something is stuck in back of throat and trouble breathing. What's wrong with me?

4th day of throat feeling weird. Feels like it's swollen near the middle or closing, almost affects breathing. Only burns when I cough on purpose.

A week ago i started dry heaving & gagging multiple times a day. I feel as if there is a lump in my throat & it hurts. Hypothyroidism? Something else?

About 4 to 5 times a day it feels as if my throat is closing up and i start panicking it lasts for about a minute, what could be causing this?

After 22hrs of not eating, i keep feeling this choking sensation in my throat and my ears feel heavy. What is this?

After i eat i get a tickle sensation on the rt side of throat. Feel like i want to cough but i don't. Don't get it when i drink fluids.?

After i walk up stair and feel breathless, also neck aching and shoulder. Got phlegm in the nose for 2. Week. Throat likes begin strangle by ppl.

All of a sudden it felt like I had stopped breathing and had a horrible feeling in throat like it had closed or loads of pressure! Please help me??

All of a sudden my nose is runny and my throat got this sort of tight feeling. It almost feels like something is blocking it. What could this be?

Around 1 week i feel something is struck in my throat. And I have burping also. Sometime it makes breath problem, i feel little bite pressure or pain?

At the bottom of my throat it feels like it's closing has been for a week now, not affecting my breathing but it scares me. Please help me. ?

Ate pack crackers n my meds fell asleep 45m coughin. Throat agitated hearts still pounding stom hurts any ideas to help alleviate throat aggitation?

Back of mouth feels gluely dry/ hard time breathing and swallowing spit not food/lump in throat/wks and getting worse/wheezing in burping sticky phleg

Back of nose feels blocked when I breathe and swallow. Causes anxiety. Feels like it's at the back of the roof of mouth? Adenoids? Epiglottis?

Back of right side of nostril becomes sore and feels dry and breathing causes so much distress, ENT dr didn't find much, please advice of possible causes?

Bad cough& feeling of lump in throat for 2months no blisters, no pain while drinking/eating, dry swallowing sometimes uncomfortable. What could it be?

Barium throat test in few weeks but wakeup and feels like someones sittin on chest im breathing fine but dosent feel dat way should I worry then?

Been feeling a mass (probably mucus) in the chest/throat and when i take a breath in it feels like my airway is partially blocked. Is this serious?

Been feeling sick chest has been burning and throat, hurts to breathe from time to time and hurts to swallow liquids and food. Never had this pain b4?

Been having a dry throat for the past week. Feels incomftarble and like its closing in on me. It sometimes goes away. But worse during nighttime. ?

Been having a sensation of my throat closing for almost 5 months. Been to the emergency room twice abd they say nothing is wrong. The feeling affects the top of my mouth also. What could it be? Thanks!

Breathing in the cold air hurts my lungs a lot (makes me feel like puking). Is there a way to lessen the pain?

Breathlessness for over a year and now have sensation of lump in my throat which is very uncomfortable and am tired all the time. What could this be?

Burning sensation in throat. Feels hard to swallow.

Can a cold give you a feeling in your throat and neck like someone is grabbing you around ur throat feeling?

Can a dry throat causes a choking feeling?

Can a goiter cause a sore throat, or a sharp feeling in throat?

Can allergies cause rapid breathing while asleep? Husband noticed it. Woke up feeling congested and tired. Chest/back muscles feel tired and sore.

Can anxiety cause upper stomach pain and thick throat mucus all the time? Makes it difficult to swallow sometimes.

Can anxiety make it feel like your airways are constricted and make it difficult to breathe? Like a clicking sound at the back of throat?

Can anxiety make you feel like there is a lump in your throat, and it is difficult to breathe?

Can anyone tell me what causes tight smothering feeling in throat?

Can GERD cause tightness at the bottom of your throat? Can it also cause the feeling of something stuck at the bottom of your throat?

Can infection cause a feeling of throat closing?

Can it be an allergic reaction if throat is tight 15 minutes after eating panicking made it worse but after relaxing tightness went away?

Can moving to the beach dry your throat out? I moved about 2 months ago and my throat has started to feel dry and ichy

Can my uvula sticking to the back of my throat be the reason I get a lot of saliva and make it sound as though I'm congested?

Can poking down your throat make your throat feel tight?

Can reduce a slight tight throat, swelling, or just the feeling that i may be having a reaction. Any doctors in the house?

Can seasonal allergies cause the throat to feel tight with mild difficulty swallowing? I'm a 20 year old male. It almost feels like if your wearing a

Can seasonal allergies make throat/esophagus feel swollen? Been like this all spring and only spring time. Can feel food go down

Can sinus drainage make you feel like you have heartburn?

Can taking antibiotic stop the clicking sounds coming out of my throat whenever i swallow? This has been happening for 3-4 months.

Can u feel tonsil stones? For the past two days ive been forcing myself to cough up/spit out these little yellow balls. The feeling drives me crazy!!

Can worrying too much cause this tight throat feeling?

Can you help? I woke up in middle of night with a feeling in my throat?

Chest feels tight, feels like something is in my throat. Normal breathing and swallowing. Also keep burping. Very uncomfy. Whats going on?

Cold , dry feeling that starts in middle of chest and goes to my throat. I can also feel it in my ear.chest xray was normal.any ideas? Started 2 mo.

Congested nose sometimes, when its congested if i breath in too deep or fast I start to feel slightly dizzy, mucus in throat feels very uncomfortable?

Constant feeling something is stuck in my throat. It does come and go and moves around. Nothing hurts, no trouble swallowing, etc. Just annoying ?

Constant stuffy nose.Rly nasues after eating anything and feels like throat swells no pain or trouble brething doc sched barium test said proly indeg?

Constantly anxious tight throat n stomach and feeling like am gagging but am not.. Is this all just anxiety?

Constantly have phlegm in my throat since june 2015. Im always clearing my throat. My throat feels like a tight collsr around it, lump feeling.

Constantly upset/crying myself to sleep, no motivation, bad habit of chewing my cheeks/lips, sharp pains in my lungs/chest area.

Could a disc problem at c7-t1 cause a feeling like there is something stuck in my throat. Also chest pain lately and it's hard to breathe it wakes me?

Could a disc problem at c7-t1 cause a feeling like there is something stuck in my throat. It's happening frequently lately and it's hard to breathe?

Could difficulty swallowing be more than an allergy? I woke up this morning with difficultly breathing out of my mouth and swallowing. After gagging and vomiting, i was able to take sips of "hot" water, which kinda helped with what seemed like swelling.

Could my trachea randomly get tight and kill me?

Could my vp shunt be making my throat, neck feel tight like I am getting strangled or is it the colds im getting?

Days I have a sore throat and it is very painful when i swallow I have been feeling dizzy all day and I am bloated and constipated what's wrong with me?

Dear sir, now a days i am getting a pinched feeling inside my throat. can u say what is that?

Do I have a sickness? My throat has been minorly hurtin i constantly feel like I have something in my throat after i cough and my throat dies out every once in awhile.....It's been like this since december .....3-4 weeks or so everyone in my family smokes

Dry Burning sensation in both nostrils what can I do to relieve this ! I have GERD and it feels hard to breath help!

Dry cough for 2 weeks, also makes me gag sometimes, can also make me feel like my throat is very tight. What can I do?

Dry rough throat with lumpy feeling when i swallow. What could be wrong?

During a brief submission fight with my boys my one friend grabbed near my windpipe and pulled outwards now it feels weird like a sore throat.

Each time i lay down to sleep. I feel a lot of deposit in my throat that causing me to cough heavy or even vomit?

Ear ache dr said inflamed eardrum, horrible cough trouble breathing at time of couch- day 4 antibiotics when should I feel better or go back to dr?

Entangled in throat, feeling difficult to swallow. What is this condition?

Episodes of tachycadia with new symptom, tight feeling in throat. Swallowing feels partially obstructed during episodes. Cause????

Every afternoon around 15:30 I get mild fever, stuck nose and hard to breathe symptoms since about a month.

Every day, i constantly clear my throat. I do it every minute or less. If i try not to, i get a tight feeling in my chest. What could this be?

Every late day i get a feeling of my glands swelling. Then goes deeper down my throat feel like something stuck. But wake up fine. Antacids do nothing?

Every morning I wake up feeling like I'm getting a cold. Sore throat/ears, congestion, a bit short of breathe, then it goes away after a hour or two?

Every night around the same time my throat gets right and i feer it closing up. I do noticed that my mouth is dry. Anxiety? Or what?

Every now and then I feel as though my throat is closing up and I have a more difficult time breathing. Everything normal also dizzy/headache/feel ill?

Every time i drink it feels like an air bubble stuck in the bottom of my throat. also tender and makes me cough feeling there. pressure helps swallow?

Every time I exercise or have any stimulation really....My throat feels like it is closing up more. Been having issue for 4 years now. Any help?

Everytime i lay down to go to bed my throat gets very tight and I have a bit of a runny nose all the time. Its very aggrivating..Sometimes i panic?

Everytime i orgasm my neck and throat get tight it's very annoying i get dizzy when it's tight I don't know what to do anymore is it shunt or something else?

Everytime my wake up my tongue and throat area feels weird, like a scratchy feeling, but goes away after drinking water? is this natural or psychologi

Feel a bit stuffy in my chest and my throat feels scratchy. Could this be acid reflux or something else?

Feel a lump sensation and tickle in throat. Could it be due to allergies?

Feel like i have air trapped in my left chest and dry nasal congestion its making me worried what should i do?

Feel like I have wall in back of throat that I can't clear, & diff. breathing thru nose when lyin down. I suffer from anxiety. Could that b the cause?

Feel like something is back of throat of need to clear it. Could be stress or serious?

Feel sore throat behind the uvula. What can cause this? Feels burning sensation. Hard to swallow too

Feeling as if something is stuck in throat?

Feeling disonfort in the chest choking in the throat?

Feeling in my throat that something is there, stuck, for over a month. Reflex is to swallow but doesn't help. ?

Feeling of something in throat...25yrs old and a smoker....The feelings goes away and comes back. ?